Rants and Weekly Raves #41 (RAWR)

What gives, ladies? Is it hot where you are too? If I were ice cream, I'd have melted days ago. Can't say my Kdrama slump is over ... quite the opposite, I'm down to zero (Korean) shows now. Which makes rawring a bit... well, difficult. The floor is yours, JoAnne. I hope you find someone to join you. Those soliloquies are a bit sad :)
They are. It's too bad, because I'm having a lot of fun lately and it would nice if some of you were too!
becca: It's the weekend!!! Which means I have time to do some marathoning and talk dramas. Aw, I've missed RAWRing with you ladies.
Nabi: The universe works in mysterious ways, ne? For some reason I started watching KDramas live again a few months ago, after at least a couple years of only ever starting shows that had already completed their runs. And suddenly, now Sensei is off the wagon entirely? I know I've never RAWRed before, and I'm still not actually watching most of the dramas in this list. But would it be okay if I jump in on the ones I am watching?
WELCOME! Anyone with a login to this blog is welcome on here, of course :)
Plus, you can add the dramas you ARE watching.
Hello, Nabi! Nice to meet you! *waves* 
Shuk: And I'm just hit-and-running! But welcome, Nabi!

School 2015 - Who Are You

Eun Byul is home... THIS should be interesting. I wonder what it would feel like to come home after months away and find your look-alike sister occupying your spot?
I'm guessing: we'll never know.

Orange Marmalade

Anybody who has been paying even the slightest attention to this drama probably knows that it executed a serious U-Turn at the end of Episode 4. The biggest change was that, suddenly, the entire story is in the Joseon era. All the same characters are there, with the same names, even, but as of the end of Episode 5 it is not at all clear if they are actually the same people, or pre-incarcations of the same people, or what. It only airs once per week, so we're stuck waiting at least one more week before we know if they are going to connect the past storyline with the present storyline in any meaningful way, but for some reason I'm willing to give them at least one more chance. We'll see how I feel next week...
I was FAR less interested in this week, but that may just have been my mood.  It was kind of fun to see the various characters popping up in different ways, I will admit that.  I did miss the baby vampire though.

Before you picture your own lips next to that delectable throat, remember that Yeo Jin-Goo is seventeen.
Too late!

I Heard It Through the Grapevine (Finale)

Perfect ending. The Ass is alone, his wife is off somewhere being miserable out of my sight, and EVERYONE ELSE is happy. I loved it. What a great show, from start to finish. This might be the first K-Drama I've ever seen where I thought everything worked, all the way through.
I'm sorry I missed it. Well, not sorry enough to watch it. But I think I could have like it. If I had been interested.
Oh, this is an excellent show - I can't say a single bad word against it. Against some of the characters maybe, but the writing, production, acting - everything is exceptionally well done. I marathon-ed the first half awhile back, and now I'm speeding through the rest. Only 8 more episodes! [UPDATE] Finished! And perfectly satisfied.

Let's Eat 2 (Finale)

Just a little snippet of a show, really, but I liked the OTP and (together and apart) and I loved the way in which they get together in the end. I thought the handling of RoofTop Guy went okay. The only thing that ever felt sour to me was Dae Young's ex-detective friend and the way he was so troublingly DRUNK and sleeping in hallways, pissing on himself all the time. It's not really funny to me. But whatever, the last 3-4 minutes put a huge smile on my face. Season 3 should be Dae Young and Soo Ji exposing their children to various foods, complete with conflicting ideas about how to eat them.
I get hungry whenever I read "let's eat". Definitely not a show for me.


Four episodes in and I'm still giggling more often than not. It's like they made a list of K-Drama conventions and they're working through it, item by item. Seriously, the tropes come at you so fast you sort of feel like you're dodging meteors. And then, as if that's not enough, I'm pretty sure they told everyone to just really GO for it. There's not one expectant reaction shot, there's one from every character in the room. Min Woo can't just be concerned, he has to be concerned while propping himself up against a wall, head down in agonized self-doubt. EBIL goes from shooting fire out of his eyes to the biggest cheesy grin in about 2.5 seconds, depending on who else is in the room. His wife almost literally gets out of bed in the morning with a drink in her hand. I don't even dislike Soo Ae, and I ALWAYS dislike Soo Ae. We go from a reception for the mayor to an all-out car chase to wandering the narrow alleys of the old part of town to hiking in the woods looking for a lost mother (with every policeman in town, just because we asked) in about 7 minutes in episode 4. People regularly experience near-death accidents but then just get up and walk away. I love this. Give it a shot, but don't forget your grain of salt.
I think I get the concept of this. The completely over-the-top etc. I get it in theory, because it just doesn't work on me. It might want to be a parody, but then it's not parody enough. I think it would work if it were MORE extreme. Much more makjang. 40% more crazy.
I want to try this one, just to see the crazy that I've heard so much about.

Warm & Cozy 

We have a confession!  Now I hope stupid cross-eyed pie face just goes away.  That will leave room for cuteness between the people we really care about! And can The Black Pearl of Jeju just ASK that woman out on a date, please?
Anybody but JoAnne enjoying this? I only hear bad things
I am! But my life is way too messed up to do more than say I'm watching it. And I really really want to try some abalone someday.

My Beloved Eun Dong 

I watched the first episode yesterday, and I completely understood why people on my Tlist were raving about it. Those kids are adorable, and my heart ached for them. Also - WHY did no one ever tell me about Joo Jin-mo's voice? Because it is lovely. Someone should have said something.
Oh yes, that voice. Like honey, but warm. Warm syrup, spilling slowly over my bo  pancakes. I wasn't squeeing, but I still enjoyed the next episodes as much as the first. We are slowly discovering that everyone around Eun Dong is basically a jerk that I will want to kill, and Eun Ho....he's so cute I can't stand it. I've never seen Joo Jin Mo in a contemporary role, or one where he played a person who's at all relaxed and playful. I like it. I like it a lot. I also like it when he wears a leather jacket and jeans. Like a lot a lot.


The experimental format of this drama is becoming less and less experimental (*sad face*), but I am still enjoying it, so far. Kim Soo-Hyun's character is adorably transparent, and petty.  Petty is not a quality I would usually consider attractive, but somehow he manages to make it work for me in this drama. I'm looking forward to the actual OTP moving past their current stalemate -- hopefully soon -- and to some sweet, adorkable growth from the two second leads.
I like this show and I don't notice the extra length of the episodes at all.  This week's highlight for me was Seung Chan singing Sam Dong's song from Dream High and really putting his everything into it, like he could vanquish Chae Tae Hyun with song.  As ever, I'm impressed with IU's ability to make me just want to pick her up and squish her with a hug.

Kim Soo-Hyun's petty face.
No, not pretty -- petty.  We all know that Soo-Hyun doesn't have any non-pretty faces, right?
Well, sometimes he looks really dumb.
Kim Soo-hyun: "This IS my pretty face!"
I spit out my water. I think I need to watch DH2 for the 3d time.

Ex-Girlfriend Club

I love Song Ji-Hyo! But I share JoAnne's disappointment that her dramas always seem to be a bit of a let-down. I'm watching this one anyway, and in its defense, it is a lot better than Emergency Couple (*cringe*)! I was actually disappointed when they announced that it was being cut from 16 episodes to 12, but after some consideration I decided it might actually be a good thing. I can't be certain what storyline we're losing in those four episodes we will never see, but I'm betting it would have irritated me. Still, I'm reserving final judgement at least until we get past this week's transition episodes, which means I guess I'll decide how I really feel about this drama at the same time it ends.
Lots of people are pissed off at Lioness's fiancee for his actions. I don't get that. The man learns that all of these people have been lying to his face? It's not what they lied about - I never did get why it was such a big deal in the first place that they dated, except that his cartoon maybe didn't paint her in the best light - but they lied. They conspired. And he is a wealthy man and it's reasonable for him to wonder if she was just out for his money, and whether she loved him. And then she couldn't answer! WTF! We know she loves him! I agree he's being vindictive but do any of us really think he'll stick with any of that? No we do not. Also: Director, you tall skinny shot of adorable, I love you.
I haven't watched this week's episodes yet, despite generally loving the show. Also despite that love… I'm actually not that upset about the cut. Which is strange for me, but… well, I can see why they did it, I suppose.

Wow. Transitioning from 16 episodes to 12 episodes in the middle of Episodes 9/10
is even more awkward than we thought it would be, right?!
Actual shot of the OTP learning the news.

Divorce Lawyer In Love

Cute! I may not dream about him at night, but I do like Yeon Woo-Jin, and the other actors are doing a good job of filling out a fictional world that is both ridiculous and enjoyable. My biggest gripes so far are Chucky's ubiquitous louboutin heels, the logical acrobatics that took our OTP from hate to love on such a rapid timeline, and that they've dragged on the whole Subway-Mint Lady mystery for far too long. Other than that, I'm enjoying it, but perhaps not carving out a space for it in my Top 20 list...

When good enough is good enough for a two-episode extension.
But not good enough for a decent hairdresser.

Masked Prosecutor

I can't believe I'm the only one watching this! Didn't Kakashi and JoAnne squeecap Birth of a Beauty solely for Joo Sang-Wook?! Surely this is better than that was! Is it the Nacho-Libre mask that scared everyone away? If so, please know that he switches to one that is slightly less ridiculous after the first couple episodes. Granted, it is still ridiculous, but then so was the entirety of Cunning Single Lady, and I, for one, like Masked Prosecutor's female lead quite a bit more. This week, the subbers over at Viki seem to be remarkably uninspired, so I'm only 75-82% certain about what actually happened, but so far I'm still entertained enough to keep watching, for now.
(Looks at the floor guiltily). So sorry, Joo Sang-wook, but ... I just can't get myself to watch this. I tried. Not sure I tried hard, but I did
And if SHE's not watching it, I'M not watching it. He's cute, but he's not my guy. I do like her guys. Quite a bit. But they're not Top Five for me. Well, except for Shinichi, maybe.

I look a lot less stupid in black, right? Right? Hello, anybody there??
Kakashi, come back!!!!!!

Other Things

Kakakshi on Game of Thrones. Well, on Kit Harington mainly
It took me years, but I've finally given in ... to watching Game of Thrones. I know... Husband loves this show (the other day, he talked about the latest episode for at least 40minutes and that means something!). I, on the other hand, just decided to hate it and to being a snob. Here is why: I read the first four volumes of a Song of Ice and Fire ten years ago and I HATE hypes about books turned into visual entertainment and how then, suddenly, everybody loves them even though they had never even looked at the books before (I call it the Lord of the Rings-phenomenon). But now, I'm watching, and of course the show is phenomenal. I'm amazed at my memory, because I suddenly remember all the details of the books (it's an inner spoiler-factory!). I also like the exact same storylines I used to like in the books (certain stories just utterly bored me so I kept skipping over them). My favorite? Jon Snow.
The world's obsession with this show is actually quite amusing. This article, for example? Made me laugh and laugh and laugh: http://jezebel.com/shut-your-pretty-little-whine-hole-jon-snow-1694568805. Here's an excerpt.
"To always be put on a pedestal as a hunk is slightly demeaning," he recently fretted to Page Six. "It really is and it's in the same way as it is for women. When an actor is seen only for her physical beauty it can be quite offensive."
Awwww, sugar. So sorry. You know, we unnis know a thing or two about that! The seeing men as sexual objects thing, I mean.
But what REALLY cracked me up was the female writer's (Ellie Shechet) reply to that: "Totally fair, it's just that, honestly, I never expected a collection of rock-hard abs, flowing locks, and pouty lips to speak human words, you know? It's like, whoa, this sword with a dick attached has feelings?"
And then, our dear Kit Harington said this in an interview: "I’ve kind of decided I’m going to be a good little hunk and shut up". DAMN, he's funny, too! Awwwwww, can I HUG YOU?! Still, we do appreciate a good set of abs here on this blog. Korean or not. We don't discriminate.
I only read the first book, years ago, and wasn't all that interested. Likewise with the first episode of the series. But I did notice the character Jon Snow in both...
One episode isn't enough. It sucks you in around episode 3 or 4 of Season 1. And I can't believe non of you ladies is watching this?!

On more Other Things
I watched the first episode of The Whispers yesterday and was thrilled to find that it was delightfully creepy. More in the execution than the tale, really, because nothing at all was really 'unexpected' - but if you like these kinds of stories, this one starts well and looks great. I'm still very pleased with iZombie (and yay to another season!), and I thought last week's episode of Orphan Black was probably one of the best all year - so much weaving and dodging and family stuff!  I'm always less interested in the Castor boys, and they weren't much in evidence. Maybe that's why. Also I was in the mood for a re-watch of True Blood and MY GOD how did I forget what terrible actors they all are?
People, keep an eye out for Mr. Robot! The pilot is available, but it'll start airing at the end of June. A total must for all the cyber-security experts out there!
There are so many of us on this blog.
Well, you might still be interested :) It's a show about a hacker and a huge conspiracy. I like the main character (he is completely awkward and crazy) and the hacking part. I don't like the conspiracy so much - that's so unoriginal. 

I've been watching Dal-ja's Spring and enjoying it immensely. I'd actually started it several years ago, but for whatever reason it didn't grab me at the time. Thankfully, a kind Twitter unni encouraged me to give it another shot because it's delightful, light-hearted fun, which is exactly what I want these days.
Happy sigh just remembering. I guess she hangs out in China now? But this is the root of my OMGLeeMinKi love. Now HE is in my Top Five. Yes he is, indeed.

Still watching iZombie, of course, and I've also started The IT Crowd, based on my brother's recommendation (haha, The IT Crowd is hilarious). It makes me laugh right out loud - the kind of laughter that can be heard throughout the house and that brings tears to my eyes. Another show that really has me excited right now is an old sitcom from the '60s, That Girl. The first season is on Hulu! I've been wanting to watch it for years, but the waiting list on Netflix is about 500 miles long. The first episode was cute and funny, so I'm looking forward to watching more.
This week is the season finale of iZombie! What will I do without my Ravi?
Whaaa? I'm not ready for the season finale!
Remember when we worried that people would not love this show?