블러드 Blood - Episode 13 (A FakeCap)

Don't take the drug, Ji-sang. Don't!
Too late.

Episode 13

(Finally), the attack! It's been coming for so long I'm kinda relieved it's here. (Unfortunately), Ji-sang is also there and beats the Pad Pamp up. Awww, Ahn Jae-hyeon is trying so hard to act .... poor boy. He recognizes the dude as mother-killer - both vamp out in front of Rita (who is fascinated and scared at the same time, but just stands there, cause that's TOTALLY what you would do in such a situation) and fight. Until Pad Pamp grabs Rita and threatens to kill her. Ah, that's why she had to keep standing there.
They can only focus on one point of choreography at a time and it takes everything they have to coordinate AJH's kicks. He does try hard, though, I give him credit.
Wasn't bad. At least they minimized the slo-mo crap. And, yes, she's an idiot for not running. 
In the parking garage, Scruff is handled roughly and then lifted by his neck (that would kill somebody, drama), but not killed. It was just a warning. Scruff decides he's had enough and departs on a holiday to Tahiti.
Hey, we'll get to see his legs in shorts faster, that way. All of that was just so the bad guy could tell him 'stop your research or I'll come back and kill you dead'
Better than being killed undead, I suppose. I don't think this will scare him that much though. Since he already had an inkling that he was researching scary not-quite-human people.
Rita's life is threatened, but she, too, is just thrown around, triggering Ji-sang's defense mechanism, which buys Pad Pamp time to run for it. Somebody should tell Pampers to stop making those stupid faces when he's a "vampire".
I like that guy, though. We met him first in School 2014, the one where the OTP was Woobie and King of Puppies. He was the nicest of the trio of brat boys. He's shown up in pretty much every drama cycle since, but his roles are still supporting.
It's nice he's not stuck in only one type of role, though. 
Nooooo, I meant Ahn-boy! Ahn-boy should stop making faces that involve biting your teeth together R E A L L Y hard!
It really isn't much of an angry face. I'm not scared, I'm wondering what that tiny thing is that is stuck between his molars. I know! His acting skills!
Jae-wook is very "pleased" to hear from his Pamp Boys. NOT. But he is running out of minions, so he let's them live. What did Boss of minions do wrong though? He didn't scare Scruff enough?
I think if Pampire knows he can kick both Vampminions butts, maybe the fear factor is gone?
Ji-sang tucks Rita into bed and gets to try and look concerned. There is a 4% improvement in his acting from episode 1 thought. It comes with practice. She's like: who are these guys? What are you hiding from me? Tell me! I could have died, not knowing why! That's the most horrible way to die! I will protect you, says Ji-sang. This is my problem. They're after me. It's because I'm Pampire. (actually, they say a lot more, but this is the gist of things.)
She is upset that he is not more forthcoming. He insists that he's trying to protect her. You know that drill. But she does soften him a bit with her plea to be allowed to help save that boy from the forest, who saved her first.
Pita is already involved too deep to plead ignorance, Ji Sang. But you scored points with the "he killed my mother" story.
New Glasses doctor is smiling creepily on the girls - and wants to touch them. WTF! But Intern Girl grabs his hand. He continues to smile creepily, but be careful, man. This girl will eat you for breakfast. At least I hope so.
Even though she is now clearly badass, I think Intern Girl is swayed by the humanity of those she's keeping secrets from. I think eventually she moves to Ji Sang's side of the battle. You watch.
I would really hate this drama if she did
Maybe these vamps are related to Jiro Mochizuki and get more powerful with a bit of virgin's blood? That's why CreepVamp is eyeballing them. Which doesn't make it any less creepy.
But first, he goes to report to Jae-wook ... (DAMN I want to know where I know him from ... Good Doctor? I think he was in another medical drama). Jae-wook warns him to behave and the smirk disappears from Glasses Boy's face.
Actually, Jae Wook GOT warned. He wants to start Round 3 of the vaccinations and Bad with Glasses warns him that it's not quite ready and Jae Wook lets his ambitious side take over from his people caring side and tells him do it anyway, it's ready enough.
I'm kind of thinking "almost" is not a good idea in this case, but VampDoc had an expectation that Pampire is going to join his League of Evil. Why, I don't know, since he's rejected every overture. On the other hand, VampDoc said they will have a very intelligent problem solver to their ranks, so maybe he's not talking about Ji Sang at all,
Pampers and Rita have some serious relationship talk at his place. She HAS to sleep on the couch. Since they're not married. She can watch childhood videos of his though. To stop any carnal cravings she might have developed watching him fight. She also sees the message from his mother. Awwww, how moving.
She wanted to know his story, and he showed it to her. I wonder if they ever kiss. I'm not particularly interested in seeing it but they do a lot of touching and now they're sharing life stories and you know, they're totally into each other.
See, we always knew that weird bed would become a problem! He tells Absolutely Adorable Friend that Rita is here and AAF says "Damn, I told you to get a real mattress, didn't I! And there's no making out in the living room, here me?! Gross!" Being the gentleman that he is, he tells HER to sleep on his stone-hard bed. Can't you stay, she asks? As my mattress? He considers for a while, but then decides that's too uncomfortable.
He turns off the cold bit and tells her to just think of it as a stone bed. Not for the first time, I marvel at the toughness of Korean bums and legs, all that floor sitting and lying they do.
I think I would opt for the couch instead.
Back at Rita's place: Pad Pamp Boss. He has a Vampire Prosecutor's ability to see things when he just closes his eyes - and he swears vengeance.
What happened to this dude?  He seemed all weary and sad about being a bad guy and now he's like, ooh, let's go kill people.
It might be the writing? 
Luvvvyyy is up and about - and wakes BOTH boys, who BOTH slept in the living room. Oh, cool! That was unexpected!!!!
Which of course makes me think that they shared the bed before, because why did AAF have to sleep out there? Awww, did they fall asleep talking into the night?
They slept with their heads awfully close together.

Rita has cooked breakfast and Pampers looks absolutely horrible in a white sweater. Of course, the career girl can't cook, but at least, we get treated to AAF's absolutely adorable face. BTW, he is wearing a "Twilight" jumper. The show is going meta on us, wow!
I did not even notice that. He really is cute though.
And I never understand why they don't taste test their own food? I know I do, even when I'm just cooking for one.
At the hospital, Ji-sang (horrific coat!!) meets Jae-wook. Who smiles, of course, but looks ready to rip the other guy's throat out at the same time. I realize I actually quite like Jae-wook's character. He's a good villain. Ji-sang warns him to stay away from things he cherishes, but Jae-wook plays dumb.
I like them both, character-wise, but JJH is a better actor, of course, so Jae Wook seems less cartoony. Although even he wasn't doing that great a job at the start.
Friend is suuuuuuuper concerned about Rita ... but only until she realizes that Rita spent the night with Ji-sang. Now, she's curious! How was is?! Cold? Hard? Cuddly? Bloody?! No kissing and telling, says Rita, bai.
Imagine a roll of frozen cookie dough...
With or without those bumpy chocolate chips? [giggle]
Enter Scruff into Ji-sang's office. He is furious: tell me what's going on! Why was he attacked?! What does Ji-sang know that he is not sharing?! Out with all the Pamp secrets! Rita comes in and calms Scruff down - patience. All will be revealed ... soon.
I like Scruff. He better not die.
He's really the adult for the Good Guys. So of course he has to die!
Administrator has got herself a secret recording device ... and goes to confront Jae-wook. Is that a good idea?! She confronts Uncle Rita with her proof. Uh-oh...
Oddly enough, what she has on the recorder and who she uses it against is NOT Jae Wook.

Rita and Ji-sang tour the hospital together (yeah, their secret dating method again), He wants to know about her dental hygiene routine. She flosses. Every day. He is impressed. Why, she asks, don't you? Well, he says, we vegans don't need to floss all the time. Hahahaaaa, she says, but you should! Your breath ... it smells like dead animals ... he is mortified. Listening to the two ... Intern Girl. She is SO onto them. And jealous.
The attacks happened because Intern told Jae Wook that Ri Ta definitely knows that Ji Sang is a vampire, and Jae Wook wants to send Ri Ta a message that knowledge can be dangerous to her. He wants her to run away. I think Intern is surprised to find that Ri Ta is even more supportive of Ji Sang, you know, because they all believe that humans will consider them monsters.
Actions are always more important that abilities. You only need to read the news to know how monstrous humans can really be. I know that without a medical degree, too! I don't know why Intern should be surprised. Pita's laughing overaction has reached Mount McKinley heights of suckage, by the way.
Sad Dad is much, much better ... and Glasses Boy gets to lock eyes with Pampers. What's with these two?
Time will tell.

Jae-wook asks what happened to Scruff (ASS) ... and then sucks up to Scruff by mentioning his father again, whom he knew so well. But Scruff doesn't fall under Jae-wook's spell. Yet. He has Ji-sang! His secret love!
Scruff despises Jae Wook and it's very obvious and I love him for it.
He is my abso favorite character in this mess. Maybe Scruff is the intelligent problem solver? I'm glad he's not even faking his disdain about The League Of Evil.
Nun is in intensive care, where Uncle Rita visits her. Who will die first? We're not sure. Ji-sang and Rita also gather round and everybody says goodbye. I must be completely heartless because this moves me to sleep. And then, nun closes her eyes.
She's not dead, just sleeping.
Can you go to hell for lying to a nun? I wouldn't do it. And she calls Uncle Pita on it like a boss.
In the kid's ward, the Pink Girl is playing with Sad Daughter, which makes Liver Girl jealous. So, JoAnne, what kind of cancer does Pink Girl have? Maybe it doesn't matter because she has blue veins! I mean more than usual. Which means: they've been giving the kids the virus! Baaaaaaaaaad Jae-wook. Baaaaaaad.
I don't think they mentioned it - the discussion was first that Liver Girl speaks casually to Pink Girl (who is 25) - but won't allow Sad Daughter to speak casually to her - so how is that fair? And then the cute useless doctor (who is much smarter than anyone realizes) comes in to check on Pink Girl and sees all the veins and gets a bit tweaked about it. Not that he knows veins = vampire vaccination, but she's not part of anything so it shouldn't be happening - and plus Intern Girl TOLD them not mess with Pink.
I want to know, is there really such a thing as no-salt kimchi?
Uncle Rita tells Jae-wook to take good care of Rita. Well, he'd rather not, that much is obvious. Intern Girl runs into Rita into the leisure room. Poor Rita is tense. Intern asks her advise for how to floss: She heard Rita does it really well. Rita is civil - for once. And barely. When she gets back to her office, Uncle Rita is there. Looking grave. And then, they get into a fight. Again! They really do have fundamentally different view on how to make the right kind of Kimchi.
I'll come back to this. I just watched it yesterday and already don't remember what they talked about. Mothers, maybe?
(1) Uncle Pita tells VampDoc that Lady Admin keeps her job and her responsibilities despite her interference with his Vampirus studies. Uncle Pita is also aware of Pita's extracurricular activities, but isn't willing to curb her actions. VampDoc warns Uncle Pita that he will warn Pita in his own way if she keeps it up. (2) As for Intern, she casually mentions that she touched Ji Sang's hand during surgery and it was ice-cold. Pita bluffs and says it was a momentary thing because he felt fine to her. When she leaves Pita has a poorly-executed jealous grumble. (3) Uncle begs Pita to back off; she won't, and he gives her a final warning before performing a thoughtful wall-lean and looking at Lady Admin's recorder. (4) I can't believe you made me watch this section for real.
I won't recap that bit with one of the doctors behaving like 2 year old because it makes NO SENSE at all. Well, it's probably related to the kids he usually takes care of. But is he ... challenged? I don't get it. Intern Girl brings him something to drink.
You know, it didn't make any sense to me either. I kinda thought maybe he was just really pushing his rep as an idiot so that no attention would be brought to anything that he does - did he take some blood from Pink Girl or something? And I think Intern Girl knew that he was trying to distract them from paying him any real mind, but since he was nice to her and brought her a drink when the other interns were mean to her, well, she's returning the favor.
It was a relief to FF through the entire scene.
Another meeting between Rita and Ji-sang in the corridor. She wants to hear about his favorite kimchi, but he says he likes all kinds, really - there isn't just one. After that, there's a meeting of the Righteous Doctors. Ji-sang promises to floss more regularly - they really put on pressure on him.
I really don't pay much attention to them talking, I guess.
I like cucumber kimchi myself. And Rita was inviting herself to his house for a slumber party.

There's an entire scene missing here, where our Scooby Gang gets together to compare notes. (No no, I summarized it as "there's a meeting of the Righteous Doctors") Pampire admits that he has also been attacked like Scruff and warned to stop his research. Plus, he believes that his research information was stolen by another party who wants Vampirus exclusivity. Scruff asks if there is anything else that Pampire might be keeping from him. Ji Sang looks away and denies. They agree to halt research for the nonce, and they share companionable beverages in matching tumblers.

Who else wonders for how much longer Administrator will live? Jae-wook looks at her like she's dessert.
Right but because she's intriguing, or because she's dead meat soon? I can't decide. I think he's sort of having a little fun that she's not as easy to get rid of as he thought.
Yeah, and I think he was looking at her ass
I predict she will make it. I hopes she makes it as a human and not some sort of VampDoc bride.
Rita and Ji-sang are both wearing atrocious coats while she packs. Her home is no longer safe! She packs an incredible amount of things, fusses over this and that and moves in with him, Friend, and Luuvy. She bitches about his taste in art, which makes him confess that he's absolutely colorblind. And faceblind. He is sorry if he doesn't recognize her anymore tomorrow.
Nope, she asks if he painted that picture, which he did, because he's never seen the dawn and wanted to imagine it. For some reason he can walk around in daylight (though it hurts his eyes) and at night, but not at dawn. Different spectrum, I guess. No mention of Twilight. Probably because those vampires come from an estranged branch of the family.
I think she was actually quite rude to just carry all that sh%% into his place, and then question his artwork. And then make him buy food she likes. I think it was meant to be cute; it fails, like so much of the writing.
Ji-sang visits Jae-wook! And gets a new drug - to his benefit. No cravings, no diarrhea, no flossing. And definitely not from children. But instead of taking it, Ji-sang takes it straight to Friend. Who tells him to shoot up. Don't waste all that good stuff on testing!!! Into the veins! Ji-sang injects himself. Wow, they blur every blade, but it's okay to show somebody taking drugs and spazzing out? Great.
Ji Sang noticed that the two attacking vampires also didn't have buzzy frequencies or any of that stuff, so he figures they must be getting drug from Jae Wook, even though Jae Wook said he developed the drug to HIDE from other vampires. AAF wants to test it, so Ji Sang gets some...and then even though it wasn't his original intention, he admits to AAF that he kind of wants to know what it feels like to feel human, and he's so sad about it that AAF says you know what, you SHOULD try it - so he does.
I wonder what the favor is that Jae Wook wants in exchange for two doses of VampHydocin. And I was thinking that there is probably some immunomarker in the fluid that binds Pampire to VampDoc forever. And do you require a new dose if you vamp out?
Ji-sang awakes sometime later, feels his pulse and ... it's normal! Like a human! Including his temperature! Finally, he can ... Rita realizes that too! But damn, that bed of his ... that has to go. Until it is, she gets to feel Ji-sang's nipples through his sweater. And his stubble, which only develops on the right side of his face, only between 3 and 4 pm.
You made me laugh out loud. His temp is normal, his heart beat is normal, and he wanted her to feel those things. He's explained it away as a virus he must have picked up so that he's running a fever - she happened to overhear the last part of their conversation, but they had intended to keep it secret from her. She says well, I guess there are good things about being a vampire, too. He talks about hating it, wanting to taste things and not live in isolation, and she says you know, there are people who would love to live a long life that allowed you to be illness free and not have to die with regrets. AJH practices looking thoughtful in there.
I was happy that they have a statue of the Oriental Pearl Tower in Shanghai, rather than another stupid Eiffel Tower.
It's real and rock hard! The nipple that is...
Scruff has a trauma since he's been attacked - but because he's a man of action, he just digs. Wae?! Why doesn't he have his own laptop / hotspot? He can't be THAT stupid not to know that the hospital security goons monitor staff computers. Jae-wook gets a phone call from security: Scruff is at it again. The result: he is attacked in the parking lot. But this time, Ji-sang is there to help him! And yes ... this is the second guy that killed your mother!
So here's the thing. Earlier, when they were having that meeting, Ji Sang shared more of his info, but NOT that he was a vampire. And he specifically said that he wasn't hiding anything else, because Scruff said if there were any more secrets he was out of the Scooby Gang. So he doesn't know that Ji Sang is a vampire yet, right? But then that situation in the parking garage was CLEARLY a set up against the other vamp, so how does Ji Sang explain super strength and speed and all that?
Ah it's a set up. My faith is restored in Scruff. Clearly, Scruff knew Pampire was there. I think he already knows what Ji Sang is. But how does his vampy skills perform with the VampHydocin coursing through his veins.?
This Pamp is a good fighter. Too good? Scruff picks up a piece of wood to hit Pamp over the head, but that's not a good idea ... Scruff down! Scruff down! Pamp threatens Ji-sang and then, Friend arrives. Why was Ji-sang so weak? Ah, he cannot let on that he's Pamper in front of Scruff yet, right?
Or Bad Guy is just stronger than he is. I had to laugh when Ji Sang criticized AAF's sense of timing, there.
Time to have another talk with Jae-wook. By the way, no more whales? In the conference room, Ji-sang projects the photo of his parents, Jae-wook and Scruff's father and looks at Jae-wook meaningfully. What is beyond me, since I really thought that secret was common knowledge by now. Oh well.
The whale sound is controlled by the drug. Or the drug lets them control it when they want to, something like that. Jae Wook was just learning there that Ji Sang knew there was a connection. He didn't know that before. He came up with a whole lot of lies about being kicked out of the group because he disagreed with Mentor who was actually experimenting on humans, and how when he ran away before, he left some drug behind and that's how they got their hands on it, those other two.  Ji Sang totally buys it - until he gets home to AAF, who also thinks he buys it, until he says 'nah, but the way to catch someone lying is to pretend you believe them and then let it all build up until they can't escape.'
I get a feeling that last stuff happens in 14, but since you are the only one still watching this, it doesn't matter!
I'm gonna call this the 'neener neener' photo, since it seems to be a moment of  'oh crap' revelation every time it's brought out,


I got nothing.
I'm interested to see how VampDoc pulls another Plausible Deniability Tact out of his head now. Because this is the proof that his lies to the boy he wants as a protege have been exposed for a long time. How ya gonna climb out of that hole, there? And offering the sexchair probably won't help. 
Last night our friend Samsooki said the reason I say this drama is terrible but I still like it is because the vampires aren't Healer-cool. I realized he was right. I do like the story, but I find the acting distracting. If Ji Chang Wook were Ji Sang, this would be a very different drama. One that I would watch right before bed.
Don't let Cherkell know you said this. [nervously looking around]