Rants and Weekly Raves #68 (RAWR)

kakashi: Hi, hi! This RAWR is late because ... well, nobody had to say anything until recently. It's a sad state of affairs... 
Jaehyus: Hi Everyone! OMV was a bit boring the past couple of eps, and I'm now on the fence regarding SFD. And they're the main ones after WuXin for me.
bcook: gives side eye. OMV boring?! are we watching the same show? 
Shuk: 'Tis the season. The very busy season, between family holiday events and the craziness at work during the end of the year. But I still wanted to pop in and wave. [waves]
JoAnne: I worked until 9:30 then came home and fell asleep.  Tonight is another night, my friends! Do we make this a final RAWR for 2015, and do the Best of/Worst Of in place of RAWR for the next couple weeks, then come back in January?
kakashi: Yes. I went to bed at 8:30pm and woke up at 6:30 this morning. Now I feel like sh**. Too much sleep kills.
Works for me! I've been doing 12-13-14 hour days for close to 3 weeks now and that won't really stop until Christmas Eve. The week I'm off is filling up rapidly (I get to meet Trot, for one!) so it's really just more of the same, but with cookies :)

Oh My Venus

Wow. Just wow. OhMyVenus is turning out to be the sort of drama I wish all dramas were *sideeyeing Mask and DDay* Yes OhMyGanzi follows a very obvious kdrama formula but who cares! Its got everything that'll make you forget you've seen this theme.  Chemistry? check, hotties? check, well paced stories? (kinda) check, Squeeing so hard your mouth is in permanent smile position....check check check!!! I haven't been this excited about a drama since my beautiful bride. The only day and time in my week that makes sense is Tuesday, 8pm when both episodes are fully subbed. I'm worried though, we're heading into the double digit episodes and there's a chaebol family fight about to go down...this could spell disaster for my OTP (and my joy). 
So I'm appealing to writernim and pdnim, *turns to camera 4* writernim stay true to your vision. The relationship between these two people is what matters. The show is riding on high ratings it will survive a slight decrease ols pls for the love of cherry blossoms don't fuck this up for me. PDnim, I've noticed a couple of editing lapses...they've been slight so I have forgiven them but please stay focused, keep the pace up and FIGHTING!! 
becca: Who is this? Is it bcook? I feel like you're bcook. Hiiii! *waves*
Yup! it's me! this is my new color (i swear to goodness in a kitten basket if somebody swipes this one there will be hell to pay on this earth and the next...we're talking generational curse...but hey. no hard feelings right?) and OMV is my weekly drug.
I am really really enjoying this so far. But then, how often do you get a female lead that is a shrinking violet in the best sense of the word! Lawyer Kang has a realistic sense of self-confidence. Does she want to be thinner/healthier? Yes, but that doesn't stop her from facing everything head on and standing firm. And to Coach, that is more sexy than any of plastic chaebol Barbie Dolls that Grandma is sure to parade in front of him. And the F3 kids are just adorable in their adoration of Lawyer Kang. I want to live there too. [cries]
Someone explain the family situation with the dad, stepmom and the half-brother. And, of all things, what got to me today was the stepmum speaking formally with her own husband. Just why.
Dad is the son-in-law who stepped into the position vacated when his wife died since there were no other blood-related family members.  Mum is his second wife, and her son is from a previous marriage.  It appears that Mum actually genuinely cares for Grandma, even though she's not technically her mother-in-law.  Dad, I think, is not entirely the ass he's been edited to appear, but that remains to be seen.  I think that there are definitely some marriages in Korea where husband and wife use more formal language with other.  They certainly aren't close, if he didn't even tell her he had cancer. Now that Young Ho is of age to take control of the business, Grandma is booting out son-in-law and his family. That apparently was always the plan and father was aware of it, but perhaps mum didn't realize that meant Grandma would kick them to the curb so completely. Unless Dad contributed to her daughter's death...I really find Grandma to be about the biggest bitch in the show.
She really is eh? She must not watch kdramas. I mean she's practically INVITING a corporate takeover with her shinanigans. I mean did Young Ho ASK you to kick them out of the house that he's NOT going to be living in? #frustrating To add to Jo's reply on language older married couples use formal language as a sign of respect. In second wife's case it's probably also to show the distance between them probably brought on by his guilt at trucking his son off and (probably) bringing his mistress into the house (i'm thinking her son is also his son but since grandma is all about the bloodlines, half brother doesnot exist). 

Six Flying Dragons

Might lose me because no one is filling Gil Tae Mi's fabulous eye shadow and hanboks yet, and the whole Scooby Gang in a cave thing is getting annoying. The first 18 eps were fantastic, though, and why I'd put this on my best of 2015 list.
It's okay. I'm going to marathon this sucker over the break, and I cannot wait.

WuXin The Monster Killer

It's seriously good. I've gone up to ep 10 these past few weeks, and it's only 20 eps total.  It's totally crazy in a good way including a cutie-pie evil witch in a red cloak with paper doll minion demons, 

and an immortal being, WuXin, who can't remember the last few hundred years, but is totally and completely in love with the heroine who is a perfect housewife-type.  It seems to be set in the early 20th century in China and is filled with warlords in khaki capes and military caps, and who also, for some weird reason, have lots of wives each, even when they only look 24 or 25 like this kid: 

Actually, the witch and that warlord, both evil people, are worth extra pictures: 
This is also something I intend to watch. I can make a good start, at least!
It looks interesting! 

Nirvana In Fire

Overwhelming. Somehow the whole plot, while amazingly well-written, is still too long. Also, I feel sorry for Prince Yu and the Empress right now. Think I'll skip ahead to eps 50-54.
Recaps will continue soon, peeps, I'm just dealing with a special overload of Real Life right now. Also, I hope viki puts up Disguiser again soon
Me freaking too.

Other Stuff

Sageuk God of War is really good.  I've played it on and off for a couple of years, and wanted to drop that recommendation for anyone who likes sageuks.  The acting is not that wooden, and the rags to riches, specifically, slave to viscount, story of the hero is inspiring.  The costumes are lovely, and I often admire the earrings the women are wearing.  
kakashi: I watched Into the Badlands (all available eps) and did not like it much. It's trying to hard to be cool and the story is unoriginal. The script could even be called very bad. Plus, Daniel Wu may fight well, but I find his acting extremely wooden and limited. All in all, this is actually quite annoying, because it has potential and seriously fails.
It's too bad, really. My eyes enjoy him.
I was going to try and watch it...was already skeeved that the asian hero just Had Had to use swords as his weapon of choice. ugh. 
Jane the Virgin! What a cute and perfect end before the short hiatus. This show really does rather well with keeping up the good stuff (with only short spurts of annoyance) Doctor Who!!! That is all. 
Oh, I also finished Good Times (yup, without subs and with lots of ffwarding). Hu Ge is beautiful. The drama is very bad. You really don't need subs for it!
Despite my Lakorn-Love, I have been watching dramas from other countries too. The most recent is Rindu Awak / I Miss You 200%. It's a Malay drama from 2014, involving a contract marriage and a really really really unlikable female lead. Zil is an absolute hunk of a saint. or a saint of a hunk. Either way, he's very very easy on the eyes, and way too patient with Armel, who has infantile tantrums for no discernible reasons, and seems to have no rational reasons for any of her impulsive reactions. Please grow up! Part of my interest is how different the characters are to most of the dramas I watch.
As for lakorns, there are far too many to talk about! But I'll try to mention my current favorites. Probably the one with the biggest international fandom is the Thai adaptation of  Itazura na Kiss. The two leads are Mike and Aom, who also starred together in the Thai version of Full House. I have to say this is one of my favorite adaptations! It's clear he likes her and she's not a wimpy brainless pushover. There's an unfortunate delay in the subtitles for the final episodes, but 17/20 are available on Viki.
I caught up this past weekend, and I agree - it is probably the best adaptation yet. Unfortunately, I caught up right about the time what's-his-face the moderator decided to have an epic (and remarkably short-sighted) hissy fit. Oh well. Assholes abound, right?