Rants and Weekly Raves #66 (RAWR)

kakashi: Haha, not a word written on Sunday evening! Are our RAWRs dead?
JoAnne: Not dead, I think, but several folks have drifted off... and you and I are mostly watching two shows that are being recapped - and recapped at double the pace of a normal show! There's not much else to talk about right now, I guess. But that's okay, right? It'll change again.
becca: I haven't been watching a lot of dramas lately because I'm gearing up for finals. Which apparently means that I spend all my time studying and mainlining U.S. procedurals. Slowly plodding along....
Jaehyus: Way, way out of things because of a stomach viral infection.  Just dropping in to say, GilTaeMi, I love you, and will miss you after this week.  Will write more for the next Rawr, probably all about my grief.  Be prepared. 
Nabi: I actually watched a bunch of stuff over the past couple weeks, but totally ran out of time to RAWR about them. And I don't have many screenshots yet either. I promise to write them up next week. Really. Pinky swears...

Oh My Venus

I'm all caught up. Some of you love this, I know! Well, I can't say I'm one of them. It's not that I don't like it, no ... but apart from Shin Min Ah and sometimes, So Ji Sub, I don't like the story at all. All that sad Chaebol-stuff... seen 10000 times before. Korea, do some original from time to time, please.
I have room for fluff with heart, so I'm happy for this. I don't really want them to spend much time on Young Ho's daddy issues, though, it's true. What I like about this one is the 'unpretty' girl who still has a lot of the determination and self-respect she had back when guys were knocking down her door. She's lost ground, yes, and gotten sloppy to say the least - but she's still that girl in her head. And I like that the 'cold chaebol' actually isn't cold at all, just a bit reserved in a rather normal way. And of course the fun of his crew doesn't hurt. I'm looking forward to what comes out of Young Ho's showing up in the nick of time re Mr. Stalker this week.
Those boys are cuteness. This is probably the only show I'm caught up on.
See, I have zero issues with the OTP. They're great and I even like the characters. And the boys are a nice add-on (even though Henry's character annoys me). But I am very annoyed at KDrama for not focusing on scripts. It's just not enough anymore to take the few "winning ingredients", shake the bag, and make a drama out of it. NiF and Disguiser spoil us? No, actually, every production should try to be as good as this!
I caught up, too! And I agree with all of you.

After 5 and 6, I think I must say no to this. Basically everything annoys me about it. I'll shut up now though! No ranting after this. Over and out.

Reply 1988

I don't know why you don't watch these. If you don't participate in the shipping wars, they don't exist for you. I ignore them. I know who I think she'll end up with, and usually I want the person that's intended...I guess if you always fall for the second lead that's an issue, but I don't honestly get it when that's the situation. There ARE times when just going by the story maybe you can't really tell for sure what's happening, but as our friend says - there's always the cast list. In any case, the REST of the story is a lot of fun, with a look at a particular time in another country. It's fun to see what was happening then, what was popular - and to see that some of those things were the same for me at that time, too. And they really do a good job with the families.
Aren't many people watching, in fact? Everybody tweets about it. And you're all sure that you know this time. As I said last week, I'm laughing.

Other Stuff

Shows I'm behind on, again or still: Bubblegum, D-Day, Six Flying Dragons, Achiara, Moon River, Kiss me (Thai). Shows I haven't even started but want to see:  Awl, Love Me If You Dare, that one with TOP and the Japanese girl. (I saw that one! Kind of cute, but weirdly working against its format, I thought. At least TOP always has a lovely voice.) Shows I figure I'll never get to: Geum Sa Wol, Savage Family, Gaekju. Shows that have been recommended that I'd like to check out: Legend of Zhen Huan, Legend of Entrepeneurship (are they the same?), I Wanna Be a Suptar.  American Shows I'm watching:  Jane and iZombie (they keep getting it right), The Walking Dead (like I'd ever give it up even if they didn't.)
Finished my Dr. Champ rewatch! It's even better the second time through. Other than that, I've managed to fit in a couple episodes of Love Me If You Dare, but mostly I've just had old episodes of Life and Mystery Science Theater 3000 playing in the background while I study.
Do you mean the Life with Damian Lewis? I loved that show...well, Season 1 that is.
The one positive thing I can say about KDrama is that most of them are so alike and mediocre, it does not even matter if you miss a few. Or many. The next one will come along and because it's going to be similar to all the stuff you've missed, you don't really miss anything. I'm sure Awl is the exception.
By the way, I ship Jane with her writing professor. Please make her be sensible and ditch both of the annoying men for good.  
Oooh, yes - he's hot and cranky, always a good pair-up for me! That actor is busy lately - he's also Cookie's 'boyfriend' on Season 2 of Empire, which I always forget to say I'm watching. His name is Adam Rodriguez, and he's been around for a while - I used to watch him way back when on CSI: Miami. I wouldn't be unhappy if that happened. In fact, I'm quite sure it's in the works. Otherwise, why would they bother making the writing professor quite so handsome?
I used to watch him way back when he was on Roswell! He really is quite pretty, but his affect always struck me as a bit flat. Maybe he has improved a lot since then, or landed projects that are a better fit for him?
I THOUGHT that was him. It wasn't mentioned when I checked his bio, or at least I didn't notice it, so I didn't say anything - but yes, that would have been the first place I saw him, also.
Awl is good, and yet I forgot about it completely. Oh well.

Wang Kai Update

Crazy stuff happening on Weibo! Eleanor is famous! And my first ever interview has been translated into Chinese :D well, Eleanor wrote more, but still! We'll do another interview soon because we will never top this in terms of attention, I'm quite sure :D