블러드 Blood - Episode 18 (A FakeCap)

kakashi:  Horrible stuff happens in this episode - look!
JoAnne:  Rumor has it she just saw the script for the finale.
Shuk: I share her expression.

Episode 18

Intern Girl's secret is out! Pampire! She is Pampire! SHOCKING! But Ji-sang realizes that she isn't Pad Pamp. She is Pamp, but she is probably Good Pamp. Good Pamp must be protected. He's nice like that and that is why we're on his side and not on Jae-wook's side.
If he had the sex chair, and let Adorable Friend use it (not with him, though, that's not necessary) things would be perfect. Eh, I don't know. A hot bad guy on a sex chair probably trumps a cute good guy on a sex chair. Okay, I take it back. I might not mind seeing Boss on the sex chair, though.
But it took another sloooow walk down the Corridor Of Clear Thinking for him to put it all together.
Rita Friend is doing poorly ... she isn't sleeping well since she's spending her nights with Awesome Friend and Luvvy. Yep, you read right. Don't imagine. No. Don't! She swears that there is no biting. At least. Scruff is glad to hear that. He was a little worried.
He was all into imagining it until she made that face, and then he made this face. 
But licking doesn't count right? As long as you don't break the skin. 
He then remembers his promise (walking around in his underwear if Pamps are real) and because the thought of making love to a robot is a complete and utter turn-off, he takes his trousers off right there in front of her.
And then she made this face. The director said 'Imagine he really is showing you his penis.' but the actress has never actually seen one because all Korean women are virgins until 100 days after they give birth, you know that, right? So she faked it. 
BWAHAHAHAHA. [wipe tears] But I really wanted to see what was on his boxers. 
Uncle Rita isn't dead yet, though zombified and clearly not well: he's totally grey in the face. Rita worries deeply, seeing how she'll end up like him soon. Her doctors give her 4-6 months, tops. Lady Admin also goes and has a look at zombie uncle ... she is curious, never has she seen a zombie before!! She likes the sight so much, she plans to open a zombie-farm once she retires from Taemin hospital.
She's already dressed for his funeral, that bitch.  (Readers:  Rita isn't ill.  If you're worried.)
I'm guessing that he got the human-then-dead chemical. So his ticket is ready to be punched.
Vamp craziness is reaching the next level. Now, when they see or smell blood, they turn blood-thirsty. Which isn't much of a surprise, seeing that they're vampires. It's a bit gross though. In fact, it's very gross. Utterly freaked, Ji-sang breaks into Glasses' office after witnessing the massacre - but it's empty.
Question: When medical professionals in the US witness a patient sucking the blood out of another patient's IV, do they continue to allow the patients to share a room? Shuk?
Unless it's Thorazine-laced fruit punch, I got nothing. But from a professional point of view, I'm pretty sure the blood drinker will end up in his or her own locked room in a psych ward. This show? He will probably get his own refrigerator and microwave to give it 10 seconds to take off the chill. 

And now, having watched the scene, let me have a few minutes to vent; the nurse is NOT wearing gloves when she is wiping the vein access catheter, from which there should be a continuous thin stream of blood since, yunno, it's a direct portal to A VEIN. And it wouldn't be done with a dry 2x2 but an alcohol prep to maintain sterility. And if she is changing IV bags, the second one should be ready, so the moment you remove the old tubing you immediately replace it with the new one. To minimize the blood trickling out of the arm (see point above). And there's only one IV bag, so who knows what she was doing. I'm going to be charitable and assume that what is used for a straw is part of the new IV solutions set she was installing, but how did he cut it free? Because even a vampire would have to chew that rubbery tube a bit to remove the rest of the set. If it even an iota of medical reality sneaked into this show, it would immediately turn around, slink back out and never return. [sigh]
Lady Admin is complaining about everything in front of Jae-wook again. Yeah, it's outrageous, really. Should have signed on for a different drama, lady, if you don't like it, sorry. I hate people who complain about the obvious all the time! She hates to hear the truth from Jae-wook and staggers out, to sit on a hospital bench, making big, horrified eyes. Somewhere near her, Uncle Rita collapses and .... dies?
You hate...what?
I guess you hate me for pointing out that the medical scenes in this show SUCK LIKE A HYPOVOLEMIC VAMPIRE.
Rita doesn't know that yet, but she looks like death herself already. Yup, the illness is strong in her, too. And whenever she is with Lady Admin, it worsens. They suck all the energy out of each other, you can almost see it. And then, the news ... Uncle Rita .......
We should have just captioned this episode. "Uncle Rita loves his new desk from Dynamic Executive Aerial Design".
Okay, that made me laugh.

The secret ward is unlocked and a chipper Scooby Gang sans Rita is going in. Awesome Friend brings the green anti-drug! Intern Girl is there ... and helps them inject it. The strong love for the Liver Girl has won over. Awwwww, sooooo cuuuuuuute. Death is better than what she just went through, says Liver Girl. But what is this? Pink Girl is already almost fully transformed! She attacks Ji-sang with long nails - and thinks that's pretty cool. Is the green drug not working? Damn, that's a twist we didn't see coming...
I refused to look. At what might be coming, twist-wise. I am viewing this thoughtlessly, so that my experience meshes with that of those responsible for creating it.
Lee Press-On Vampy Nails: For that Just-Undead look!
Alright, Uncle Rita isn't dead yet. Just very collapsed and now in the ICU. Yeah, tragic. Oups, and now Jae-wook is coughing too! Yeah, well, we already knew he's a pamp. Ji-sang quickly checks Uncle Rita's veins .... blue! Rita slaps Jae-wook. How dare he experiment on her uncle! Well, this isn't really Jae-wook's fault, is it. Should have slapped him when he deserved it. In fact, I'm really worried for Jae-wook. He can't stop coughing! Wow, even Lady Admin is worried. I knew she had a soft-spot for him! Yeah, it's those arms. They're real sex-magnets.
I think he coughs extra hard because he is very very vampire. He does have nice arms, and if I remember correctly from The Man Who Can't Marry, where he wore badly fitted (too tight, too short, too high-waisted) pants - his tush is delightful.
I've never seen Ji Jin-hee in anything else, unfortunately. And with this on his CV? Probably nothing else ever.
Time for a little chat in the leisure room between Rita and Ji-sang. What to do next? Ji-sang suggests the cinema, but she doesn't really feel like it. Maybe the ice rink? A theme park? They decide against going all altogether, seeing what's going on. It's good to see that Rita is back at her Uncle's bedside soon after. He wakes up! She immediately lays into him for not telling her about that dreadful disease. She had a right to know! True, true, but now it's too late.
Why even bother?
At least he has his humidifier.
Awesome Friend has analyzed some pamp blood and they find tons of unknown substances there ... mutations! Damn, that's a tough one (it's going to be the topic in Season 3: The Mutation Years). Rita forgives her uncle, it's the Christian thing to do. Awwww, she has such a big heart, Rita has.
Season 3: The Mutation Years will do some cross-appearances with Phone 3:  The Virus Carrier
Next movie: Snow White And the Seven Apps

Samsung laptop PPL again - Ji-sang is snooping around in Rita's laptop. He finds the list she made about him (do vampires poop? Do vampire have penises? that kinda thing) - and he answers all of her questions. Cheeky drama... we don't see the answers, so we'll forever wonder!! And then, the big surprise: Rita is packing - she is going to America, cause that's what you do in KDrama if things gets too difficult. She even considers using Pamp-drugs on herself to forget it all. Don't do it, Rita! Don't do it!
Phone thinks LapTop should back off if LapTop knows what's good for it. Also:  she's packing to go stay at the hospital by Uncle Rita until he kicks it.
Maybe LapTop wanted to be stroked with a lighter touch. And it would be best not to mention America in this drama if you want to live.
In a crazy twist I didn't see coming, Ji-sang has taken her passport away from her so that she needs to stay in Korea. She locks herself into her uncle's room to spend his final minutes with him. When he steps away, Ji-sang sees how Intern Girl runs out, dressed in black. The black seems strange and is a clear indication for her evilness, well spotted, Ji-sang. She goes to see Jae-wook at home, telling him she is totally over him and his cruel experiments. Jae-wook is in a good mood tonight, which is good for her, cause otherwise? Splatter.
You know, Ji Sang often wears black.
Intern Girl just figured out the whole Chessmaster scheme created by her hero. Will she turn wholly good?  The tension is just so exciting!!
Rita has decided to inject the pee-drink drug into her Uncle, out of curiosity. What does vampire drug, green anti-drug and pee-drink do to a person? We will see! Maybe a werewolf? They're already thinking about a spin-off. Rita likes that. A lot.
So the Elephant In The Room is actually red, white and blue?
Under the blooming cheery trees, Intern Girl and her brother, Boss of Pad Pamps are talking. She tells him she wants out, has always wanted out and he is very worried, because he knows where that usually leads to. He also knows WHO will have to kill her. Damn. That was a really cute scene, awwwww.
Ohhhh this is the scene where we find out that they're not happy with the way things are and we get his back story. I like this guy.  His sad eyes evoke sympathy in me.  I laugh though because it seems weird to hear her call him and the dead one Oppa.
Really the best scene in the episode, if not the entire drama.
When she gets back to the hospital, she finds Ji-sang reading in the Intern Room. Yup, he totally waited for her. Carefully, he starts to ask her questions about her past and about her tastes in food. Does she often crave bloody steaks, for example? She denies that and that makes him happy. There is still hope.
That's a totally shapeless coat he is wearing, and yet I strangely like it. Maybe it's the different color sleeves?

At home, Luvvy is being very funny and so is Awesome Friend. I like his face but his acting is just too damn OTT. He is running computer simulations again and it's clear he'll soon save us all. Intern Girl, in the meantime, flashbacks to all the beautiful moments she had in this hospital and sighs deeply. She totally lied to Ji-sang, by the way. She IS constantly craving raw steak.
Just wave it over a fire, let it walk itself to my table. I'm good. Maybe slap crushed pepper on it.
Mmm, and quivering just ever so slightly still. [drools]
At the uncle ward, Rita has fallen asleep, her head on the bed and Uncle strokes her head, sad, oh so sad. 
Twisted man.
I guess we are supposed to have sympathy for him, much like when we learned that VampDoc had good intentions, at least at the beginning. But right now, all I can wish for is that Uncle drops dead and leaves a gap that can filled with actual plot points.

At Jae-wook's Boss Vampire (he is the last of the minions) tells Jae-wook that he wants to go and live somewhere nice with Intern Girl. Beach, mountains ... he doesn't really care. 
Just as long as they have steak.
Phone says: And Phone.
I say it's time to prepare a bucket of Dipp for Phone.
Lady Admin, the most useless character in Blood, is talking to a guy with very interesting hair. This is about Uncle Rita's succession. His life is ending and everybody knows it. Rita is the next in line, but given she has the Crazy Hand Syndrome too, it's probably better to either make Lady Admin, Jae-wook or Ji-sang the successor. Lady Admin pleads with him to let it be her! Her! Her! No, Uncle Rita says: It can never be her. She is too weak. What a blow!
I wish their relationship had been a little better explained.  Why EXACTLY is she so devoted to him? He treats her like shit, and at one point tells her he ALWAYS despised her. Of course, he despised her because she knew how to get done a thing he wanted to get done, but that's awfully self-serving of him.
I could barely comprehend that they were related, much less how the two of them felt about each other. The only thing I am sure of, the three of them put the FUN in Dysfunctional.
Scooby Gang get-together (all four of them). They plan to go for some paintball once all of this is over, they think they really deserve a team getaway! They're still planning that stem cell transplant, but they're going to wait for one more episode, seeing that we're not quite at the end yet. When it gets very very thrilling, Ji-sang gets a phone-call on his Samsung PPL phone. It's important! Everybody acts happy to see the phone out in the open.
I'm not up on the science of it but I thought in real life people get stem cell injections. You can't just transplant an entire set, right? And don't you only have stem cells when you're a tiny baby, anyway?
Nope. You make stem cells your entire life in your bone marrow, but your umbilical blood stem cells are more versatile and more available than at any other time in your life. And I am on the donor list for bone marrow transplants, which means conceivably, I can be harvested, so my stem cells can help someone with leukemia. If they are used, their own stem cells are destroyed and their blood will henceforth be billions of little Shuk red blood cells.
It's Awesome Friend, who has decoded one of the unknown substances. The editors decide to do a few split-screen during this scene ... again. It's their new style element of choice. I completely miss what's happening because I'm so fascinated. Not Ji-sang, though: He falls asleep once more. Poor Friend. You really don't deserve this.
Oh, they got to that week in their directing class already?  Who do I contact with feedback?
What ever happened with Scruffs bite wound on his hand? Are they even monitoring it for blue veins?? Back to the story, though. The two identified substances given to Uncle: a slow-acting poison, and a paralytic to mask the symptoms until he's dead. His passport is stamped "America" in two days. Or two episodes, if you are counting down.
When he wakes up again, Ji-sang is a bit upset. Yeah, he had a bad dream. And who's that walking his favorite corridor?! His rival, Jae-wook! He tells him to get the fuck out of here and walk his own corridor! This is his! Jae-wook doesn't give a shit about Ji-sang's opinion. As always.
And yet he won't kill him.
Because, what now feels like 8,156 episodes ago, he said that Pampire was the only vamp of his kind in the world, and in VampDoc's twisted little ego-maniacal mind, still holds the hope for the perfect longevity vaccine.
Back in his office, he remembers some important information that he received from Awesome Friend, like that Uncle Rita is doomed (we knew that) but that she's likely doomed too because Jae-wook put something into the hospital water that will make her wrinkle and shrivel much faster than normal. Which means: she'll be old and ugly in a few months. Sawry. He promises to love her even then, but we all know that's just sweet talk. He advises her to at least take off her high-heels while at the hospital, because it will only make her age faster.
I'm going to live forever, then. I don't think I've worn heels in 20 years. I used to wear them all the time, though, so who knows.
I enjoy the occasional pair of heels, if I want to feel sexy.
Feeling murderous and angry, she unpacks the pee-drink and gets ready to go all-out: kill Jae-wook! Something in her demeanour has ticked Ji-sang off though ... and he goes to look for her! She is in the leisure room, where Jae-wook is quasi sex-chairing on a normal chair (which is a great accomplishment!).
Strong Kegels. Wait, I don't think men have them. So it's tantric, then.
sloooowly, slowly she takes out the motherload of pee-drug-syringe to stick it into the man (she practiced that face while watching Stephen King's Misery, right?). Yeah, not gonna happen, of course. Unfortunately, Ji-sang comes in and drags her away before Jae-wook can eat her. Her acting is .... just stop. At the Uncle Ward, uncle lifts a rosary.
The lighting is really cheap looking. (Probably running out of budget)
And those old-fashioned syringes are ridiculous. As it the "Keep Calm" pillow she stabs.
Ji-sang tells her to stop with the stupid stuff. How can she think she can sneak up on Jae-wook in those shoes? He told her to put flats on! A text message interrupts them. Sad face and then alarm ... it's from Uncle. He called her. Just because. He isn't dying (or is still dying), but he has some final words to tell her, about how he always wanted to best for her, but failed her. He asks for her forgiveness and we're all good. And he also has a secret key for her to open secret safes.
Oh we're getting to the really good, really stupid part.
Goodbye Uncle! [waves hanky]
And that she does. Once open, it reveals ... Lady Admin's blackmail tape! Duh, I was expecting something a bit more interesting. And this is what's on it: the story of how her parents died. They were driven over a cliff by pampires in rain coats. What a reveal. (?)
The reveal is that the tape records Uncle Rita asking Lady Admin to find people to kill Ri Ta's parents, and her agreeing to do it.  Yes.  Uncle Ri Ta killed his younger brother and his sister in law, and then raised their child as his own, and now that he's dying, he's destroying every good memory of the last twenty years by easing his own conscience and confessing.  Not that we didn't pretty much know that all along.
Yep, that's what it was. Did Cain ever get a do-over at the end?
Now that she knows, she goes to see uncle again, acting really, really heart broken. I'm sure JoAnne and/or Shuk will explain why. What does Uncle have to do with it? Is it all an evil plan to get her to become his quasi-daughter so that Ji-sang will follow and vampire battles will turn his hospital into a more interesting place? Or was he behind the bad CGI wolves?! It's too much for Rita too, she goes all cross-eyed. Whatever he did, he is really, really sorry.
This genuinely made me angry on Ri Ta's behalf.  What a complete asshole. Is it here or later that he explains why?  No matter.  He was supposed to inherit the hospital, and of the two brothers he was actually best suited - but then he was diagnosed with the disease, and his father disinherited him and treated him like crap for the rest of his life.  He killed the younger brother because he felt like the younger brother had stolen his life, and the irony of it all is that the disease was inherited from their father to begin with - double insult!
Selfish dying prick. Just smother him with a pillow. He wouldn't even answer when she asked if she would have been killed along with her parents if she had been there with them.
Ooookay, stop it with the cross-eyes! I can't stop giggling. It gets worse the wetter her eyes get, too! 
In this shot below it looks like her eyes are caving in toward the middle, like a sink hole. 
Her crying was bad. I mean really really bad.
Let's look at Ji-sang instead who looks particularly well the way he looks below:
He has a nice profile.
Jae-wook has come up with something new and interesting: he orders Intern Girl to kill Rita. Oh yes, please do. But please do it well this time. Kill her at home, slowly and brutally and bring her heart for proof. Damn, Intern Girl very clearly doesn't want to do it.
Interestingly, he specifically tells her to do it gently, out of consideration for Ri Ta's recent troubles. Like that makes a difference?
Maybe he is showing his protege than he can be compassionate and human just like Uncle.
Rita is devastated in Ji-sang's office, seeing how her eyes will NEVER go back to their normal position. And all that shit with her uncle is just TOO MUCH. Can't she catch a break? Go on a nice, long wellness holiday? With massages, aroma therapy, Kneipp bath, that kind of stuff? She wants to go and confront her uncle about everything again, but when they get there, he is dead. Suicide.
So long, Uncle Rita.
[reluctantly gets out hanky again] The man could barely move, how in the did he arrange that happy little noose?


I can't, I can't, I can't see her face anymore! I get angry, I really do.
She actually did a pretty good job with the anger and the sadness, and bewilderment, all mixed. She certainly didn't phone it in.
Phone: HEY.
[making a grab for Phone once and for all] You must die for our agony to die!!