Rants and Weekly Raves #76 (RAWR)

Kakashi: New shows! A new chance for me to get back into KDrama! Wooohooooo!
JoAnne: I love that every 3 months or so you get all excited by the possibility again, and I'm always really happy when you do find something to be excited about. Like when this was airing:
Loved, loved, LOVED this show! I will rewatch.
I know! I thought you would like a reminder.

Asian Things

Descendants of the Sun

Should I watch?
Well, the things I expected to like I liked (he's charming as FUCK, and I like him and Jin Gu together, and SHK was a lot more dynamic than I'm used to seeing her blind ass be), but they're not things you care about at all. Let's see how this second episode plays out for a hint at how much room they'll leave for 'not the romantic bits'
Okay, I watched! I had zero expectations, mind you, and therefore, I can say with some surprise that I liked quite a lot of things in the first episode. I also hated quite a lot of things, but so far, the like is stronger than the hate. Song Joong-Ki is a darling, Jin Goo is a favorite, SHK is bearable, the music is horrible, the story predictable. The romance is far too sledgehammery (especially because of the music), but at least we got none of the usual shit. They like each other, they go for it, like normal people. Good! Now let's see how war will make them suffer.
Shuk: I said this on Twitter but it bears repeating: there better not be a wildly skewed Bullets-To-Kisses ratio. There hasn't been a good action series in a while for me. 

Oh well. Episode 2 was far less enjoyable because the hospital shenanigans?! Stupid and boring. Badly written too. And please let Onew's character ride off into the sunset in episode 3, pretty please? My hope is that thing will get less annoying now that everyone is in Urk. Or maybe much more urk-some? Let's hope not!! I hope he is not going to be a dick to her.
I was irritated as well, but probably not by entirely the same things. Number one on the list: the argument that she can't see him since she saves lives and he takes them. To her, life has dignity. Yeah, well, guess what: it probably does to him, as well (horrible scene. Of course I hated it. That's going to be the thing that "keeps them apart", right?). In other words, kiss our collective asses. I tolerated the hospital shenanigans only because they were setting up the reason for her to leave for Urk in the first place (it was far too long for me). Going in, I thought she'd get pulled into some U.N. program or Doctors Without Borders or even join the military, but this is a corporate thing. Her hospital's owner is building something in that region, and this is publicity. She's along for the ride because she pissed off her boss (that was so stupid), her loyal surgical team faves are with her, plus random other volunteers. Not, as I read somewhere, 'an entire emergency department sent off on a trip' but a selection of employees from the hospital as a whole. Still, in this day of diminishing head counts, that was a large group. Unless they aren't all medical? We'll see. I still find myself grinning whenever the OTP is on screen, and grinning again just as hard for Jin Gu and our baby-faced hero. So next week will happen.
Yes, I'll watch a bit more. And I'm a ff-warder anyway.  
KLnoona: Oh, I'm back. I'm not really adding my thoughts on the show in general because I'd watch Song Joong Ki watch paint dry. But I must add my thoughts on why she walked away. I honestly understood where she was coming from. I am 100% anti-gun, and if I found out someone was a trained killer, I would probably back off too. I can see how a little red flag would go up in her mind and she may think it was wise to step away now before becoming further invested in him. He thought it was reasonable, too. It would be the same for a vegan to date a non-vegan, or a pro-lifer to date someone who worked at an abortion clinic. It would make some too uncomfortable so they wouldn't do it. So for me, this parting of ways was a lot more reasonable than some noble idiocy or interfering family plot line.
I'm popping on this as well, having given both episodes a try. And, while I understand the points that my eonni makes, I beg to differ a bit on the subject inside the show's universe. A doctor who feels that black and white on this subject would never volunteer to embed themselves in a warzone hospital, period. (Uh, she didn't volunteer, she was appointed to go. Kind of had no choice for refusing the Chief.) But, living in an area with a lot of military, I do understand the fear of dating a man who could just disappear in an instant and never return, and that would make some back away. That's a more realistic scenario than a war-hating doctor in a warzone dating a black ops officer. But hey, I'll try another episode or two. I owe it to SJK.
I heard that there are other people in this drama, but I haven't seen them yet.
Had she said that she wasn't interested in starting a relationship with a man who would always be going away at a moment's notice, never free to tell her much, and that she couldn't handle him being in danger, I wouldn't have said a word.  That is a realistic assessment of her abilities and needs and his situation, and I couldn't fault anyone who made that decision.  But to say that he's a killer and she's a lifesaver is far too simplistic a reduction on her part, not to mention insulting and naive. I wouldn't have argued with her in his place, either. It doesn't mean he agrees with her, it means he's used to dumbass comments like that and doesn't have time for bullshit.

Rain is BACK!

Should I watch? 
Now this, you might actually like. It depends on how they move through the arc, really. Episode 1 gets you in the feels for both In Kwon and Su Ro RIGHT away, and Jung Min I always just want to hug anyway, and Honey Lee is freaking fabulous, and so is Ra Mi Ran, and so are the dozen other very well-known, well-loved faces here. Rain only appeared at the very end, and what I thought was interesting is that I wasn't feeling impatient to get to him at all. Even if he was naked. Episode 1 shows you just enough of their lives to put them in context, kills them off, and has them escape the non-Polar Express. (Ha! Over at DB, Heads had the same thought I did.) Episode 2 will show them in their 'new' bodies. Update: after episode 2: I still like this, but I'm not a fan of Beloved's hair color. If he stays naked, I won't notice it as much. So I'm hopeful he stays naked. Because of the hair. Just because of the hair.
Will definitely start this but am saving it. It always amazes me how I swear I'll never watch another Kdrama and now my plate is full!
This one is in the wings for me. It will prolly have to wait post-procedure and possibly post-vacay. But I have no problem watching everyone gush about it.
Yup, this is quite funny. Not very original, mind you, but funny with a serious undertone. Now that we have the switcheroo, we'll get all kinds of shenaningans, of course - and then, feelings will get involved. I can't trust this to remain funny until the end and I don't have the time, but I'll keep an eye on it through you, JoAnne :)

One More Happy Ending

bcook: So I spent a day in isolation and finally caught up with this show. HollyMolly Batman is it painful to watch these people stumble around trying to find love, fighting their instincts in a stubborn pursuit of what they think they want. And then Conan O'Brien shows up. *giggle* so ICYMI Conan has a super fan in SK who sent him snacks and a crazy charming letter (and snacks) about how his show helped them while studying for their final exam. And being Conan, he decided to go visit...and do a music video with jyp, have a fan meet and cameo on this show! A very nice comedic break in the middle of a cold love quadrangle, cancer (yes they went there but it's been kind of subtly done), scandal and thrown eggs. I'm quite looking forward to the next episodes.
I'm slightly behind now. I am beyond uninterested in the actor who plays Dr. Boring, the withholding, self-centered, oh-poor-me I loved a girl who loved someone else once so I'm never going to reach out again EVER piss-poor excuse for a boyfriend Mi Mo inexplicably chooses, when she has the warm, adorable, open, honest, generous, kind and considerate Fated Childhood Love, loving father of the son who's going to grow up to be someone we discuss inappropriately RIGHT ACROSS THE HALL.
 I would rather she end up with Conan's pet octopus than spend one more minute with Dr. Boring. But really, why is Jung Kyung Ho always so wonderful, and yet usually in shows that piss us off? Why can't people offer him more Cruel City-ish dramas? Why aren't there more Cruel-City-ish dramas?
It was my favorite show until I realized we were on episode 11 and still had 5 to go. Then I knew--we are heading for some noble idocy/new loveline/parental disapproval or something of the sort. Episode 12 started to prove me right, and now I don't know how they are going to fill the remaining 4 episodes but I'm betting it won't be as good as the beginning. I must add that I cried my eyes out while watching last week, and that is always good for the soul, right?

Madame Antoine

While I have generally been a least entertained by this drama, it has fallen too far into the abyss of absurdity as far as I'm concerned. I still may finish it if I need something to help me fall asleep. But really, who is writing this stuff??? (Mirae's Choice's Writer...)

We are now into the expected/awaited turning of the tables, which I will quite enjoy. This could be a movie from the 40s, plot-wise. I don't mind it at all. His experiment is flawed, we all know it, they all know it, and he's going to get taught a lesson. Along the way they'll both get some healing done and so will some of the other characters. I don't require much from this except that it look pretty and end with Sung Joon adoring her. I would like it if Professor Bae got some happiness, too.
Wait. Has he stopped or hasn't he? I can't keep it straight anymore. And now we have this crazy impersonator guy, and his mother, too. This guy just can't get a break. I mean, we know his experiment is stupid. But he's invested in it, professionally and otherwise, and I get why ending it early would be difficult even though he has developed feelings for Hye Rim. But he keeps waffling! Be a man! Make a decision! The guy who puts things off is the guy who loses, dude
Jump through hoops.  Look ridiculous.  SUFFER.

Cheese in the Trap

I feel very sorry for everyone who is so disappointed about the behind-the-scene crap. I know what a turn-off stuff like this can be. It's particularly sad with special dramas. And while it wasn't for me, because I could never like our Psycho and the whole thing rubbed me the wrong way, I do see that this was a good and special drama (and maybe still is).
JoAnne: Until this morning, I assumed that this was an artificial storm. In other words, a media stunt. Now I'm not so sure. I remain of the opinion that it's in extremely poor taste for an actor to comment negatively on his show while it is still airing, but this situation may have warranted such a bold step.
It has never entered my mind that Seol would end up with In Ho, since not for one moment has she shown that sort of interest in him. And it's not that I mind how much In Ho we're getting, but we do need more Jung, unless the end of the story is that Jung fades out of her life and In Ho remains a trusted and lifelong friend.
Yes, it makes sense that he's not around as much since he's doing the internship - but guess what? Since the story is about them, that generally means the location of the story shifts and we're not at school as much, either. This is a little weirdly focused. I'm still enjoying it and I still think everyone's doing a great job with their roles...but my eyebrow is creeping up
Having read that they cut several scenes of Park Hee Jin's after he had filmed them I am more inclined to give his character a bit of a break. And maybe that is what the fans are up in arms over. I've read his charactor doesn't come off as such a sociopath in the webtoon. But I, for one, would NEVER want one of my daughters dating a guy like him because he's shown he can be sneaky and manipulative and generally not a nice guy. Really, nothing he does from here on out would prove to me that he wasn't capable of doing something really bad if he perceived he was betrayed by someone down the road. 
Absolutely agree with you on that point. This is who he is. Sure, he can learn. He can curb that impulse. But it's who he is on a cellular level. It's not going away. Maybe he never does anything to her - but it will crop up other places. Do you want that following your other half around? Do you want your children raised with exposure to that? Do you want to be on your guard at least a little bit forever?


Wow. I mean...I can't exactly say this is ground breaking, but this is some good TV all the same. In particular, this mini-arc with the re-discovered H-dong killer has been interesting both by itself and for moving along our understanding of the various players in the past and the present. I think Lee Sang Yeob did a great job as the serial killer, too. I wasn't expecting to feel as much sadness for his horrible life as I did, but watching him with the final girl, and realizing that he was completely baffled - we had always been able to see his alienation, but this was something so much deeper than expected. To know that he was made into this creature with almost no connection to anything human...it made me angry on his behalf even while I was watching him kill someone. But then, you know I love the 'monsters: born or made?' argument anyway.
Can it, though? We all love a dead man, but I think he has to stay dead.

Morrasoom Sawat / Typhoon of Passion

This is my current lakorn love. A 27-year old reformed gangster falls in love with a dewy-eyed 17-year old student. Horrible mafia fashion, parental issues, all sorts of jealous clingy types, over-the-top relatives, plus all the usual things you find in a Thai drama. The upside? Actor Weir Sukollawat Kanarot, with open chest shirts and motorcycles, trying to be a decent human being for the one person that helps him forget his past. A time jump keeps the relationship from being too squicky. But he is a tall drink of water in loud paisley, and his Scooby gang of loyal minions make for a fun show to watch.
Trotwood; *butting in for Weir* Sometimes, it seems the only fun I'm having is with this show/ I love Signal. but I wouldn't say it is fun. I didn't know what to think at first; our heroine is plucky and good to a fault with deer-in-headlights big eyes. But then he walked in with those pants that fit so . . . well that I literally post a tweet thanking his tailor at least once an episode. He made me not mind then love open-past-the-chest 70s disco shirts. He makes me like back tatoos. He makes me like gelled back hair. He makes everything wrong seem so right!!!! (deep breath) He's not a tall drink of water. He's a geyser at the oasis after the crazy person who stole your last bottle of water forced you to eat a whole bag of potato chips before you trekked the 5 miles to get here. There's lots of Thai actors who are better actors and better looking (KEN, Chakrit, Tik), but he moved right up  behind Ken with one show.
Every now and then I like my noodles with Thai flavor...

Non-Asian Things


This show is like a meal you eat, kinda enjoy, but then feel bad about because it wasn't good food at all. It's entertaining enough while you watch it but it's more fluff than fluff ever was and really has a very fleeting taste.
So like Moorim?
No, these are adults. I would really not want to watch high schoolers in a drama such as this...
I would be totally creeped out if they were teenagers. What she said. It's fun and I have no intention of dropping it, but it's not something I lie awake thinking about.  Although this week was particularly fun, with Maze reluctantly joining in to save the day. I would LOVE it if she had to participate in their crime-fighting, now that Lucifer is officially a consultant for the LAPD.


Done! Hated the finale. Horribly written. Hated the whole season, really. Especially hated the clones ... why were they in the last episode as well? Agent Einstein can go burn in X-Files hell. Anyway, they could have left this show alone and I doubt anyone would have been very sad.
I haven't gotten to it yet. Maybe I won't ever.


Damn, I watched again. Why. It's horrible, horrible, horrible. Alec and Magnus are the only ones who can save this. If it's only about them from here-on-out.


WOW, the 2nd episode was damn scary!! The evil father gave me the creeps from the second he appeared on the screen and his whole demeanor was threatening, even when he just stood there, breathing. I really want to read the book (which I hear is even better than the show) but I don't want to spoil myself.
So I'm curious: Did you buy the book in English or German? Because the English title is 11.22.63...and I'm going to love it if the German version is 22.11.63
Haha. That's the way we write dates, yes, but the German title is "Der Anschlag". But I just saw that the French translation is indeed 22.11.63. (And husband listened to it as audio book anyway)

The Magicians

I bought the books and started reading but then I stopped because I don't want to spoil the show for myself, just like for 11.22.63. I love the overall sense of gloomy mystery about everything and everyone. And I love each and every character, be they good or bad.
So good. SO.GOOD. Half way through each week's episode I'm overcome with sadness that it's almost over and I have to wait another week to find out what Quentin and friends (mostly Penny, but I also really like the girl who hangs out with Elliot) are going to face next, and what's up with Julia and the Hedge Witches and The Beast and what's the deal with Fillory and all of that. I love it. I love it!
Hello Penny, my reluctant good guy

Jane the Virgin

Well, too bad Hot Professor is a decent guy and would never simply take someone's long-guarded virginity for something "casual". I'm imagining JoAnne throwing hissyfits because this is very much going in the direction of #TeamMichael!
I believe my exact tweet was GOD DAMMIT. They really fucking love each other, don't they.

Sleepy Hollow

I won't even bother.
Yep, haven't since Season 2.
It's like Mufasa in the sky.