NO! This is NOT a Rants and Weekly Raves (RAWR)

From time to time, we provide you with glimpses of what is going on behind the scenes of Squeecapping. It's a dark, brutal and twisted world, I tell you! For example: innocently, I opened up the post for our next RAWR (they tend to sit in draft mode for about a week before we post) and went to bed. The next morning, JoAnne had started a war. Enjoy.
JoAnne: So banner-worthy. So mine.
Kakashi: What if I won't make one though. TAKE THIS
Someone will. You watch.
Of course, I can just keep putting up pictures that would be perfect, to help that along.
I'm not that childish! I would never put up huge pictures of my biases just to irk someone. And anyway, I will tell Jing Dong. Ding Dong? Jin Dong!

*Eleanor sneaks into the RAWR*

*Eleanor tiptoes out again*
*comes back to check* JOANNE!!!!!
I'm pretty sure I won this round ;P

*becca enters* Four can play this game....
 And because I'm a consort, too....
*becca out*
My precious sweetheart laughs at your offerings.  Look at his smile!  It has the power to overcome polka dots!
However, it's important to consider your options
I'm just going to say, that my man sure knows how to kiss. *fans self* 
Plus, he's so dang adorable, it's almost unbearable. And then there's this. Men + babies = ovarysplosion. Kaboom!
And how about this? 

"You know what, you silly mortals? You do your thing, I'm out. I earn more than all of you combined and have 40 Mio followers on Weibo. Have a nice day."
Plus, I'm 10000000000000times funnier than you all.

"Haha, okay fine. I'm just going to sit here and look gorgeous is all." 
Bi says: Jo's been fickle over the years. I know I'm her Beloved. The others come and go, so this is just more of the same. In the end, she always comes back to me.
This is quite a shock for some others, though...