Falling for Innocence - Episode 14 (This is Not a Recap)

Yeah, yeah, it's cute. I won't say anything else anymore.
Yep, no point in getting yourself all worked up.  Just look at our beloved boy right there.

As if he weren't sunshine enough on his own...

Episode 14

Modern dance is so yesterday...Min Ho is taking MAGIC lessons now!
Levatio Moojung Doshi!

It's such a pain when the quarters get stuck.

Min Ho waves and people smile like idiots, sure, but...

...it's a bit intimidating to discover that Joon Hee can cause death
and destruction with a mere wave of his hand

Soon Jung has the magic bug now too - she's practicing making flowers disappear.
Wait 'til Min Ho figures out those are the flowers HE gave her.

Looks like he figured it out...

...that they were from him, anyway.  He can't quite work out the hand movements for the trick.

Meanwhile, Gollum practices plunging the world into darkness with his evil.

Poor Min Ho keeps thinking it's night time and falling asleep. 
There's no way he could live in a world where Gollum's magic reigns free.

'Yes, I know last week I wanted him to dance with me!  
But now that I know he's an evil magician, everything has changed!'

Oh nothing.  Just looking for another heart to steal.

'This is a very complicated trick. Not everyone can do it.'

'All I'm going to do is be cute, and you'll think it's enough. You'll fall for me.'