Falling for Innocence - Episode 9 (This is Not a Recap)

All that licking of things ... I mean lollipops. It makes me wonder whether Min-ho brushes his teeth often enough. He'll get cavities! Lollies are the worst.
I thought gum was the worst.

Behind the scenes, though, Jung Kyung Ho IS concerned about his dental health

Episode 9

Min Ho knows his hair is never going to be as good as Soon Jungs.
He needs a new reason to keep her close!
Look at her though! She's just radiantly beautiful, her skin absolutely glows!

Awesome Assistant says NOW Min Ho is thinking! Skin care! Yes!

Min Ho's dream of dancing in the yard under the yellow street light is far more romantic in his head than in reality, but he's determined to make his dreams come true.

'Gurrrrl, how DO you keep your skin so smooth and dewy?'  

Soon Jung invites Min Ho over for a demonstration of her skin care routine, and Min Ho thinks he might just die and go to heaven. He doesn't realize that it's a sales ploy.
'I am going to watch every move you make!' he promises. I will be smooth and rosy like a baby butt! Just like you!' Awesome Assistant thinks he could have made a better comparison.

Gollum is beside himself with jealousy when Min Ho insists on keeping beauty secrets secret.

He tries to play it off... but Min Ho can tell. Joon Hee is a wreck inside.

Min Ho just ruuuuuuuubs it in, too. 'She's gonna be blotting her lipstick like this, and I'm going to get to watch... maybe I'll even blot my lips on the same tissue, dude! How'd you like THAT?'

Awesome Assistant is maybe a bit inappropriately excited about the thought of shared lip blotting.
Then again, Min Ho is the one insisting on high fives all the way down the hall

When his thoughts turn to blotting her lips FOR her...well...he just can't hide his anticipation.

Meanwhile Gollum is literally boiling with rage. Eww. Sweaty guys dripping on you. No.

He dries off, but Soon Jung can still smell the stink of petty jealousy on Joon Hee.

She soon forgets Gollum when she meets up with Min Ho and Awesome, who has no idea he's not welcome for Make Up Night. Or Make Out Night, as Min Ho secretly calls it.