Unkind Women - Episode 19 & 20 (The SJR only version)

Oh great, it's that time of the month. I mean year. Elections. Also, there's close to no Rim in 20 and that's why we're combining the two episodes.
Do they have elections every year? How do they get anything done?
Next season, on The Bachelor...

Episode 19

Mari doesn't hold her alcohol very well, but Rim thinks it's cute

He thinks it's adorable when she misses her mouth and gets whipped cream on her face

Not so much when she wakes him up in the middle of the night with mashed potatoes...

He tries to think of a good reason to stop her, but he's not that quick when he's been sleeping

And Mari's committed to it now, so mashed potatoes in the face it is

Mari's mother offers him a towel and says that he should keep it handy...
Once Mari starts, she can't stop. It's an actual compulsion.

"We've all been through it," says Mari's mother. "Once she's in Potato Mode..."
Rim is grateful for the guidance and promises to help Mari through this troubled time.

But his own mother is furious. "You stink of potatoes!
Why must you saddle yourself with this crazy woman?"

Rim showers carefully but he can still smell the potatoes, a little bit

He thinks carefully; where should he turn for help with this problem?

Uncle isn't much help - he just keeps saying that vodka comes from potatoes and to give Mari vodka

His friend is adamant that keeping Mari drunk would just make it worse, but Rim is desperate. 
"I can't smell like a potato! Would you even be my friend if I did?'

Sadly, the answer is no. He would not be Rim's friend.

Rim is sad, but he loves Mari, potatoes and all.