Descendants of the Sun - Episode 7 (a gifapolooza)

Episode 7 had a lot of action going on as everyone pulled together to do rescue and recovery. The soldiers were forced to figure out ways to search the rubble for trapped workers, while the medical team figured out how to best take care of the wounded with limited hands and supplies. All the while, our first and second leads kept an eye out for each other.
And we kept our eyes on them, because almost everything else is silly but they are mostly perfect, if annoyingly resistant to each other's charms.

Desperate to find his stash of diamonds, the plant manager tries to interfere with rescue operations by trying to persuade the soldiers to dig out his office first. They forcibly brush him aside.
Someone needs to tie his ass to a tree. 

At the medical center, Mo Yeon and Myeong Joo receive walkie talkies from Daniel (who exactly is this guy?) in exchange for use of their OR. It seems one of the nearby villages was destroyed.
They mention casually, briefly, and never mention again. Sigh. Daniel is awesome but I keep feeling like there's a secret there. 
 He is really good looking, though. I actually had traitorous thoughts.

Our leads are busy, but the hat tip that Shi Jin gives Mo Yeon was one of my favorite gestures of the episode.
See, that's a man who takes his job seriously, doesn't shirk his duties - goes above and beyond them, in fact - and yet always takes the time to let his lady love know he's thinking about her. How does she stay so resistant? Especially when we know her heart wants to go to him?

Mo Yeon and Myeong Joo must work together to save a life. Yes, you can whack someone to revive them (although once is all that's recommended.)
People were questioning that?

Chi Hoon struggles with the language barrier as a pregnant woman refuses to let him administer anesthesia. Yikes! I did not like the crunching sound.
That was gross! But come on... it was a local anesthetic, and probably not that much of one. Would it have harmed the fetus?
Blame it on the lack of understanding the language I guess.

Gi Bum, having injured his shoulder in the earthquake, is finally useful as a blood donor for a patient Mo Yeon and Myeong Joo are operating on. Shi Jin interrupts to ask for Mo Yeon's help.
I was very relieved to see the baby soldier able to do something useful because it was clear that he was feeling VERY bad and I was worried he'd do something stupid.

Shi Jin takes Mo Yeon beneath the rubble to assess two workers who are trapped there. To save one would kill the other.
Of course it's going to be the manager we love that dies, and not that weird guy.
With the incredibly weird voice, that somehow made me laugh instead of feel bad. Palli, palli.....

Shi Jin asks Mo Yeon to make the choice of which man to save. She is exhausted and unsure of what to do, but for once Shi Jin is stern and offers no help.
Tough love works.

Decision made, Mo Yeon and her team rush the speared worker to the operating room while Shi Jin spends a moment honoring the man who was allowed to die.
Playing up yet again that his way of life is so much more than the 'trained killer' Mo Yeon reduced him to when she rejected him the first time. That still burns me, yes.

The soldiers are relieved by backups, but Shi Jin and Dae Young are left wondering how they will feed everyone. Luckily, girl in hooker attire who speaks terrible English arrives with a box of sandwiches for 100 people. Who knew they had Subway in Urk! Shi Jin says Dae Young will buy drinks for 100 people because, you know, his salary was cut. Love these two!
I do love their relationship. It feels pretty real.

Dae Young and Myeong Joo finally have a chance to talk. Standoffish at first, Dae Young finally shows his concern for Myeon Joo with a big hug.
I so hope these two get a bit of luck and her dad gives up his ridiculous plans. They genuinely love each other, Dad, and they're good people.  Let them make their own choices.

 Elsewhere, San Hyun and JaeAe are also having a heart to heart - about her deleting the porn file on his computer should he not make it out of there! Good to have a little levity now and then.
They're funny and I like them and want them to confess to each other, but they're loud.

At the end of the day, Mo Yeon lights candles for the deceased and walks off in exhaustion and tears. Shi Jin quietly watches.
She is his everything. Do you think this is the moment? It's not quite paradise...

Mo Yeon takes on one final task - to close the wound that Shi Jin got while protecting the annoying plant manager (who, by the way, tried numerous more times to control the situation.) As she sews him up, he opens his heart by telling her how much he missed her and could not stop thinking of her.
Why is she not in his lap covering his face with kisses? That was a very, very nice confession, Si Jin.