Rants and Weekly Raves #58 (RAWR)

kakashi: Lots of new shows starting this week!  
Jaehyus: A few too many for me.  It'd be nice if they were spread out more.I'm so glad both Hwajung and Yong Pal have ended, even though I dropped them. I hate when shows start off strong and then suck. My brain starts feeling like a thought is incomplete. 
JoAnne: Holy cow, I have watched NOTHING this week beyond an episode of Moon River and 24 episodes of New Tales of Gisaeng. Um, okay, so I've watched a LOT, but of only one thing. And my baby girl is home! We've been to a wedding and a big party and been out to eat lots (sometimes, she even treated!) and just in general are having a nice time. She spends a few hours with me and then runs off to see friends, then comes back, rinse, repeat.
How's NTofG going? Is it actually any good?
YES. She makes that boy WORK for it.
Shuk: Just because of Sung Hoon, I started watching "Birth Of A Family" from episode 64 on.  Jury is still out.

Sassy Go Go

I certainly plan to at least look at the first episode of this.
Me too.  I see it's got that hot kid. 
becca: It's started already? 
If I were into high school drama at all, I would definitely watch this. It looks quite appealing! (But it only reached 2.2% ratings)

Six or so Flying Dragons

This is VERY MUCH going to happen in my life.
Let's see. I'll try it anyway.
It's started already???
Wow, this is looking SO VERY GOOD. But seriously. 50 episodes? Why? How? TT_____TT. I'm going to watch this though. Did I just say that? Nooooooooo.

Dazzling Temptation

This is the one I really want to check out but keep forgetting exists.
I keep forgetting, too, which is why I'm not sure I'll ever get around to it.
Oi, INTENSE, people. Very intense. But ..... 50 episodes?! (I'm not going to watch it, even so Wookie looks very good - and I very much like him serious, as you all know)

She Was Pretty

Given the current buzzing around the Twitterverse, I think I may start watching this one. I love Siwon in King Of Dramas (although Ansony was the big draw there) and Oh! My Lady, even though Poseidon was a big dud.
Siwon is hilarious. None of us can figure out why they've made Park Seo Joon such an ENORMOUS ass, and of course there's the issue of Hwang Jung Eum just not being ugly no matter how many times they say it - unless they're talking about her screechiness, which is a (mostly) toned down for this.
Along with Twenty Again, this is my favorite show right now. And it's all because Siwon is hilarious.
Despite earlier claims, I do think I'm going to try this one. I'm fickle, people. You should know that by now.

The Village

This starts already? Oooooh, yes.
Yes, on Wednesday :D I guess we will post this before that but hey, I just wanted to mention it here. SO MANY NEW SHOWS.
DEFINITELY ON THE LIST. It's funny because I didn't care at all until recently, and now I'm very very interested. What flipped the switch? No idea.


People are... not complaining about this, for the most part. I saw the first episode. Or maybe the first half of it. I laughed, and probably not at things they expected to get laughs for, but I didn't hate it.
I don't like that actor who is the lead, so not going to watch it.
Let's form a club. We'll be the antis. Okay.
On the list, yes, yes. I've heard mixed reviews, but I like the cast and the idea of the show, so I'll give it a shot.

Twenty Again

The pacing of this show is just right for me. Ha No-Ra has found back to her old self, with a little help from a friend. And now, that she is her old self, she is free to develop feelings for him. Seriously, who wouldn't. It's not just the dimples, but he truly has been doing everything for her. In an entirely self-less way. Seeing her happy is his goal, even if it means seeing her with Woo-Chul. Who.... ahahaha, I can't even. He gets more and more pathetic, which comes with more and more laughs. If e continues like this, he will end up with nothing: no play, no woman, no job.
That would give me an enormous amount of pleasure.
Love, love, love this show!
Favorite show airing at the moment (that I'm watching). Can't wait to catch up with this week's episodes!
I want that narcissistic creep crushed to the ground. Glad he showed some of his manipulative, nasty side to Yi Jin in the latest episode. YiJin is something else. She planned another person's divorce for years and sees nothing wrong with it. She's funny at times, but mostly, I want her to learn to fear Hell.
I mostly feel sorry for her. Woo-Chul is a narcissistic liar. She does not deserve that, despite all her faults. 
Why not? She dismissed a man's wife as if she were last year's wardrobe. She deserves nothing less than the same treatment.
No, he told her they were as good as divorced from the beginning. She's not as bad as you make her out to be.
I feel bad for her getting involved with WC too, but she's just as self-centered as him, and she did indeed dismiss a man's wife as nothing. So, she needs to wake up and suffer too.
Men lie about things like that. She should know better. No Ra didn't want the divorce and was actively trying to save her marriage, and 'as good as divorced' is not divorced.


Hyuk is here now, but unfortunately, I don't feel like watching this at all. I'm just not interested from what I've seen. Shame.
It's mostly an interesting story. I like it, but 4 eps to get to the adults? (isn't that rather short for a sageuk?!) Just once, I'd like a drama to give us kids in flashbacks, not the whole tedious mess from the beginning.
Haha, yeah, your favorite Shine or Go Crazy actually did that. Straight to the adults
I haven't seen even a minute, but I need to at least check it out. For Hyukkie.
Shine or Go Crazy wasn't all bad. As you said, the kids' stuff was only in flashbacks. That's a major positive, along with Purple Elf and Honey Lee.
I'll probably try it for Jang Hyuk, too, but it's very low on the list right now, unless I start hearing a lot of raving.

Moon River

On ep 6 or 7, I think. Whichever one the guy in leather pants ends up sharing a room with Our Heroine.
I think I'm on 14 or so. Leather Pants Broody Eyebrow Boy was feeling betrayed by Tiny Mouth and is angry at Country Bumpkin for hugging him. Pumpkin Head is heartbroken but soldiering on in his pursuit of the rich bitchy girl who likes tiny hats, but now they've all spent time in the country at Bumpkin's house and after a near death experience, LPBEB and CB have confessed to each other and are smiley smiley smiley. It's all about to change. Apparently, one of the martial arts guys from CB's home is all into her!
This sounds a little exhausting, tbh.  
Anyway, here are some screenshots, just because:
 He's a broody musician type.
 If she had played ShaSha, I might've been more impressed.
 I make this face a lot when watching K & T dramas.
Good nose.
Dude. TMI. We're not in the kind of relationship where I need to know that.

Yong Pal

I finished it! I did! That extension was painful and pointless! But. That said, I didn't hate the show, and I at least enjoyed (in a rather perverse way, I'll admit) the gender reversal, where the leading lady was out for blood and the leading man was a useless lump of virtue who stayed by her side in spite of everything. All along, I wanted Yeo-jin to have her revenge thoroughly and mercilessly, and then I wanted Tae-hyun to leave because he couldn't stay with her after that, despite still loving her. Open ending - they still love each other, but they can't be together now. Later? Maybe. Maybe not. So I'm pretending that the drama ended with Tae-hyun and my favorite Sang-chul driving away and laughing at the end of episode 16. Episodes 17 and 18? Didn't happen. I don't know what you're talking about.

Other Stuff

I watched Sleepy Hollow and am pleased to say they're trying to get the Season 1 magic back. How? By doing a complete reset. 9 months have passed, the Witnesses have grown apart, their worlds have changed ... and have not. Because after S03E01, they realize they are still needed - and they still need each other. 
YES. Then I want back in!
Will it work? It might! So far, so good (still silly: the speed with which they identify the monster of the week), but I think it will depend on how they develop the relationship between Ichabod and Abbie. From the preview, it looks like an Abbie love-interest will appear (more serious than the one in Season 2) and I do hope that only means one thing: Ichabod gets to be jealous and will finally realize that maybe they're not just friends/colleagues. If they leave the relationship untouched and unproblematic, the show will tank (again).
They lost me in Season 2, and I never even peeked at Season 3. Why did they discontinue Almost Human, and let this one degenerate? Wae? Will I be forced to watch Season 2 if I want to start the new one? Assuming it's good enough to hold my interest. Decisions, decisions.
I'm gonna give it a shot. Isn't this one now, Season Three?
Yes, Season 3 just started last week! It's now a Thursday time slot show. And no, you don't need to watch Season 2 to understand Season 3. You just need to know that the stupid Katrina witch is dead

I think the only new-new shows I've watched so far are Fear the Walking Dead (love), Blindspot (liked, could really get into), and Heroes Reborn - which I hearted so much I literally squeed. Granted, that was residual love for the original show (minus the final season) but I think this show could do it again.
Just watched the first episode of Blindspot this morning! That could be a good one.

So, I had dropped Yong Pal and Hwajung, but I'm tempted to see Hwajung's very last ep just to make sure that show is over. Eh, who am I kidding, really? I don't care enough when there's that new Nirvana in Fire show and Six Flying Dragons etc.
I started to watch Nirvana in Fire and I'm impressed! So very different from KDrama. It is my first C-Drama! 
I've started NIF, and it feels like a movie.  However, there are so many characters.  So, I'm adding some screenshots below (I'm only 25 minutes in, and got so confused, I had to go back and screenshot).  I didn't bother with the king,  since there's no missing who he is.  Prince Yu is easily known since he gets lots of screen time; he's second from the left below. Same for the Crown Prince who is second from the right.  Maybe because I haven't watched a full ep, I don't know who the guy on the far left is, though.  
This is not in any order.  

Hello, my Elf Lord.

With headgear this complicated, how am I supposed to keep track?

See, she could've been queen too! At least have different sized headpieces.
Somehow, I don't think the characters will end here. This is getting into Three Kingdoms or Game of Thrones amount of characters where you need Wikipedia to keep track of everyone.

There must be a point to this kid in this show. 

Thai / LakornLand

I did recently finish my first-ever complete subtitle transcribe/edit job. That is my current number one lakorn and obsession. Mafia Luerd Munghorn (Dragon's Blood Mafia) is a series of five story arcs, set in the late 50's in what is known as the Chinatown of Bangkok. I completed the third arc, Krating (Bull), which stars Ken Theeradeth Wonpuapan and Cherry Khemupsorn Sirisukha. as young lovers torn apart, now turned into cold-blooded assassins a decade later. Ten episodes and over a month of sleepless nights later it's finally done. I'm now working on the fourth arc, but with much less fervor. 

This is him being adorable.
This is her protecting her man.
That leads me to more fun watches, though, most notably Porn Prom Onlaweng. The female leads soul gets trapped in the body of a little girl and falls in love with the doctor treating her comatose body. Yeah yeah, I know you are thinking of the Hong Sisters spectacular failure (Which Must Not Be Named), but so far I'm not getting any of those vibes. Thank goodness.
Porn Prom? Does anyone wear a wrist corsage of rubbers?
Hahahaha. No. It translates as "Chaotic Blessing". But be very careful of the spelling if you want to Google it. Just saying.