Falling for Innocence - Episode 10 (This is Not a Recap)

Oh dear, this drama is so bad if it isn't about SoNotPaksa and his Innocence. I might stop watching for real and go with our story. It has worked before.
Because I know what we like.

This. This is what we like. More, please.

Episode 10

Min Ho is quite touched when Awesome gives him flowers for Boss's Day.
No one gives Gollum anything but dirty looks, so it doesn't help to see his arch enemy in such a good mood. Try not being an ass all the time, Gollum. Works wonders.
Later on, Min Ho and Awesome are going to play Hacky Sack. Min Ho tries out some basic moves - it's been a while!

Awesome is a man of many talents - here, he's showing Min Ho how to wrap gifts for the best presentation. Could Min Ho have something planned for Soon Jung?

Gollum hears Min Ho and Awesome laughing in Min Ho's office and is more determined than ever to crush them like bugs. How dare they have a good time? He's the best boss! They're all dummies!

Soon Jung, of course, is happy to see the two men sharing friendship and laughter. That's because she doesn't have a stone for a heart, Gollum.

Min Ho is very excited to give his gift to Soon Jung. Maybe a little too excited.

 Gollum wonders why no one acknowledged him on Boss's Day. He's a boss, right? Would it have been so difficult to bake him cookies? Evil doesn't live on spite alone!

Min Ho tries out a new look. Soon Jung figures if she ignores it, it will go away.

'Dude, you look like one of those fancy top knot chickens. Big mistake. I, on the other hand, am looking sharp as hell right now.' Min Ho is forced to agree that his hair is a fashion don't.

Back to smooth again, but Min Ho's having a hard time getting excess hair gel off his fingers.  
Ahhh, the trials of beauty!
In response to Min Ho's newly smooth-again hair, Gollum tries a bit of sideswept bang. The two men stare each other down in an early morning fringe-off.

Later on, Min Ho is still feeling the rush of adrenaline as he boasts of beating 'that bastard' 

Flush with success, he dares to correct a rare bit of misplaced hair on the usually impeccably coiffed Soon Jung. His technique is roughly that of a 9-year-old boy; let's hope that's not true in everything.

'Well,' says Soon Jung. 'It's a valid concern.'
Min Ho shows her she has nothing to worry about.