Name That Dimple Contest: The Answers!

The Contest is closed! May the most deserving entry win!!! (We will announce the winner soon:)
Here are the answers, for those of you who just couldn't quite place the dimple(s):
1: Hyun Bin

2: Joo Sang Wook
3: Kim Bum

4: Lee Seo Jin
5: Lee Seung Gi
6: Choi Siwon
7: Oh Ji Ho
8: Kwon Sang Woo
9: Gong Yoo
10: Taecyeon
11: Park Min Woo
12: Choi Jin Hyuk
13: Joo Won

14: L
15: Seo In Juk
Additional Dimple 1: Song Dong Il
(Reply series, It's OK It's Love, Gap Dong)
Additional Dimple 2: Kim Tae Hoon
(Nice Guy, Bad Guys, My Love Eun-Dong, Angry Mom)