Unkind Women - Episode 21 (The SJR only version)

I think it's about time to ask: what wrong with that teacher-woman who also happens to be Rim's mother? She's acting completely insane. I am pretty sure I would hate this drama if I watched it.
I haven't watched this in weeks - it was interfering with my ability to believe in the story WE are creating, which is much, much better.  I do keep forgetting there are other people in this drama, though.

Does she look more pale than normal?  Is she going to die in the drama?

Episode 21

Rim is unafraid to celebrate his feminine side.  He knows the pale yellow reflects well against his dark hair, and he believes in accessorizing himself in flattering ways

He knows that the bouquet's strong shape subtly draws passers-by to admire his broad shoulders, too

Since they spent the whole day outside walking in order to get the maximum amount of appreciation for Rim's manly yet sensitive display, Mari and Rim decide to cook a meal together.  Mari's mother helps a bit, now that Rim has won her over with his charms.

Rim's mother shows up, outraged that Rim borrowed her special pink gloves.  
He knows she always wears them with her sparkly butterfly jacket!  How dare he?

 Rim tells his mother that all his life he's felt like he should be wearing pink gloves. She's enraged.

'Pink gloves are MY look, you sissy bastard!  I never should have taken you in off the street!' 
Rim's mother slaps him so hard some of the white flies off his jacket and hits Mari and her Mom.

Rim always suspected he wasn't really her son so he's not that shook up,  but the news that he's a foundling appears to have hit Mari's mom pretty hard - I wonder why.

Rim wonders, too.  

He tries to talk about it, and receives the shocking news that Friend already knew.
But why does Friend look so sad and regretful? Stay tuned...