Rants and Weekly Raves #60 (RAWR)

Kakashi: Hu Ge makes this week's RAWR's headlines. I'm sorry, non-NiF watchers. Mainly because you're not watching this AWESOME drama, muahahahaaaaa. But isn't he beautiful?
Jaehyus: Yes, yes he is. And this is the best drama for sheer beauty that I've ever seen.  
So that contest we talked about the other week? It is going to happen! Our 1000th post will be a contest-post, by the famous PotUP contest maker lafer/KLnoona! Be sure to participate!
JoAnne: I looked! This will stretch our Squeeglet talents, but I know they can do it!

Twenty Again

Goddamit, show. What a mean stunt in your penultimate episode. There is a part of me that understands No-Ra. But not like this! You made Cha cry!! >.< Remember how we feared that they would not write her character right and how part of it was "please don't let her go from one man to another without becoming self-sufficient?" Yup. We got that. And I do appreciate it to be honest. She has not have had time to find her legs before - and as much as I feel for Hyun-Suk, he is overbearing in his need to protect her. I really liked how the drama makes him realize it too. That's the kind of person he is; self-less. "Let me go", she says, and he does...
... at least on the surface. Cause nothing is forever, right? (By the way, I got major coat envy. Gorgeous coat. Gorgeous man in gorgeous coat). I absolutely LOVED the final episode. What a fine gift this drama was. Let's hope I find the time soon to wrote one or two additional posts on it.
All's well, that end's well, I guess. She even got a default drama trope career which I won't mention because spoiler.
Episode 15 hurt me, until I realized that there were only 16 episodes. I was completely onboard with her decision... it just hurt. Episode 16 may well be one of the best final episodes I've seen in six years! Very pleased with this whole story arc. Really satisfying, really well done. Goodbye, No Ra~I won't forget you!

Six Flying Dragons 

I mean to start watching but just don't have the time right now. I'm so busy I forget to eat. 
I've seen the first couple episodes and I like it, I like it!  I need to catch up so I can actually talk about it.
Even the kids' episodes are so good.  I'm so happy with this one. I'm especially happy with dummy villain Gil Tae Mi and his fabulous outfits and how he knows everyone thinks he'll be easy to beat, but, instead, he's the best swordsman in the country.
Oh, he is so deliciously potentially evilly awesome. My love for this actor just grows and grows.

Cheer Up 

For those of you who have been there/done that with the incredibly cutthroat education scene in Seoul, this might not be a show you give a watch. Which would be too bad, because the heroine, Yeon Doo, is a cutie pie. She yells a lot, but she isn't screechy. The two male leads have the sweetest bromance ever, since at least King of Puppies and Woobie in School 2013. The budding interest between Yeon Doo and Kim Yeol is also very sweet, as is her friendship with the boy next door. We all agree that he's a bit off, that boy, but it's nicely done, and it looks like he's going to be one of the reasons the bitchy girl softens up. The teachers are all a hoot, with the exception of the (naturally) corrupt principal. Parents are a mixed bag but even some of them have a romance! In short, lots to see and enjoy here. First episode has some kinks, but they work it out.
I may watch a bit more just to see how things develop for the mean girl since she's a surprisingly complex and interesting character. Also, the male teachers are hilarious. I especially like Tommy Hong (can't think of him as anyone else after Alice in Cheomdandong.)
LOL, yes, he was good in that role. He's good in EVERY role. I agree with you that the mean girl isn't a flat character, at all. 
Nabi: This is so cute! I'm slowly working my way back into currently airing dramas, and this one was my gateway drug. I love everybody in it -- mostly the Real King club and their allies, because I'm a sucker for a hero, but that's totally Gong-Joo from Angry Mom playing Evil Mom this time! Love it!!!
yes, I totally stole this pic from Dewaani on Twitter

Village: Secret of Achiara 

People seem to like it more or less? But I will not watch it. Priorities. 
It's so good! I'm dropping a lot of stuff, but this will stay. I like the combined mystery and ghost story. I can't understand, though, why both Shin Eun-Kyung's daughter and sister are so angry at her for not being upset her husband's mistress is dead? Seriously, is this some Confucian thing where wife is elder sister to the concubine and so must "care" about her?
This is actually pretty good. I'm not crazy about some of the trippy camera work, but I'm totally into trying to figure out who did what already, and I just barely started episode 2.


I did not expect this to be good or to hold my interest, and so far, I am wrong on both counts. Okay, special effects are cheesy. Yes, I'm concerned on how they make this last for what? twenty hours? But I am really pleased to say that Kim Young Kwang is doing a great job as the idealistic, hotheaded young doctor with a deep tender streak and a majorly guilty conscience. Give it a shot.
Hated the first two eps. Pass! 

Glamorous Temptation 

I will check out Wookie in pain from time to time. 
I haven't gotten here yet, but I will. I will.


Never really started and also don't feel like it. 
Yeah, it got bad really fast. Plus, with a drama like Nirvana in Fire around, this just wasn't necessary for me.
I feel like I should at least LOOK for jjang Jang Hyuk's sake but...nothing I hear makes me want to try.  Perhaps I could just pick it up post embarrassing teenager episodes?
Wait until episode 20, then. Because really, they should've used younger actors to play 17 year olds. Even people in the twenties would do. The worst out of the ahjussis and ahjumma playing teenagers is the actor Yu Oh-Seong who is not boyish in any way at all and looks past 40. I get people probably aged early in those days, but come on!

She Was Pretty 

Only one ep this week, and to be honest, nothing really to say about it. I can barely remember it. I do remember the feeling of loving Choi Siwon, though.
Siwon was awesome as the awesome Shin Hyuk.  You can say nothing much happened, but a LOT happened, emotionally.  Hye Jin is back at Most and has been universally declared 'Most-like' although it's clear the love she gets upon return is for herself, and not her updated appearance.  Shin Hyuk, of course, thinks she was prettier the other way.  God, I love him.  

Oh, now I remember!  That was sweet!
I agree with him! She was more awesome in every way before the "makover" -- except for all the caterwauling. It turns out this is actually my first Hwang Jung-Eum drama, and I quickly understood why so many people have commented on her screechiness. Seriously grating, and not even consistent with her character as portrayed in the childhood flashback scenes, like at all. That's probably my biggest complaint with this drama, in fact. It's not just that she got "ugly" (which, No) after adolescence, it's that she had a total personality transplant, going from sunny and supportive with a bit of a kooky streak to completely f#@&ing crazed. But I'm going with it. It's a KDrama, Nabi, not War & Peace.
The big event goes off with a hitch, the effect of which is lessened by the surprisingly quick-thinking and eloquently crazy director. 
It's coming back to me. She was cool. 
The Room-Mate We've Come to Hate probably doesn't really deserve our hate, after all. She could use some compassion, and Shin Hyuk is gentle with her.  This really has been hard for the girl, and who hasn't been in that position of really, really wanting something and convincing yourself no one is getting hurt if you don't speak up?  
I never hated her, and saw her conflict.  It must be tough to fall in love and be in a bad situation like that. 
I never hated her either. I don't understand how a relationship built on lies at its most fundamental level could really be satisfying for her, even temporarily, but I've always recognized that her deception came from a place of weakness and vulnerability, not animosity.
And then, at the end, of course, we arrive at where we always knew we would:  Hye Jin in some sort of trouble, and both men rushing to be by her side.  Seong Joon has been a much, much nicer man all episode, too.
This was the first episode I didn't dislike him. I wonder why I forgot that? Oh, right, because Shin Hyuk takes all my love and attention. 
I never disliked Sung-Joon either! I have been thinking a lot about KDrama bully-heroes lately (and I will get back to that post-in-progress one of these days, I swear!) and was curious going into this one to see how Sung-Joon would stack up, based on comments I read before I actually started watching. I have to say I never found him as off-putting as others seem to have. I haven't exactly been swooning for him either, but then nobody in this drama has my ovaries jumping up and down yet. I'm probably distracted by all the screeching...

Kiss Me (Thai) 

I watched the first two episodes of this last night - very cute. They've softened the edges of the problematic details that prevent this story from being a fave for a lot of people. Tenten is not just an unfeeling automaton; when they first encounter each other it's clear he thinks she's a cutie pie - which she absolutely is. Once he realizes who she is, he becomes colder - but he does have a reason of sorts. As for Tiliw, she's not a crazy stalker - at least not so far. She meets a handsome boy under favorable circumstances, has some reason to think he might be interested in return, and she makes her interest known. As of the end of the 2d episode, she's realizing that there's an issue but doesn't know why. Just as they're about to become housemates, of course. Since any version of this story is one of my all-time favs, I'll continue watching. Just as with Full House Thai, the combo of Mike and Aom might just make this my favorite of all.  
Full House Thai remains the only Lakorn I ever watched (and probably ever will). But for Mike and Aom, I might check this out!  

My Daughter Geum Sa Wol 

Are any of us watching?  I still want to get to it, but the time I meant for it got stolen by Nirvana in Fire.

I Have a Lover 

There are people raving about this.  I am willing to consider that my dismissal of it after 1 episode might have been hasty...but I'm still not feeling a particular need to add this to my roster at the moment.  On the List of Someday, Maybe, it goes!  Are ANY of us squeecappers watching?  If not, this is the last time it'll appear on the list.

Moon River

Haven't been able to see this for a while.  I think I'll save it for Thanksgiving since it's hardly going anywhere.
Right now we're in the stage where misunderstandings start.  I hope it goes fast.

Nirvana in Fire

Somebody save me (from craving this all the time). It's CRACK. I keep trying to pin down who my favorite character is but ...... they're kinda ALL my favorite? Well, not the Crown Prince, of course, but even his character is compelling. For this week, I think I'll settle on General Meng as my favorite. Because he is funny and he makes me laugh. And because I just know that this show will make me cry a lot. TT_______TT
Agreed, it's crack. Beautifully written, beautifully filmed, beautifully cast. It's everything I ever wanted from Empress of China and never got.  I wonder why, though, the Duchess was never married off to one of the Emperor's sons?  He has others than the ones shown, too, so one of them could've been pushed into an marriage with her.  Plus, her marriage is politically important since hers is a strategic border fief (a similar situation would be the importance of Northumberland to medieval and Rennaissance English monarchs).
I've seen two episodes. There's a huge cast. I sort of have them all straight, position-wise, but I keep confusing them in person. Everyone is right, it's a good story and it's gorgeous.


Jane the Virgin is back! Hahahaaaaaa. It started off so well into Season 2! And I'm so Team Michael. What a sweet, sweet man. Baldoni is a bit hotter though. But I'm going for character.
Baldoni has character, too!  I do feel for Michael, but his days are over.  I have a feeling, though, that I'm going to get really pissed off at Jane this season, because she's going to bounce between both guys.  I may get pissed off at the show, too. They are clearly taking the tack that the story lies in keeping Jane and Rafael apart, and I'm not sure I want that story.  Loved the cameo by his real life wife and baby girl (the pretty woman next to the lactation consultant who told her to move into the sun.)
Sleepy Hollow. Well, this episode (3) bored me. The story is just too dumb. But Nicole Beharie is so beautiful. I want more smart and beautiful women like her on TV.
Still haven't seen this...but I did see American Horror Story: Hotel and The Walking Dead. Both interesting beginnings for the season.

I watched the first episode of a J-Dorama called The Girl's Speech on Viki last night. Like, like, like. It's already completed and only 10 episodes long. Set at a prestigious high school, an underdog girl is elected President of the Student Council by her snobby classmates as a joke. There's a mysterious wheel-chair bound observer in the neighborhood, and with his help, the girl flips the joke around and motivates the student body to become better people. I very much like the two leads, although I'm not overly familiar (or familiar at all, in the casse of the girl) with either of them. It's called Gakko no Kaidan in Japanese, and the leads are Suzu Hirose and Ryunosuke Kamiki.