My Beautiful Bride - Episode 11 (A ThisKicksAssCap)

This is the culmination episode - and a turning point in the story. It's very welcome to me, because the "hunt for my bride"-trope was getting a tiny little bit used: how many times can you put Joo-Young into the hands of one or the other fraction, really? And how many times can you almost kill Do-Hyeong?. In addition, it's abundantly clear at this point of the drama that the problem won't just go away. Unless the Shadows are destroyed, our protagonists will have to fear for their lives. Ergo? The Shadows have to go. Awesome. I want an extension. 
I... wow. You have never, ever said this. Never once.

Episode 11

Flames, flames, flames everywhere and both our main couple in the middle of it, hit by falling timber. The fire brigade arrives ... we don't know how much time has passed. The fire is extinguished and they report "no live person inside the factory". WHAT?! But then, they announce that they have found a survivor! At the back door. That is ONE survivor though and that survivor is Do-Hyeong. He isn't moving at all - of course, he has inhaled much too much smoke. Not far from him, another person with blue/black sneakers is lying. I immediately start episode 10 to check the female prisoners' shoes. I probably shouldn't have. One of the women isn't wearing any shoes .......
I consoled myself with 'Well they can't both be dead, right?'
When he is loaded into the ambulance, Park Tae-Gyu runs to Do-Hyeong's liveless body and starts shaking it, demanding to know whether he has seen his "Mi-Sook" until the emergency professionals drag him away. On the ride to the hospital, Mr. Banker starts convulsing. He is falling into a coma, but he remembers ... the inferno, and something else. After? A brief glimpse of Joo-Young, crying. Bending over him?
There's no way he'd drag himself out of that building and leave her behind. He would stand in burning flames, screaming in agony, just to hold out his hand for her to take. So this means she saved him when he fell unconscious.
Yoon-Mi knows nothing of the new developments. But my favorite sidekick detective Han (I hope he gets a love line with the Hostess Friend - or at least a happy night) has found footage from the tunnel incident on a black box. When Yoon-Mi flicks through the photos he hands her, she recognizes Janggab/Glove from her crime board. It means he was involved in the Shadow ring three years ago (under the name of Jo Su Nam)! It's also proof that neither Tae-Gyu nor Do-Hyeong were lying about that Shadow connection. That's when the hospital calls her and she learns that Do-Hyeong is in emergency care.
All this seems like it's so obvious that every time they bring it up I get confused about why they DON'T know about it.
It could be considered a flaw in the story, but it's actually quite realistic. The figures only always know exactly what they're supposed to know. The viewer often knows more, which makes it a bit confusing
She rushes to the hospital and sits by Do-Hyeong's bedside. This is where Park Hyeong-Sik finds her. And then, something weird and interesting happens ... Hyeong-Sik simply walks out. Without Yoon-Mi noticing him at all.
See? He doesn't want to be an ass. He IS an ass, but we don't know why. At least I can comfort myself with the knowledge that he's a miserable ass.
At another police station, a detective opens a burned wallet. Oh no .... it's Joo-Young's. He calls her brother (who is sleeping on some fancy couch. That's not his mom's house, right?). And then, Yoon-Mi gets a phone call from Oh Jung-Yeon, her female detective helper. Yoon Joo-Young has passed away in the fire. Behind her, on the bed, sleeping/unconscious Do-Hyeong sheds a silent tear.
Oh, that tear broke me... the couch is in Do Hyeong's apartment, isn't it? And where is Joo Young's mother? Have we seen her at all since the beginning? Nope, just the brother and his wife.
She's maybe in some other drama :)
Chairman Kang is cutting some ginseng with a huge cutter. Hahaha, seriously. In comes Seo Jin-Gi, with a large bandage on his burned cheek. He has the VERY unfortunate task to tell Chairman Kang why he is not bringing Joo-Young with him. The "there was a big sudden fire" sounds SO LAME, hahahaaaaaaaaaa, Jin-Gi, you're going to suffer! Kang tells him to get one of the roots and opens the blade wide. The fear on Jin-Gi's face ... I love it. He makes him put in more and more, his hand moves closer and closer to the blade.
I was cringing, weren't you?
He stops before cutting off the fingers, but Jin-Gi was about ready to piss himself. (Me too!) Chairman Kang demands to know why Joo-Young was kept at the factory at all and Jin-Gi tells him that she was working for the cops, that she is responsible for Song Hak-Soo's arrest three years ago - and he was taking revenge for Hak-Soo! The very good question is: How did he know that? 
I'm loving the look on Tracksuit's assistant's face, since he was in on that too.
It takes Jin-Gi a while to answer this one, but he finally says "I have ears". WRONG answer, Kang rage! Jin-Gi quickly kneels down. "Die", says Chairman Kang. His underlings put a black bag over him and start beating him with iron rods. Does that kill a person? (Damn straight it will kill you. Punctured lungs, ruptured organs, internal bleeding, brain injuries...) Secretary Kim comes in to report that Joo-Young seems to have died in the fire then - which just amuses the Chairman and makes him mellow? He gives Seo Jin-Gi a last chance. If he is truly 100 times better than Hak-Soo, he will live.
'I have ears.' I actually gasped out loud, that sentence was so rude. I couldn't believe it would come out of his mouth. The lying dirtbag scumsucking weasel of a pigdog should be DEAD.
At the hospital, Do-Hyeong's lawyer appears and looks at his unconscious Doryeonim in shock.
I like that guy.  I know him from stuff, but can't remember where.

Elsewhere, they hold Joo-Young's wake. Yoon-Mi steps by and grieves quietly (and full of guilt). Inside, Hostess Friend is throwing a fit, asking again and again whether the Brother actually checked Joo-Young's face. He claims he has (even though it was all burnt!). And anyway, she was carrying her wallet with the ID. Hm.... Yoon-Mi isn't convinced either: She has all the files related to the fire incident brought to her and studies them thoroughly. Then, she attempts to get a warrant to do an autopsy on Joo-Young's body.
Yes, do something.
Mr. Banker has been transferred to a private VIP room and his mother is quietly sitting at his bedside. Lawyer comes in and informs her that Joo-Young is going to be cremated today. She had two life insurance plans, totalling 200 million won in benefits (approx. 180'000 USD). That fact? Known to scum brother, who is eager to collect this money and is rushing ahead with the funeral. Mom says that her family is worse than she thought - and tells Lawyer to delay the warrant until after the cremation.
Because there is such a rush to burn her, Yoon-Mi does not get a warrant to examine Joo-Young's body in time. Oh wait ... is that THE warrant? Did Banker Mom deliberately delay this warrant!? She did!! So ... she KNOWS this is not Joo-Young? What is going on? The body is burned, tears are shed ... in the background, Lee Jin-Sook is attending. Goodbye, Joo-Young.
I don't know if she knows. I think she just wants to put it to rest for her son. If there's an autopsy and it's not her, then he's going to keep going. But if she's dead and gone, he will stop. Of course, knowing him he'd keep going even if there wasn't an autopsy because 'maybe' - but a guy has to stop sometime. Right?
Time passes by ... a lot of time. Then, one fine day, Do-Hyeong has another seizure. Nothing modern medicine can't fix, though! Soon after, he's awake. Kinda. Lawyer tells him about the heavy fine he got for all those evil things he did against the police, but that's all taken care of. Of course, all Do-Hyeong wants to know is what happened to Joo-Young. Lawyer does. She died on site.
He probably hated having to say that. I get the feeling lawyer likes our banker.
Do-Hyeong just stares into empty space. This will destroy him.
Nothing can destroy our hero!
On the upside: Now that she is dead, it is less likely that he will die soon, too.

Cut to Joo-Young's bro and sister-in-law, who have opened a restaurant with the insurance money they got. Do-Hyeong is up and about and steps in, with hair over his forehead and the air of bleakness around him. He says nothing and Brother just babbles about how sad he is (cause he's feeling guilty, which he should, the greedy bastard). But Do-Hyeong has only come to collect Joo-Young's belongings. There is one card box full of it, nothing more.
Why were they keeping it at the restaurant?
Do-Hyeong carries it home and stares at the box before he opens it. He takes out the wallet, still in the evidence bag, opens it as tears start to fall. He looks at her ID - at the sonogram of their dead baby. And he breaks down in tears. Then, he just lies there on his sofa. For a long time.
Like, two days a long time. How did he not pee himself lying there? That's right, I ask the questions everyone wants to ask.
Shaking him out of his grief is a phone call - from Park Tae-Gyu! They meet in some shop ... Tae-Gyu is in disguise - because both the police and the Shadows are after him. Hahaha. Do-Hyeong isn't sad enough not to be annoyed. Tae-Gyu wants to say something important ... but then, he's sidetracked by his concern about the brain damage that Do-Hyeong might have (that must have been ad libbed this stuff!). Okay, he officially cracks me up.
That was hilariously funny, I would love to hear that it was all off the cuff!
Now here comes the important thing he has to ask: Has Do-Hyeong seen his Mi-Sook inside the factory on that sad day? Do-Hyeong doesn't understand at first ... but then he does. Mi-Sook is missing ... gone without a trace. Park Tae-Gyu babbles on as the wheels keep turning in Do-Hyeong's head. And then, he walks out like a zombie on drugs (after half-heartedly promising a desperate Tae-Gyu that he will call him).
Mi Sook is missing with no reason not to contact Tae Gyu, right. Other than realizing her shifty boyfriend practically got her killed and wanting to put a LOT of distance between them, you mean? But no, of course I understand that she would have contacted him, which means if she didn't contact him, she couldn't contact him, which means she's dead and Joo Young is alive.
Back in his apartment, Do-Hyeong grabs the police report. There is no mention of a second body. And it seems clear to him that Mi-Sook would have called Tae-Gyu, had she escaped safely. Yup. It seems Joo-Young pulled a So Ji-Sub Ghost on us. Without the plastic surgery, I hope.
(hair cut and wardrobe change coming up)
Yoon-Mi is bringing flowers to Joo-Young's (modest and small) urn place at the charnel house. Coincidence wants it that she bumps into Do-Hyeong there, who also bought flowers for his "loved one who has passed away". He puts his flowers down and stands there, wordlessly, before wanting to leave again. But Yoon-Mi wants to talk. She thinks there is a chance that ... "She is dead", says Do-Hyeong. She doesn't want to accept this! But he steps closer and says: "They know me. They know you. They're watching us. That is why Joo-Young is dead".
Oooh are they going to do spy type things now?
Now she gets it! But after that, they go and try to get some evidence that Joo-Young is truly alive. That evidence consists mainly of his memory, which is telling him this: He lost consciousness inside the factory - but was found outside. Somebody dragged him out and it was not one of the gangsters and it was not Mi-Sook ... it must have been Joo-Young (sorry, peeps, I don't want to spoil your little party, but this is hardly evidence). She saved his life. Which is a total AWWWWWWWW moment.
Evidence, schmevidence. I'm sorry, but why did he not realize this immediately upon discovering he was found outside?
They're a bit slow sometimes, JoAnne. Don't stress them.
For him, her playing dead is okay. As long as she is safe. And he knows what he needs to do now: find the Shadows one by one ... and destroy them. That and only that will bring his bride back to life.
Coming soon, you horror afficionados: Bride of Banker! 'He would have followed her into death... but she followed him back to life.'  I really should have gone into marketing.
After that, Yoon-Mi gives him the recorder that Joo-Young dropped and that she seems to have fixed. And for the first time, Do-Hyeong hears it all (and so do we): How Joo-Young conspired with "Redstart", who told her to trust him - or die. She wants to know why Seo is betraying Hak-Soo and he says to fulfill his dream. Which seems to be to rise so high nobody will ever be able to look down at him again.
See? He IS a lying bastard of a tiny-dicked scumsucking weaselly pigdog.
That his bride was ever on the same side with Seo confuses Do-Hyeong and he goes to the police station to learn from Yoon-Mi about it. It could only have meant that Redstart knew that Joo-Young was an informant. But how did he know? Yoon-Mi is not sure, since she is the only one who knew. Do-Hyeong is quite certain that's not the case. Either she or Joo-Young made a mistake. Yup, that mistake is standing just a few feet away, overhearing everything: Judas Park!
And here we see another variant of the pigdog: the weak-willed disloyal backstabbing weasel in its natural habit, looking shifty as it plans its next half-assed move.
And Park remembers: he got the hospital fees for his mother from Lee El - and in turn, he told her all about the "new captain" (that would be Yoon-Mi) and her informant. You fucking scumbag. But there is hope! Do-Hyeong's words made Yoon-Mi think. She is certain there must be a rat. And it must be someone she worked with three years ago. There are only 3 colleagues from back there: A guy from the homicide department, Sweety-pie Detective Han, and ..... Park, the foooooking traitor.
Sorry, sick mother isn't enough, Park. People get sick and people die. It's not a reason to break the law. Well but if it was a kid, maybe I would feel differently... NO, no, NO EXCUSE.
She goes to Do-Hyeongs apartment next ... and gives him investigation information on Janggab. Revenge: ON! And for that, he will commit a crime. And Yoon-Mi doesn't give a fuck about it - she will help him. I LOVE THIS!
I love the banker.
Time for another meeting with Park Tae-Gyu - and a little white lie to get him to cooperate. Do-Hyeong claims that Janggab took Mi-Sook. And then, it's time share everything Tae-Gyu knows about the Shadowlands with Do-Hyeong.
That was a good book. Did you read it? Shadowland by Peter Straub.

Chairman Kang is ... playing with some goldfish. There is a water tank in his restaurant now when Seo Jin-Gi is summoned. Kang asks whether Seo is doing any better and orders him to religiously eat the pills he got for him. Also, it's time Seryo Construction actually started building something. Which means: additional loans. No food violence this time. I must say: I'm disappointed.
He could have forced live goldfish down his throat. I was anticipating it eagerly.
From an increasingly drunk and increasingly vain Tae-Gyu, Do-Hyeong learns this: Seo Jin-Gi is NOT the head of the shadows. Somewhere higher up, there are real professionals. See? We need this extension!
Did anyone EVER think he was?
And with that, Do-Hyeong is back at the bank. His friend tells him that their Branch Manager is totally clean. It might have been all cash or gold, but it was not done through any account. Do-Hyeong has a feeling he'll find something out through Seryo Construction and starts investigating all the companies involved there. The business plan he finds is absurd and he goes to talk to his Manager about it. In the office, there is a visitor: Seo Jin-Gi.
I practically pooped my pants.


Dun-dun! I'm pretty sure Do-Hyeong will not remember Seo right away, since he has only seen him wearing a mask - but of course, he'll be fully alert as soon as Seryo Construction will be mentioned. Seo on the other hand ... he may very well know who Do-Hyeong is. DANGER! Play it smart, Bank Guy! Ah, but we know you will.
At first, I thought they both recognized each other... they were certainly both very wary. But then I thought about it and I realized Seo has always known who he was... but Do Hyeong might not know about him.

No, I didn't think for one second that Joo-Young might really be dead. And I think the drama didn't want us to think that either - otherwise, they would not have given us his memory of her bending over him, all blackened with soot.
I agree with you. There was never really a question. She's alive and I always knew it. I'm a little disappointed that HE didn't always know it.

That said, I LOVE how this drama just reinvented itself and turned dark-revenge on us. Have I mentioned I want an extension?! 
I'm still just completely agog. Where is my critical Kakashi? By this point in the story usually your job is to point out the flaws and me to point out the good bits!

Have some more BTS gifs from the OCN blog!

His head is enormous