Rants and Weekly Raves #27 (RAWR)

JoAnne: All I really want to talk about right now are the two things we ARE recapping, Kakashi... Blood and Shine or Go Crazy. What kind of drama has characters theoretially discussing how to discipline someone for going to the bathroom on an operating room floor? Instant WTF. I am so in love with the crazy.
kakashi: I refuse to watch this shit with sound and/or subs. So I will never even know what level of WTFuckery it has reached. I want to kick it and stick needles into it. I think I hate it a little.
As for SoGC craziness: Jjang Hyuk. Oh my GOD so in love with him. This tops Chuno, it tops Gun, it tops EVERYTHING EVER.  Happily, I adore this drama and every single thing that goes into the making of it. Again, much like Healer, probably not perfect. But perfect for ME. Yes.
Shuk: Skidding in at the last moment to sneak some comments...

Shine or Go Crazy  .... I am so completely in love with Jang Hyuk this drama it's actually started to affect my life. I dread the moment I run out of episodes to recap and count the minutes until the next one. And what will I do after it ends?! ... ah, you know what? I have never watched Tree With Deep Roots. I think it will save me. And then it's maybe time for one of my other men to sign onto a new project and I can be in love again. Because I have realized that when I'm not, something is missing from my life.*

Lafer: I am thinking I need to start Shine or Go Crazy. I've always liked Jang Hyuk and now I'm having a renewed interest in sagueks due to my love of Maids. But I'm still waiting for Santa to give me those extra hours.
kakashi: It's honestly one of the best dramas for me in a long time, Bad Guys and It's Okay That's Love notwithstanding (but those were of a different couleur)
Unless they do something terrible at the end, this will probably be one of my most favorites. 

*I realize I have started Tree with Deep Roots a while ago ... and dropped it. Maybe I'll try again.  

I Heard It Through the Grapevine

Very impressed with the first episode. Don't be put off by the subject matter (teen pregnancy) because it looks like this is going to be handled carefully and thoughtfully. In Sang and Seo Bom are good kids in a tough situation but they adore each other and you will love them for that innocent earnestness. There is a good chance that the emotional tug of the drama will be firmly rooted in the situation rather than manufactured angst or the lazy use of cliches. Definitely give it a try!
Is this like that old book turned movie from the early 70's, Mr. and Mrs. Bo Jo Jones? I loved that! If so, I'll definitely give it a try.
I also feel a certain pull towards this. But will I have time? Ah .... the same question, again and again (but sorry, Squeeglets ... we will not be able to recap this one)
First episode was mostly tender, saddish, with a bit of humor at Lee Joon's nebbishy, tearful boy. Second episode for me is where the black humor really starts to kick in.  That is a tough, tough thing to pull off - but I think they can do it.  Joon in particular is really going to get a boost from this.  What a talented guy.

Unkind Women

Good news! Yes! Viki has it licensed, so it will be subbed - not sure where all the license is for, though - in the meantime, Kakashi our beloved leader has been making mini posts that show our also beloved Mary her beloved Rim. And the rest of us are very happy about this as well, because there is not one of us here at PotUP who doesn't love Rim. In fact (stern look at the monitor) have you all signed your Rim Pledge? There is no room for the un-Rimmed, here.
KBSWorld will also broadcast this, I hear. I will continue doing the Rim-only versions only. JoAnne might join as captures-maker. She's an expert in that.
You want me to caption? (hahaha, yeah, that's exactly the word I was looking for) Oh yes, I do love to do that! Although it might be hard to do it for Rim-only pictures, but I am game to try. I started watching Episode 1 last night and was taken with the feel of it, sort of movie-ish. I had forgotten that one of my favorite perennial second leads is in it, too! I think I will like it. 

Kill Me, Heal Me

Thank you for not discussing this yet because I have finally downloaded episodes 10-16, and as soon as my guest leaves today I plan on marathoning until the next group arrives. Oh wait, I need to clean, wash towels, etc. Oh well, I will find a way to watch because I need a little Ji Sung to help me get over my ever growing depression due to We Got Married.
Yeah, I'm behind on this. Just this week, though, but I overheard bits and pieces while I tried not to spoil myself and I think that this was a big week, so I need to get caught up asap.
I'm all caught up, and just as a comment, I positively hate useless Noble Idiocy, and way too much time with flashbacks.  But still, yeah, gotta keep watching.

Jekyll, Hyde, Me

becca: I'm behind, but I am still watching. I don't find it to be either spectacularly good or spectacularly bad, but it's a light watch, so I sometimes turn it on when I just need to turn my brain off for a while.
I'm fully caught up as of yesterday, and enjoying myself. I was a little surprised by how quickly Seo Jin goes from realizing his feelings, to accepting them, to acting on them; I'm sympathetic to Robin's conflict (very much so); I really like Sung Joon as a bad guy, and I love that BOTH of the boys appear to have mis-remembered the past. My money is on Sung Joon's dad being the kidnapper. It hasn't been given as an option, but there's something Seo Jin remembers that he wants to tell Sung Joon, but also worries about telling him.
Someone on Twitter (I wish I could remember who!) had a theory about Seo-jin's quick turn around: he spent years being anxious and trying to control himself to keep Robin away, but now that he's back, Seo-jin doesn't really having anything hold him back. Since Robin is here anyway, Seo-jin is now free to act as he pleases, which might sometimes come off as contradictory to us, who know him as a cranky stick-in-the-mud, but comes naturally to Seo-jin, who can finally, finally do what he wants because he has no reason to try to control himself anymore. I thought that was a pretty good explanation.
At the beginning of the show, they mentioned that he had been living like a monk (and holding himself in check) only for the last five years, since the other incident with the girl happened. So, really, he's only held himself to a tight leash for a short time. And his previous experience with the other girl probably helped a little.  And since she is accepting of the personalities, and has sparked a little with Seo-jin in several up-close-and-personals, he's relaxed enough in her presence to act like his normal self, and sufficiently attracted to her to provide the excuse. Plus, that need to protect puts a little he-man into his coolness.


This is still on my must-watch-list. But I'm so busy recapping again, wow, sometimes I don't know where that stuff comes from.
I still love this show, even there is so much about it I don't like due to the violence and cruelty aspect. The little picture of Song Joong Ki that I keep taped on the screen over Oh Ji Ho's face is getting kind of crumpled around the edges, which I fear is a bad thing because we may be getting to the part where Oh Ji Ho's character actually needs to emote. Still, I'm really enjoying the intrigue.

Ho Gu's Love

Well. That was an unexpected twist that had us all questioning the subs. Can next week get here fast enough? No. No, it cannot. This show continues to impress, delight, amuse, tug hearts, you name it, anything good, this show is doing it for me. There's no question that I love the OTP - whether it be as friends or lovers, I don't care, they are perfect. But I also love everyone who surrounds them. From Beta Dad, Boss Mom, Fierce Sister, Hilarious Friends, right down to Loyal Coach - these are people you want in your corner brought to life by a group of solidly skilled actors.  Even Asshat Lawyer - we all know we're going to love him too, right?  And if you're like me, I'm fine waiting for that moment. Show has me in its hands, and I feel secure.
They're going to have to work really hard to win me over regarding Asshat Lawyer. I love love everyone else, though - right down to Asshat's frustrated secretary. UPDATE: Since writing that, I have seen episode 6, and, okay, there is hope for Asshat. I do hope he suffers a bit first, though. :)
I figured you hadn't seen that bit, yet.

Persevere, Gu Hae Ra

My friend Cass is definitely hoping I'll come 'round to hating Ray this week, but I don't see it happening. I just don't think being an instant and unwavering member of Team Hyung means I have to hate the boy who came late. Especially while he's being encouraged by the girl, who is being jerked around by Hyung, who is not a jerk but is loyal to a fault and unable to express his emotions in any useful way. I'll get back to you on Ray, but don't hold your breath.
Still watching; still love it. I'm totally rooting for Ray, but I know my ship is doomed, and I'm okay-ish with Hyung being endgame. Taepoong and Henry are my favorite bromance of the current drama batch.
I didn't watch it this weekend, so I'll have to save my thoughts for next week.
I'm a couple of episodes behind, admittedly. I'm behind on everything but Ho Gu's love.

Heart to Heart

Am I the only one still watching this? Because after this last episode, I can honestly say no matter how this ends, it is going to be one of my top ten. The acting is superb, the dialogue feels very real, and I have just been crying my eyes out for an hour so it obviously has the ability to make me feel very invested! This is definitely one for a rewatch.
No, I'm watching, but I haven't seen this week's episodes yet.
I watched episode one last night (see? behind!) and really enjoyed it. I will slowly move forward as I can.

We Got Married

March 7 will be the end of the road for me, so you ladies will not have to hear another word on what I believe is a form of cruel and unusual punishment for the romantics at heart.  Even someone as mature *cough cough* and intelligent *double cough cough* as me, who is usually quite the skeptic, has fallen twice into the shipping net. But brace yourselves, after next week's finale for my couple, you know there will be words and possibly weeping and gnashing of teeth. And then I promise you, eternal silence on the WGM front.
Guess who I am


Sleepy Hollow managed an excellent two last episodes and now I'm a bit sad ... about what could have been and about what might never be (that being a 3rd season). I would have wished for them to stay in the past a bit longer, that was an excellent reversal. And the "old" Crane is much more fun than the assimilated new Crane. Anyway, if there IS a 3rd season, I do hope we get the romance we deserve. Would Fox do a mixed-race OTP couple though?
Oh yeah. It's nothing on TV over here at this point.
Sure. In theory. Still, there aren't that many, right? Name a main lead mixed-race couple on current TV. I don't know any. (*does research*) Ah, in Scandal. I'm not watching that.

Holy Freaking Story, but I love Empire. Just go WATCH it already. You are missing out on what is essentially a perfectly cast Shakespearean tragedy set to some damn good music. Trust me on this. Also in the mix: Jane, Blacklist, Walking Dead (no, I don't trust the new guy), American Idol, Fresh off the Boat. Constance Wu, I heart you so hard (I do, too). Eyeing: Bosch, Backstrom, The Man in the High Castle. 

Jane the Virgin is still up there as one of my weekly watches, even though Sin Rostro has been identified. They didn't really talk about the baby this week. Did they just want to leave that uncertain medical question unanswered for a while?
I watch it, too. I was wondering about the same thing ... no baby-talk (baby shower though) and yes, I'm guessing they're just waiting. It's a great show, but exposing Sin Rostro took a bit of the mystery away

Oh yeah: I tried Second Love, the new Kame J-Dorama. I was horribly bored, plus I learned that my love for Kame does not extend to him shirtless and pantsless, trying to be all sexy. Stop, Kame. Put your clothes back on and return to your cheerful, enthusiastic, encouraging underdog persona. The one with terrible, shaggy hair, the one where you dress like it's 1981 except men have started wearing pony-tails on top of their heads like it's perfectly fine to dress up like Pebbles from the Flintstones. It's not, but I accept it because I love you. Come back to us. Please.

Becca and I are hard at work at our Ngao Jai recaps. We will probably always be behind because of our busy schedules, but we have a small group appreciative of our efforts, currently at six out of a published 10. I am, however, on the verge of finding a Thai man to kick just for the sheer obstinacy that is Rut. Honestly, for anyone out there, would you believe your significant other? Or the third wheel that has already tried to break up your wedding and vowed to destroy you? My only solace is that love is going to whack him upside the head with a golden shovel and I can't wait for the aftermath.
We need more of this!
This week I watched Klin Kaew Klang Jai / The Orange Jasmine House, which had the plot of the spoiled rich kid becoming temporarily blind and falling in love with the voice of his caretaker. She happens to be a servant of his bitchy rich fiancee.  But wait! Birth Secrets! Crazy jealous exes! A woman who talks to a portrait like it's a living person, and NOT her late husband she poisoned. Oh yeah, typical lakorn. LOL.