We Love Ahjussis - Part I (Born in 1960s)

kakashi: Let's have an ahjussis contest! So many delicious men with wrinkles in their faces! Which ahjussi wins the PotUp crown? Each Squeecapper can rate the ahjussis in this post with points (from 1 (lowest) to 10 (highest)). The ahjussi with the most points wins! Our ahjussi definition: born 1976 or older. This first post covers all the ahjussis born in the 1960s, the second one will cover the ahjussis born in the 1970s. Oh, and don't you worry! More ahjussi posts to come. We forgot so many!!
Jaehyus: Yeah, nah.
JoAnne: Make it go away.
trotwood: Good bodies are NOT enough for us. I wish I could erase this pic from my mind.

Ahn Gil-Kang (August 24, 1966)

JoAnne: This guy just always made me laugh (not a bad thing) and his looks can be pretty changeable based on his hair and clothing...but that Murder Hotel drama made me notice that he has a fine, fine ass. Ever since then... I've had a tiny crush. He's a big guy with a deep voice, a gorgeous head of hair, and a nice ass. I could do worse.  I'm not sure I could do better.
kakashi: I have never noticed his ass, to be honest, but I've sure noticed him. He has a lot of presence, most of it a bit scary. Can't say I'd watch anything for him, but I'm always pleased when he turns up.  
Jaehyus: I don't mind him, but he doesn't do anything for me.  
Trotwood: He was my favorite character in My Secret Hotel.
bcook: I woulda never thought of him. Think i've seen him play the bad guy too many times. He does have a nice voice but the competition is too great...sorry.

Our Votes:
bcook: 2
Jaehyus: 3
JoAnne: 10
kakashi: 3
Trotwood: 6
TOTAL: 24 Points

Cha Seung-won (June 7, 1970)

Technically, he shouldn't be in this post because he was born in 1970, but circumstances demand that he goes up against the older guys. Is this unfair? Let's see. Cha Seung-won made an appearance early in my KDrama watching career (was it in City Hall? Not sure) and impressed me a lot. A versatile actor with an interesting face and a very memorable voice. 
Aaah the voice. I genuflect(sp) at the sound. Have seen him in real life I can confirm 3 things 1. he's quite slender but fit 2. he smells amazeballs 3. he has horrible taste in shoes. 9/10
I liked him a lot until his wooden acting in Splendid Politics.  Now, I feel meh.  
His looks depend greatly on styling for me, although I like his voice veryvery much. From all accounts a devoted husband and father, I hear. I like that in a sex symbol.
I remember when I was in South Korea, being on a subway train and seeing one of his commercials. It was for iced tea. I stared mesmerized and got off at the next stop, going in search of iced tea. I stopped myself in the middle of a translation struggle and trying to figure out where I was when I remembered that I don't like store bought iced tea. I've never liked store bought iced tea. It was just him.

Our Votes:
bcook: 9
Jaehyus: 5
JoAnne: 6
kakashi: 8
Trotwood: 10
TOTAL: 38 Points 

Choi Min-Soo (March 27, 1962)

Choi Min Soo is basically just one big glob of testosterone and there's a part of me that really likes that, but there's also a part of me that would beat him to death with the nearest available object on any given day. The man does not get good press, nor does he appear to deserve it.  He is probably an enormous pain in the ass and I should rate him lower overall but he is too goddamn sexy.  Shiver-y sexy.  Lose my breath sexy.
What's with the bad press? I know nothing about him except he's the uber-sexy king in Daebak with those cool twin eunuch-bots.
Don't know about the bad press either, but! He made a huge impression on me in Warrior Baek Dong-soo (together with Jun Kwang-Ryul, who is also on this list). He was one of the best things in Faith, too.
I've heard the bad press, but I don't know much about him. I just get the impression that he's pretty high maintenance if a "I need to live a broody bad ass life" can be called high maintenance. I mean I like intensity, but it would be exhausting 24/7. He's always good in everything he is in. Only good thing about Sword and Flower.
He's a bad boy ahjusshi! But I got my badass (gentleman) oppahjusshi further down.... so there's no competition. 

Our Votes:
bcook: 5
Jaehyus: 8
JoAnne: 7
kakashi: 6
Trotwood: 4
TOTAL: 30 Points 

Choi Moo-Sung (January 12, 1968)

Safari forever. I almost cannot see him as anything else.
I have no recollection of him whatsoever.
He was great as Taeki's father in Reply 1988. Kitteh raved about him in I Live in Cheongdamdong, too.
Eh. Everybody needs somebody to love...he's not mine. 

Our Votes:
bcook: 1
Jaehyus: 1
JoAnne: 4
kakashi: 4
Trotwood: 1
TOTAL: 11 Points (ouch)

Jeon No-Min (August 28, 1966)

Who is this? 
Moksori from Gaksital, also the dad in Will It Snow For Christmas, I think. I know zero about him other than that he is generally handsome and a decent actor.
Generally handsome is a skill.
He is in an amazing amount of dramas, and he does bad well and does good well and I could watch his face hours upon hours. 
He looks like he'd do smarmy (but cute) company director whose plotting to take over our male lead's grandmather's company.....really well

Our Votes:
bcook: 6
Jaehyus: 4
JoAnne: 2
kakashi: 9
Trotwood: 3
TOTAL: 24 Points 

Jun Kwang-Ryul (February 11, 1960)

I see him as a typical sageuk actor. Just like Choi Min-Soo, I love to see him. Every drama he is in gets 100 times better when he appears. Has he ever had a happy role?
No recollection of him either, and I watch a lot of sageuks.
I'd probably rate him higher but I think even his happy face looks sad.

Our Votes:
bcook: 4
Jaehyus: 1
JoAnne: 1
kakashi: 5
Trotwood: 2
TOTAL: 13 Points 

Kwon Hae-Hyo (November 6, 1965)

I love this guy.  I love his hair, I love his big nose, I love his smile, I love his voice.  He seems like a real person. I think he's very short though...
Fun size.
Yup, he always has great hair. I've liked him since Samsoon.
I like him but don't love him. I find his acting monotone. Like ... always the same? 
He always steals the scene for me (yet I cannot remember where i've seen him...) He gets higher points for the fond memories.

Our Votes:
bcook: 7
Jaehyus: 6
JoAnne: 5
kakashi: 2
Trotwood: 5
TOTAL: 25 Points 

Lee Sung-Min (December 4, 1968)

He seems like it would just be easy with him, like he's a comfortable guy. Nice looking, if a bit mournful. I always like his acting.
He, too, is in a thousand things.
I like him a lot.  
Hmm I like him as an actor but those eyebags are not cute. So low points from me. 

Our Votes:
bcook: 3
Jaehyus: 7
JoAnne: 8
kakashi: 7
Trotwood: 9
TOTAL: 34 Points 

Shin Sung-woo (May 27, 1967)

Oppahjussi!!!! My future husband (I have told my parents and they are confused but accepting...my Dad even asked me how he was doing. lol) I found this guy through the first season of roommates (but you might know him as the coma Dad from moorim), he's a national treasure basically and his rock ballad is apparently always sang by soldiers at the noraebang (It's quite beautiful). He has this deep voice, such calm and he cooks! cleans! and cleans up pretty good. He's mostly worked in musicals but is slowly coming back to the drama scene...and I can't wait! 
Oh, this man just gives me shivers....so sexy, so capable in the kitchen, such a mother hen.  IN LEATHER. ON A MOTORCYCLE. Maybe too sexy? Would you always be glaring at rude women if he were your man?
I think I would be glaring at rude women if he was my man. Too much stress.  I pass. 
I wouldn't just be glaring at rude women if he were my man. I'd walk around sharpening knives so those rude would see that I was sharpening knives. 
Sorry, I don't know him. Never seen him in anything.

Our Votes:
bcook: 10
Jaehyus: 2
JoAnne: 9 (he'd be a 10 if it weren't for all the rude women!)
kakashi: 1
Trotwood: 8
TOTAL: 30 Points 

Sung Dong-Il (April 27, 1964)

Actually, I really love this one too.
Yeah, I find him very appealing in a 'regular nice looking guy' kind of way.  He's loud as BALLS though...I wonder if he's that loud in real life?
Yes, if you watch in Dad Where Are We Going, he basically rules everyone and owns everything.  It's not just his age, it's his personality. 
One of my favorite ahjussi actors.  
He's everybody's favorite Appa! but also a proven badass...what's not to love?

Our Votes:
bcook: 8
Jaehyus: 10
JoAnne: 3 (I love him but he's so LOUD)
kakashi: 10
Trotwood: 7
TOTAL: 38 Points 

And the Winner Is.....

It's a tie!!!!! Cha Seung-won and Sung Dong-il both received 38 points. They are closely followed by Lee Sung-Min with 34.

Who is your Winner, dear readers?