Squeecappers' Worst of 2015

Let some ranting follow the raving! There were many, many BAD dramas this year, let's be honest...  but which ones were the worst? While there was quite a bit of diversity in what we liked, we seem to flock together in the things we hate... I see one very clear winner :D

SqueeCappers' FLOPS 


I dropped them all, the really bad ones or didn't watch more than the first episode. I've gotten so mature! (which is a problem for my KDrama watching score, I tell you) Let me list the ones I hated but watched more than 4 episodes: 

1) Blood (KBS2) - This one is easy. It's a Kdrama abomination and can serve as a showcase for what is wrong with Kdrama. Horrendous acting. Terrible writing. Uninspired, unoriginal, embarrassing. It should never have been made.
2) Hyde, Jekyll, Me (SBS) - Is this 2015's most amazind dud? I think it is. Remember how excited we all were about Hyun Bin's first after-army drama? And then ... well. What went wrong? Everything.
This was what Hyun-bin was supposed to look like.
3) Yong Pal (SBS) - Despite high ratings in Korea, this was almost as bad as Hyde, Jekyll, Me. It started off somewhat interesting, but quickly turned into unwatchable shit.

4) Kill Me, Heal Me (MBC) - I know this goes against the grain (and some Squeecappers liked this one), but I really could not watch beyond 10 episodes. Ji Sung was not enough to make this watchable for me. Hated almost everything about it.

5) Healer (KBS2) - *quickly calls Ming Tai to deflect kill squads*. Sorry, peeps. I need to list it here. Let me explain! I did watch this almost to the end, and I liked many aspects of it (though consider it extremely overrated overall). But there is something I ABSOLUTELY hated and it has to do with a thing I have come to really, really detest about KDrama. It's fanwars. I've been watching KDramas for many years now and we used to be a very tolerant, civilized community. That has changed. I'm not sure when it changed, maybe one or two years ago, but discussions on various online platforms have become sites of hate, narrow-minded dogmatism, and poisonous immaturity. I say NO to this. My enjoyment of this dramas was destroyed by it.
Okay, now I feel sorry for putting this here.


I'm usually very open-minded about shows: if I like them, I watch them. If I don't, I don't. These two were really bad, but I watched every bitter moment.

1) Blood (KBS2) - horribly acted, poorly plotted, cheaply made. There was one saving grace, and that was Ji Jin Hee and the Sex Chair. Okay, two saving graces: we got to make fun of a lot of things. I did enjoy that.
2) Birth of a Beauty (SBS) - I hated this drama with every fiber of my being. Even naming the asshole ex Fuck Ears did little to assuage my weekly rage. I just want to forget it ever happened.
(kakashi says: I think you already listed this last year! :D Your hate is great)
Generally speaking, if I am negatively impressed watching the first episode or two, I don't continue. These just happen to be the three that most negatively impressed me:

3) Mrs. Cop (SBS) - I think I watched two episodes; maybe it was one and a half.  It was the premise more than anything, I guess.

4) Hidden Identity (tvN) - This one made me sad... Bummie looked good and it had other actors I like, but it was just too ridiculous to continue.

5) Yong Pal (SBS) - There were some things I liked in the first episode, all having to do with Joo Won. Well, also that wife who pretends to be stupid but definitely is not. There were also things I did not like - all having to do with seventy-five re-showings of a certain car accident, and the weirdness of a woman in a coma/not coma together with her psycho nurse. Come on, really? No.


This was the year of learning to stay away from dramas that weren't my cup of tea, but there were still a few that I gave more time than they deserved. At least I was able to walk away from all but one. After a few years of forcing myself to watch to the bitter end, does this count as personal growth?

1) Yong Pal (SBS) - Soooo baaaaad. It started out okay - far from perfect, but it had some promise, and, more importantly, it was fun. And then it got worse and worse and worse and worse, and I just wanted it to end. Props for letting the heroine carry out her murderous, cruel revenge. Boo for wasting, well, pretty much all of the cast.
2) Kill Me Heal Me (MBC) - I initially thought I'd enjoy the insanity, but it wasn't long before it annoyed me and, even worse, bored me. It's a shame because I love the cast - even Hwang Jung Eum, in the quiet, more serious scenes - but, five episodes in, I realized I just didn't like the drama. So I dropped it.

3) Blood (KBS) - I waded through 11 episodes of this one! Don't ask why because I'm still not sure. It was vaguely enjoyable at times, but those times were few and far between. I fell behind and decided I didn't care to catch up.
4) My Unfortunate Boyfriend (MBC Dramanet) - One word: stupid. I could only watch two episodes before giving up. I... words can't even describe the strangeness. I think they were trying to create an endearingly naive (and slightly dim) character like Ho Goo, but instead they created... whatever that was. It wasn't endearing. It was rarely funny. It might kill brain cells.

5) Hyde, Jekyll, Me (SBS) - I tried. I tried so hard to like this drama. I argued in its defense. It wasn't SO bad as everyone said. It was only middling, not mediocre. And I did like it, for a pretty good stretch, although I never loved it. After I fell behind twelves episodes in, however, and it ended, I checked out the final episode and nearly flipped a table. I defended you, Show! I gave you the benefit of the doubt (almost) every step of the way! And then you did THAT. I disown you.


1 - 4) Blood (KBS2) - It sucked up all my hate and disgust for the entire year.
5) Koo Prab Chabab Hua Jai / Rivalry Hearts (Thai Channel 7) - This one deserves an honorable mention, I think. It just started in December 2015, but it looks every bit like a Thailand version of Heirs with Lee Minho. Rich, angsty kids driving to school in Porsches and BMW's. Check. Poor and pretty but honest girl. Check. Questionable fashion choices: Check. Then you have: (a) a stepmother who married the father so she could seduce the son (whom she had a vacation fling with in the States); (b) a horndog father who tells his son that he plans to seduce the Poor and Pretty girl first, then the two of them can share her afterward; (c) P&P's vain best friend, who is willing to throw her to the rich wolves in order to gain a toehold into the chaebol world. Etc, etc, etc. This one's gonna be a bumpy ride! Luckily I have plenty of popcorn. 
Even the dialogue takes me back to F4 days.


Like Kakashi I took the mature route and just didn't watch what I didn't like. My biggest disappointment was Girl who Smells Random Stuff because the plot was unbelievable (even by kdrama standards). I send bad smells in its general direction.
I didn't even try for Yong Pal because of PTSD from doctor stranger.
I supposed I should put Mask here but the wtfery gave me some good giggles so I dont know.
Truly the most uninspiring OTP in 2015


So many dropped - it's hard to pick. But these stick out:

D-Day (jtbc) -  Still can't believe the hospital refusing to take patients, or the mother in the coma who just sat right up in the wheelchair while being pushed, or......well, just too, too many things to continue it.

Legendary Witch (MBC) - Ugh, how could we go 40 episodes with sexy Ha Suk-jin to have it be such a dud?


I can't remember them well because out of sight, out of mind. Maybe that one about that thing with that guy with the hair? Oh, wait, I have one because it was recent: Snow Lotus Flower. Absolutely horrible and if I hadn't been running a fever at the time, I would never have continued. Why even waste time making a show that bad? At least it was only two eps long.
And Six Flying Dragons episosdes 19 onwards are losing me. There's this whole Scooby Gang setup that's just annoying, Bang Won, who is creepy, and a storyline that should be interesting with the palace coup - but it's not. Basically, the three main villains from the first 18 eps are gone and the ones replacing them have no punch. Which leaves everyone else to be be goody-two-shoes boring. Also, I don't like how DaKyung's character is getting sidelined. Not really buying BoonYi as a 6th Dragon, either. If there was going to be a female 6th Dragon, it ought to be BangWon's wife who helped him at every turn.
Basically, this may be going the way of Hwajung in wooden lines and wooden acting and wooden story. And that reminds me, Hwajung started so well and deteriorated so much! So, now, I've remembered 3 terrible shows for this year!