Rants and Weekly Raves #74 (RAWR)

kakashi: You know what, guys ... the last RAWR and my one answer to alexe in the comments made me realize ... I really should stay away from all Korean rom-com for a while. Maybe forever. That will solve my grumpiness when it comes to Korean shows. I will only watch the other stuff, which I usually enjoy. I.e. crime stuff. Even a well-done melo, maybe.
JoAnne: It's okay, I either like them or like to make fun of them, depending. So they'll still have representation here at Problematic!
I never doubted that! Hwaiting! 
Jaehyus: I've lost interest in everything not related to The Lost Tomb. I had meant to rewatch the NIF episodes because of the new recaps, but I can't even seem to do that.  
becca: Helloooo! I'm just popping in to say that I'm still alive and I miss you crazy (awesome) drama addicts! Keep it cool, y'all.
Ailee, Luna, Eunji and Solar. If we were younger, I think that would totally be us, too

Asian Shows

No Cheese this week! No Moorim either. Nobody watching Six Flying anymore? Neighborhood Hero? (doesn't seem a great hit). Remember? 
I am on episode 8 of Six Flying Dragons, I think. Making NO attempt to get current, just enjoying when the mood strikes. I currently have a glut of non-Asian shows, though, so it's not all that often I get to it. I kept falling asleep during the first episode of Neighborhood Hero and waking up at the same point in the second episode and having to go back, and I got tired of doing that so I gave up. I saw the first 2-3 episodes of Remember: A Son's War and I really wanted to get back to it once there were a ton of episodes to marathon, because Namgoon Ming's bad guy was so horrifyingly rotten and that anti-hero lawyer was so satisfyingly cheesy - but now I hear it's kind of gone off the rails...
Amnesia, yup, heard that too
CITT could've got my attention, although I remembered it vaguely in a half-hearted way.  But there was no episode.  As for Six Flying dragons, I'm in the middle of episode 36.  I know what's going to happen - it's history, after all - but I don't care.  I will get back to it though.  I'll be on vacation for a couple of weeks soon, so I expect either CITT or SFD will be my vacation show.  
It made me haz a sad

One More Happy Ending

Are people still watching?
I started watching again and it somehow became less annoying, but who knows what will happen with the next set of episodes. Right now Pregnant Pixie is reluctantly married to a man who turned out to be an ENORMOUS jerk, Stubbornly Married (who I really like) is struggling with breast cancer, which is sad, and MiMo is getting tired of Boring Doctor, who never puts himself out there and takes an emotional risk, PLUS he's now pissed because he ASKED his friend if dating Mimo would be poaching, got no for an answer, and is now realizing that his friend is an idiot who doesn't know his own feelings. And Jung Kyung Ho is adorable, of course, as that friend who doesn't even understand why he keeps cock blocking El Bore-O, but can't help himself from doing it. His son, who isn't around often enough, is absolutely adorable, and of course his hoobae made a confession because what's a rom-com without a hoobae love confession? It requires NO effort and gives me a few giggles with each episode, and I find that this is okay for me. If it becomes sucky, I will go away again. I have absolutely no emotional commitment here.
It lost me for good last week. What's the point of having such a horribly written second lead?
If I can get out of my Lost Tomb and Grave Robbers' Chronicles haze, I'll try this again. For once, Jang Nara is not annoying me, and I feel I should take advantage of that fact.
Can this be the last week for Dr. BlandandBoring?  Please?

Madame Antoine

It brought in Jaekyung and yet it lost me. Meh.  
I still like it. I like that he is desperately trying to hold on to some control by compartmentalizing, so that he is Supervisor Choi, Male Participant Choi, and Human Choi in his field notes. I can NEVER complain about Sung Joon kisses, either, and I like that by the end of 8 there was absolutely no doubt that his kisses were sincere (I mean, right? They are, right? Those were, anyway?)...especially because the cute boys are going to ramp up Operation Protect Hye Rim next week. Speaking of cuties, I wonder how the idiot genius is going to work in more kissing practice with Hye Rim's sister, now that Hye Rim has thoroughly rejected him? And may I just say that I thoroughly adore Professor Bae? She is so compelling. Give her more screen time with my Chicken Beak, please, because he's also pretty awesome.
These two, I love the friendship that's developing.


Maybe I'll try this after I let go of the current obsession.  
Oh my GOD they have just made enormous messes, haven't they?  Why can't they fix everything AND save Sahjussi? This drama is jjang, even without a romance. Which doesn't bother me but apparently has kept some people from watching. Love ain't the only thing that makes the world go 'round, folks. And anyway, there is a romance, sort of, but we get it in tiny, tiny pieces, and it's so doomed. DOOMED. I love it.
It doesn't really come up because it doesn't pertain to the story, but...LJH is nice-looking!

The Promise

New Lee YuRi drama! And I really like it! It's a daily, so it's possible to understand raw too because it's hardly complicated. Okay, it's about to get complicated per the summary, but it's not intellectually complicated, so a smattering of Korean vocabulary and watching scenery works out pretty well.  
Yes, the preview looks a bit spooky, but I think someone gets Lee Yuri's character's face somewhere along the line.  It's in the show summary, but I'm not sure how accurate those things are.  

Western Shows


Hmm, so this is not really going anywhere, is it? Is it going to be the weekly murder and a lot of annoying chitterchatter from Lucifer? I'm losing interest fast, sorry. Okay, the imposter thing was a little bit funny. And him pushing that guy through the glass window was too. But it needs more to stay interesting.
Well, weekly murder plus existential crisis. But yeah, I mean, that's what it looked like from the start. Plus I would like to know what's special about Girl Cop that makes it impossible for him to schmooze her, or whatever it is he does to people. I'm not sure how far they can GO with this, though, you know? I guess Lucifer is on a journey, but to what? What's the end game here? I'm happy to go along for the ride, for now, because Tom Ellis is fun to watch and because I REALLY like his therapist.

Jane the Virgin

Oh my, what a GREAT episode! I loved everything about it, especially HOT PROFESSOR! I never really liked the crime-aspects in the show - it does spice things up, of course, but I think the characters have enough going for them without it for this show to be really interesting. Anyway, hot professor is the best thing that could happen to Jane and I can't wait for next week. Will they soon have to rename the show?
I just thought about that. Does she have to stay a virgin for however long the show lasts? Does she have to stay single for as long as the show lasts? Because hey, I am TOTALLY cool with her becoming Mrs. Hot Professor some day, or him becoming Mrs. Jane the Virgin. Or they could just have sex. All the time. Everywhere. Adam Rodriguez is luscious and I would like a BITE of that, please. I find that I'm also quite happy for Rafael and Petra to get back together, and Michael...I don't really like Michael, for no particular reason than he just rubs me the wrong way, so I don't honestly care what happens to him. But Rogelio and Xiomara need to figure out their deal, definitely, that can't be left hanging.


Alec got a lot of screentime this week - and I liked it! The actor was extremely dull for the first three eps, but now he seems to find his footing. Kinda cute. The show continues to be mildly interesting (or am I just getting used to some of the bad acting?), but especially Clary ist getting on my nerves BIG TIME. What a casting error. Oh, do I only like Alec because he hates Clary? Addendum: I hate it when female warriors wear high heels and tight short dresses. Seriously. Who would.

The Magicians

One of the better shows I've watched for a while! All this raving may get boring for you guys who do not watch, but WOW, this week episodes was [fill in extreme praise and double it]! We're four episodes in and still have no clue what is really going on, have we. The most discomforting thing was not the madness for me (that was so confusing! They really had me for a moment, I started to believe that he is just insane), but actually finding out how powerful those "hedge witches" really are.
I actually put off watching this for a day because I knew the minute I watched it I'd be crying because I'd have to wait a whole week for another episode. This is pure joy to watch. I love every teeny tiny piece of it. Every person is fantastic in their role, it's gorgeous, it's suspenseful, it's kind of scary, it's something you have to pay attention to. I LOVE IT.


I swear I'm dropping this. But I think it's almost done anway ... no, 10 eps. Okay, I'm dropping it.
Yeah, I left after the first couple-three episodes and haven't looked back.


It makes me a little sad that this feels so ... dated. However, this week's episode had a few very sad, very sweet and some quite deep moments. And I really like how their showing the friendship between Scully and Mulder. They have been through so much and they know each other so very well. There is no need for a romance. What they're having feels like much, much more.
I'm watching this still because it sort of feels like we SHOULD, you know? I mean, it was such a thing. If a love you remembered fondly came to town for one afternoon, wouldn't you go have lunch with them? It's like that. Chances are you'll leave the restaurant feeling quite content with your life currently and comfortably aware that there was a time and place for that person, and you remember them fondly, but after this you won't really need to visit them again. It's like that.
But I did watch the first couple episodes of the first season (because I started watching mid-way through Season 1, I think) and wow, were they young. SO YOUNG. And so much has changed in this country. I was particularly fixated on the fact that he used to run in a cut off sweatshirt. Nowadays it's all 'performance wear.' I forgot that he was actually a doctor - psychology or psychiatry, can't remember which now. Man, David Duchovny was hot. Gillian Anderson has gotten too thin in the face, and the center part drags her down, and her hair color is much more red and brassy than it used to be.
If anything, it is indeed a show that shows us how much we've all aged

Sleepy Hollow

An okay episode, overall, with lots of Ichabbie. And yet ... still not in any way going to save this mess.


Dropped. Everybody is SO DUMB and ANNOYING. Too many inconsistencies, bad acting, and bad writing. Hate everyone! Go away! 


I'm also watching American Idol (last season EVAR), Telenovela (funny funny funny), iZombie (continued excellence) and New Girl - is Meghan Fox permanent or just while Zoey Deschanel is bery bery pregnant? - because she was hilarious and an excellent addition to the loft. Sunday starts the second half of Season Six of The Walking Dead, and the rumors are strong that we're losing Darryl, folks. How will we survive?

Looking forward to

I'm looking forward to several shows, too - the list is ballooning out of control: the reboot of Full House (American, not Asian), reboot of Gilmore Girls, start of Pied Piper, start of Descendents of the Sun, start of Comeback, Mister...there's a lot. Too much TV.