We Love Ahjussis - Part 2 (born in 1970s)

Okay, the "Born in the 1960s" post was a smash-hit, so let's continue with some younger flesh! Tons of people missing from this list too, we know, we know ... Please leave your suggestions for more sexy ahjussis in the comments section, thank you! By the way, I decided that only people born in 1976 or older are ahjussis.

Cho Jin-Woong (March 3, 1976)

JoAnne: Pudding face :) So cute!
kakashi: I'm the only one in the whole wide world who didn't absolutely LOVE Signal, which makes me feel weird, but it also influences my vote on this guy, because I haven't seen him in anything else. Wrong. I have now seen him in something else. Still, I cannot love him, because I love others more
Jaehyus: I don't remember him, but in this picture he looks like he is playing a scary guy very well. So, he gets a point.
Trotwood: Have you seen his new pictorial on talking cupboard's site? LOVE it. https://thetalkingcupboard.com/2016/04/21/jo-jin-woong-first-look-vol-109/

Our Votes:
bcook: 0 (I dunno dis dude)
Jaehyus: 1
JoAnne: 0
Trotwood: 9
TOTAL: 11 Points

Jang Dong-Gun (March 7, 1972)

Seen him somewhere, but not sure where. 7/10, just for looking good here, but missing 3 points for not sticking in my mind.
'Seen him somewhere.' Well, that's fair, he doesn't do a lot of dramas.  He is sexy, sexy, sexy, and super talented. Also enormously famous.
Hahahaaaaa, that's so Jaehyus :)))) JDG is like the GOD of Korean actors, for whatever reason. I don't like him, on a personal level. 
Thank goodness I knew him from All About Eve and the story of his romance with his wife (and how she was vilified in press by his fans who quickly became her anti-fans--very similar to the Greatest Love plot) before seeing his character in A Gentleman's Dignity, which I disliked in an irrational way.

Our Votes:
bcook: 8
Jaehyus: 7
JoAnne: 5
kakashi: 2
TOTAL: 23 Points 

Jang Hyuk (December 20, 1976)

bcook: Oppa! There's something about this man where even that laugh in fated to love you sounded sexy. He's just dreamy and seems like he'll have an underlayer of calm that appeals to me. Acting wise I think he's quite good. I haven't watched his movies yet (a truer reflection of acting chops than kdramas imo).  
Chuno? My first sageuk love. WOW, I loved that drama. I must say, his laugh has slightly spoilt my love since though. But only a tiny little bit.  
He has great hair. Even when his hair is bad, it's still good. Thick, lustrous, like a walking Pantene commercial. But more than that I love his acting. He can wring tears out of me like few other actors or actresses. I've loved him since Thank You.
I have mixed feeling about him. I think it's his laugh that annoys the heck out of me.

Our Votes:
bcook: 10
Jaehyus: 5
JoAnne: 8
kakashi: 9
Trotwood: 10
TOTAL: 42 Points 

Joo Jin-Mo (August 11, 1974)

Oooh, is all I've got to say, really. But not a top-top number, though in my top 5.
Sometimes I like him more, sometimes I like him less.  Voice is always good, though, nice hair, nice tush, gorgeous smile...
I'm with Jo. I sometimes like him, sometimes a little less. He's too intense, often.
As you guys know, I have an odd relationship with Jo Jin Mo. I'm a huge fan, but I rarely watch things that he is in. I get this visceral reaction to him that makes me feel pain in my gut. I can watch and sympathize and get teary when I watch Jang Hyuk cry, but Jin Mo wrecks me just walking on to screen. I feel tremendous personal loss even when his characters are happy. Don't get it.
He's cute! No idea who he is tho. Have I watched him in something? *checks* oh he was in the thieves?! (but so forgettable)

Our Votes:
bcook: 9
Jaehyus: 6
JoAnne: 4
kakashi: 5
Trotwood: 8
TOTAL: 32 Points 

Kim Myung-min (October 8, 1972)

An actor, through and through and through. His voice! Ah.
One of the top five voices in the business. Maybe the best. 
Great voice.  Truly a fine actor.  I like him, I'm just not, you know, swoony over him.
I loved him as Anthony and as Sambong. Actually, it's a pity that lawyer drama he was in was so bad. I was so looking forward to watching him in that.

Our Votes:
bcook: 1
Jaehyus: 9
JoAnne: 1
kakashi: 8
Trotwood: 7
TOTAL: 26 Points 

Kim Tae-Hoon (May 26, 1975)

I like him...but I didn't like his character and I'm petty enough to have that reflect in my score : 7/10
I love him. I love his dimples, his disappearing eyes smile, his voice...how could we have left his brother Kim Tae Woo off this list?  His OLDER brother, at that?
I don't think I've ever seen him as a good guy. I also don't have a strong opinion of him. 
I have no opinion of him. I seriously have nothing.
I wish I could see him play more good guys, and him something that I'd want to watch all the way through. To me, he was the only good thing about One More Happy Ending, and I'm a Jang Nara fan girl.

Our Votes:
bcook: 6
Jaehyus: 0
JoAnne: 2
kakashi: 4
Trotwood: 3
TOTAL: 15 Points 

Lee Seo-jin (January 30, 1971)

MINEMINEMINEMINEMINEMINEMINE 10/10  20/10 dimples hair ass smile laugh voice hands neck looks like he smells good he's SMART he's perfect perfect perfect.
I have never seen him in anything :( I apologize for the low number of points he therefore gets.
There's other people I like more on this list, so I'm not ranking him high here.
I feel I know his real personality more than the others because of his reality tv show appearances. I'd love to travel with him. (just traveling, Jo. I won't touch). It's those dimples that started all of this.

Our Votes:
bcook: 7
Jaehyus: 4
JoAnne: 1,000,000 (fine. 10)
kakashi: 3
Trotwood: 4
TOTAL: 28 Points 

Ma Dong-Seok (March 1, 1971)

Oooh, but wait...Teddy Bear! Hmm...mmm.
I love him for the way he is built
Not aware of him, but he looks cuddly.
He makes every show and movie he's in (and he's in A LOT) better even when they are bad. I've him since H.I.T.
I do like him! this is hard. 

Our Votes:
bcook: 9
Jaehyus: 3
JoAnne: 9
kakashi: 6
Trotwood: 5
TOTAL: 32 Points 

Oh Ji-ho (April 14, 1976)

Kakashi says: ZERO POINTS! Seriously, I cannot stand him. That includes his looks.
He's not even so bad he's good. He's just....bad and no amount of muscle and veins can help him.
I like him.
SO HANDSOME. I don't care if he can't act. I don't need him to act, I need him to be a person. I'm sure he can do that.
Here you go, Jo: 
Our Votes:
bcook: 0
Jaehyus: 10
JoAnne: 6
kakashi: 0
Trotwood: 0
TOTAL: 16 Points 

Shin Ha-kyun (May 30, 1974)

Doesn't he look just like that cat?  
No, he looks like the little green martian from The Flintstones.  But I love that, so it's good.  I honestly think the shyness might be hard for me.
OMG he owns me right now. My heartrate increases when I see him. I find everything about him SO SEXY. 
(afraid to comment after Kakashi)
I am not afraid!! *whispers* his mouth is too big *runs*

Our Votes:
bcook: 3
Jaehyus: 9. Because Kakashi insists he's hers. So, I have to back off, grrr.
JoAnne: 3
kakashi: 10000(=10)
Trotwood: 6
TOTAL: 31 Points 

Song Seung-Heon  (October 5, 1976)

I don't know who he is, but I like him here. 
This is Hand Towel! This is OPPA! This is the man who birthed the squeecaps! His abs freaking GLITTER. Go watch My Princess. Right now.
Ahahahahaaaa, Jaehyus again! (I know, I only have so much brain space, though!) SSH is the youngest on this list, but indeed, he holds a special place of honor on this blog. He is the man who started it all. He also cannot act, but he is SO BEAUTIFUL.  
I have a lingering fondness for him because he was in the first makjang drama I watched--Autumn in my Heart--and I remember crying and crying. I thought him beautiful in his wretchedness.

Our Votes:
bcook: 4
Jaehyus: 8
JoAnne: 7
kakashi: 7
Trotwood: 2
TOTAL: 28 Points 

And the Winner Is...... Jang Hyuk! You deserve it, Sexy!