Unkind Women - Episode 5 (The SJR only version)

Song Jae-rim clearly likes mary, but unfortunately, the 2nd Lead gets a chance at liking her too. This cannot happen! JoAnne, do something!!!
*to make this gif-game more interesting to you, I will no longer include the time. That'll make you madly search for these scenes, right? Hehe.
Me? You must mean Mary. I never, ever chase down scenes in dramas. I get distracted way before I get there.

Episode 5

Rim is upset to learn that Mari carelessly tossed a plastic bag on the ground
Don't you know that homeless cats will eat this paper and die slowly from malnutrition?
Ecology lecture over, Mari tries an experiment she studied in college: if a person likes you, will they unconsciously mimic your physical gestures?  The answer is yes!
Rim walks away, very pleased with himself that by making a few simple mirroring moves, he got Mari to make increasingly funny faces.
But now off to his job, where he teaches middle-aged business men how to cosplay ancient warriors
During a break, he relives the fun of getting Mari to look silly
'Still,' he says.  'She's very cute.'

He begins to suffer from guilt and worries that Mari will figure out he jeobbed her.
'But I'm RIM,' he reassures himself.  'We're meant to be together!  And can't she just tell that I'm a joker, naturally?'
Heading home for the night, running errands, he looks behind to see if she might be stalking him.
When he doesn't see her, he worries.  He excuses himself from Poker Night to call and check up on her.
Her phone rang in the hall outside his room, and she's embarrassed to have been caught.  Rim says it's okay, it happens all the time.
This is not as reassuring to Mari as he thought it would be.  He backpedals:  It doesn't happen THAT often. Just a few times a week.
Mari heads out, disappointed.  Rim takes drastic measures and decides to ignore her, thinking she'll cave.
It works, sort of, but Mari has demands:  No stalkers but her!  Rim hems and haws and makes excuses.
Mari decides it's time to show him who's boss 'round these pants...
...and Rim REALLY likes it, which comes as a bit of a surprise.
PS: I want this house
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