Rants and Weekly Raves #36 (RAWR)


kakashi: My lovelies, I have not much to say. Maybe somebody else has watched something? I mean something more Korean? All my stuff is way down below in the "Other Stuff" section:)
JoAnne: I'm watching some stuff. I'm feeling very reclusive lately, though.
Hey, reclusive is good.
S@ki6: Hey Everyone! I've slowed down with the dramas. I think other than Hwajung and Sensory Couple, I'm not remembering the rest. :-P And my policy with TV is, if I forget about it, I don't watch it. 
PS: Since Falling for Innocence is the only drama I'm currently watching, I'll only put in Min-ho pictures. Sorry not sorry 

Angry Mom

So glad Sang Tae finally made his move. I would have welcomed it sooner, personally, but I think for the story line this is what worked... and it gave us plenty of uninterrupted time to worship our sweet Bok Dong. Episode 14 this week was rough, rough, rough watching. I wondered if maybe it was a little too soon for S. Korea, but maybe not.

Let's Eat 2

I like it but it's nothing to write home about... Doo Joon is starting to feel pangs of jealousy and not understand what they are, though, so I might be more invested once he realizes he loves Writer Baek.

Falling for Innocence

I think I love our made up story as much as I love what's happening for real in the story. NotPaksa is completely, 100%, absolutely undeniably compelling. Soon Jung is just this incredibly good-hearted, stunningly lovely woman you just want to stare at forever, and NotSoCutie...  well... his downward spiral into evil evility is heartbreaking because he's CutieSoo, dammit. But in every other way, I really like the character as it's played and am happy to see him do it.
The story is stupid. The actors are great. That's it.

Super Daddy Yeol

Catching up this weekend...ok not actually caught up but I can only watch in little bursts, I cry too hard.

I Heard It Through the Grapevine

Dad is a completely insufferable ass and In Sang is growing a pair, which is wonderful. Seo Bom is refining her techniques... she will be a formidable woman.

Who Are You - School 2015

Kim So Hyun is fabulous like she's always fabulous, Nam Joo Hyuk (Big! It's Big!) is the perfect enormous puppy who grew a set of ABS somewhere along the way, yes indeed... and Yook SungJae as the troubled boy with the playful facade is completely interesting to me. That bitch girl and her bitch cohorts who torment Eun Bi/Eun Byul... wow, she inspires hatred. Her face looks like she just naturally smells only bad things. I want to punch her. Just thinking about her makes me want to throw kittens across the room. Lee Pil Mo is playing grumpy with a softer edge than normal (slightly) and it works. Give it a shot, unless you're too tired of school yard bullies.

Other Stuff 

kakashi: I plan to start watching Justified soon, it popped up in a discussion on my twitter feed today and it got me interested. I have this love-hate relationship with Timothy Olyphant. Which basically means I love-hate him in everything I see him with, including Deadwood, where I love-hated him. I was pretty much into that show before it got cancelled so suddenly! Anyway, Justified.
Then, True Detectives! Especially after having those guests from Louisiana over.
I also still want to watch Vikings, but haven't started.
And I might rewatch parts of Firefly, too. Hmmmm, I liked it a lot!! Especially Mal, the hot captain. I also watchted the movie Serenity, which was surprisingly good for a movie after a series - probably easily explained by the fact that it was the exact same cast and the exact same writers. They kept true till then end, by which I mainly mean: they didn't allow a true loveline between Mal and Inara. The best television is still television in which two characters have incredibly chemistry but can't be together/won't be together. It's the Scully and Mulder phenomena. DAMN that makes me want to rewatch X-Files! I should maybe take off a few months from work? Maybe a year? I actually think I never watched the last two seasons (which is probably a good thing).
Firefly also got me thinking about Battlestar Galactica, an old favorite of mine, which could really use an extended rewatch.
2 hours later and I have started watching Justified. Huh. I'd call it a bit weird at this moment. But great characters.

Okay, it's now the next day and I'm now on episode 7 of Season 1 of Justified. I'm in love with Timothy Olyphant at the moment. Which is good.

I LOOOOOOOOOOOVED Justified - schedule wise, I lost track of it around Season 3. If you're watching I'm going to pick it back up again! Have you met Boyd yet? And True Detectives is one of the things I'm supposed to be checking out!
oookay, that's not Min-ho
Oh yes, I've met Boyd :) I'll let you know when I'm done with Season 1 (which will be soon!). It ended about two weeks ago with Season 6. (okay, I'm done with Season 1 as of Sunday, 3 May)
I have some other stuff too! I've been watching Wolf Hall. Beautifully shot, beautifully written, and beautifully acted. The British never get tired of Henry VIII and his court, and productions like Wolf Hall prove the point. Everything's elegantly Renaissance with this undercurrent of doom. Also, I never expected to like Claire Foy as Anne Boleyn, but she brings the English Jang Hee Bin to life in a new, fresh way. It's hard to live up to Genevieve Bujold's Anne of a Thousand Days, but Foy owns the role.  
For me it's still The Following (Bye Joe), Blacklist, Orphan Black, Jane the Virgin (yes, I'm watching that too. It's still good, but I'm not as enthused about it anymore), iZombie - all chugging along happily in my heart. I did promise a co-worker that I'd catch up on Sons of Anarchy so we can discuss her feelings about the series ending - I have 3 seasons to watch of that, too. I have a BUNCH of movies I want to see, too, and someone mentioned The 100. Two people did, in fact.
Oh, and Outlander! I'm watching, but I'm not loving it that much (anymore, I guess).

Looking Forward to...

Orange Marmalade! Yeo Jin Goo, noona is ready for you. No, I'm not. No noona can ever be ready for The Goo. Also Warm & Cozy - although I'm not as excited for that as I am for OM. And Producers, yes. And Scholar, although now I realize that's a ways off. Also - would be happy if Yoo Ah In said yes to Six Dragons.
Nothing. I'm not excited about anything coming up, but I don't mind. I'll watch Masked Prosecutor though, for my Wookie and the goddess Kim Sun-ah.