Unkind Women - Episode 9 (The SJR only version)

In Episode 8, SJR and Mary fell on top of each other. They almost kissed, too, while showing little talents at doing knots.
We're in that awkward phase where they like each other but neither wants to appear TOO into it, in case the other one isn't equally so. It appears that Rim is losing that battle... he's totally into Mary and it shows.
He found the blog!

Episode 9

Mary wrote instructions for next time right on the tie - how convenient!
We're not really sure if it's the knot she tied or the instructions, but Rim really loves his tie now.
He also loves the voice-to-text feature on his new Samsung 4GLTXYZABC1234
Ok sorry but this is the cutest face in the universe, even if he does look a bit dim.
Rim gets the English for stalk and stack confused and ends up at the library
But wait! His kokoro-sense alerts him to the presence of Mary - this must be fate.
'Oh God,' Rim thinks.  'She's doing research!  What does she have planned for me next?'
Advanced Stalking:  The 'Hide in Plain Sight' Technique
NOT for beginners!

Mary is surprised and not at all sure she believes Rim's 'It's a coincidence, get over yourself' explanation

"I always come here to nap!" he says. "It's very quiet! You go do your reading thing so I can sleep."

"Okay, fine, first I'll swallow my food, THEN I'll nap."
Give it up, Rim.  She's never going to buy your coincidence explanation.
Hi! This is Eric Nam, subbing in for JoAnne.  Imagine me cringing and eye-rolling right here, okay?  Thanks!
(Meanwhile, JoAnne is cooing and smiling and patting Rim's face on the monitor)
It certainly seems to have worked on Mary...but what's in the box?
"That flower move was dope," Rim tells himself. "I bet Eric tries it out, even if he pretends it's cheesy."