블러드 Blood - Episode 12 (A FakeCap)

kakashi:  Whoever is writing this show has no clue how to write a show. They get absolutely nothing right. And I mean that, nothing. Neither the humor, not the romance, nor the hospital stuff, nor the tension. Nothing.
Shuk: Was that actually news?
JoAnne: Come on. The sunglasses are funny.
Is it news to us that we two might, in fact, not have the same sense of humor?!
Was that actually news either?

Episode 12

Rita is going home. The elevator opens - and there's a pad Pamp in there! Well, she doesn't know that yet, but we do. She stares a bit ... he walks out. And away. She is safe! Or is she? Quickly, she closes the door behind herself, but somebody is in there! Was? The Erlkönig is playing, some stuff (a figurine of Dracula!!) is lying on the floor. And YES. There is someone. But it's only her friend! Haha. Rita freaks out, but friend is "what's up"? So there was this guy who claimed to be the cleaning aid, a really hot one, but he left (By the way, where is Vampire Boss?!) Rita does wonder about a pretty cleaning aid, cause she knows of nobody that fits that description.
Very close. She was totally freaked out about the guy, and he did give out convincing menace... but what the friend said was she thought maybe Ri Ta had come in and then gone out again, because earlier she felt like someone else was in the apartment. Which means Elevator Vamp was there, watching. Was he waiting for Ri Ta and had to leave because she wouldn't be alone? It doesn't seem like discretion is much part of their particular valor, but who knows.
Was he bad? He was wearing black on grey, not the usual all black.
Pamp Friend thinks the journal is really cool: so much new material! YAY! And links to Pampers' father, whom he never knew (ah, so sad). Well, Jae-wook also has the photocopies of the journal - I guess he stole the stuff from the server? He smiles fondly at the picture of Scruff as a boy - oh wait, he didn't know who he was before?
Security is tracking every document that gets accessed, and notifying him about it. And no, he did not.
I wondered about using the hospital computers previously; I just figured the good guys didn't care if the bad guys knew. Stupid, I know, but then so is the whole show. 
Pampers thinks back to Jae-wook's words. What's his deal? Is he good after all? Should he have drunk the pee drink?
Hello?! Dead mentor? What part of "megalomaniac" contains the word "good"? Wait, though, I guess our Pampire doesn't know about the squashed throat thing.
Intern Girl is now openly working with Pale Pamp Doc (whom she doesn't seem to like much and vice versa). Let's go out some time, says Pamp Doc - but Intern tells her to cut the crap. And slams her against the wall with Pamp strength. Yeah, biatch. No pissing off Pamps. It's unhealthy.
Oh yeah, they do NOT like each other. Pale has not been properly respectful to Intern, who doesn't let that go on for long at all.  Pale is genuinely frightened of Intern - is that because of WHO she is, though, or because of WHAT she is?
Or who pulls her leash.
Scruff and Ji-sang discuss further strategies against Jae-wook, when Jae-wook comes in. As always, he is really friendly and tells them how he was a huge friend of their parents. Let's get along in the future, alright? Let's do great things together! The boys are irritated though, not happy. Even though, Ji-sang walks after Jae-wook and they converse a bit about the weather and being vampires, which is pretty cool after all.
I think he asks them outright if they're plotting against him, and of course the answer is no. But he does then go on to talk to them in that deceptively friendly way he has. You know how someone talks to you nicely but every word is a threat and you know it right from the start, or from at least half-way? He manages to speak nicely and make it seem genuine, and then BAM, it's a sharp left at the Gates of Hell and at the end you're dead and no idea how you got that way.
He did basically let them know that he has copies of everything they have at the hospital. But I have to throw the BS flag on this play. Sidekick is a computer genius with a pervy but intelligent robot, who has been ferreting out information for years, and yet nobody thinks of the complete lack of privacy on the hospital computers until now? When you log on nowadays, a disclaimer pops up warning you that anything and everything can be monitored. Just more poor writing to make the characters unbelievable.
At the Homeless ward, there is an incident! One of the patients does a rage-attack on Liar Game Doctor. It's a very quick one, and he profoundly apologizes right after. Administrator also apologizes profoundly to Intern Girl for getting her into this whole mess. Intern Girl pretends it's alright and having to work for the Homeless people now (her punishment) is fully okay. She will be able to hone her skills.
I really thought Lady Admin was going to have more balls... but then I guess there's still time. And at this point, she doesn't know Intern is a low down lying cheating dirty scumbag traitor son of a bitch, to be fair.
Ah, here is the nun! She isn't dead yet. Her evilness has burned out completely though. The little Sad Girl comes to see her and brings her a letter/card, to say thank you for what she did for them. The nun asks the Little Sad Girl to take care of her unni and oppa (= Pamp and Rita). Pamp hears outside and his inhuman heart grows a little weaker, while the human one grows stronger.
Maybe it will turn out that the cure to the virus is regular injections of innocence. (If it is, I will throw up. Or possibly make very dirty jokes about it.)
Or both. The nun will hopefully sacrifice herself to destroy the Dad Monster. I don't think she'd take the virus as a way out of her pain.
Pale Doc reports to Jae-wook about the progress of things and then, Jae-wook extracts his own blood in front of her. Ha! He is the source of the cure/virus? Ah, doesn't he need Ji-sang's though?! She gets googly eyes when she sees that and clearly covets his blood. I don't like the way he looks at her.
I have to remember this part...it's something about her reporting results of various tests but I think she's doing it on UNinfected blood, and in order to be truly useful, it needs to be done on infected blood. Or it could be vice versa, but I think not, since his blood is clearly infected and he was telling her she needed it.
She describes the previous blood as "processed infected" which means it's not fresh from the source. She thinks the results would be more accurate with the good stuff, along with (of course) a greater chance to spread the infection. Maybe she wants to be like Evil Intern and Pamp-slam her against the wall.
Rita tells Ji-sang about her frustrating and scary observation from before (the rage-attack). She tries to be a bit cute with him and he smiles again. He really has poor taste in girls. Too bad.
Well, she is pretty.  If he could just put her on permanent mute.
The less said, the better.

Jae-wook goes to head-butt with Administrator once more, in his usual charming way. She lies that she is not tampering with his research - but he knows better. In comes her nurse-spy. Busted. A busted liar is a Bliar, right? Administrator has no more assets. No more.
Until she reveals that she is the Vampire Queen and EATS HIM. Mwaaaaaaa-ha-ha-ha-ha
Evil will always triumph over good. Because Good is Dumb.
Everybody gathers at Ji-sang's place! And is fascinated by Luvvy. Is Samsung trying to sell that thing?! He is just annoying. Friend & Friend are cute though. A bit. So these are their new headquarters now? They're updated on the latest vampire virus research - and hear that its activation has something to do with ribosomes (remember, the glowing in the forest?) and telomeres (those DNA-thingies responsible for aging). Whatever, drama. Ji-sang tells them that his mother knew a lot about this stuff - and promises to share her research.
Either your Korean is better than you let on, or you really ARE Kakashi Holmes.
They describe the effects of the VBT-01 virus on children; and Pita's bestie realizes that Pampire fits the M.O. It won't be long until she's in the know. 
For whatever reason, Rita takes Pampers home. Well, for THAT reason, maybe? The more she knows about him, the more exotic he appears, the more interesting for her?! But she also thinks he needs a make-over. A complete one. Oh YES, cut his hair! Or style it! But no, he leaves shortly after and she does research.
She lingers after the others 'because he wants to drive her home, right?' 'No.' 'Too bad, that's what you're going to do.' Not that he puts up much of a fight.  He totally digs her. She's his Forest Girl.
Once I'm in slippers, there is no way I'm leaving my home, no matter how much I like the other person. They can stay and sleep on the couch if that means I don't have to drive them home.
Pale not-Pamp Doc has become a liability? No idea why, but a Pamp attacks her in the parking garage. She is then taken to Jae-wook who lectures her about his valuable blood that she coveted so much and how she is not allowed. And how she is not doing her research well. She is terrified of him (what's new), but he is so kind ... even lets her sit in front of the sex-chair while scaring her. She cries and begs for him to be lenient. He hugs her .... vamps out ... and kills her. By injecting his blood. Or wait ... is she dead? She certainly looks it.
She was running away with infected blood so she could turn herself into a vampire. Apparently, the agreement was that she would do the research and in return, he would turn her into one of them. She feels she's done her best and he disagrees with that - but more importantly, she has now demonstrated that her own plans take precedence over his, and with her loyalty to him in question, she must be destroyed. So yep, he kills her. He wouldn't reward her with the very thing she wanted from him, that would be silly. Then again, this drama...
Nice crunchy neck snap.
Make-over time for Pampers. Awful scarves, cool jackets, a Rita I want to stick needles into. She even pays for him. It's wuuuuuuv. Awwww, the young lovers are so happy. This won't last, right? I hope. I'm already bored to death. They step outside and because he falls quiet, she is a bit worried about him. Me too, his ears look bigger? Ah, it's his sensitive eyes. So he gets nice glasses. Why not. Anything for a bit of humor. A phone call interrupts the humor ... it's news about the nun. She is dying.
Nice? They look like the glasses that that little costume maker wears in The Incredibles.
Stupid show. Stupid glasses. No, I don't find them amusing.
Rita is saaaaaaaaaaaad. This was the only kindof mother she had. Pampers comforts her: it's painful, but things will be alright. With time. They always are. And she has him now. Him and his hotness. Which is actually coldness. He also promises to get ear-plastic surgery. Bravo!
He's practically a Real Boy now.
All that sadness gets to him, though, and he sits in his chair, staring and doing nothing, when Intern Girl comes in. She has details about the upcoming surgery - oh, he is going to operate?! He is very kind today, wishing her strength for her mother's illness. Goooooooood Pamp. Baaaaaaaaaaaaad Girl.
She came in with the monthly schedule and he asked her what it was like, taking care of her mother - did she have regrets, would she have prolonged things if she could?
There was a tiny spark of empathy, squashed by VampDoctrination and pure evilness.
The latest crisis the nun had is over, but the recovery is just temporary. She is a brave one though, ready to go. But it's not the end yet! Ji-sang is ready to do the surgery! The one that can save her. But Rita is concerned ... very concerned. How can he with his affliction? He can. He knows it. He has the willpower. And if not, he'll just snack a bit on her. Ah, and if worse comes to worse there's always his blood! His good blood (which is not the same as Jae-wook's bad blood, but are we sure?). Friend isn't happy about that idea either. It's crazy. They don't know about the side-effects!
Actually, he offers to cure the nun with one drop of his blood, if Ri Ta wants that. Ri Ta declines at first, I think. But off to the side he and Adorable Friend are looking for something besides Atisan that he can take to control the blood shakes/vamping out that happens when he's around the operating room.
Maybe she can just squeeze his butt the entire surgery. He calmed down when she held his hand before, but he needs both of them for the procedure. I'm sure writer-nim can Google-Fu some obscure reference in a medical for butt-squeezing-as-therapy.
The next day, there's a guy with glasses who checks Ji-sang out ... smirking. He's a friend of Jae-wook's, which can't be good.
Oh, he must be the replacement for Pale.
Rita Friend asks Scruff whether Ji-sang might be ...... a Pamp?! (damn, don't they know yet?!). No, they don't. Ah, by the way, yes, I'm recapping with the sound on this time. I got too bored without it.
Scruff says there's no way Ji Sang is a vampire and if he is, then he, Scruff, will run around the hospital in his underpants. Yes, that is so going to happen. Let's check out those legs!
Hee hee hee. I'd buy that for a dollar.
Jae-wook looks at the dying nun all sad... Ji-sang doesn't like that. So he informs the older man that he will save her (aka as hands off, this one is mine!). Jae-wook is thrilled by that (a bit) but also angered that Ji-sang will just not listen to him. Things could be so much easier!
Everyone knows she's dying and to his credit, Jae Wook looks truly pained by the prospect.  He really DOES want to save people. Such a mixed up man.
Still scary as fuck.
And then, Rita allows Ji-sang to go ahead with the surgery It's their last chance. But no blood magic. NO BLOOD MAGIC. They discuss this for at least 5 minutes. Man. This is really the drama in which people stand around and discuss things, over and over and over and over.
This was an interesting conversation. She accuses him of not being sincere in his offer, but he really was. He feels like if this is something he CAN do for the nun, then he SHOULD do it, and he's willing to do even that much to help her. But Ri Ta says just knowing he feels that way is enough, and that he shouldn't go that far, ever. So they agree that he will operate, and he reassures her that he can manage his symptoms around the blood.
Smirky glasses (where do I know him from?) is a doctor now. Ah, to replace Pale NotVamp! That's harsh. The nurses approve of his butt. There's an incident with the RageHomie (the glasses drop), but apparently, they are fake anyway. He's a Pamp! He warns the patient to be careful or else. Yup, a scary one.
I don't recognize him. Boss Nurse is suspicious, but the younger ones think he's cute.
I want to cut his bangs; they annoy me. Not as  much as the entire drama, but still. So the new term for "Death By Evil Vamp Doc" is "Transferred To America". Good to know.
Friend has made a new drug for Ji-sang - so that he can do the surgery. And Uncle Rita (completely forgot about him!) gets some quality time with the nun before it's time. Jae-wook just hovers and looks concerned. Like JoAnne, I am convinced that he means well. Somewhere, deep down. But now, it's time for Ji-sang to face the music. He enters the operating area and ....
Nope, Friend found a new drug - it's been banned for severe side effects, but he's managed to get some on order and it will be there tomorrow. Not enough time to  test it before surgery, so that's a risk - and oh, by the way, Ri Ta found it for him, Adorable Friend confesses. The nun reassures the men that if it's her time, it's her time, no messing with God. Both seem affected by her composure.
She is the voice of reason in this madness. It's not going to stop this trainwreck, though. Oh well, time for the operating theater. Let's do this people! Slice that fois gras! Grab that butt!
... there's Rita who takes his (sanitized?) hand. Hwaiting, friend! They walk there together, side by side. But how to save nunny? The tumor is the size of a small car. Everybody, including Rita, tells Ji-sang to stop - this is a lost cause. But ... he wants to operate. He knows he can. He just knows he can. But no, they won't let him, so he closes the wound again and walks away. This earns him a hug from Rita ... and us the image of Intern Girl, hearing it all.
He was starting to vamp out a bit, I think, and the touch of her hand calmed him. During the operation, he does argue that they can't just close her up - they're surgeons! But Ri Ta makes an impassioned speech about this being the best that they can do for her - to continue would make her last days worse. She's going to die, so why not let her last hours be peaceful? Her words seem to affect Uncle and Jae Wook as well. Uncle tells Ji Sang he agrees - stop the surgery. And he thanks him for going so far for them. Then out in the hall, Ri Ta thanks him too, for allowing her to be able to say goodbye to her kindof mother without any regrets at all. She feels certain that Sister Sylvia would approve and be grateful as well. Clearly, the eavesdropping Intern is having a change of heart about all of this - but so far, they're making it look like Jae Wook is, too.
I don't think Intern really is changing. I think she wants Pampire to be her very own sexchair recipient. 
She tells Jae-wook all about the details of the operation, how weirdly supportive Rita was, etc. His conclusion: Rita knows? Yes. She does.
Ohhh, that look wasn't dawning awareness of the evil of her ways... it was realization that Rita knows! Damn it. That can't be good. 
I hope Intern stays bad. VERY bad. I like her that way. But Rita isn't the next target. It's my favorite character, Scruff! Pretty Pamp Boss takes him by the throat!!!! Nooooooooooo...
I hope he makes it out alive. You know, not a vampire, or completely dead. 
Looks like the only doctor not made of cardboard is about to be Transferred To America.
When Rita gets home, the classical music (Erlkönig again ... a bit of variation, maybe?) is on again. But it's not her friend this time. Dracula is on his back again. Rita switches on the lights ... and there he is. A Pad Pamp. But there HE is! Ji-sang. Super Pamp. No chance, little pamp. Especially after Ji-sang recognizes you as one of the guys that killed his mother. The shit just hit the fan.
'I've been here several times, why didn't you notice?' Ummm, creepy!  And then, 'Oh, *I* noticed.'  Ji Sang to the rescue. Cue terribly bad fighting with Ri Ta just hanging around too close and getting in the way. And then... Ji Sang recognizes the bad guy! Oh it is ON now. 
I think his snarl needs a little work. Maybe he's mad because the other vamp has a better hairstyle.. But other than thank, it was interesting enough for me to watch the scene in its entirety, which might be a first...no! The ugly autopsy scene [shudders]. So this is the second.


How is it interesting to slooooooowly, veeeeeeery sloooooooooowly find out bits and tiny pieces about this vampire virus? I don't get that. Is it supposed to be thrilling? Engaging? Whatever, I need to leave now, bai!
Did we find out anything new about the virus? (We didn't??! DAMN. I thought those loooooooong conversations were about that) This episode was mostly about saving people or not saving them, and when is enough enough and when is it too much?  I approve that Ri Ta understands it's more important to keep the virus away from the world than it is to save her dear friend, and I've been enjoying watching Ji Sang struggle with the question of whether it would be a good or a bad thing to eradicate disease and death. We know the answer of course, because there's Jae Wook - he started with the idea to save people and yet he's become a murderous monster in pursuit of that goal. It doesn't mean everyone would do the same, but you know the saying - absolute power corrupts absolutely. I still like seeing people work through the problem, all the same.
There are two characters I like: Jae-wook and Intern Girl. And then, I dig Scruff and Cute Friend, but only because of their looks.
Got nothing to add here. Maybe next time? Short of the old "Do we / don't we" there was nothing in this episode that didn't feel like filler. But at least there wasn't anything to really piss me off, either.