블러드 Blood - Episode 11 (A FakeCap)

Is this still on? Damn, it is! But at least, we seem to be over the halfway mark!
It does seem like a really long time between episodes, for some reason. Maybe I should watch it later in the week.
Are you telling me to hurry up or something? *narrow eyes of suspicion*
Not at all! I'm saying I shouldn't watch it until later in the week so that it's more fresh in my mind.
Since I'm bringing up the rear, I'm at your tender mercies.

Episode 11

Pampy boy loses it and gets really aggressive (I seem to have completely forgotten why, it's been too long). Ah, this is his dark twin, you know, the one you see in the intro shot and on the posters? He is in there somewhere and if he takes over, no more nice Pamp, but pad Pamp, forever and ever. Maybe pad Pamp would be a bit less, you know, phlegmatic? I think I'm rooting for him. He tells Jae-wook to stop messing with things, but the older guy just smirks his sexchair-drug-induced smile and says: "You know I will win. And you know you wanna be the guy you just are ... and not that other, totally lame ass guy". I nod in agreement. I think I went over to the dark side.
If you're talking about the fight in the parking garage (yes, that), it's because Jae Wook took Cancer Dad into the special ward without talking to Ji Sang first. But Jae Wook has totally reasonable explanation for his thinking.
Clearly Vampire Doc thinks that with a little explanation and a little flair for the dramatic, our boy will fall in line.
Meanwhile, Rita is worried about Pampy. And she should be, because Ji-sang is near the sexchair now, upstairs! Very near! And once he sits down in it, he will be doomed. Jae-wook lectures him on how a few human lives lost mean nothing, how his research will end all the suffering there is in the world.
The creepy thing is that while he is talking about his vision, I totally buy into his sad, weary expression and his words about how it's all for the people, the poor suffering people. Once he stops talking, I remember that he likes to kill people who disagree with him.
He's essentially using a version of infecting patients with a 'dead' virus to create an immune response without the patients becoming infected. He's still craze-balls, and Pampire tells him so. So now he is craze-balls with a high level of pisstivity. 
Rita, still worried, goes to Pamp's house - but he isn't there. She is welcomed by sexually harassing Luvvy (I suppose he is supposed to be funny?) and Cute Friend. Have I mentioned how extremely cute he is? Damn, I stared at him and forgot to pay attention to what Rita may have said. Maybe she is curious about vampire poop? Vampire sex? Whether they will need contraception? Or is she curious, like us, where Friend and Pamp met? No?
Adorable Friend is adorable, yes. She has some medical curiosity about some of the symptoms and such, I think. Awww, she wants to cure him. Probably so she can jump his bones.
To jump his bones, I guess she expects medical ethics to fly out the window. A patient expects confidentiality, and she shouldn't try to get Pampire's infection notes by pulling her abysmal ability to flirt at Sidekick.
Jae-wook tells Ji-sang Pamp about that girl that jumped off the roof and how that made him want to save people. Save and make live. Etc. etc.etc. Man, this is a long scene in which nothing at all happens. I only don't mind long speeches when it happens in Bad Guys and they are delivered by Gu-tak.
I miss our wonderful dogs, sigh.
Never watched it. But one dead little girl does not equal the number of lives he's detroyed on his road to perdition. No matter how cute she is.

See, Friend does tell Rita quite a lot about Pamps, but then, Ji-sang gets home. She scolds him for just running off and then leaves after doing a tiny little hissy-pissy fitty fit. I know some people find them cute together, so I will not bitch about it too much.
I just think she overplays this stuff. They're cute together but she detracts from it.
Mooving on...
At the hospital, sad dying dad opens his eyes. The Pamp drug helped! He is going to be alright! They diiiiid it!!!! The drama is over! Ah no, it isn't.
This drama, like a vampire, will go on forever.
And cause massive amounts of bleeding, even if it's only from the eyeballs. And you know he's gonna be the first patient to convert from dead to live virus. He'll kill everyone but the ones that most need killing.
Cute Friend and Pampers discuss the pamp-virus that is mutating and endangering Ji-sang. If they don't find a cure, he will become a Ripper. Yeah, like Stephen from Vampire Diaries, just less hot. Rita has received scientific info from Friend and is now helping with the Ripper research. She remembers all those freakouts that Pampire had and knows things are bad. If they don't find a solution soon, he will be forever altered.
You could be right about this... apparently I can't remember things for more than a day.
Pampire has a tiny bit of a tiny crisis of faith, but Sidekick snaps him out of it with a roundhouse kick of logic.
Have you noticed that Pampers is dressing in black all the time? It's certainly a sign he is on his way to the dark side. Luvvy tells on Friend by playing the video of him talking to Rita the day before. Ji-sang runs after him to beat him up a little. *Tired non-chuckle*
Ji Sang wanted to stay looking good in front of Ri Ta and Adorable Friend told her all kinds of embarrassing things.
Outed by Puurvy.
Liar Game Doc and Jae-wook dicuss an operation. If I remember correctly, LGD does all the operations nowadays? Somebody has to cause it certainly isn't any of the other docs.
I don't think anyone at this hospital puts in a full day except the patients.
That's because cardboard doctors don't have working opposable thumbs.

Rita takes on pale (not vamp?) Doc. She's like: give me all your research notes, I want to do a peer review. The other goes: no? It's not ready for publication. And how are you qualified to look at my genius research, you snotty party girl? But when Rita has left, she looks worried. Oh, has she fabricated data?
Yep, I need to watch this later in the week.
(or maybe you ... slept through it again? No?)
[shrug] The seeds of destruction were sown long ago. Like in December 2014, when the production contract was finalized on piece of ssss.....tuff.
Also worried: Pampers, when looking at Sad Dad who seems much better (except for the developing titinitus and vampy symptoms). He talks a bit to Liar Game Doc about diapers and cars and then runs into Scruff, who greets him enthusiastically. Ah, they went out together off-screen! That's cheeky, drama. We would have wanted to see this!
Secret Nurse debriefs with Administrator. There is massive substance abuse among the doctors. AND the nurses. Duh, that's no surprise. Administrator looks worried. Like always.
Secret Nurse doesn't want to take the risk of smuggling blood out of the ward. 
She's probably afraid of tall rooftops and out-of-control lorries.
Liver Cancer girl is eating - her spirits are up. Maybe she will survive after all? And even if she doesn't, not eating food because you are going to die sometime soon isn't the best of strategies. Intern Girl tells her she is brave and kind and it's all cool. Another girl, cute, in pink, but not acting as her age requires, joins Liver Cancer Girl in the room. Everybody is laughing and smiling and happy.
Other Girl is definitely challenged. Is she there to remind Liver Girl that it's possible to be happy in the face of adversity? Do you think that might resonate more if they used someone who was aware of that adversity? Maybe she is. Hard to tell.
I'm sure it matters in some alternate universe.
That's when the homeless person who they tried to kill a while ago dies. Jae-wook looks saddened by the news, which confuses me, because I thought he wanted him dead? Rita is sniffing around in front of the secret ward when they wheel out the covered up body. Brave as she is, she uncovers the body, even though she isn't allowed to and sees who is dead.
See that's what I'm saying. Jae Wook doesn't really want them to die. He wants to heal them. But when it becomes clear that they are a liability, he cuts his losses. He really believes he's on a mission for good, though.
This might be a good time for some holy water and a decapitation. And not just for the dead guy.
That needs to be discussed with the 4 Righteous Doctors, including Pamp. He says he's sorry, he is a bit flatulent today. They discuss his diet, everybody has some good tips. Pampers says he'll ask Friend to make him some special pills. They also come up with the idea to check on the body and steal the deceased's blood.
I think you were right about that last bit. They do want the body.
Clever plan: go! Cute Friend poses as corpse and gets wheeled into the morgue (with pants, unfortunately). Sorry, drama, corpses DON'T wear pants.
What if they die with pants on? (then they take them of before putting them in the morgue!!!)

He finds the Homeless Dude, examines the body (is he a coroner, too?) and then takes some blood from him. Wait a second ... how long until blood clots in a dead man's body?
Very conveniently, longer than that. In the story, anyway. His official career is Baby Genius Infectious Disease Doctor.
OMG with the body exam. I have disposable gown kits packaged to the size of my IPhone that include gloves, impervious apron, foot booties and head covering. The body is clearly externally contaminated (look at Corpse's ugly black hands), and they already know he was infected with some version of Vampirus. FANSERVICE IS NO EXCUSE FOR THIS. And!!!!! After fondling the body and collecting fluids with his unprotected appendages, HE WIPES HIS GRUBBY DEAD-BODY-SKIN-ENCRUSTED HAND ON HIS OWN NECK. Just writing this makes me feel like I need a bleach bath and a couple shots of gamma globulin. *Ri7u6r975r497#^%$(&^DFf.....
When Cute Friend debriefs with Ji-sang and the group about the cause of death, he falls in love with Rita's friend in slo-mo. It's instant bonding. (Hey! Wasn't she for Scruff?!) Everybody just stares at them going WTF, when is this over?
She was only for Scruff in your version of the story.
Intern Girl is studying hard while eating. Administrator approaches her! The poor girl almost dies, cause she's so shy. Administrator wants to know how it's going - she's heard her performance isn't too good; but that she's bullied by the boys. Does she want to file a report? No, Intern Girl doesn't. Could she please keep an eye on Genius Doctor Ji-sang then? Yes, she'll do that. She loves making her lonely rounds with Pampers. (Is the drama saving money by sacking extras and side-side characters?)
Lady Admin does encourage Intern Girl to pay attention to what's going on, especially the shady stuff. Intern Girl doesn't think she can do it.
Relationship talk between the girls in the near dark! You goooooo, Rita! Friend warns her against dating guys that have abnormal body temperature, it's such a hassle. And then, she has a little freak-out because she is already having feelings for Pamp's friend! Such a hassle!
Just invest in electric blanket with dual controls, it will be fine.
Finally, Intern Girl has got Pampers to go out with her, as promised. The food is super hot and Pamp burns his tongue. You dummy. They then walk through the dark streets, looking cozy. She pours her heart out over how hard she had it in her life and they totally bond. That's when Rita "catches" them (they're near the hospital) and gets to act jealous-non-jealous. *Yawn*. It seems he finds her jealousy cute though. Pampires, tststs.
He does find it cute, and he indulges it. He's sort of Mischievous Kiss-y about their relationship.
[Drinking a large glass of aloe juice and alcohol] - An awkward and useless conversation at best.
At home, friend has bad news: the blood sample was useless - the blood was too old. Cue picture of ULTRA cute Friend.
In reality (if I can even use that word in relation to anything on this show), Corpse was infected with a non-SK variety of malaria just to kill him. I guess driving a truck through the ward would be strange. And redundant. Again.
As a token of trust, Scruff presents Ji-sang with a journal ... a journal that belonged to one of his ancestors. It probably contains all the answers to all the questions! Quickly, make photocopies of every page, guys! Digitalized, of course.
It's Mentor Dad's journal.
And we find out that official cause of death is an accidental fire in the lab. Which looks better on the death certificate than "Throat crushed by a heavily veined individual with sharp pointy nails and a fetish for godhood." That has too many characters to fit the field anyway.
Rita is sucking up to Jae-wook now. FAKE sucking-up, of course. It's all part of the plan and Administrator is in it too. She is really good at playing the dumb upherself bimbo and Jae-wook seems quite happy to find that she is a potential ally. Seeing how she'll inherit the hospital and all.
I vaguely remember this scene, but I think it was either them talking really nicely about ruining each other, or he at least wasn't as fooled as he let her think he was.
Intern Girl is reporting back to Administrator, as she promised. The Pale doctor gave injections to cute pink girl! Administrator (worried) meets with Scruff (also worried) in his lab to tell him everything. New plan! Who is good and young and innocent? Right! It's Intern Girl. Such a gooooood person, look how she takes care of the girls...
Yep, she decided to help the good guys snoop. She really admires Ji Sang!

She is able to sneak into the secret ward ... and take blood from one of the patients. Unseen by the security guards!! She attempts to leave, but she's a bit too nervous to not be suspicious! The pat-down doesn't reveal anything ... because she hid the vial in her hair! So clever!!! However, right before she can deliver the blood to Scruff, the security guards catch up to her ... and take the blood from her. No idea how they knew - maybe they have special x-ray vision?!
Could be... maybe they're vampires, too?
[Driving my own Truck of Doom through the plot hole] Let's face it, nurses know that you need to crimp the IV line when changing bags to avoid back flow out of the catheter. So she could have used a piece of gauze and taken about a second to grab some, versus all the time doing a syringe draw. Or dipped a Q-tip and slid it inside a pen blank. Better than the nothing they have now. Or, really, she could have collected some under her fingernails. Proper BSI protocols were never part of Writer-nim's notes anyway.
The girl is dragged away and with her, all hope the Righteous Doctors had left. Tribunal in the conference room. Accused: the Righteous Doctors plus Intern Girl. The Accuser: Jae-wook. There will be disciplinary consequences! And no more special water for Ji-sang. The end of the doctor's career for Intern - or not? She tells Jae-wook that she was forced to do it by Ji-sang who can be brutal if he wants to. Fine, Jae-wook will think about it but warns them to never get in his way again.
I think it ends with her not getting punished because she was doing what she was told and she IS just an intern, and the others get off with a warning not to keep screwing around.
I think this is a really bad time for the "One For All and All For One". Better for one to take the heat and leave the rest to continue the fight against the Big Bad Sexchair Owner.
After the conference, Ji-sang is angry with Intern Girl and handles her roughly. Easy, says Rita, don't lose your temper. You know, that black guy inside you. Be careful he doesn't come out. Let's just go on holidays together. Outside, Intern Girl is crying in the stairwell. Good Ji-sang feels sorry for her. As he should.

Or not?

Sipping wine in his sexchair is Jae-wook. At home. Standing in front of him ... Intern Girl. Dressed in black. And smirking. Well done, my prodigy, says Jae-wook. You fooled them right. And we see that she was his creature all along - it was her that exchanged Ji-sang's chewing gum back then, it was her that fired the drug into his neck. It was her that jumped off that roof so many years ago and smashed her head into pieces ... but she was saved. Saved by Jae-wook's blood. Now forever his and he is hers.
Jump off a roof, lie there for a while bleeding out with your head smashed flat like a pumpkin, but apparently still alive when everyone stops crying and runs downstairs to check on you? Alive and talking with your head lightly bandaged and your face a bit scraped, so that the nice doctor can feed you blood? Sigh.
No. Freaking. Way. She wouldn't have survived long enough for any voodoo he might do. Clearly My Truck Of Doom isn't big enough; it's time to commandeer Fat Albert from the US Blue Angels Team.  It might be big enough. Then again, how many more episodes is there?


Who was surprised? 
I was. If I had been wondering who would be the logical plant it would have been her, but frankly, I wasn't wondering at all. I never think ahead on this one. I would have preferred the plant to be Ri Ta's friend or something.
I was surprised. I didn't think she was really good, but I didn't get she was Platform Diving Suicide Girl, mostly because, again, that was a non-survivable traumatic injury based on the CGI and Special Effects team's need to spread the blood spatter out all those meters.  Poorly done, Show, which, come to think of it, shouldn't be a surprise. 
I might have been surprised but I wasn't. I wonder why. I think we discussed the possibility of her being evil several times and in MY version of the story that was indeed a possibility. Like the nun that didn't appear in this episode, maybe because she's dead or something. 
Oh, if she's dead then I definitely fell asleep. I do that a lot though, right now. At work, at home, in the bathroom, struggle against it in the car. I nap for hours on the weekend. In other words, don't blame the drama. It's me!