Falling for Innocence - Episode 13 (This is Not a Recap)

Why is it so shocking that the guy you're falling for has your ex-fiance's heart???! I don't get that. Fuck this "oh, but I can't sure whether I truly love YOU" shit! Who cares?! This whole plot is so AAARRLJLGH constipated/contrived. And SORRY, there is no investment company in the world who would go to those length to bankrupt a company. WHY WOULD THEY?! Bottom line: this drama went from very bad to EXTREMELY BAD. Over and out. (Okay, the Kang Min-ho coupons were very cute)
Yes, they were adorable. He is adorable. Every week, he's more adorable. His adorableness is in direct opposition to the horribleness of Gollum and this very unrealistic plot. Yes, I choose to argue that the business machinations are unrealistic, and I let slide the heart that somehow adds character traits and mannerisms to another human. Whatever!

Look at me. There's me and coupons. It's not all bad.

Episode 13

Joon Hee knew, he just KNEW, that this day would come. And he is READY.

Min Ho is going crazy with doubt. Can he trust Joon Hee? What will Soon Jung say?

Min Ho takes a moment, and some sugar, to gather his courage

Just as he thought, Soon Jung is not at all comfortable with Min Ho's new dance partner.

The brown-nose director, though, is very excited and even shows his favorite part of the routine

Despite the growing excitement among his friends and co-workers, Min Ho worries that Soon Jung is right, and bringing in Joon Hee as a dance partner will be big mistake

He tries hard to think of just the right words to soothe Soon Jung's worry and doubt.
Clearly, he gets it very wrong. As a true KDrama Heroine, she promptly falls ill from her emotions.

Joon Hee is bitterly disappointed to hear that the recital must be cancelled, but Awesome Secretary has a hard time hiding how little he cares about that.

Min Ho spends his recital night giving Soon Jung sponge baths. Not the good kind, either.

In her feverish daze, she has a vision of Joon Hee vowing revenge.

'He's going to do what?' Sure, Joon Hee is a deeply twisted man... but this was just a little home recital for friends! Surely he wouldn't vow revenge for something so small?

'I'm certain everything will be fine, Soon Jung. I promise!'

Awesome's not so sure.

Sure enough.... Min Ho notices his lollipops leave a strange aftertaste. What's that about?

Along with the aftertaste comes a really foul smell, apparently. Soon Jung can't hide her reaction.

Min Ho puts two and two together and it adds up to Joon Hee being a bastard.

'Yes, I dipped your lollipops in powdered rotten egg mixed with essence of dog farts. What of it?'  
Joon Hee isn't even sorry about his prank, the jerk.

Rather than dwell on other people's negative energy, Min Ho rushes to Soon Jung. 
 'Look! Minted breath strips!'

Will this put things back on track for our young lovers? Tune in next week to find out!