Unkind Women - Episode 10 (The SJR only version)

Eric Nam appeared in the last episode! I hope he has another guest appearance in this one. Yes, a girl can hope!
I'm very sorry, but this is a Namless episode.
Rim looks like he'd appreciate a visit from the Namster, as well

Episode 10

Rim visited Mary at her house, and sadly: 'There's no bidet in her bathroom... *hiccup*...there's no bidet in her bathroom'

Mary is a bit hurt to hear that Rim feels she is unsanitary, even though he tries to say it carefully

She agrees to add a bidet, though, and is surprised at how enthusiastically Rim thanks her

"It's just the best feeling!" he says.  "You'll really love it, and I appreciate this so much!"

Rim smiles, thinking of how pleasant and refreshing sleepovers at Mary's will be

Lost in thought, this Rim seems very different from the happy and bright Rim of the night before

See? Different.  Hmmm....

Mary brings Rim a gift to wear, but Rim is uncertain.  "It's only right that we EACH do what we can to make the other comfortable! I bought a bidet, you should wear this, it's just my style!"

How can he disagree with that?  He can't.  Mary smiles in pleased anticipation.

Thank you for the peek, Director-nim.  And it's just a sweatshirt?  I was expecting something more...titillating.

Ohhh.  Okay.  Belly shirts have been out of style for a while, but you know...

Rim feels very shy about this.  He's trim, but he doesn't have that happy trail all the girls love, and he's sensitive about it.

"I'll just find one that's longer," he says.  "I'll complain about what a shame my short torso is."

Our sneaky namja feels very pleased with himself!

But what if she doesn't LIKE men with short torsos?

I'll make her like them!  I am Rim!