Unkind Women - Episode 4 (The SJR only version)

In Episode 3, SJR officially met his lady. Several times. Y'all know what that means, right? Much of the same in this episode. Drinking coffee, running into each other, that stuff. Sadly, there is not a lot of Rim. The Universe probably thought Mary had quite enough this week.
My plan is to catch up on this show this weekend. Perhaps tonight.  
I love how devoted you are to KDrama.
I have now seen all episodes of the drama to date and I love these women. The mom and the mistress (there's WAY more to that story, I think) are an especially interesting watch, and the sad-sack sister who can't take a step without somehow putting her foot in a steaming pile of cow dung - you feel for her without being annoyed by her sad-sackness. At least not yet. Still trying to figure out the daughter, assuming that I will grow to like the older sister although I don't especially, yet... and the men! Every time I turn around they're introducing a new character and it's played by someone I like! Speaking of someone I like - Mary, you're going to like Rim in this. He's adorable. ADORABLE.
Is that...the sound of another kokoro falling under my spell?

Episode 4

And so, our hero continues to search for his Mary - there are some close calls along the way
He was tempted, though - did you notice the hiccup?
When he finds Mari, Rim is tempted to offer grooming advice
(20:35-20:40) and (20:40-20:47)

Mari: My what? Bangs need a trim? Rim: Yes, cut them so they're shorter on the sides!
Mari is pretty sure she won't follow that advice, and thinks coffee might help Rim think more clearly
Rim insists he's right, but Mari knows better - that change would make her look like a fool
(21:41-21:45) and (21:54-21:56)

Rim is hard to convince, but gives up eventually. In return, he asks for one thing:
Tell me how cute I am, Mari!
What, that's it?! How mean of you, show. But alright, there is also this:
And 2nd Lead gets a go at falling in love too ... He even gets to carry her piggyback-style.
That's it, folks!