Let's Eat with Kim Ji-hoon - Episode 4

Sorry, Kim Ji-hoon, I was preoccupied (with Lee Sang-yoon) but now I'm back for you. (Yeah, I know you have no idea who I am, even though you retweeted my Jangbori tweets, but I still feel guilty for cheating on you. It's quite serious, too. You better come back very soon!) This little variety program has only 6 episodes, people, which is a shame! Because I could really get used to watching these cuties eat all day.

Episode 4

Our friends are still in Paris and they're eating pizza! Which isn't what Paris is known for, really, but who cares! All I can think of is how many calories those stick-insects are ingesting right now and how many hours of physical exercise it means for them.
Outside, a pro-gay rally is gathering, with dancing and posing. Our friends are impressed. They buy themselves a bottle of champagne, well, oppa Kim Ji-hoon is the instigator. He knows how to live the high life! But where are they going with that bottle? To the Seine! Where they get on a little boat. By now, the champagne will be piss warm, but who cares.
It's really pretty. What a nice way to end a busy day! They get off at the Eiffel Tower (Kim Ji-hoon's hair looks very adventerous thanks to the wind). They elect their next day leader again (always between Doojoon and Seo Hyun-Jin, whose name I have to look up every single time). This time, they elect Hyun-Jin! And that's the end of the Paris experience.... Farewell!
At the airport (haha, I dig their rock-star get-ups with sunglasses and all), Kim Hee Jung realizes she has left something rather crucial back in the hotel ... her passport!!! Kim Ji-hoon finds it funny. Me too. The production team less so.
She gets assigned her own special VJ who films her race back to town. She tells the taxi driver to hurry up (in Italian, unfortunately), but it's all in vain ... she misses the plane.
Her colleagues sleep on the plane ... it's not pretty. But I totally ship Kim Ji-hoon and Park Hee-bon as a pair! They're both dork-sleepers. In the meantime, Kim Hee Jung agonizes over her stupidity back in France. And then goes shopping. Why not!
Our friends' next destination is Barcelona! Where Beast has fans ... awwwwww. And Kim Ji-hoon does too. Awwwwwwwwwww.
As soon as they're in a bus, Kim Ji-hoon facetimes Kim Hee Jung. The poor woman almost cries. They ask whether she has eaten and all that, aww. He's being a really good oppa. Well, there are many planes going from Paris to Barcelona, so she just gets there 4 hours later.
They're not in a hotel this time but in an apartment, with kitchen an everything. Is the elevator broken? Many stairs to climb, Hee-bon suffers visibly. Haha, is she like a no-sports person? Then she'll have issues in a relationship with Kim Ji-hoon.  Wow, that apartment is NICE! It's right at the Plaça de Catalunya. I think Kim Ji-hoon suggests sharing a room (or even a bed?) with the girls, no idea why they don't want to.
 With the apartment comes the responsiblity to cook! They go shopping together (I spot Nutella!) and then start preparing a snack or something (or rather, drinks and fruit). Doojoong has already bought a Barca shirt (Messi). Haha. The shop is actually right downstairs. Hee Jung gets there and is warmly welcomed. They're all really sweet.
And sweet Hee Jung brought them all presents ... Fly Emirates apparel! Well, I seriously don't understand why anybody would want to dress in things that read "Fly Emirates", but her friends are touched. And I do hope they got money for the PPL!
Time to go out! Down Rambla de Santa Monica (and I totally see that Kim Ji-hoon puts his arm around Hee-bon's shoulder! Nothing escapes my eagle eyes!). Need proof? Here we go!
They're headed for La Boqueria, a very famous market and food paradise. They buy Tacos. The most important thing for them: That they are spicy. There's tons of toppings and already, I'm glad I've eaten. Quite funny: They just talk Korean to the guy serving them and he goes along with it... in Spanish.
Time to eat! Awww, Oppa Kim Ji-hoon gives his boardwalk seat up for Kim Hee Jung... It's uncomfortable to eat like they do, which makes smart little Yoseob get up and go inside to eat. Hyun-Jin joins him.
Sweet baby cheesus, Hee-bon starts feeling up Kim Ji-hoon next! I kid you not. Well, his back. But still!
Somewhere in the middle of Barcelona, Doojoon starts immitating Lee Sun-Kyun in Pasta ... and many others. Ahahaha, the crew cracks up. He is good!
Next stop: the beach! Insert random sexy Kim Ji-hoon picture.
They get lured into a restaurant and we get to see a flashback of them at their apartment, discussing things with the PD. I'm sorry, I have no idea what it was about (food, maybe?). I just know that Hee-bon has her hands on Kim Ji-hoon AGAIN.
Doojoon and Hyun-jin get to select the menu, but I think they're quite shocked by how expensive it is! Well, maybe don't order the lobster then?! Doojoon starts calculating things and then writes down what they want (in secret, the others will be surprised). Good idea, because everybody just speaks Spanish around here. But, oh dear, he is going for the most expensive stuff! His colleagues are dying from hunger and tell them to hurry up a bit. They also get Sangria.
And then, FOOD PORN! Everybody about dies when they stuff the lobster into their mouths.

It's a CRAZY amount of food, people. They're so in love with the Paella, they want to go swim in it.

I think they get to vote afterwards (it's some Doojoon vs. Hyun-jin thing again) and Doojoon wins 4:2. No wonder. The lobster won them over. 

And then, the bill arrives. And Hyun-jin almost faints. Ahahahahahaaaaaaa.