What The Heck Is Going On? Episodes 3 and 4 (A HyoCap)

Shuk: So we have our Little Girl Gone. Anna is now 15 years younger than Ilwoo, so she has changed from a cougar to a kitten. What will happen now?
Jaehyus: Some inappropriate and weird stuff.

Ep 3

Back to Anna shocked that Granny's tarot card granted her wish to be 15 years younger than Ilwoo. Her friend, the one who was exercising at the shop the day before, and is called Sini, comes in and says, "who are you?" Anna tells her, "it's me, Anna." Sini doesn't believe her, so Anna says tells her things like Sini's real cup size that only Anna would know and the tarot card, the Tower, that Anna picked yesterday. Sini is shocked at first, but then calmly accepts the situation and helps Anna find something to wear.
Since Sini already understand the nature of fate (and Tarot), I can see her coming to that understanding pretty swiftly. So luckily Anna has an adult on her side right from the get-go.
Ah, good point re Sini.

Later at the shop table, Anna finally remembers her phone. Sini calls it, but no answer. And then she remembers, way, way late, that she left crazy Sora in the shop with her phone. (Recapper's note: I can accept the weird wish coming true because this a magic-based story, but forgetting a phone in this day and age? Never.)
That’s my beef. Tempest (my 6S) stays glued to my hand or hip. Or nightstand. Always. And thanks to drama-watching, I have chargers and/or backup batteries everywhere. No running out of juice on a dark road for me, no sirree.
Look at you showing off your glamorous 6S (envious).
Oops, Pretty Ilwoo comes in.
Ooh, is that another look of confusion? He’s really good!
He's a natural.

Amazing how much Anna forgets about him considering she knew she was getting a proposal but didn't tell him Granny had an emergency that same evening, or let him know she was back home afterwards. Seriously, does she even think she is in a relationship with him?
I agree. It’s almost like he’s student or something, not someone she plays tonsil hockey with, no matter what she told Psycho...err...Sora.

Anyway, Anna makes the excuse that Adult Anna had an emergency for a while and had to leave for some days.  Surprised, Ilwoo asks who she is and notes her resemblance to Anna.  And Sini says this is Hanna, Anna's daughter.
Had Anna showed him any child photos of her? Because I don’t think I’ve ever shown my guy pics of me any younger than high school, with very few exceptions.
They don't seem to have shared much considering they were ready to marry.  In fact, now I wonder if Ilwoo wanted to propose because he couldn't get close to Anna?

Both Ilwoo and Anna, now Hanna, are surprised, and Ilwoo seems emotional, even a bit hurt.
I think it was his brain hurting from trying to couple the logic train together. Still, he has a good heart, and doesn’t automatically cry foul.
Really, even though Anna doesn't actually have a child, it does seem like she's not taken Ilwoo seriously as a man. Yet, Ilwoo shocked at this news as he rightly should be, since he's been dating Anna for a while now and hasn't been told anything even though he was about to propose (okay, Anna didn't actually have a child, but from his point of view, he doesn't know that), fixes his expression from this:

... to this sweet smile for Hanna/Anna:
Mood whiplash!
Then, Ilwoo tells her that he's her mother's close friend. Aw.
It’s not exactly like he’s had time to compose a great speech. But I admit it was a nice beginning. And he called her beautiful, which is near and dear to a woman's heart no matter what age.

Ilwoo asks Sini about Hanna's care, and when Sini says she will care for Hanna, says he will do it. Double Awww.  Hanna thinks so too, because she agrees.
Why wouldn't she? She will get to see the boy in all his manly glory. Cohabitation hijinks! Well sort of anyway. On a tiny rant though, shouldn't he wonder about things like clothes, schoolbooks, toothbrush, phone, IPad, XBox-360, and anything else a kid ought to have while traveling?
Tis amazing what Ilwoo calmly accepts.

Some Requisite Nosy Ahjummas see Ilwoo and Hanna walking by,
and, dun dun dun, so does Crazy Sora, still hanging onto Anna's phone.  Amusingly, Ilwoo doesn't even notice Sora glaring at him from her truck.
Who cares about Tae Kwon Dodo. She isn't the droid he's looking for. 
Laughing at "Tae Kwon Dodo"!  Perfect description, though insulting to the late Dodo bird species.
At the coffee shop, Jinwoo, Ilwoo's Proposal Practice Friend, is shocked Anna has a child and didn't tell anyone. Ilwoo, dedicated boyfriend that he is, says Anna must've had her reasons. He's so dedicated!
Jinwoo has a point, but neither young bachelor are focused on the work they just agreed to with this kid, even if she is VERY mature for her age. 
They probably don't realize the work involved with kids, even 10 year olds.  Until my friends had kids and roped me in at every opportunity to help them out, I had no clue.

Sora storms in, yuck.
I'm waiting for her next age-related rant. "You're too young for him. You don't even have all your adult teeth, little girl. He deserves a more grown up woman like me."  Breasts don't make a woman, Psycho. And clearly you don't have the stuff.
She doesn't compare to either Hanna or Anna in poise or beauty.
She starts in on Hanna, a kid, for being Anna's daughter. Anna-in-Hanna (does that make sense?) calmly demands the cellphone back, and Sora gets all indignant that Hanna knows who she is because that would mean Anna has been talking about Sora. (Recapper's note: oh, come on!) Sora has the nerves ask Ilwoo why he is looking after Anna's daughter and Ilwoo tells her calmly, "Anna's daughter is my daughter. Mind your own business, and leave."
I have to admit, that's a pretty responsible and level-headed response, Ilwoo. Take note AinH!! He's not just smooth and unwrinkled and slightly dim!
Nope, not just a pretty face, but a pretty heart.

(Recapper's note: swooooooonnnn!!!) And Anna-in-Hanna's doubts about Ilwoo's devotion appear to be fading fast. Then, Ilwoo checks on Hanna that she's okay while Sora runs away. Stay away, you horrible creature!
If this was a lakorn, we would be throwing a Buddha necklace on her to dissolve her whiny bad-intentioned self. Also, since Jinwoo ran after her, does he like her?? Yuck, I think I just thew up a little in my mouth.
Judging from the opening credits, quite possibly Jinwoo does like her, which, just no.  Not until she's had plenty of therapy, or spent some time underground fighting in Thailand or Hong Kong.

Next, The Nosy Ahjummas go to Jinwoo's Mum's salon and gossip about Hanna as Anna's daughter, and Anna and Ilwoo dating.
All I hear are hens. Cluck-cluck-cluck-brrr-cluck-cluck. Like this.
(Good cluck-cluck link.  Got it saved now.)
That causes Jinwoo's Mum to get furious and almost yank one of Nosy Ahjumma's hair out. Then she storms into the coffee shop. She's not just Jinwoo's Mum, but Ilwoo's Aunt By Marriage. She screams at Jinwoo, and then starts on Ilwoo for dating a woman with a kid.
No doubt she looooooooves Psycho. They seemed to be well-matched banshees. Geez, can't she be supportive of either boy? She clearly hasn't been using gloves when handling all those toxic hair chemicals. 
Somebody has to be the all-important mother-in-law figure to make life hell for Our Heroine.
Ilwoo protests her speaking so harshly with Hanna right there, but Jinwoo's Mum doesn't care.  
The episode ends with Anna-in-Hanna upset at the prejudice against her marrying a younger man like Ilwoo.
It's not like she didn't know that some people would see it in a negative light. Heck, SHE sees it in a negative light sometimes. And she's old enough to bear the pressure. But it is sweet that he wants to protect the surprise stepdaughter.
Jinwoo's mom needs to raise a poodle, not a son.
Ep 4

Woah, this episode is packed!  So, what do we first see? Ilwoo's fabulous house which Anna has clearly never visited before.  (Recapper's note: weird.)
It's pretty. I want to visit it! And you're right, clearly this relationship isn't broken, but it's badly badly sprained.
It's huge!  And even if they were being super-conservative about things, they each have a friend who knows about their relationship, and who could've visited the house with Anna.
She smiles to see a cartoon painting of a little boy with glasses on the wall.  Ilwoo invites her in, and makes her a delicious pasta dinner. Anna-as-Hanna picks out the broccoli, because, as she explains, it looks like an elephant ate something off a tree and threw up.  Well, that's poetic.
Ilwoo looks pretty here.
Ilwoo notices the resemblance to Anna as Hanna's mum, and then chugs down a beer ending with a cute Aahh. Since I'm the recapper and Jaehyo fangirl, I'm just going to leave this gif here:
[Shaking head and muttering "sasaeng"under my breath]
[Not yet, just wait.] 

Anna totally wants the beer, but gets offered juice. Then she says she'd like coffee with a double shot latte (Recapper's note: people have strong tea and coffee before bed in my family, so I didn't actually find this weird), but Ilwoo gets her juice, laughing off the coffee as Anna's taste and saying he knows it well. While in the kitchen, he tries calling Anna again, but still no answer. He returns to to see Anna-as-Hanna chugging the beer.
Okay, I gotta say this. Anna isn't using a single almost-40 brain cell in her head. She should be thinking about (a) how to break the spell; (b) how to make it through this trial; and (3) HOW NOT TO MAKE ANYONE SUSPICIOUS OR READY TO TAKE HER TO CHILD PROTECTIVE SERVICES. Drinking beer? Chincha?? I've decided maybe he is the smarter one of the couple.
He's trying to take some responsibility, unlike Anna.

Thinking fast, Anna pretends to be asleep, and Ilwoo puts her to bed, and then she say, "Ahjussi, I'm scared."  And Ilwoo promises to stay by her and pats her hand, which Anna loves.
And she's a manipulative little brat.
Sad thing is, some kids will act like this.
While Ilwoo is sleeping, Anna pervs on him a bit.  If he had awoken, he would've seen Hanna, but we get to see the adult Anna squeeing over Ilwoo's face and how much he excites her.
Since she's never been in his house and is behaving this way, I now surmise that her convo with TKDodo was a complete and utter bluff, and she never has swapped spit with her boyfriend. Much less touch any naughty (or non-naughty) bits. 
Ditto.  It's not like he was familiar with her home either, or he would've questioned the daughter-out-of-nowhere because no evidence.

But she also sees how he is still a kid, says, "thank you for the proposal, Ilwoo, but you shouldn't be hurt by me. I love you Ilwoo."  And she kisses him on the lips.  (Recapper's note: inappropriate for Ilwoo to be sleeping on the bed with the little girl. He could've made a bed on the floor.)
I found the whole scene more squick that squee, but mostly on her part. Dude, he's in a coma! But yes, he should not have been under the covers with AinH. On top of the covers would have been much better in my eyes.
Some kind of physical separation, yes.
I want to see the Behind-the-Scenes for this.
Next morning, we get to see these kimchi pots so we know again that we're in a small town:
The kimchi pots of tradition.
Anna admires herself in the mirror, loving how she has smooth skin and no cellulite.
See rant above. Focus, Anna, focus!
Also, weird.  If I were suddenly 10 years old, and I think this would be true of any grownup, I wouldn't be squeeing over sudden prepubescnce, but freaking out.
Also, she's not hit puberty and is very much a child, not an adult who could date Ilwoo.
Ilwoo then brushes and dresses Hanna's hair with some hair things he happened to have around.
Soft filter and romantic music while a 25-year man brushes a 10-year old girl's hair? Really, Show? Anna-in-Hanna loves the pampering, even though she ends up with this:
They giggle it off together. 
Ilwoo finally notices that Hanna has not got any clothes like pyjamas, dresses, or her own phone and suggests they go shopping later.  That gets him a hug.  

Next, we see Anna with Sini looking up Granny's card, but the card is so old, they can't find any data. (Recapper's note: I'd be searching for people getting their wishes granted by Tarot, but that's me.)
They can't find anything, can't get any sense out of Granny either, and decide, instead, to watch porn. 
She's now been in that shirt for 24 hours. Eww.
I've noticed this in kdrama, that people happily sleep in and wear the same clothes for over 24 hours. 
No, really, this happened. 
We now see Sora trying to knock her two brain cells together while thinking, that kid seems suspicious.  She asks a detective agency to look up Hanna.
Wow, she has a lot of free time. Can she afford a detective, if her training skills suck so much her only client is a 7-year-old boy?
Thinking is hard work. 
Next, we see Hanna and Ilwoo shopping.  Anna wants something with bust pads because she still hasn't fully understood her situation. But when Ilwoo turns around from the clothes he's considering very seriously for Hanna (Recapper's note: snorted my kombucha out of my nose at Jaehyo examining little girls' clothes), she goes for regular, flat-chested 5th grader clothes.
Normal 25 year old man activity here, nothing to see,  move along.

Anna-in-Hanna loves shopping because it's totally getting rid of all her stress.  I think she's loving Ilwoo buying her stuff.  
Kudos to the little actress here. 
As they walk home, Ilwoo pulls Hanna out of the way of a motorbike, and then offers her his hand to hold. Anna remembers how, as an adult, she was embarrassed to hold Ilwoo's hand. He did want to hold hers, in public, and as they walked, but they, with her moving away first, pulled away when they saw people coming. Now, as a ten year old, she feels comfortable holding his hand.  (Recapper's note: weird.)
Agreed, weird. Everything appears to be all her hangups and negative. He's almost perfect (yeah yeah, Jaehyus, I know I know you told me so (Hee!)). Why does he even like her? And since in RL I have dated 14 years younger, I have no problem with public displays of affection, even when the local teppenyaki proprietress called me his mother. Watch him kiss the sweet-and-sour sauce off my fingers, ahjumma!
Woah, Shuk, you have skillz!
I would kill for that smile and that hand open to me.
He took her hand.
Conflicting thoughts.

As they walk off, Anna thinks, "is this what I'll feel when we're newly married?"  While, Ilwoo thinks, "Is this how I'll feel as a father?"
She's happy that her wish for PDA came true, but she's the one that refused in the first place.
Even if she was in her 30s, I could understand her silly thinking because that's a confused time where you still think superficial things matter.  But in her 40s, she should know to just grab the opportunities!

Cut to Hanna getting put into school. We'll just assume Sini got her a social security number and some fake school records or something. [Reality Streeeetch. But It's For The Good Of The Plot]  At any rate, the public school has some temporary procedures for taking Hanna in, so we'll leave it at that, and at Anna very annoyed at going back to the 5th grade:
Just think of the prepubescent smell.
As soon as she gets into class, she gets an admirer.
He's a little cutie.
Hanna fixes the problem by telling him she has a fiance.
Next, Anna has to suffer some rather effective-looking calisthenics. She gets out of it by telling the teacher she started her period.  (Recapper's note: rolling eyes now.)

And so, the episode ends with her relaxing in the shade.
Hmmf, I hate women who play that card.
Too cute.

Ilwoo is a devoted and affectionate boyfriend!  Seems like the main person with concerns about their age difference and other people's judging, is Anna. Ilwoo stands up for Anna against Sora, took Anna's hand, considered how she liked her food and drinks and is now looking after what he thinks is Anna's daughter. He keeps trying to get in touch with Anna, and is holding on to her fast, even without contact.
Yes. Writer-nim has him set up as Perfect Boyfriend Material. But I bet he still farts when he sleeps. Clearly, though, he has put much more effort into this relationship than Anna has. She knows almost nothing about him, while he has already categorizes her favorite foods, her mannerisms, and her speech patterns. 

However, I can understand Anna's self-consciousness.  In a judgmental society, she must feel very self-conscious at being so much older than her boyfriend, hence her furtiveness. But still, secret or open, what kind of relationship do they really have? Ilwoo seems devoted, but Anna hasn't seen his house before, Ilwoo knew nothing of her family life, and Anna doesn't seem to keep in touch with Ilwoo during the day. However, Anna is clearly gagging for some loving attention from Ilwoo, and he is clearly gagging to pamper Anna. And at Anna's age, she really ought to know to just enjoy the attention and go with the flow.
I'm really losing any interest in Anna right now. She gives cougars like me a bad reputation. I mean, what's the use of holding his hand now, when you can't pull him in for bigger and better things? And, yes, at her age, she should know that the next day is never guaranteed. The only teeniest smidgen of a boon I'll grant her is that (thankfully) I'm not a native of South Korea, and don't have societal pressures like her.

Quick Second Lead Note: Sora just needs to get caught out and cut out, and that's that. Jinwoo, please don't like her, even though you probably do.  

I love the child actress, Jo Eunhyeong.  This is really her show and she is rocking her role.  That last scene where she sits like a little ahjumma by the bushes was gold.  So was her "shall we?" in response to Sini's request to see a "fiery" movie.  
She's still much too shallow for my liking. When is going to plumb the depths of her own heart, instead of skipping along hand in hand looking for a way score another beer?
I put this in here to make you laugh, Saki. :)  [Tis Hilarious! ;-)]

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