Rants and Weekly Raves #54 (RAWR)

kakashi: I was looking forward to Twenty Again and that is it. I'm basically dramaless.
JoAnne: And yet you declined my offer.
You must tell people about it for them to understand WHY I did that
If I do that, you know what will happen. And then you'll be pressured.
When I'm retired. Not before that.
Okay. You heard it hear first, folks. When Kakashi retires, she and I will squeecap Boys over Flowers. It will be a re-watch for us both, back from the most early days of our respective drama-watching careers. I want her to retire tomorrow. How about you?


I'm still trying. I want to continue.
I haven't seen this week's episodes.
becca: Still behind. But I still love it.
Oh I still love it, I love it more and more every episode. But I just had no time, because I really wanted to protect my sleep.
I haven't seen this in weeks. But if I drop it entirely after seeing as many episodes as I have it would be a first for me. (Unless you count Dr. Jin, which really shouldn't be counted for anything, right?)

Yong Pal

I am not trying. I will not continue.
I haven't seen this week's episodes, or last week's, or the ones belonging to the week before that.  And possibly even the week before THAT.
Watched one episode. Trying to decide if I want to watch another. I probably don't.
Don't (by the way, if Joo Won keeps losing weight like he apparently did during shooting this mess, he wll be gone by the time it's over).

Twenty Again

Exactly where I was last week. I've seen one episode, and it left me sort of 'meh.' That is not often a reliable indicator for me, though, so I will persevere. Just as soon as I catch up on the other stuff.
I still really like it! And I guess I'm not surprised anymore, seeing how this writer has written several dramas I've enjoyed (more or less). (Writer? OhmygoodnessthisisthatdramaIwaslookingforwardto!! YES I LIKE THIS WRITER. Must start soon.) People are definitely less mean this week as they get to know No Ra better - and she is subtly changing as well. I'm really looking forward for the romance to heat up (if it ever does? I'm not sure where they're going with it).  
Cha Hyun Suk is a weird guy ... he is somewhat deeply hurt by her sudden disappearance (they were really good friends back in high school, without any apparent love interest from her, but much more emotional attachment from him - she seems to have been his muse), but does not seem to know himself why he reacts to her the way he does (I guess he needs a bit of psychology to help him understand...). Have you ever experienced a kind of personal disappointment in a person you really, really liked? I have! And I see why you would resent them for it - not necessarily because they hurt you, but because they hurt themselves. He may call her his first love - but romance is not what is driving his actions right now. It's past friendship. I find it touching.
I like how the HS flashbacks show us a deep bond and the beginning of his success as producer. I like the moment in episode 3 when she realizes after listing to Hyun-Suk speak about "Dying Well" that she is not at all on the way do "die well". I like that she makes a bucket list and is now changing her life for herself, not for her husband. I like that she now knows she's completely fine and Hot Prof thinks she's dying. And I like that Hyun-Suk now wants to do everything he can to make No Ra's last few months on earth happy - including "outing" her to her husband. He thinks that No Ra is being a noble idiot about not telling hubbie about her illness - and he wants to fix that for them. Or is it something she told him in her drunk stupor? The next week will be fun! (And my crush on Lee Sang-yoon is getting a bit out of hands)

The Scholar Who Walks the Night

Sung-Yeol has a triangular conversation with his vampire side and his human side.
It is not at all cheesy or ridiculous. *cough, cough*
As evidenced in both My Beautiful Banker and Scholar Who Walks the Night, this actor thinks that excessively slow enunciation = menacing.
It does not.
Han Jung-Soo expresses his frustration at being stuck in this second-rate role in this barely adequate drama.
Hey there, you're trying to escape to your rear, and all the guards are in front of you...
What do you do?  WHAT DO YOU DO?!?!
Really, Gwi? You gave your hairdresser enough time to construct a very tidy topknot, but kicked out your dresser before she could even tie one bow on your stolen dragon robes?!
Don't worry, Cheon-ha.
It totally makes sense that this one guard would suddenly be in the employ of your newly devoted wife.
Okay, I still love those retro square-edged collars of yours, scholar-nim...
I also love Victory Rolls. So sue me.
Nabi: Okay, those captions may have been overly snarky, but in my defense I really did find this week's episodes fairly frustrating. And a little dull.
Like Yang-Sun here, I had a really hard time staying awake during Episode 18, and I'm not sure how much of that I can blame on the cold I've been fighting off all week.
I'm just really surprised this is still going on.
You and me both, sensei. You and me both...
I heard a rumor that those American BOF sisters took over production of this? Or was that YongPal... Way behind, yes. More behind than my most behinded-ness, in fact. So I guess this is my most behinded-ness, then.

I think I had other things on my list of active dramas, but I can't remember them right now.
You don't have beautiful lists anymore? 


bcook: I am addicted to Blue Bloods - Tale of a family of cops (and one assistant district attorney) in New York. Tom Sellec! New York City! Donnie(y) Walhberg! Yeah. It's bad. 
Continued with My Daughter Seo-Yeong, but found the "lovey-dovey years with shadows overhead" very tiring. Looooots and lots of ffwarding. Dimples seems like the perfect husband but only on the surface! He would drive me NUTS with his bossiness. Well, there's one good thing about the lovey-dovey years: he smiles a lot. OH MY GOD I really get soft knees when he does that. And I keep thinking "how is she not pregnant yet?! How can she keep her hands off this beautiful piece of hunky man? He is so deliciously tall... I'd be making babies non-stop".
LATER (after episode 23): FINALLY! He knows!!!! It's the first time I've been looking forward to an angst-stretch in KDrama!
All week, when I came home from work I was working on editing certain episodes or parts of episodes of My Best Jerry. Since they were episodes I'd already seen, I am ALSO BEHIND ON JERRY. The pace is grueling; they are completing two episodes per day, and that's really all I had time for. Fortunately, I am doing this for only a portion of the work remaining to be done - filling in for someone unexpectedly called away.
I finished my Heartless City rewatch, as my Twitter buddies will know because I spammed them mercilessly toward the end. And now I feel emotionally exhausted. This drama holds up really well - it's just as good, as beautiful, as absolutely engrossing, the second time around as it was the first time. Paksa is always in our hearts.
Between you watching this, and Mary watching Falling for Innocence, I am really filled with missing our beloved Paksa/NotPaksa.  He needs to be in something again, soon!  Okay, fine, I was really filled with a wish to re-watch Cruel City, mostly. But for even longer, I have had a wish to re-watch and squeecap another, older show...one that I won't mention here out of kindness to a friend.
I am now rewatching Time Between Dog & Wolf. Paksa, Junki, Nam Sang-mi… they're all so young. One episode in, and all the emotions are coming back to me. I think the effect might even be greater this time because I wasn't a Jung Kyung-ho fan back then. Like, at all. I know, I know. Crazy.
It's funny, I wasn't either. He didn't inspire much love in that role, right? 

Looking forward to...

I suddenly get the feeling that there are a lot of dramas that I want to check out. Yes. What is happening to me?! No idea, but I like it. Jang Hyuk as some kind of god is a must; Yoon Ah-In in black too (omfg gorgeous! and wtf 50 episodes!!!); the Village? Maybe? (or maybe not, see male lead); D-Day, I think so! Cheese in the Trap (Park Hae-jin!), that's in December, but still!
Holy shit, is Six Flying Dragons really scheduled to go for 50 episodes?! Dear lord kill me now. But of course I will totally watch it. Because the only thing I love more than Jung Woo-Sung is the boys of Sungkyunkwan Scandal...
Yeah, well, my excitement was temporary, it seems. I will probably watch not a single one of them :D But I'll give them a fair chance.
Yes to all of those, plus (at least for a bit) She Was Beautiful, because of Potential Future King of Puppies. (If Lee Jeong Suk is deposed due to untimely death or scandal, he will be replaced by Park Seo Joon. So sayeth I, so sayeth we all. Just do what I say.) But if Hwang Jung Eum is doing her very screechy thing, sorry, Seo Joon-ah.
I have a hard time keeping away from Park Seo Joon (he is one of the only younglings I can bare) but I cannot watch Hwang Jung Eum. I keep trying, but it never ends well with us. It's a pass from me. I also absolutely hate the premise  
I do have a show for you, perhaps, Kakashi: The Bastard Executioner It looks good, but I'm laughing, because we have idol casting even here, sort of.  Sideways. Not really at all, but just that a singer has been cast for a role.
Cool! Will check it out!!!! I'm also looking forward to Jane the Virign. Oh, and I'll check out how bad Sleepy Hollow will be in Season 3! (premiers October 1st) No longer watching: The Vampire Diaries and Outlander. 
Looking forward to those dramas Kakashi mentioned. Also: iZombie is coming baaaack!!!