Falling for Innocence - Episode 12 (This is Not a Recap)

CutieSoo is EEEEEEEVIL. Over and out (=shortest summary of any drama episode ever)
He really is. It's very sad, in a way, for those of us who love CutieSoo. We even found a way to have sympathy for Aoki, remember? I guess it's good for him to get to play a different kind of character... sigh...

Does Yoon Hyun Min rue the day he accepted a role that would test our love for him?

Episode 12

Joon Hee is staggered when he adds up the bills for his bang transplant

Things are much more cheerful for our hero, Kang Min Ho!
There is nothing that starts the day off better than a rousing duet while cruising down the highway.

...Min Ho does sometimes spend the rest of the day singing the chorus

Singing is thirsty work!

One emotional night, Min Ho confesses the painful scars left when he was rejected from a boy band as a teen - they said I had two left feet! And that I had no V-line! No S-line! No line at all!  Just | !

With Soon Jung there to comfort him, Min Ho was finally able to cry out his frustration

Meanwhile, Gollum drinks. Why not? He's lonely, balding, broke, and EVIL. Might as well.

The next day, Min Ho feels lighter, more free. And let's face it, if he was in a boy band...

...not only could he NOT do this, but if he did, it would probably have to be with a guy.

From the looks of it, JYP had it right. Min Ho can not dance. At all.

But he does love to dance, and at home he will choreograph his own modern dances.

Soon Jung is a terrific girlfriend, really - she sits through all of Min Ho's private recitals. This one was called 'Stifled by Mainstream Entertainment Expectations'

"You know, I think they just weren't ready for me. Maybe I should put on my own show."  
Soon Jung isn't quite sure what to say to that.

Min Ho ropes that brown-noser director into part and they practice enthusiastically.

The day of the show, Soon Jung makes a special effort to be pretty. 
 Meanwhile, Min Ho is having pre-show jitters.

In his heart, he knows he should be dancing with Joon Hee.