Rants and Weekly Raves #40 (RAWR)

My Kdrama slump continues. I'm starting to worry. It's seriously unhealthy not to watch any. You too?! I'm slumping hard. :(
It's too bad you don't like the HS ones, because we've got some real contenders with School 2015 and Orange Marmalade.
"WTF did I sign up for?! And where is my GUYLINER?! I'm nothing without my guyliner! I wanna go hoooooooooome!"


This is my new KDrama drug! Not. Haha, damn, I was hoping for it to be good (I want to watch KDRAMA!!!!), but good really does not apply to this. In fact, the longer I watched, the more WTF it got. Well, it's only been 2 episodes but ..... I don't even know what to say. Nothing can be that bad, can it? Am I fundamentally not getting something? For example ... why is everybody constantly drowning (in the weirdest ways, with their faces out of the water, floating unnaturally in a pool or pond)? Why do people have to come up with the most complicated plans to get the power over a company? So they're drugging this OCT-maniac of a chaebol heir PLUS want to marry him off to his brother-in-law's mistress because ... that's what will get them into the CEO seat?! Why did Ju Ji-hoon take his shirt off twice in episode 1 and zero times in episode 2? Why was episode 1 (trying to be) funny whereas episode 2 was dead serious and incredibly boring especially when it's about those stupid loan sharks, seriously, who cares about that shit?
Still, it's good to see Scale back in really cheesy gangster clothing. And you know that I thoroughly enjoyed Episode 1, but there's an argument to be made that my enjoyment was not exactly the enjoyment they sought. Episode 2 tonight!  
Update: I didn't laugh as much, but that's okay. It's still a batshit crazy Ad-Lib fill in the trope kind of story, and if it has the balls to keep being that, I might like it just for the ridiculousness.

Falling for Innocence

I'm not missing this at all.
Not even NotPaksa?
Not really. I appreciate everybody's efforts but the drama really was just fluff blown up to fill 16 episodes. Sure, the OTP was cute. But that just doesn't satisfy me. I need good stories. At least we got to see good acting.

I Heard It Through The Grapevine

One week to go. Hasn't disappointed once. All the awards this week were well deserved. I knew In Sang would work it through and come out the right side! I knew it! And I refuse, Show, to have sympathy for those idiot parents. Mama Han has no business, NO BUSINESS, crying that Seo Bom hasn't even called once. Why should she call? And ohhh, how I hope Papa Han gets some jail time, somehow.. Fingers, toes, eyes - all crossed for that!

School 2015 - Who Are You?

Eun Byul returns soon. Suddenly aware that this doesn't actually solve all the problems because Eun Bi likes Han Yi An, too. Can't there be someone for sweet, sweet Blondie?

Orange Marmalade

Once a week is not enough. NOT ENOUGH. Tomorrow can't get here too quickly. Update: Tomorrow came, and took me someplace I REALLY wasn't expecting. We'll see how this goes.

Let's Eat 2

Sang Woo. Saaaaaaaang Woo. No, dude.

Warm and Cozy

Geon Woo. Geoooooon Woo. No, dude. 
Hyung, you delightful black pearl, you. I love you. Also, Mayor Undies, I love you. Poong San, you too. No love for Geon Woo this time around, though.


I enjoy this. It's obvious to me what the pairings will be but it's fine watching the misdirect, too. I get enormous enjoyment out of Seung Chan's petty behavior and all the real-life jokes they mix in.

Ex-Girlfriend Club

Now that the screechy fighting has been over for a while, this has settled into mildly-zany fun with a touch of falling in love fear. I'm good with it. And I ADORE the assy director and want to see him in every scene with his knowing smirk and barely hidden tender heart.

My Love Eun Dong

I am very afraid that the body of the series will not be able to maintain the absolute loveliness of the first two episodes. In particular, of the first episode. The squee, the heart clenching sweetness, it was there from about minute 7 and lasted for every minute either of the two youngest leads were on screen, which was most of them.  It continued, although maybe SLIGHTLY lessened, for the young adult actors - both of whom I enjoy greatly when ever I see them...but they just couldn't match the aura of the two younger 100%. I like Joo Jin Mo and his sad eyes, but I don't actually know Kim Sa Rang although I've heard her name and maybe saw her in something years ago. I like the way he's recounting their history and I love the conceit of the story itself - I'm just not so excited to learn that there's going to be an interfering 2d lead female, and probably some amnesia. But we'll see. As it is, for the nostalgic style and pure joy of the first couple, it will at least stand as one of my favorite first episodes ever.
Yay, amnesia! Is there fauxcest? Birth secrets? Evil MILs? Sounds like my kinda show. NOT.

Other Thingsies

I watched Wayward Pines with husband, two episodes. I was so incredibly bored. And I hate Matt Dillon. His face, his voice, EVERYTHING. Hate. Hate. Hate. Unfortunately, husband "kinda" liked it, especially when it finally got less snoozeworthy at the end of 2. I say unfortunately, because I'd actually like to watch something with him. Do I continue watching for the sake of it? What a dilemma!
I fell asleep so I missed the interesting bit of Episode 2, I'm guessing. I'll try to find it. Is it a problem if I blink?
We watched episode 3, and that made HIM fall asleep. Maybe that's it, what do you say?
Instead, I started (and am now done with, damn, what a junkie I am) Daredevil. Wow. This is one dark, brutal show... He never was my favorite Marvel Superhero (and Ben Affleck runied him further), but this adaptation managed to make me care for him. Care as in me constantly screaming: Don't go there, idiot! Woah, careful blind dude, he has a knife! Several knives! Fuck, don't die! Awwww, don't end up bloody and alone! (you'll understand that line if you've seen it). Wow, he really gets beat up a lot.
Almost every character is good (I have issues with the Gallery Woman and the Japanese Ninja, the first because she got terrible lines and the second because he really cannot act). When I wrote the show is dark, I also meant it literally: lots of it plays at night, in barely lit surroundings. The stuns and fight scenes are amazing - There's this one fight scene in episode 2, where he frees a little boy from a band of Russians - he is badly wounded already and at the end, he can barely stand. I actually closed my eyes cause I didn't want to see him getting a beating. That scene, by the way, is shot in one single shot. Quite amazing. Honestly, it is a bit too graphic for me in parts, but it is very well written, acted, and directed. It helps that our Kingpin is a complex character with a vision - one of those that believe that this vision justifies everything. Including decapitating people with the help of a car door.
It's the usual:  iZombie... oh wow, everything else is done!  Blacklist is on hiatus, The Following is over, Walking Dead is on hiatus, Jane the Virgin is on hiatus...
but I am committed to watch Daredevil based on Kakashi and another's recommendations.
I caught up on NCIS 2 weeks ago. Gibbs has a new super villain after him and it's all linked to Ari! Bishop is ok but I really want Ziva back.
Yes, hello. Welcome to Mama's world.

I did watch a very nice Chinese movie this weekend, A Beautiful Life. I liked the story and the set designs both. She's a drunk mistress, he's a quiet cop taking care of his disabled brother. The female lead (Shu Qi) turned out to be a likeable person but was very difficult to like initially, plus her MOUTH is incredibly distracting.  t looked scarred, like she had Botox gone wrong. The male lead, though (Liu Ye)... from my first glance his eyes were captivating. Kind and sad. As the movie went on he became more and more handsome to me, just because of those eyes and his decency. I am left wanting to rewatch the movie just for his expressions, and to find others he's been in.  

Looking Forward to...

The Scholar Who Walks At Night; High Society; I Remember You; 7000 Days of Love or whatever it is called now, now that they brought back the PD and fired the writer (hee hee, that was fun to watch)
You forgot the Ghostess.
Right! That's the most-anticipated one, too!
Well, I'm still not anticipating anything. What a sad life I lead.
I was watching Speaker's Corner on the You Are Here Café youtube channel and found out Jung Joon Young (goofy rocker of we got married fame) is in a drama called the Lover...all of a sudden I wanna watch/am intrigued.