The Disguiser 伪装者 - Episode 18 (Recap)

It's time for another mission and as always, it's extremely nerve-wracking. Ming Tai teams up with Trainwreck, which ... well, we don't really like, but I guess it can't be helped. And then, Hu Ge looks absolutely gorgeous in the entire episode, especially with suit and bow tie, so I kinda did not even see her anymore.
JoAnne: Damn, but he's attractive. He's made for formal wear - so elegant but yet with that cute twinkle.
Eleanor: Yes, to all of the above. Then again, he could wear a potato sack and still be utterly charming and sexy and handsome I'm sure. 

Episode 18

If you thought Ming Tang would just let Ming Tai go, you were wrong! He drags him backstage by the neck and gives him a lecture: They're a respected family! Is he mad to provoke the Japanese?! Ming Lou, who steps closer too, has his own advice to give a short while later: giving a surprise is fine, but giving them a scare is not. Ming Tai stops smirking after he adds some other ominous words. And then, he glares at his Big Bro.
Big Bro  is no slouch in black tie either.  Much Handsome.  Very Tasty.  So Yes.  Wow.
All three of the Ming brothers look AMAZING in tuxes. *sigh*
At the front door, Secretary Li is checking all the men's backs. Ah Cheng distracts him quickly by showing concern for his health and during that time, Ming Tai sneaks through the revolving door, unnoticed. In the car back, Ming Lou and Ah Cheng discuss what happened to Secretary Li and add that the security at the Japanese Consulate has always been good, but after this incident, it will surely be tightened further. Also, they are glad that they now know that Secretary Li used to work for Wang Manchun ... and is, in truth, Japanese.
Does Killer Wang even know that?
I don't know. That's a good question. So much beautiful in that car that it almost hurts.
The latter is also a surprise to Manchun. (Okay then, so no.) She questions Secretary Li on his identity and on the incident and guesses correctly that he reports to Section Chief Minamida aka Nantian. At her question about Ming Lou, Secretary Li quickly says that Mr. Ming is a model official, working diligently etc. Nothing is wrong with him. Fine, says Manchun... and from now on, you report to me. He should be grateful she lets him live, even though his identity has been exposed.
I'd hate to be this guy. Now he has to find stuff to tell Manchun, but he has to still give Nantian some info or she'll get suspicious. His life sucks.
I think I'd feel more sorry for him if he weren't trying to catch out the Mings. 
A knock at the door ... it's Manchun's new intel officer (I love her braids), who comes to report on an enemy station she has discovered. Something is really special about it: they are using Wasp's old call-sign. Does that mean Wasp is back, Manchun wonders? Oh, Mr. Li seems VERY interested in that info... Me too.
Wasp is Airplane Wang, right? Also Poison Bee? Viper and Cobra are Ming Lou. Scorpion is Ming Tai.  It's hard to keep them straight, and what's more, I am not entirely certain which name goes with which party, except that Scorpion must be KMT because Ming Tai only has one affiliation.
Yes, Airplane Wang = Wasp = Poison Bee. And Ming Lou = Viper = Cobra. And Ming Tai = Scorpion. It's a sub-issue, not different names
Yup, it's just how the subber chooses to translate the word. 
Leisure time at the Mings'! Ming Tai beats Ah Cheng at badminton and is very happy, like the 5 year old that he is. Only... Ah Cheng let him win deliberately. Ahahaha. Next up: Ming Lou vs. Ming Tai, while Ming Cheng smiles like a god from the sidelines. Of course, Ming Tai gets his ass handed to him and sulks afterwards. But let's talk about Secretary Li in front of Ming Tai for a bit. Ah Cheng has "arranged" for him to go to the military hospital, where he will visit him this afternoon. How convenient.
I'm sorry, but did they really have sweat suits in the 30s? Hmmm, it seems that sweat pants, at least, have been around since the 20s.
Sweat suits. I'm just going to look at the pretty. So. Much. Pretty. Kakashi, I bow in gratitude for all the Ming Ah Cheng gifs. ❤❤❤
Later, when Ah Cheng wants to leave the house, Ming Tai runs up to him with a jacket that is "full of wrinkles". The brat is of the impression that his brother Ah Cheng irons clothes really well and has to do it (the maid is out), since he needs it tonight. He even pulls a "If you don't help me iron, I will tell Elder Sister" that he is preferring to go see a Japanese man over ironing Ming Tai's clothes. WTF, you brat! But then, Ah Cheng has a brilliant idea: Ming Lou can do it! Because he has to go to work. I heart you, boys ....
I begin to find this behavior rather irritating, actually. I think I'm cranky, though. When I watch it, I sometimes cringe in embarrassment for them...but I'm not irritated.
You mean Ming Tai? SUPER annoying and irritating, yes. But we know it's an act. Cause he's 100% different when he's doing spy-stuff
Ming Tai totally irritates me when he's being bratty, but I did find Ah Cheng handing the coat to Ling Lou hilarious. I do love the dynamic. It's adorable and funny. It also shows us that at home Ah Cheng isn't entirely afraid to give Big Bro a bit of a hard time.
At the hospital, Ah Cheng conveniently scouts for how to get to that Communist traitor. He is heavily guarded, that much is clear. He then goes to visit Secretary Li. The other two Secretaries (Chen and Liu) are already there. Ah Cheng sits, smiles ever so friendly, and mentions how honored he is that a Japanese is working at their humble office. Oups. You other guys did not know that? (that's his mean little trademark trick, isn't it).
Yeah, he's good at that.
❤❤❤ And he's so charming when he does it. 
(Mis)fortune has it that Secretary Liu spills some water over Ah Cheng's lovely blue coat. Mortified, she pulls out a handkerchief and dabs at his sleeve. Oh, but that handkerchief? Ah Cheng recognizes it! It's the exact same that Gao Mu, the Japanese officer in Nantian's service used to clean blood off his face! Friggin hell, is there even one among the secretaries that is NOT a spy?! Ah Cheng is so shocked, he spaces out for a moment.
Do you remember every single textile you see? Could they not have just had each their own? Can only Japanese own that particular pattern? Come on.
Ha! But are you a spy
Okay, so maybe in RL it might be too much of a coincidence, so we'll just have to suspend our disbelief here for a bit. 
At the Ming Mansion, Ming Lou is ironing Ming Tai's jacket. Ahahaha, wow. He explains this situation to Big Sis, and she grasps the opportunity to ask him about "that Japanese guy". She is very concerned about Ming Lou's safety - she even wants him out of Shanghai. Of course, he cannot; he is too important for the cause. She mentions the Sakura train and then... she realizes that Ming Tai is standing there, listening to every word they're saying. Awkward...
Oopsie Daisy!
Maybe Ming Tai can start to put two and two together. Finally. Or maybe he didn't hear much. 
Ming Tai takes his jacket - commenting that their maid irons it much better BUT Big Bro does it better than Ah Cheng - and takes his leave to go drink with his classmates. Ming Lou warns him to ... not trip and falls on his way back. Ming Tai TT______TT be careful!!!!
I just think this whole secret spy brothers secret from each other is getting too hard, don't you? For them, I mean.
I want them to tell each other soon. Otherwise someone is going to get hurt really badly. 

It's the night of the nights..... and yes, the Communists are of course also doing a mission. On the KMT side, Ming Tai is alone. Guo and Man Li are sitting this one out, but Man Li is thinking (and worrying) about Ming Tai ... oh no, I hope it's not some kind of bad foreboding... Ah, but rich boy Ming Tai is looking in his element! Sipping champagne, sampling the room, smiling at pretty ladies. Checking security.
Looking fine. Pissing me off because he's going to waste it on that irritating lump of boringness.
Dun-dun... look who just entered the room, at the arm of a Japanese officer? It's "Miss Keiko" aka Trainwreck. He watches her walk across the dance floor and make her way to the drinks, where she attempts to tamper with one of the glasses.
Just ALL out in the open, like the idiot she is. Not that I care. Let her get caught. Solves our problem.
Wouldn't that be nice? 
Time for their usual banter, which I have come to dislike quite a bit. He both hates and loves that her people sent her. They kinda both express an interest to work together, but it seems they both plan to play honey-pots, which HE does not like at all in her case.
Well, she's useless for anything more complicated. Stupid boring lump. Although the dress is nice, tonight.
It's very hard for me to like her. Ming Tai, you can do better. 
But then, he spots his prey, Miss Momoko ...and goes in for the kill. Doesn't look like Miss Keiko is at all the jealous type, Ming Tai. You can stop. Or at least SLOW DOWN, cause he's already suggesting to change the scenery and go upstairs!
Miss Momoko is pretty, at least.
Oh Ming Tai, you suave devil, you. 
... where he starts eating her face. Ming Tai! I am shocked!! She is not disinclined to a make-out session in her office, it seems, and they take it to one of the desks. In the throes of passion, she starts feeling up his ... bum, I guess, and discovers ... his gun. Ack, you idiot! She is no fool, this woman, and asks him at gunpoint what he wants to achieve by getting close to her ... and bringing a gun to a dance party. He says the gun is not loaded, which she does not believe, since the gun is heavy, and the horrible person even pulls the trigger on our Ming Tai!!! Fortunately, he never loads the first bullet and he is able to overpower her.
And not stupid, either.  Sort of loose, though. You know what? Still a better option than TrainWreck.
Ack! Ming Tai! Good thing he likes a little bit of Russian roulette. 
Downstairs, a random officer drank the drugged wine and collapses. In the commotion that follows, Trainwreck makes her way up the stairs unseen... where she bumps into Ming Tai, who declares that he expected her sooner. She starts using hairpins on the lock to the safe-room, but someone is coming! The lock is open, they scurry inside. For a tense moment, it looks like the soldier is coming their way, but he turns around and goes back downstairs.
Listen, Ming Tai. You're more important to the cause, so if you guys get caught and she volunteers to distract them so you can get away, say thank you and LEAVE.
Also, she distracts him too much. They shouldn't ever work together again. EVER. Do you hear me show?!
I guess we should be glad they're working together, the safe needs two hands and ears. Of course, Ming Tai seizes the opportunity to flash her one of his cutest smiles. Downstairs, Nantian mentions that things seem strange and orders more security. Upstairs, the safe is open! The documents found. She takes them all with them and tells him to take pictures later, there is no time. He likes that, because it means they will stay together longer. How do they get out? The Ming Tai way! Open and boldly, they will walk out.
Stop looking so proud of yourself, you boring lump. You being the chosen one is a travesty. The universe will right itself, you watch.
Speaking of the universe, I saw an article that said Hu Ge is dating someone again. In RL.
Oh no... abort! Abort!!! Two guys step out of the office behind them (overtime!) and holler out to them. Ming Tai claims they're friends of Miss Momoko, who is resting in the conference room after having drunk too much. It seems they buy it and Ming Tai and Trainwreck continue, only... "wait a second", the soldier calls out. How come he has never seen them before? He happens to know all of Momoko's friends.
Well, because Ming Tai is a new friend, and TrainWreck is too boring to bring out in public.
Eep! They're totally going to get caught. Throw her at them and run Ming Tai. Okay, that was a bit mean, I admit. 
He orders them over to where he is and says he will check on Momoko-san with them standing right there. *starts biting nails* As soon as the soldier turns his back, Ming Tai starts fumbling for his gun, but then, the guy remembers some basic training, turns around, puts his hand on his own gun and orders Ming Tai to open the door for him. Yeah, shit. Ming Tai opens the door and then calls in "Momoko-san, are you alright?" and when the soldier steps closer, he attacks. Trainwreck takes on the guy in the corridor with her scalpel (this looks lame, it's not well filmed) and Ming Tai fights the other guy ... and loses his watch in the process...
She's so annoying, I fully expected her to disguise her voice and say 'yes, I'm fine' and believe he'd buy it.
Ack! Ack! Ack! 
Miss Keiko's opponent is down, but Ming Tai's is one tough MoFo and really good! And then, he spots a gun on the floor and picks it up. SHIT. DON'T KILL HU GE!!!!!
He can't die. He can't die. He can't die. He can't die. Crap! Crap! Crap!
A shot rings! Ming Tai staggers ... everybody downstairs screams, and Nantian starts running. Outside, hundreds of soldiers start blocking off the Embassy. Upstairs, the soldier slowly falls to the side... Miss Keiko behind him shot him and saved Ming Tai's life. His comment: "We can't walk straight out the front door now". YOUDON'TSAY! But he has a Plan B, and that is fleeing over the balcony from the room he "seduced" Miss Momoko in (is she dead, by the way?). Well, dear Ming Tai, bad plan, because the yard below is swarming with soldiers. But then, he has an idea...
Fine, she was useful. (Not sure about Momoko.)
I think Momoko might be dead. Okay, TrainWreck, I will like you a little for saving Ming Tai's life.
When Nantian and her guys get there, they are gone... to the roof. Ming Tai can barely hold Miss Keiko's hand, she is sliding!! Her foot already appears above Nantian's head ... but Ming Tai manages to pull her further up, just in time. She then drops her purse (of course she would) and all seems lost!! But she manages to catch it with her foot. Okay, enough excitement for one night. 
Watch me get really irritated in a few minutes.
Too much. It's too much. My heart can't take it.
At the Ming residence, Big Sis is still up ... waiting for her Ming Tai. The other two Ming brothers are out as well. But her Ming Tai is currently sitting on a roof, chatting with a communist about spy-training, what to do next, and why sitting on a rooftop together is a great opportunity.
I liked this scene and she was okay in it. Dammit.
Hu Ge, you are just too adorable. STAHP!!!


All team Man Li feelings aside, and very objectively speaking, casting Wang Le Jun as Hu Ge's love interest is one of the biggest casting errors I've seen in a while. I do not know what this actress is capable of, but I know that these two people simply don't harmonize together. Hu Ge as Ming Tai (which seems quite a bit like the real Hu Ge) is boyish, bubbly, and charming (if he does not have a hissy-fit), but this woman? She seems to suck all the energy out of everything around her. A large part of it may be the role (she was described to us as extremely virtuous), which is so very boring, but I fear it is more than that. All her movements look stiff and ungainly (yes, I know she had broken bones but why did they not employ a different actress?!) and I just don't buy it that she is a spy. Fine, fine, she saved his life, but apart from that, she is useless and extremely annoying. 
Yes. What she said.
Yeah. What Kakashi said. 

Rant over, sorry. 

The good thing is that we don't see her in many episodes.
I fear that will change.
Haha, no overall speaking, to the very end, she is not in that many
That's good to know. 

Rant really over now, sorry!
No, no, rant away!
We don't mind. I've already got my #TeamManLi banner making supplies out ready for us to work on them together. 

So, our dear Ming Tai thought that walking out the front door "boldly and openly" is the best idea, haha, that's so him! What a little idiot. I forgive him, though, because he looked so damn good in his suit, even while fighting. Or especially while fighting. He seems happy enough on his rooftop for the time being and I'm not too worried about him for now... even though getting down from there might be a challenge. 
I am still on your team, Psycho Kitten! Team PK 4eva!

Eleanor fecit Hee hee
And because there are so many adorable MVs and BTS, let's add one!