Let's Eat with Kim Ji-hoon - Episode 5

Kim Ji-hoon is completely AWOL, even from social media. What gives, oppa? Luckily for me, I still have two episodes of Let's Eat With Friends to recap. He looks so yummy in this, which is appropriate for a program about all kinds of yummy things.

Episode 5

We're still in Barcelona! And our friends have just eaten tremendous amounts of food. The bill arrives (which is 510 Euros) and Doojoon and Seo Hyun-Jin get all frantic over it. There is confusion about the amount of lobster on there ... thanks to Doojoon's messy handwriting, he didn't order 1/2 kg lobster but 2 kilograms.
The PD give them the additional money. He's like ..... you idiots. They get onto a little bus and ride back to town. Kim Ji-hoon has troubles with his eyes (from the beginning of this show, are they too dry?). Yoseob reads about the sightseeing for tomorrow and everybody is really happy. I would be happy too if I had just eaten 2kg fresh lobster.
They're dropped off in the middle of Barcelona and are given little selfie-stick handcameras (that's so not what they're called, haha). They walk up to a street concert and party a little. After that it's back to their apartment... for bed (and snuggles?).
The next day, it's time to visit Montserrat! In the little bus, Kim Ji-hoon demands bread from his "mommy" (which happens to be Park Hee-bon who's sitting behind him). You kinky two, you. Awww, she packed little sandwiches for them. They all seem a bit tired. Too much party!
They arrive at Montserrat and are duly impressed. First, they visit Montserrat Monastery. They go inside the chapel where Kim Ji-hoon taks a selfie while the women pray. He's so vain, ahahaha. Him, Doojong and Kim Hee Jung leave the church while the other three (I guess they're religious?) stay on to finish hearing mass.
The other goof around outside and take a group picture with a baby. Why not!
Kim Ji-hoon is still calling Hee-bon "omma", but she doesn't mind one bit. She's a cutie and I like her a lot. Isn't she in a drama these days? (checks.... oh, she'll be in Bubblegum!!)
It's time for lunch! Will they get the money-thing right this time? Well, they go for a buffet and set-menu option. Good idea. Just a tipp: don't take anything with mayonnaise. It's a sure way to spend lots of time on the toilet... Hee-bon pinches her hand on the salad tweezers. Yes, I'm not making this up. Hyun-Jin thinks the salad sauce is a drink and pours it into a glass. I'm not making that up either.
It's cute how they all share. Afterwards, they look at the spectacular views, but poor Doojoon hits his leg on one of the stairs ... hard. Poor boy needs a bandage! And I'm sure those legs are expensive. The bandage isn't enough, so he is even led to a first-aid office. Poor Doojong. Reunited with the group, he leads them to the funiculars. It seems to be hot.

They keep singing "Funiculi, Funicula" to themselves and the other passengers who are like... WTF? Cause, my dear friends, it is a Neapolitan song, written to commemorate the opening of the first funicular cable car on Mount Vesuvius.
They walk to the creu de sant miguel (a summit cross - the women are really unfit!! no weight ... but also no muscles) Time for some photos...

And back down we go! 
Cut to Barcelona, at night - and six WELL dressed young Koreans. Time for dinner! The women look gorgeous. My girl crush on Park Hee-bon deepens (cause she's the most gorgeous of them all). It's Doojoon vs. Seo Hyun-Jin again! Each gets to order three dishes.
I notice that Kim Ji-hoon is a tiny little bit scruffy, which really distracts me. They drink the Spanish version (cava) of champagne (they're not going to do the "OMG this is far too expensive" thing AGAIN, are they?!) and get a the Spanish version (Bullabessa) of a Bouillabaise as entrée. Next up, a Paella. Again.
Then, fish, pork, lamb, all looking DAMN tasty.
At that moment, landing in Barcelona: Kwon Yool, who played Lee Sang-Woo in Let's Eat 2. He'll be a surprise guest, right?! Our other friends are still eathing and joking around. It's time for more calories, I mean dessert!
But who will win the contest? 5:1 for Seo Hyun-Jin this time! Braaaavo! Apparently, that means a 2:2 score overall.
Kwon Yool is now at the apartment, deviously waiting for the others. But they take their time.... finally, they're back! He's just sitting there on the couch, waiting to be discovered. Kim Hee Jung is the first to see him ... she's super surprised but keeps quiet. Then, Doojong sees him and all hell breaks lose: he's so delighted to see him! The funniest moment is when Kim Ji-hoon, showing a lot of skin, walks into the kitchen. A bit undressed, are we?
The next day, they visit the Sagrada Familia. Hee-bon is so moved by the beauty that she cries a little. She's just like me ... churches make me cry.


Hee-bon crying in that church? That was really touching. I know this is TV, but there are many little moments of cuteness and honesty in this show. I'm not quite sure how they do it, but these people really appear like friends ... even though some of them hardly knew each other before they went to Europe together.