Falling for Innocence - Episode 8 (This is Not a Recap)

In the wonderful world of Soon-Jung, you hire thugs to beat up protestors and you propose to a girl you have fancied forever even though she has told you very clearly she just wants to be friends. And there is much more WTF. Sigh. Still. We watch. And we feel for Min-ho. Even when he dry-humps a pillow.
I am laughing so hard right now because while I thought he looked funny, that is not what came to mind at that moment - but now I cannot un-see it that way.

I look 12, suck lollipops, and dry-hump pillows. Wanna date me?

Episode 8

Soon Jung and Min Ho pretend desperately that everything is completely normal and no one is having an embarrassing emergency.
Poor woman has never been more glad to exit a car;
even in the taxi, she can't get enough fresh air
Min Ho sighs deeply as he gazes into the mirror - are things ruined forever?
Soon Jung has had time to think, and she mostly just feels horrified for Min Ho.

After hours of thought, Min Ho comes to a resolution.

It's not a normal blue suit kind of resolution, either.
Oh, no, it is the swaggiest of swaggy white suits kind of a resolution!

Meanwhile, Gollum finagles lunch with Soon Jung, who is politely aghast that he would laugh at someone's embarrassing misfortune - not to mention chew with his mouth open!

Min Ho is a practical sort - at the last minute he decided to wear the blue suit 'just in case' and then switch into the white suit later, when he really needs the swag boost. He could probably use it now, though, poor guy. It can't be easy to have Joon Hee making fun.

Joon Hee makes a few awkward dance moves in another ill-conceived attempt to woo Soon Jung.  She's so sick of his bad behavior that she refuses to play along, and he tries to play it off as 'just listening to music on my hand-eu-pon'. We all see you, Gollum.

He really does NOT get it, does he?  Crying and begging will turn a woman off fast, Joon Hee.  
Give it up!

This look does not bode well for someone. Let's hope it backfires!

Swag Mode: Activate!

'You have ZERO chance to win the girl, Joon Hee. Zero! This suit is fool proof!'

Walking into the board meeting, Min Ho subtly makes fun of Joon Hee's failed musical interlude with Soon Jung, and then warns him that ALL of his plans are doomed to crash.
It does look like the magic of a white suit is helping our hero, doesn't it?

Even Min Ho is a bit suprised that regaining his confidence was all it took to get closer to Soon Jung

Awesome Assistant is thoroughly impressed when Min Ho tears up his prescription for antidiarrheal medication - Min Ho has his mojo back!

Min Ho is so excited, he can hardly sleep. 'Really!' he says. 'I'm the best!' 

He spends the rest of the evening imagining his future with Soon Jung.

Meanwhile, Gollum gets even more creepy.

The next day it's clear he's been crying all night, and when he tries to re-enact that touching moment from ET, Soon Jung is just completely grossed out.

This is a lot more like what she's got in mind. And who could blame her?