Rants and Weekly Raves #67 (RAWR)

Jaehyus: Just leaving SoJiSub saying Ah over here: 
JoAnne: He sort of looks like a Tim Burton drawing.
kakashi: Hi! I'm not even here (I won't say anything about how he looks here either)
Bcook: What happended to my husband??! (I'm late to the party but fashinably so *wink* )

Sweet Savage Family

Also been watching Sweet Savage Family.  Now, I've nearly always found the second lead scary.
 But not after that dance!

Six Flying Dragons 

Oh, Gil Tae Mi, I will miss you and your fabulous eye makeup so! I think what I liked so much about GilTaeMi was his ability to be totally in the moment always, to never miss a chance to enjoy himself, his funny hand movements, his quick changes into a deadly killer and yet still be totally, and completely himself. For instance, he got chased out of his house, and his main complaint was not having had breakfast. Then, when he was hiding out at the gisaeng house, he got all excited at the makeup even though most people would be worrying about escaping. 
It's weird, but for all he's such a master swordsman and all, Gil Tae Mi is a happy person. His understanding of the world is a bit simplistic and he's not that bright, although he's definitely knowledgeable about swordplay and fighting, and he just follows whoever he's fanboying over, but mostly, he's cheerful and happy and funny. Just be on his good side. :-) Anyway, this was my main pain this week: losing Gil Tae Mi.
This is will be my Christmas break marathon, I think.

Oh My Venus

Have they hit maximum fan service levels yet? I think perhaps not, but I'm not sure if I can take more, what with my blood pressure and all. This week found our hero falling hard for our heroine, who likes him back but doesn't take much crap, all the same.  And what is UP with our friend enemy Fuck Ears? For those who prefer a cuter name, sort of, feel free to go with Poo Shit*. Anyway, what gives with the weirdness?
*It rhymes with Woo Shik, and marks the return of Shuk and me, collaborating on names.  We giggled like 10-year-old girls.
*giggle* I'm so ready for maximum fan service!! I've got everything I need ready (inhaler, pen and paper to mark where to take screenshots, blanky for squeeing, broom to sweep up ovary pieces). I'm absolutely in love with them. Not sure who's bringing the chemistry but their cup spilleth over...
Subbie, not looking like a Tim Burton drawing.  Shin Min Ah, like the adorable thing she always is

Reply 1988 

So, I kinda like the SunWoo/Bo Ri pairing. Especially with that little back story we got. That removes him from contention permanently, too. I know Taek isn't it either, folks, but I just want to shut down all the crap from people who can't put two and two together, you know? It's not ME who's confused, I'm just saying. So let's get Taekkie settled happily this week, can we?  And then we can all just wallow in the oh-my-god-he's-so-adorable grumpy sweetness that is Jung Hwan.
I need to get on this.
Whoever did this, I love you

Love Me If You Dare

Picture me, flailing about helplessly, torn between the cases each week which lead us closer to Flower Cannibal #1 (yes, really), and watching an awkward robot with the sweetest face and cutest ears ever fall deeply, adorably in love. PLUS there's a bromance, and a second lead who's not even actually a second lead, really, and never had a chance at the girl - had so little chance with the girl that even HE knew he had no chance - and yet, because it's Wang Kai, you love him even though the lead is Wallace Freaking Huo, he of the insanely beautiful face and the most adorably delicate elfin ears of all time. I love him so much I don't even mind that he was in some show with this outsize man bun. Yes, I still think he looks good.  And I plan to watch all the Huo things, now.  PS here's another good thing about Love Me if You Dare:  you can play 'spot the NIF stars' because they pop up everywhere, and they are hard to recognize out of period attire.  I mean, other than Wang Kai.
Look how big that thing is 
Something died on his head!!!! 
kakashi: Have you seen all the Hu Ge - Wallace gifs from the iQiyi Award show? I'm still laughing. Man, this is the best REAL LIFE bromance! Okay, even more funny than Hu Ge and Wallace is Jin Dong next to them, cracking up. He's like: WTF, leave me out of this! 
Look at his preciousness! Look at it! That jaw...
We'll go on a double-date, okay, JoAnne? 

Imaginary Cat 

Who watched? I wanna watch. But given a choice of watching Wallace Huo or the Baby Prince...I know who I'm picking.
No worries, it was so boring. Am disappoint.
Not even the cat can save the day? 
I'm not saying it didn't hurt a little, though.

Kiss Me (Thai)

I watched up to about episode 9 or 10 this weekend and it's so adorable I can't even stand myself while I watch it. It's like they took all the touchpoints we know and made them BETTER and fixed any of the problems people had with his assiness and her stalkerism. He's a bit assy, but clearly likes her from the start, in fact liked her when they were little; she likes him and is the sweetest thing on earth but is NOT quite the idiot she has been in other iterations. King is the boy who likes her, and he's just a muffin. I know this is not the case with most lakorns, which is why I avoid them..but honestly, if I were to judge by Full House Thai and Kiss Me Thai, I'd think that the Thai people were about the sweetest people on earth. And that Mike and Aom were the only OTP they ever had, but that'd be okay with me, because they are so good together.


Started Nirvana in Fire again. I'd forgotten how insanely beautiful the show is, but, I'm in the late 30s, and I have to say, the storyline is getting a little bogged down. Anyway, I'll push through for now and see how Master Su gets out of his current predicament, if it is a predicament for him.
I don't think I had any thing else, really. The Walking Dead is on hiatus now and life has very little meaning. Besides, I worked like eleventy-seven hours this week and between Nirvana and Wallace, there wasn't much time for anything else. Now that Disguiser has been licensed to Viki, the fan channel is down. They haven't replaced it with official episodes yet so I can't watch and that's what gave me room for Wallace. I try really hard to be angry that I couldn't watch any Disguiser this week, but then I look at Wallace and I forget.
Who is this Wallace and where are you squeeing over him?
Wallace Huo, the handsomest man in all of China. (Excuse me?! You are mistaken *goes and makes another Hu Ge banner*) On Viki. After this one, I've had recommended to me Legend of ChangSa and sort of warned/recommended Journey of Flower as something 'a bit different.' How could I resist THOSE words?
Battle of Changsa la.... viki link.
kakashi: Disguiser got licensed?! I didn't know! That's great news. I stopped at episode 34 because it's too damn intense and because I don't want it to end... I'll do a few more Nirvana in Fire recaps before switching back to Ming Tai.
I've been catching up on Doctor Who while I wait for the next 2 episodes of #OhMyVeryHotHusband. It been quite good! Still not sure about Peter Capaldi (I need subtitles sometimes and I pride myself in diciphering the scottish accent but he mumbles!!!!!) but very happy to see Clara go away. (She may have known him best but they had no chemistry what so ever...plus she talked to fast). Anyways NETFLIX HAS ALL EPISODES UP TO MATT SMITH!!! So erm yeah...thats what the rest of my week looks like.