Rants and Weekly Raves #72 (RAWR)

kakashi: I have developed a weird craving for (bad) fantasy shows lately and lo and behold! There are so many of them airing right now! If I follow all of them (including Sleepy Hollow which is coming back on soon and Jane the Virgin), I would have to follow 7 shows!!! Peanuts.
JoAnne: I must be feeling the urge to explore, too, because I've seen several English-language shows lately that I enjoyed - but never fear, because I still love my KDramas!
Oh, JoAnne just added a potential 8th show to my list (see below). And that is not counting "The Lost Tomb", which Saki is recapping at light speed and any other potential shows of the Korean variation.
Jaehyus: Can't think why The Lost Tomb is so fascinating I'm forgetting everything else...
Imma sneak in here coz I've got rawrs (finally) for one more happy ending.
This is Yang Yang. Jaehyus/Saki likes Yang Yang. I wonder why that is...

Korean Shows

Cheese in the Trap

Ah, the awkwardness of falling in love - Seol and Jung are sure feeling it in all its glory, aren't they? I won't lie, my heart hurt to find out just how much Jung did do, re: Young Gon the rat-faced creep. Our Hero-of-Sorts really can be a mean prick, can't he? So much more development on the emotional front when it comes to the history between him and the Baek Brats (I'm sorry, In Ho, I love you!) - I'm now leaning heavily on the side of some sort of misunderstanding or disappointment causing the fall out, rather than jealousy. Well, I never thought it was jealousy, but In Ho said that's what it was. Speaking of In Ho: Seo! Kang! Joon! Seo! Kang! Joon! Way to KILL it, Puppy. You are doing so well!
I'm now continuing it to see karma bite Jung.

One More Happy Ending

Ach, Korea .... why are you so obsessed with love-triangles. Why. Why. It's. Not. Interesting. I know that you, JoAnne, hate Goo Hae-Joon (Yool), but I don't. I actually like him. He's an upright, quiet, and somewhat noble person. He should be happy. I don't want him and the other two to go through a messy relationship. I'm on the verge of dropping this. Also, the ladies ... the "I have to get married business" (in different variations) irks me. Jang Nara's character is extremely annoying.
I don't hate him. I find him boring to watch. I agree with you that he seemed like a nice guy who should be able to have a nice love and a happy life. But I have to tell you, I haven't even watched this week's episodes of this and based on the EXPLOSION of love I'm feeling for Mme. Antoine...I don't think I need to bother. It simply does not hold up under comparison. At all. I'm so sorry, my babies, because I love you - but I'm not feeling this right now. Maybe I'll watch in the future.
Just caught up with this show! I like it! It took me a sec to realise that all the actresses are people I'd like to meet in real life (also Dara looks like Jessica fro SNSD and like 6 other women and i'm wondering if they made themselves look like her or this is a plastic surgeon generated ideal). Hae-Joon is the epitome of second lead perfection but I suspect under all that lily white skin and "no hoes before bros" attitude is a former fat kid with mummy issues. I'm going to guess an episode 11 reveal. So In-young's character DOESNT want to get married (she was in the 1st season of we got married so I had a little snicker over that) to this perfect guy because her heart doesn't  flutter even though it fluttered enough for her to sleep with him...or does she have a guy on the side? (episode 9 reveal). Jang Nara's character is such a contradiction; pragmatic in her advice for other people and a complete fruitcake when it comes to her personal life. Yoo In Ah's character SAYS she wants a man but what she really wants is sexy time with some choco abs. *grins in delight* and poor You Da-In is struggling to be practical while teethering on the edge of a dramatic freak out. (I'm hoping for ep 9 but it'll probably be an ep 15-16 awakening...and I can't wait). Really what's not to love about this show?  
I watched both eps this week. I like it, but I can see myself dropping it if other things that have Yang Yang get my attention.

Madame Antoine

Love. Love. LOVE. I like the dynamic between Go Hye Rim and Mr. Anti-Love, I love the puppies and their puppiness, I love her sister, I ADORE Professor Bae, I like Haraboeji, all of it. Yes, the experiment is icky but guess what, they barely have started it and it's already all kinds of messed up because of all the people who like each other. Grumpy Pants is already warning himself not to be unprofessional, Hye Rim is well on her way to falling, Bae's got the hots for Mr. Baseball, Sis is falling for Genius Boy...it's awesome, and it's not one-note at all, and if you watch episode three and don't feel a pang of recognition for Bae or dissolve into tears when Hye Rim deals with her ex-husband's news, well...I'm not sure we can be friends. Episode 4 just continues on with the general YES-ness for me, too.
Due to time-management reasons, I'm watching this one raw. I do see that it has appeal. But not enough for me to get fully invested. Once again, the problem for me is my usual KDrama turn-off. Some of the characters are interesting enough (mainly the OTP and from the two, mainly her), but most of them are just there as staffage to the usual romance tropes (with dickish male lead, love-triangles, jealousies, probably noble idiocy later etc.). The psychological elements are not done well enough either to really capture me; it also just seems like mere background music for the "falling-in-love" of everyone.   
I plan on starting on this next.


Sometimes, I don't want to start stuff I know I will like ... maybe because I want to savor it? Or because I want to marathon? Not sure why I am holding off on this one ... but I am.
This show started off crazy intense and just gets more so, and as if our emotions weren't already keyed up, this week it also breaks your heart. I think the time-warp walkie-talkie mechanism probably doesn't work if logic is applied (you know what I mean) - things change, so how come he remembers the old way, that kind of thing - but I'm never one of those people to be a stickler for a detail and have it destroy my enjoyment of a good STORY, and this is a good story. Can't wait for next week!

Western Shows

The X-Files

They're back! And I'm so over this kind of stuff. Conspiracies bore me to hell and back, Duchovny is still a very bad actor and I really can't be bothered whether aliens are real or not. That said, I liked episode 2 about 10000x better than episode 1 (made has to do with the fact that Mulder looked less like a bum in it) so I might continue watching as long as nothing better comes along. It's Scully and Mulder after all.
I also liked episode 2 better, but still feeling sort of meh.  

Jane the Virgin

It's back! And it's still good! And I'm still #TeamMichael!
This episode was great! And no spoilers, but I'll say that it wasn't until about 30 seconds before THE THING happens that I started going hey, wait, could it be...AND IT WAS.

The Shannara Chronicles

Don't ask why I watched episode 5 as well. It was still bad. But in a sea of bad, this isn't too bad. There was a lot of the pretty uncle-elf (including ELF-SEX, which is directly responsible for the murder of everybody's favorite elf-prince), a lot of silly dialogue full of pathos, demons, and quite a suspenseful ending. Anyway, look, the show is undeniably beautiful.
I like the Druid, I like idiot Wil, the scenery is gorgeous and so is the set design.  Everything else is terrible, and yet I'd like to see episode 2.  Well not everything else.  The Rovers are interesting, and I always like the actor who plays their leader. I'm on episode 4 now...


I didn't mind it that much in the third episode. I guess it's still bad but in a sea of bad this one also is not the worst. If only the lead actress could act. The boys are okay. I like the boys. And I can't wait for fauxcest.
Jace has grown on me. I liked him in the movie, too, and in the book. Also, in the book, the Silent Brothers are pretty scary.
In the series, the Silent Brothers look pretty much exactly like the ones in the movie!! I would sue them. Anyway, YES, scary
So should I watch this? I wasn't impressed by the novie and it seems they're really pretty (and rarely can pretty unknown actors...act). 

Beowulf - Return to the Shieldlands

This has part Viking, part Outlander feel (some of the outdoor locations look EXACTLY the same) and the makers probably planned on riding the Game of Thrones wave, but people on the internetz are not overly happy with this so far. I would say that the acting could use improving. So could the editing and the fight choreography. But I like (some) of the characters - especially Beowulf's street-smart, mischievous  friend, he is fun! And the story is interesting enough. There are fun creatures too, "the mud-born" in all variations, and, in episode 4, sandworms. I'm very in - unless it gets worse.
I liked episode 1 considerably more than I expected to, even with the weaknesses that you mentioned. Since I have to buy the episodes after the first one, I'm debating how much it's worth it to me and whether I could wait for it to be free - but I'm leaning toward not waiting. 
Since I finished episode 4 a day ago, I really really want to watch episode 5 :D haha, I do like it a lot. 


Now THIS was a lot of fun. Peppy dialogue, interesting premise, nice chemistry between the leads, an adorable kid...I'm IN. This is a genuinely funny show.
Let's see whether they can keep this tone up, but yes, if it does continue like this, it's going to be fun


Speaking of genuinely funny shows...THIS is an awesome way to spend 21 minutes. I've always been a fan of Eva Longoria: she's funny and smart and beautiful, but not afraid to show you what that takes and make fun of it while enjoying it, too. The show is hilarious and I am so glad I finally watched!
Agreed! It's so fun! 

The Magicians

I had no idea they were even making this into a series, but I'm checking out the first episode - it's based on a book series by Lev Grossman that did pretty well. It's not Harry Potter, but there's a school of magic and a children's book series that turns out to be about a real alternate universe, that kind of thing.
Ohhhhh, checking it out!
It's excellent! More than excellent! So thrilling! I want more! Harry Potter for grown-ups, just much better.
I saw the first episode and really liked it and was kinda scared by it. It's hard to remember to when it's on though.