블러드 Blood - Episode 15 (A FakeCap)

kakashi: Ah, it’s been a while. I haven’t missed this at all and haven’t missed anything either. This is SO BORING. Nothing happens. Nothing at all. It’s a miracle more than 0.5% of all Koreans watch it. Maybe it’s the people who fall asleep in front of the TV and don’t switch it off when Blood comes on?
JoAnne: It's not THAT bad. It's unfortunate that they're taking such a long time to tell a story that could have been told in fewer episodes, that's all. And ok, our lead is green with a capital G...but he has his moments. 
Shuk: I'm just in this to see how much mental pain I can survive.

Episode 15

We get a view of the orgasm on the sex chair, but all the fun gets interrupted abruptly by Ji-sang, the stupid spoil sport. He has come to deliver that useless vampire thug and tell Jae-wook he knows about his evil deeds. I’m glad it only took 14 episodes to find that out. Jae-wook tells Ji-sang he has no idea what he’s on about, this dude? Never seen him before. Ah, but you’re lying, smiles Ji-sang … I can see your ears twitch. It’s a very clear sign! He quickly tries to gain access to the sex-chair (you know, by saying either you let me on or you’ll regret it), but Jae-wook stays true to his bad-ass self and kicks him out.
I kind of liked this - Ji Sang brings J as 'proof' that there are other vampires out there using the same stuff Jae Wook uses. He doesn't say at all that he thinks J is one of his henchmen, but at this point both guys are saying one thing and meaning another with every word that comes out of their mouths.
VampDoc as been the epitome of hidden meanings for many many episodes. Many many episodes.
Back home, Ji-sang tell his friends he almost, ALMOST made it on, they all nod sympathetically. They know how much he wants it.
Adorable Friend!
The useless vampire thug isn’t dead. Yet. Jae-wook’s boiling anger shows in his clenched brow. Then, he attacks his underling … but it’s just another punishment (slamming against the wall, that kind of thing). Jae-wook rages around a bit, vamped out and almost cries because he’s so disappointed and frustrated. Dude, be careful ... I think you're running straight into a Burnout.
I am so tired of Jae Wook, really.
J doesn't look like he's in 24-hour pain, so maybe the trank was good for him. VampDoc is definitely losing it. Maybe he's upset that there hasn't been a single bit of plot progression in a longggg time.
Ji-sang gets ready to sleep on the couch again, when Rita sidles up to him. She doesn’t say it outright, but it’s very clear she wants him in her bed. As mattress. Cause it’s just too damn hard! No way! he exclaims, I’ll never be your mattress! Fine, she says, suit yourself - and wants to storm out, but he catches her wrist and tells her to … well, he is very shy. But he finally manages to ask her to stay next to him all night and make sure his hair doesn’t get all messy. Awwwwww, so cuuuuuuuuute.
You made me giggle.  He just asks her to stay near until he falls asleep and I think there's some bit about how she's the only woman besides his mother who gives him a warm feeling.  It was much less perverted when he said it. I think they're cute.
It is cute that he doesn't want her to leave his place, and probably not because it's not safe. And the hair-playing was nice.
Action at the hospital! Jae-wook is signing things. Did he get a haircut? Ji-sang comes in and wants to know what he could do today … he already walked the hallways 500 times and is out of ideas. Jae-wook doesn't have any either, so Ji-sang leaves. Shortly after, he walks the corridors again with Rita, which makes it a bit less boring. Then, in a flash of inspiration, they decide to go to the off-zone ward and make fun of the nurses a bit. Intern Girl is also there and thinks it’s absolutely not okay what they are doing.
I want to watch your version. It was just more plotting.
I want whatever kakashi is smoking.
Ji-sang tricks them into letting him into the kids’ ward, where he takes the girls’ blood. Intern Girl watches hungrily. He tells her to beat it, but she hasn’t had breakfast and smacks her lips. Rita takes Sad Dad’s blood in the meantime … and look who comes running. The useless security guards! Jae-wook is also alerted and smiles a bit. He’s kinda beyond caring and just hopes it will end soon.
They tell the nurses they're drawing blood from the patients, and the nurses are worried for them because no one is supposed to touch the patients except the doctors from the New Drug group. Ji Sang basically tells them 'Whatever, I do what I want.'
Wow. Does that mean the plot is starting? Is this like a steam train, when you see the closeup of those metal wheels spinning and spinning as the train incrementally begins to move forward? Also, did you notice the perfectly choreographed Running Of The Guards? A square of four with the fat guard on point, even when they turned the corner.  LOL
The guards block our heroes’ path when they want to leave (major déjà-vu), but in fact, they just want to know who wants to join them for some mud-wrestling later. Both Rita and Ji-sang put up their hands. They’re so desperate to have fun! Unfortunately, the guards feel offended by Ji-sang’s obscene hand-signs, so there’s a little fight. Ji-sang wins. It’s unfair, cause he ate that special doping Müesli again for breakfast!
The guards won't get out of the way because Ji Sang won't give up the blood, so eventually Ji Sang counts to five in a very unusual way and then proceeds to kick ass in his normal granny-style choreography.
That's how I do my "three" because my hand won't form the traditional pinkie-to-thumb gesture. But I would think a super-vamp could make any gesture he wants. And I think Intern was a little impressed.
When Jae-wook hears about the incident, he is furious. He needs professional help at this point. All that rage!!! 
Guy needs a guest for that sex chair. Where is Lady Admin?  Do you know there really ARE sex chairs?  They sort of look like a combo dentist chair/church kneeler.
I did NOT need to know that, eonni.
Scruff is watching something unbelievable … the vamp virus is having babies! He quickly hides the computer screen when Rita Friend comes in. By the way, how is that relationship going? There doesn’t seem to be much progress, really. Woah, but suddenly, the fight with Ji-sang is happening right outside the office! Damn, the guards also ate some dope Müesli. Rita quickly runs into the office and hands Scruff the precious blood samples. Time is of the essence! They start the analysis (there are guards outside … for their protection or as guards?!). Jae-wook is also coming, he gets a bit lost on the way though.
Rita Friend is into Adorable Friend now, remember?  Although not much is happening there, either.
[still watching those spinning train wheels]
BAM, here he is, finally. (did they not think to lock the door? Or is it a Sign Of Good Guy-edness that they didn't?) He is angry and tells them they’re vermin and he will crush them. Unfortunately, his shoes squeak funnily when he walks, it’s hard to take him seriously. Anyway, Ji-sang follows him out and they stand at one of those railing for a bit, staring into thin air, venting, being angry at each other, calling each other names, that kind of thing. In truth, Jae-wook is still hurt that Ji-sang doesn’t believe him. The future is Pamp, not Homo.
Pretty accurate.
I love the VampDoc comment "Shame on you for using your special skills on humans." What about your skill as, yunno, a care provider to use humans as guinea pigs? Skills are not confined to physicality, you know.
Lady Admin does something, but it’s irrelevant.

Intern Girl is having doubts. All that suffering. For what? Is it possible that Jae-wook is lying to her? Sad Girl comes up to her and Intern Girl smiles immediately. Awwwwwww, looooook, she is turning good!
Actually...it's becoming apparent that Intern Girl pretty much always has been good.  She's having a hard time reconciling Jae Wook's current behavior with his earlier stated goals, and she witnesses the good that Ji Sang is doing.
I dunno if she can turn from the Dark Side in time.
Also smiling: Glasses. Who wants to smack him right in the middle of his face?
Oh I will get in that line.
The results of the blood test are ready, but since Glasses is there, nobody dares to pick the sheets out of the printer. Luckily, Ji-sang comes in. His aura of confidence is so strong, Glasses can’t take it and leaves. That phone call he got was godsent. Now, the results! OMG … everybody is infected by the PAMP PIRUS! (Can that one face Rita's Friend knows how to make go away, please?)
This reminded me that whatever Ji Sang and Jae Wook talked about at the railing included Jae Wook's agreement that Ji Sang could have these test results. Mr. Smiley didn't like that.
I don't think Chucky even has lenses in those things. And telling someone to keep a secret is a surefire way of making sure it doesn't stay secret. Even if Sidekick offers his body as compensation. She's just too ditzy to be a doctor, never mind a zip-lip.
Rita Friend thinks it’s a secret and talks to Rita in private about her shocking discovery. Way to make minutes pass, drama. Your audience already knows everything that is going on, but you spend hours upon hours upon hours on making your own characters find out one after the other.
This is probably where Rita Friend shows her hurt feelings since everyone seems to know everything but she is kept deliberately in the dark. Which is reasonable. She's working with them but they don't tell her anything.
With her perpetually- startled face, do you blame them? Of course, Pita can't fake-act either, so they are pretty well matched.

Sad Dad is sad. That damn virus, sometimes it just wants to be a rebel and not perform the way it should! But here comes Sad Girl and puts a smile on her father’s face. She wrote him a letter! When he wants to grab it, she pulls it away … and gives him a nasty, deep paper cut. RAGEFIT of the Dad against his girl! That’s so terrible, horrible! OMG! Evil Pamp Pirus!
Ok but the dad... with the bangs, and the eyebrows... it's too funny.
Somewhere in the depth of the hospital's bowels, Glasses and Intern Girl flash some green eyes at each other. It’s a mating ritual - if it's done right, about 666 new pampires are born 13 months later! Unfortunately, they don’t know how to do it right, so nothing happens.
Oh, they do NOT like each other. So far, Glasses hasn't got into too much with her since she's a little pet of Jae Wook's...but he says that's not going to last much longer. Her problem with him is she doesn't want him messing with that little girl who has cancer and a bad attitude.
At least she gets to keep her smooth complexion when she flashes green, instead of that venous mottled mess.
At Ji-sang's House, Awesome Friend has made another analysis and spent hours upon hours arranging graphs and other pictures on a sheet of paper. Rita and Ji-sang don’t know how to appreciate the beauty, though. They have no clue what it means. Awesome Friend feels so alone in the world … it’s hard to be a genius.
He does have Luurvy.
It turns out (big surprise, yawn) that the Vampirus in the serum is only dormant, not dead. And we all know what that means, don't we, dear readers.
Intern Girl talks to Jae-wook about Glasses and his attempts at making babies with her. Jae-wook sees a need to explain a few things … about bees and flowers and that kind of thing. Intern Girl is shocked that such things exist … and she promises to be more careful next time, because she really doesn’t want to mate with Glasses. Think about it, says Jae-wook … he knows how difficult it is to find a good companion. That thought makes him really sad.
Laughing too hard.  I got nuthin.
She got VampThreat Level One, where Jae Wook warns against curiosity. He asks her if she has her passport ready, just in case she's told to Head To America.
At the hospital, Intern Girl runs into her two Intern colleagues, who were on an extended holiday. Now they’re back, not tanned at all, and pissy as hell, because they got diarrhea and had to stay in the hotel room for weeks.
No, this really happened. (No it didn't, but it should have.) The short one is basically a dick, but the taller one says she can talk to him if she needs to.

The Bad Pamps have found a few thugs that will help them be evil, cause they themselves are absolutely unable to achieve anything.
Oh, you mean that Vampire Aerobics thing?  I thought they were just waiting for the teacher to start warm-ups.
I thought they were auditioning for the 2015 33rd Anniversary of Michael Jackson's "Thriller" video. It's that "Funk of Forty Thousand Years" move that they can't seem to get right.

Strolling through the warm spring night … our OTP (awwwwww, soooooo cuuuuuuuuuute). They watch a couple perform a cheesy something (ah, no, it’s real? it’s a cheesy couple acting so badly it seems like they’re acting?) and then, Rita wants him to do the same. Of course he refuses, cause he’s a stiff bore like that. I don’t like him. Not at all. She tries to entice him again and gets him to interlink fingers with her. Awwwwwwwwww, sooooooo cuuuuuuuuute. The contact frees a flood of hormones and they can barely hold back. Using all their willpower, they manage to stroll on without ripping each other’s clothes off.
Remember how exciting it was, though, to hold the hand of a guy you liked for the first time?  How monumental it felt when he reached for it?
He held my hand to help me across the beach so we could make out on the lifeguard stand... Um, was that TMI?
Glasses is up late, thinking about that mating ritual that went so wrong. Is that why he is so tense? He measures his temperature and sees … 32 degrees. That’s too high (too low?) for Pamps and it explains why he failed so miserably. Something needs to be done! He closes the shades to his office and takes some of the vamp heroin. Unfortunately, he is observed vamping out and orgasming by one of the Intern boys. Goodbye, Intern Boy. You were useless and your death saves the production a few bucks. Glasses hangs the body up as if he committed suicide. At least he’s a bit smart.
Oh, but he is going to be in SO much trouble.
I couldn't tell which one. Or are the interns cardboard like the doctors are?
Jae-wook can’t even when he hears about this. Another completely useless underling! Why are only his underlings so utterly useless? It's unfair!
He must have picked up his minions from Bumbling Sidekicks Anonymous. 

At Ji-sang House, Ji-sang kills all the hormones by cleaning the floor with a cloth rollers to get rid of Rita's long, annoying hair. He sometimes does that when he’s in one of his moods … it calms him down (whereas a vacuum cleaner only agitates him). Rita snarks around because her kokoro is crying - she’s so disappointed! She hoped to finally see those reproductive organs, but no, he wants to stay a virgin until he dies. All he’s ready for is some hugging. At least it’s loooooong hugging.
Seriously. When are these people going to get busy?
He did offer for her to touch his nipple again.
They’re interrupted by aphone call: too much death, no glory. Ah, what a shock … the dead intern makes them realize how short life is and how they should really all be much nicer with each other. The police are there to investigate, but it takes Ji-sang to see immediately that this was no normal suicide.
Tall Intern is pretty insistent that it couldn't be suicide, too.
Perhaps the officers might look for hand prints around the neck? Especially with clawsy sorts of nail marks. Which would look a leetle bit different from a rope burn. Just saying.
Glasses has to go and face Jae-wook - who is very angry. He throws Glasses across the room and then beats him to a pulp. Unsurprisingly, Glasses isn't all that happy about it and I think that Jae-wook might have made a big mistake.
Yeah this guy is beyond nuts.
Awesome Friend hears about the suicide-not-suicide and nods gravely. Yes, life … short and brutish. Maybe the vampire drug is good after all, they conclude, does it not prolong ones life?
Why? So it could be long and brutish?
Pita gets the idea of creating a Luminol for the VampHyder compound, which makes them no-so-hidden. I think it's a good thing, if Sidekick can do it.  Or maybe Puurvy.

Uncle Rita gets briefed about the suicide … he wants to keep it out of the press, but Lady Admin looks like she has a different idea about this.
I no longer like her so I have no clue.
She has been pretty ineffectual throughout 15 episodes, so there's no reason to break the streak.
Thanks to the vampire drug, the Liver Girl is much better. Intern Girl thanks Rita enthusiastically for saving the girls and being such a great person most of the time. Still, when she gets back to the ward, she observes that the challenged pink girl is very mean to her stuffed toy.
Oh now that is low. Plus horrifying.
Maybe she wants to be a surgeon when she grows up? Okay, maybe not. Ick.
Time for that stroll along the hospital corridor in surgeon clothing. Good idea, Ji-sang, it is a variation! Also, he asked Jae-wook to join him because there is nobody with whom he can have better discussions. Today, they decide to talk about Nietzsche a bit (Ji-sang doesn’t dare admit he hasn’t even read any).
I dislike Jae Wook so much I barely even register his nice arms.
Sometime later, Uncle Rita tells Jae-wook to hurry the fuck up with the drug development and forget all about ethics and stuff. Oh, that goes without saying, Jae-wook assures him. Downstairs, Rita meets the family lawyer who is happy to see her … and spills her Uncle’s secret. Oupsie. Death and destruction. Quickly, Rita goes and sees Lady Admin about it and hears about how bad it really is.
Uncle Rita wants to get the drug administered to him and Jae Wook refuses, and Rita is crushed that she's been kept in the dark about the disease, especially since it's hereditary. In fact, it seems that is what she is most upset about.
Maybe it's like prostate cancer, which she is very very unlikely to get.
Scruff is trying one last time to get Ji-sang to go out with him and Ji-sang says …. Yes! He says yes! He gets warm, fuzzy feelings when he’s with Scruff and often fantasizes about running his hand across his cheek. I'm so happy for them!
I read this and thought, 'Oh, I would like to have an evil-fighting couple, one vampire, one not - that's a good idea!' then I realized we do have that with Ri Ta and Ji Sang.  Sort of.
Except that Scruff is efficient and effective and finding stuff out, and Pita is just shedding hair in Pampire's personal space.
Somebody stole Scruff's CD with the virus movie on it … to confuse people, they wrote “Bomb” on it. Jae-wook finds it in his office and is intrigued when he sees how the virus makes babies. He didn't know that!
Hmm, Who would give it to him? I think Ji Sang did, but it's not gonna stop VampDoc from his evil path.
Rita is once again destroyed, utterly. Death, destruction, suffering! Why is it all happening in her life? What has she done? She doesn’t even see Ji-sang standing there… and when she does, she just walks on. She wants to be alone and brood.
Well you have to admit her luck isn't great.
Maybe her luck is in direct proportion to her acting abilities.

Not dealing with rejections well, Ji-sang goes to see Jae-wook instead, hoping to win him for an evening stroll or some soju. But Jae-wook just shows him the Bomb-CD and then destroys it with a flick of his fingers. Duh, Jae-wook. Digital age. Heard of it before? Jae-wook still thinks he has the upper hand … this is the arrogance of a man in possession of a sex-chair. Ji-sang’s arrogance in turn comes from being young and stupid. You know, when you think you know it all and have seen it all? I’m hoping Jae-wook will rip his head off, but no. Jae-wook just looks angry to be told what to do by a stupid greenhorn who struts about like he owns the place.
You will never put your ass on my chair! shouts Jae-wook. Never! You will die pining for it! Just you watch! Ji-sang screams back. And once again (the 10th time?) an episode ends with the two guys staring at each other menacingly.
I really have no idea why Jae Wook hasn't just ripped Ji Sang's head off like, 50 times by now.  Not that I want Jae Wook to win, I don't.  But you know.
I think Ji Sang told him his sexchair was bought from IKEA.


Can somebody explain to me what this drama is about? I seem to have forgotten in the process of Fakecapping...
Vampire Virus, accidentally infected, one of the team wants to exploit it for the good it could do, gets warped, kills all the others, meets up with the child of the ones he killed, child has some unique qualities, adult wants to win him over, child pits himself against adult, meanwhile reuniting with little girl he saved years before, romance and hijinks ensue.
I just want the plot to move forward, so we can all move forward. To the end. Jusayeo. Por favor. Onegaishimasu.

How the plot is progressing.