Falling for Innocence - Episode 11 (This is Not a Recap)

Alright, this is sooooooo sweeeeeeeet when it's sweet. But when it's not, it's so not. Just go away, stupid corporate stupidity.

50 Shades of Grey has hit Korea, apparently

Episode 11

Min Ho is not a fan of bean sprouts.  He, too, is skinny and pale with a round head. 
 Guess what they called him in grade school?

'My head isn't any more round than yours! or yours!' he argues with his seat mates.

Gollum couldn't be less interested.  He's lost in a daydream where he and Soon Jung practice lip blotting techniques.

He spends so long at this, in fact, that his lips end up chapped red and too sore to close.  Min Ho mimics Joon Hee's expression, laughing inside.  

Secrets revealed!  One of the methods Min Ho is using to improve his appearance is 'hair training', where he repeatedly presses his hair into a particular position to encourage it to grow that way.

He tried something similar to give himself high cheekbones, but it was less than successful.

Gollum isn't training his hair, exactly...he's practicing his casual 'bang flip'

Truthfully, Min Ho does feel at a disadvantage in the hair department.  He tries to rise above, but... 

'A mullet! I should bring back the mullet!' Awesome is blown away by Min Ho's brave thinking.
'I've got chills!' Awesome cries.  'Right?  It's a bold move, one Soon Jung would admire, right?' Min Ho is pretty pleased with himself.

Min Ho's hairdresser has a strong opinion about the mullet, too. We'll take that as a no, right?

For sleek, shiny, healthy hair (despite the growing darkness inside) one must consume daily supplements - lots and lots of them.  Gollum takes this to heart. Or would, if he had one. 

Soon Jung demonstrates her superior hair modeling skills for an adoring Min Ho

It's a beautiful day in a beautiful place, they're young and falling in love - it's just natural they'd spend their time getting closer, right?  More comfortable with each other physically?  If only there were SOME WAY to do that without bruising and pain...it's really a shame.

Later that night, another way does occur to Min Ho. Joon Hee is skulking around, of course, and witnesses that revelatory moment.  Uh-oh.