Rants and Weekly Raves #34 (RAWR)

kakashi: There's so much stuff to watch, it's stressing me out!!! And I'm not even watching a tenth of what other people are watching.
JoAnne: I'm not even watching what I'm watching. My love for dramas remains undiminished, however.
What about Rain's marriage? How do you feel about that? Oh wait ... what? It's only a rumor? Damn.

Sensory Couple / Smelly Girl

I'm repeating myself, but I'm baffled by how much I truly like (ex) Pissy-Fishy Face. Is she a really good actress? I mean ... did she deliberately make me hate her with all my heart in When a Man Loves? I'm impressed. In this drama, I want to protect her and her silly-dorky-cute-vulnerable self.
I keep wanting to get back to this, but I know what you mean about Ex Pissy Fish Face - I fell for her hard in Blade Man, so this is just more of what I discovered then. She's freaking adorable and I want to squish her.
Everything about the OTP is great, but the murder-stuff ... that's definitely not my favorite part of the drama. Seems to be a "trademark" of this writer (well, I've only seen Rooftop Prince and there, it didn't work either: mixing the funny-cute with the somber-sad and the corporate powerplays). I hope for this drama that they get the balance right this time or else, it will become a big problem. I'm so not interested in Namgung Min and his constipated face. Also, if you do mystery and twists, you gotta do it right and not make everybody see them from miles away. 

Missing Noir M

Why is this drama called "Missing Noir M"? I have no clue.
Because someone's grasp of English was not as good as they thought it was, and someone else either didn't have the heart or the knowledge to tell them?
I'm still not feeling this. At all.


Probably not gonna.
I wanna, I wanna! I gonna, I gonna.

Angry Mom

The raving of people whose opinions mean something to me made me really curious. So I decided to watch just one episode (which happened to be episode 9). First of all, I adore Kim Hee-sun (and she was the best thing about Fate in my opinion), but how is anybody believing she is a High Schooler? Is there an explanation for it in the drama? Also: Slimey Prosecutor from Bad Guy is in this! And finally, that newcomer who is legal and everybody goes crazy about ... YES. I see why. And finally, finally: I've never liked Ji Hyun-Woo (sawry) and still don't. He doesn't age well. The drama however looks damn good. A shame I don't have to time to really watch it! (Maybe marathon once it's finished?)
This drama simultaneously makes me furious and happy. I can't believe there's situations like this in the world... but I figure there are definitely situations like this in the world. Thank goodness they sprinkle the bleakness with things like Gangster Gal and her tribe of men, and oy, that boy....

Falling for Innocence

There are no words. Paksa is Paksa, even in reverse. You are compelled to love him.
I must admit that I'm utterly engrossed after episode 4. And clearly, it's not the script, cause that is 'meh' at best. So it must be the acting. I don't fully trust this drama yet, though. It isn't clearly showing its colors: romcom? melomakjang? It could go both ways or all ways.
Another observation: Jung Kyoung-Ho is tiny. I mean ... his face is tiny, his nose is tiny and his mouth is tiny. 
He always looks like he's pursing his mouth - kind of like a fish, or a maybe a pissy old lady.  And yet my love for him never fades.

Other Stuff

The Vampire Diaries: I'm not even sure this is still on? Is it? On hiatus? I just know that Elena is leaving the show (I mean Nina Dobrev), which is as clear a sign as they come. It's over, this show is over! No more! I read somewhere that one of the main reasons is that she and Ian Somerhalder hate each others guts now (they used to be a couple). Yup, mixing work and personal life ... never a good idea.
Jane the Virgin: Really, Rafael, you're starting to piss me off. See? Told you I'm #TeamMichael. And that is why. Even though I totally get being overwhelmed by work and how that creates difficulties for the family. Jane also needs to acknowledge that having responsibilities like he does puts a specific kind of pressure on people and that saying "but you got to be here for me" is much easier said than done. A functioning relationship functions because both partners give and take to that regard.   

Outlander: I can't seem to get over my dislike for Claire. Well, the actress that plays Claire and the way she plays Claire. And episode 11 (witch trial) was a total dud. At least until Jamie turned up again (out of the blue and without any real explanation, but hey! I'm not complaining)
IZombie! So much fun! And she's getting a hot zombie boyfriend! With an accent! Although I really think the cute Indian ME is plenty snuggly, too.
Someone told me to check out The Hundred, so I guess I should do that, huh?
I watched 2 seasons of Orphan Black this weekend. This would explain why I wasn't around much.