Rants and Weekly Raves #29 (RAWR)

((psssst, I (=kakashi) have nothing to say. Hi there! I all love you though))
We know, you're a bit distracted by real life at the moment.  I will be in those shoes in a couple of months!
(((ah, no, not because I'm so busy - but because I don't watch anything properly except Shine or Go Crazy))) 
((((And then, I had stuff to say anyway. But where is everybody else??!)))) 
Hello!!!! Did you miss me? Did ya? Did ya?
Lafer: I'm here in spirit and when I can escape with my computer from my never ending flow of company.
Cookie! Yes, you're missed! Lo too!
Shuk: [sneaking under yet again]

Kill Me, Heal Me (Finale Week!)

JoAnne: I'm so behind I don't even remember how behind I am and I'm not actually sure I really care.
I'm glad I dropped it early. It really wasn't for me
Have no intention of watching but was very surprised to find out it hadn't ended yet. How many episodes does it take? 5 for each personality?
This had my OTL (one true love) starring in it and still, I'm not motivated to finish it. The convoluted story got tiring and I realized I didn't care who was in the basement with whom. But I'm on episode 17 so there's still hope for a finish, especially since I've heard that most really liked the ending. And I may need another Ji Sung fix.
I do want to finish it. I like it just fine. I'm just completely unmotivated these days.
I've watched it to 19. But for some reason, after Perry Park bon voyage, I'm kind of unmotivated to finish too. So many parts fizzled out, it just lost a lot of steam that even Ji Sung couldn't revive.
Ji Sung loves us

Jeckyll, Hyde, Me (It's Never Going to End!)

JoAnne: Behind. Substantially more certain that I don't care.
I am still fascinated by the trainwreck this is. And I will never understand why Hyun Bin signed up for this. Never. 
I think the success of Secret Garden followed by his army stint has hidden the fact that Hyun Bin makes bad decisions. And I say this having never had any interest in watching a show he has stared in.
You know, Secret Garden was popular, but the story itself was VERY stupid. So is this just more of the same? I actually have more good feelings on this one than KMHM. It just seems to be a 'stickier' drama. 
Without the circus crap and the CGI elements, the quiet moments between our main couple are a nice difference from the craziness of the other DID guy. Even though the plot isn't much more. I would like to think that the loss in revenue equated to more focus on people instead of background, which could only help.
I forgive this face for all bad drama decisions


I heard people rage about it lately. I gather some characters kinda suddenly started acting out of character? Anyone? I still haven't started. And I won't, if it really turned "bad".
I wanna watch! But saeguks always turn silly. Will you watch with me kakashi?
I'm still onboard with this. Yes, someone became Mr. Cranky Pants and is getting very vindictive, but it's fast paced and interesting. And Oh Ji Ho's character pulled a move I was not expecting. For now, I'm anticipating the next few episodes.
Acting?  He acts?  Who cares!! Look at him!

UnKind Women

I am not watching it with subs, but the acting of at least two of the women annoys me a lot.
Oh dear, I was getting ready to start this tonight. But I had my share of annoying women in Legendary Witch, which was the main reason I dropped it halfway through. I began to realize that Ha Suk-Jin, dubbed one of the best kissers in kdramaland, was never going to give another performance like the one in Childless Comfort because frankly, the female lead just looks like the Elf on the Shelf, and who wants to have hot kissing scenes with an elf? I'm fairly sure I didn't miss anything by dropping it.
I'm guessing the two annoying Kakashi are the daughter and HER daughter, and I have to say I have hope for the daughter but Lee Ha Na just grimaces allllllllllll the time, like she's incredibly myopic and refuses to wear glasses. You should still probably give it a shot, Lo.
Not Henry

Ho Gu's Love

JoAnne: So basically, Coach gave the baby away to people he met in a freaking COFFEE SHOP? That had better be fixed right quick, because if the rest of this drama is a melo about finding the baby that some idiot gave to clearly terrible people, I'm going to be very disappointed.
Choi Woo Shik will be really handsome when he grows up!

Persevere, Gu Hae Ra

Okay, Hyung is now actually doing what Ray has been accused of doing. And there's past history crap thrown in the mix now between Hae Ra's parents and the CEO of Emporer Entertainment, and the cliffhanger makes it look like Scarlett is going to force Se Jong to date her again.  I'm getting irritated.
Just let her have both!

I Heard It Through the Grapevine

JoAnne: This show is a surprise and delight every week. In Sang's Mom and Dad have not one clue about dealing with 'lower classes', firmly believing that money and attention to the formalities make them a better sort of human. (Note: It does not.) In Sang and Seo Bom continue to be adorable kids who try really hard to be both good AND respectful, but unless the Han elders figure out that the game has changed completely, I think there's hard times ahead for everyone. Harder than they need to be, because of course being teen parents is always going to be difficult. However, I have faith it will be hilarious in a completely straight-faced sort of way.
This is on my to-watch list.
I have to admit, I was expecting a real comedy from the buzz I'd heard, and while there are some pretty funny moments, it is not as light hearted as I anticipated. Too much about it infuriates me (particularly In Sang's two-faced, lying, conniving father.)  But it is definitively my new crack. I was so sad when I finished episode 6 and realized I was already caught up. I'm hoping it goes in the direction of In Sang and Seo Bom being real heroes (because what is not to love about them?) with his Dad getting his due. On a side note - that is one really fine house they live in! 
It's too dark inside, but it's gorgeous. I've never seen anything like it - a Hanok on steroids, looking a lot like a village corralled under one roof!
In Sang a year from now


Husband got me to watch Episode 1 of Mozart in the Jungle and I continued. The episodes are short, the set-up (classical music scene) is original, several characters are great and I can relate to all of it quite a bit. Actually, after the final scene, I'm quite horrified I have to wait for a WHOLE YEAR for the 2nd season!!!
Jane the Virgin! I'm a Michael-person, but Rafael's sadness in this episode was hard to take. Sometimes, Jane makes me angry with the whole control-freakiness. Just relax, girl! For once! Well, I'm not saying she has to marry him, but at least give him a fair chance.
Haven't watched it since Sin Rostro was identified. Should I keep going?
Finally watched Healer! I see what the fuss was about. There was enough wtf (completely unintended) to make it an enjoyable watch. I think I will have to put kim nana (park min young) on my "watch anything she's in" list.
The Following, The Walking Dead (OMG, NOAH), The Blacklist, Jane, Empire...very happy with all of them.
Becca and I are up to SqueeCap Episode 11 on Ngao Jai, and peeking ahead we have a bit more happiness and squee before the tears. I did discover that our hottie leading man is really a dork in the real world, but that has its own brand of cuteness.

Looking Forward to...

JoAnne: Scholar Who Walks at Night, Orange Marmalade, The Girl Who Sees Smells, The Producers, Super Daddy Yul, an inhuman number of others...
None of my favorites are in anything. But I guess I'll check out Missing Noir M, cause, you know, production team of TEN. 
Yeah I do want to see that.
Something light and frothy so I can get back into my kdrama watching groove. I missed you guys.
There's nothing really frothy on my plate at the moment... any suggestions?
The only thing I'm looking forward to is Song Joong Ki returning from the military, but if they pair him with Song Hye-kyo, as is rumored, I'm apprehensive. Other than that, I'm actually considering going back and watching Downton Abbey, which I haven't watched since season 2.