We Have Our Winner....

....although we are all winners when we get to gaze at the beautiful dimpled smiles of those fine actors.
Sorry, no contest, ladies. Even scruffy
dimples look great on me
This was one of the easier contests, I'll admit, although a few thought Joo Sang Wook was Jang Hyuk and several people were convinced Lee Min Ho was in there somewhere! We did have multiple correct entries, so the winner was picked at random. Congratulations Roia! Your chosen shade of Etude House lip gloss will be on its way shortly (via Switzerland, where Kakashi lives, because life is complicated).

Why didn't you include my dimples? Look
how big they are!
So tell me, dear readers, besides Lee Min Ho, who else should have been included in the contest? (And how did all of you know Kim Tae Hoon? Because honestly, the roles I've seen him in, he wasn't smiling much.) Let us know your favorite dimpled guy.
Don't you remember that I always got you the most
page views? How could you forget me???