Noble, My Love - Episodes 15 to 16 (A SqueeCap)

Shuk: So close to the end!! We have hopefully seen the last of Dr Biatch 1, who got some second degree burns with that last encounter with our hot CEO. And B2 is never far from B1. And Jailbait has been gone since the rooftop kiss. All that's left is Dancer Boy, and the way is clear for our couple to have some alone time! Together! Alone! In that big house! Did I mention alone?
JoAnne: Alone in that house. With bedrooms. But mostly alone in any room, together.
Jaeyhus: B1 is playing a psycho serial killer over in Mrs Cop 2. She's finally found a hobby.

Episode 15: Confidentiality Agreement, No Physical Contact, No Invasion Of Privacy

So here is our hero, with an armful of pretty girl and no place to put his hands. Is he in pain? Happy? Dunno, but a myriad of expressions storm across his face. Finally, in desperation, Kang Hoon asks her to let go. Suddenly Dr Cha remembers her Tree Climbing act and drops to the floor.
She wants those coconuts.
Sometimes, I just wish she'd calm down.
They both can't look at each other as they go through various poses of ‘what the heck do we do now?’ She does her standard reaction and grabs her hair. He appears to put his hands in his pockets. I wonder, is that his standard reaction to her? (Trotwood: Hmm. Hands in pockets here makes me have JoAnne-type thoughts)
My eyes aren't the only things shifting around.
I think that might be his standard reaction to her, hee.
Anyway, he walks her back to her room. Another bolt of lightning and subsequent thunder has Dr Cha pressing up against him again. But this time his composure is in place, and in a quiet voice laced with a bit of sarcasm, he wonders out loud why she is being so forward.
He has to say something to get her to step away from what is probably happening in his pants (yup. I went there without Jo).
I was already there. Hi, Trot. Looks like there's...uh...plenty of room for a party.
I thought he wanted this reaction.  Isn't that why he asked her to move in, so they could get further with things?
That snaps her out of it, and she steps away. He gives her a bit of a smirk, glares at the cat and leaves. Outside the now-closed bedroom door, though, he lets out a huge breath and collapses against the jamb.  Aww, CEO Hotness wasn’t unaffected by the skinship! Actually we all knew this before, but still, let’s bask in his reaction, shall we?
She's not the only one who wants to climb him like a tree right now.
I want him to show his reaction to her more, muahahahaha [Evil Laughter].
The shorter the pants, the longer the gif...
He is out for a run the next day, (please put in a pic of him in that perfectly fitted running outfit) but still gets back to the house in time to make breakfast for two (wearing my favorite color--purple) (Mine too!). The problem is, his new house guest hasn't left her room yet. Finally, he knocks on her bedroom door and calls out her name.  She slowly opens the door, wearing dark shades to hide her bassett-hound eyes.  She didn’t get any sleep the night before. He doesn’t care; it’s time to eat and head out to work. Food? Her ears perk up and she smiles.
I love her response to food. I perk up when people say breakfast, too.
I like food, but I love Sung Hoon.  I don't suppose I have to tell you which one would get a faster reaction from me...
Food from me.  
 Dr Cha sniffs ecstatically at her plate but all he can focus on is Fuzzy enjoying a morning snack. Still what can he say? She happily digs in.
He does want the cat gone, but Dr. Cha says no one should be interrupted while eating. I completely agree with this statement. They are invading his space, but he needs to remember that he insisted. Be careful what you ask for, buddy!
He invited them in!  Invasion is impossible.
Exactly, what invasion when he insisted on them moving in?  And it's love Jaekyung, love her pets, dontchaknow?
He may be a good cook, but he’s a lousy host. After her first bite, he loftily informs her that her presence in the house is not of a guest, but an employee. She will be cooking, cleaning, doing laundry, and generally doing housekeeper things. She offers to pay rent, but he doesn’t want any of that filthy lucre.
He makes me wonder at his business because he doesn't seem to know how to get what he really wants from her. Or doesn't he know what he really wants and is going by what he thinks he should want? Am I being too philosophical for a 15-minute ep?
He's just a contrary boy when it comes to women, that's all.
Back to his default bad attitude, sigh.
She decides that they need to set some ground rules before the situation goes any further. By the time the breakfast dishes are in the sink, she is ready to begin.

(1)    Confidentiality Agreement
(2)    No skinship at home (but it's okay other places? Let's go out!)
(3)    No invasion of privacy

Kang Hoon is okay with point number one, but his teeth grind over number two. Really? No touching? Dr Cha is adamant that under no circumstances will it be tolerated. He counters. Who was the one pretending to be a kudzu vine last night?
Maybe the rules are to help her remember to be a lady.
Why be so annoyed over no skinship when you act annoyed by it each time?
With a gulp, she explains that she hugs anything when she’s scared: Fuzzy, a pillow, etc. So, really, he was a substitute cushion during the storm. Um, Dr Cha, I don’t think you are winning any points with that.
Kang Hoon, the living body pillow.  I could make millions.
(Checking my bank account to set up savings just for that pillow)

She goes back to the task at hand. But CEO can’t hear anything more than a drone as he stares at her lips.(I love the way he looks when he is doing this. He goes all soft.) She snaps him out of it, and to cover up his discomfiture, he goes on the offensive. (He has to. Too much is going on in his pants!) He will agree to these three points, but the fourth will be that she quit the dance club and Twinkle Toes Milquetoast.
I am loving Trot's preoccupation with the state of Kang Hoon's drawers.
It was the tree climbing and what that implied. I can't unsee that. Now I can't unthink all the rest!
As they head out of the house, she tries to reason with him. It’s good exercise, she’s a night person and it’s her personal time. At that, he spins around and she bounces off his chest (because it's rock hard. Lordy. fanning myself). He growls that she will be in trouble with him if she dances with some other guy. They stare at each other before he frowns a bit and turns away.
He's so possessive and he has no idea about it, really.
And yet he's antsy about skinship.
He opens the passenger car door to take her to her clinic, but she mostly glares at him in silence. Finally, she starts, I dunno, singing to the voices in her head?  He stares at her likes she’s crazy and one, with one snarky comment, she subsides.
 . . .and again he genuinely smiles about her, but she doesn't see. This is really starting to make me crazy.
Just think about his pants.
Oh, yeah. Right. (smiling happily again)

Outside her building, he gets all boyfriendly and promises to see her this afternoon. She smiles and waves as he pulls away from the curb.
How did we get to this point? The last time I checked (and I rechecked to make sure), she was still pouting and mad at him. What happened in the car the rest of the way that makes her all smiley and happy and waving at her really beautiful boyfriend as he drives away?
They're in public so they're putting on a show?
She's thinking about what's in his pants? 
But look who is waiting outside her door! Twinkle Toes himself. And on the road, CEO brakes with a screech to see the two of them in his mirror. But rather than confront them, he takes a deep breath and heads to his office.
He wants to but he can't. People are already honking at him. It is one of the most realistic things in this drama. He does NOT make a U-turn and go back. I see this in dramas all the time. It would be nearly impossible to do that across all those lanes, and he probably has to get to work.
Plus this way he can stew about it all day. Or maybe he figures she'll take the opportunity to tell the guy to go away.
Wow, I'm surprised he acted like an adult.

Inside the hospital, the pair awkwardly shares some coffee. Sang Hyun comments on the cozy scene he just witnessed, but his reason for being there is not as a third wheel, but to inform Dr Cha that he is leaving for London next month. Or maybe he is the third wheel because he wonders aloud if she is willing to travel with him. But before she can say “aneyo” he’s already backing off, knowing that her boyfriend would give chase.
Too little, too late, too not Kang Hoon.
Especially too late and too not Kang Hoon.  What bugs me about Sang Hyun is that he didn't fight for her back in college, and instead was all passive so Dr B1 could manipulate things as she wanted. 
But at least Sang Hyun finally comes clean. He likes her a lot, but recognizes that his time is past. I’m actually yawning a little as this whole convo is surrounded by an “IDC” field. She wishes him luck and thanks him for his sincerity.
If you know it's too late, why bother confessing?
Closure? The director promised him more lines?
I'm convinced the actor's agency negotiated a certain number of lines and face shots.

Dr Cha is perusing online dinner recipes when Lunatic Stalker calls. She answers it, only to be blasted by a very angry and not a little freaked out CEO. She pulls the phone away from her and rolls her eyes.  He starts in with the excuse that her telephone manners suck. (That's the pot calling the kettle black. His phone manners also suck.) You would know, since she has hung up on you on more than one occasion. And I think she might do it again.
I wonder how his pants are doing.
They shrank.
Instead, she sighs and asks him why he is picking a fight. He bites out:  how dare she entertain men at her clinic! She plays innocent…what men?  Oh, you mean Twinkle Toes? He is exasperated and wants an explanation. She tells the truth; Sang Hyun is leaving the country and going abroad to study.
The one thing that is good about direct confrontation is that none of the typical misunderstandings occur. If this were a regular drama, this misunderstanding would've lasted at least a full episode or more if he really thought she'd go to London with Sang Hyun. He'd rush to the airport at the last minute hoping to stop her because he realizes (or more likely Pa Kang realized for him) that he can't live without her. He'd go to the clinic for memory's sake only to find her there calmly eating ramen.
While eating the ramen, she'd be thinking how she really does like him, and wondering if all his prickliness is a cover for his true feelings. But before she can reach that critical break through, he'd show up and get all blustery and defensive and piss her off, and then it's time for The Time We Were Apart in the drama.
That should shut Kang Hoon up a for a bit.
Yay, the sunshine just broke out and all is beautiful in KangHoonWorld. He hugs his phone and smiles.(not ashamed to say I watched this bit more than once--each time) In a completely normal tone, he continues (or really starts) conversing with his roommate. She smiles and promises to make dinner.  He's gently teasing now. The hard hard life of a CEO means never knowing when you can make it home for a meal. She snarls that she’s busy too and hangs up on him.
I swear to God, they both need Prozac.
Not her, just him. He's the one who's been pushing and pulling and going up and down in moods this whole show.

He looks at the phone ruefully. Yes, her telephone manners suck, but now he’s all smiley.  Where is that little thorn? That little thorn is flying faaaar  faaaar away…He starts dancing in his office, not realizing his two assistants are peeking through the door.
He does this whole rooster walk thing that is completely fitting for the character. (with his hands in his pants)
He's a goofy ball of sex. My favorite thing in the world is someone really hot who is also very funny.
Dr Cha is finally home from the hospital, and decides to get domestic. She enters the Kang Hoon Inner Sanctum, ostensibly to vacuum. But soon her curiosity gets the better of her, and she snoops through his closet. (There is no way that I would have been able to resist either.) She is surprised to see her Dalsan-Ri clinic t-shirt hanging there all nice and neat, and flashes back to the first time they slept together, post-stitches.

She ends up falling asleep on his bed, still clutching the shirt. He arrives at the house, but there’s no meal and the place is dark. He’s a bit peeved, but all that melts away when he gets to the bedroom and sees the sleeping beauty.
And his expression does go completely melty. It's probably a good thing she does not see these looks because she'd be a goner.
I'm a puddle, for sure.
I did not understand her falling asleep.
He quietly sits on the bed and stares at her face for a bit, until he can’t resist and reaches out to touch her face. That quiet touch wakes her up, and he backs up a bit. She apologizes for napping, and heads out of the room. He watches her go, then swallows a suddenly-dry throat, his blinking eyes wide with confusion.
Why confused? He already knows he wants her.
I don't think he understands how much he does, so it surprises him every time.
How does he not understand when he knew how much he wanted to live with her?
Maybe this would be a good time to put his hand in his pocket?
Outside his bedroom, she is propped against the wall; she swallows a suddenly-dry throat, her eyes wide with confusion.
And she knew she wanted him. Cut the bullshit. She's never been unaware of her attraction to him.
I don't think she is confused. I think she is freaked out. The only power she has in this relationship is resistance. However, she's got to be thinking about what's in his pants, too (she was closer to . . . than we are). She's been able to feel up his chest. She ate his breakfast. She sleeps in a bed he bought for her. He looks like a god. She is trying to gather her control. These are all the real reasons she didn't want to move in with him in the first place. She knew she was the vulnerable one -- not him.
Makes sense. I'd be goo by now.
She is attracted, but he hasn't given any guarantees of a relationship. So, I'd be wary as well, if I were her.  

Episode 16 – It’s Not a Mistake This Time

Dr Cha is performing her morning ablutions when she stops for a moment to think back to that butterfly touch on her face the night before. She doesn’t have enough time to get all tingly about the memory before Weaksauce splashes a cold-water text. She demands her friend go to an animal-friendly website to see something.  Even if it’s cute corgis gamboling through clover, it not worth derailing her sex-train of thought.
Let's hope it's not the Acela. (For non-US, non-East Coast, that's the super high speed Amtrak electric train.)
Shuk, has my corgi obsession gotten to you? 
No pants, but a cute scarf.
It turns out, though, that the owner of the dying dog posted a heartfelt testimonial on the kind and pretty doctor that gave her furry family member compassion and care in his final days. Aww, that one stranger is more grateful than all the phalanges in her Weaksauce friend.
This is the only time Weaksauce has been useful in this drama so far. And look how she doesn't have to even show up on our screens to do it. Take a lesson from this writers and director!
Yay, Weaksauce!
Yay, reviewer! Even if Weaksauce hadn't said anything, the review is still there, and the results, given below, would be the same.

The result is that her clinic is now flooded with clients. I hope the majority of them came from Dr Biatch1 and Dr Biatch2. Even Weaksauce at this point in time. Anyway, the upshot of all this bustle is that poor Dr Cha is busy all day long, and ultimately stays overnight to monitor a patient.
She is a good doctor. I like that they have her successful and become successful on her own terms. If I had a pet, I'd want a vet like her. 
I know it's petty but I find the frontage of her office off-putting.
Me too, but I suspect most office buildings in Seoul will look like that, no matter what is inside.
She’s leaning against the wall when she gets a text from Prince CEO. She texts him back she’s at work right now and probably won’t be home that night. He interprets it as her painting the town red, or maybe heading back out to a p’macha. He immediately calls her but gets voicemail. Now he’s really champing at the bit and gets ready to storm the clinic.
Breach that gate, Sung Swoon. Breach that gate!

Before that thought is more than half-formed, he receives a text. As he reads it, every cell in his body relaxes and calms. (He melts. I swoon) He gives a little smile to the selfie of the Dr Tired But Beautiful holding her fluffy white patient (It's Macaron, yay!) and apologizing. He texts back, “Okay, take it easy.”
Remember this moment and how you do know how to be a good boyfriend.
I'm all melty and smiley.
That morning though, he is not enjoying breakfast alone. He even stares at Fuzzy’s empty bowl and sighs. And puts his hand in his lap, but not in his pocket.
He misses her and likes having her around. This is not something I think would have occurred to him on his own. His whole "hard life of a CEO" comment is about to bite him in that rock hard ass of his. (yup, I'm back to talking about what's in his pants)
There's really nothing else to talk about it, though, is there?
Kang Hoon’s home life doesn’t get any better as day after day goes by and she is AWOL from his house. At work, he’s not even listening to PA Kang as his assistant rattles off his own busy schedule. Finally he stops and talks to no one in particular, “Is she the only veterinarian in the world?” He rounds on PA Kang to complain some more. His assistant calmly points out that Dr Cha is not a liar, so she probably is busy. And as her boyfriend, his boss had better understand the hours of a doctor aren’t set in stone. Besides, if Boss wants to see her, why doesn’t Boss go see her?
Once again, PA Kang is the voice of reason.

Kang Hoon looks like he never even thought of that.
He storms into her office at the drop of a hat but this time it didn't occur to him?
I suppose he was respecting her work space. 
PA Kang’s smile just gets wider and wider. Is it me, or does he look almost giddy?
Throwing more glitter at PA Kang. He's like a fairy godmother in this show.
He's a shipper.

It’s pretty dark when CEO Hotness arrives at the hospital. He has a tiny tiny smile as he gives Fuzzy a “Long Time No See” greeting and gets a meow back.  But all of his softer expressions are reserved for the woman sound asleep and slouched on the sofa. He sits next to her and gently pulls her head against his shoulder.
He so misses his little family. I remember wondering the first time I saw this whether or not he was going to be honest about his feelings now. Would he be able to break out of his 10-year old tease the girl I like thing and just be clear that he likes her and misses her. He just seemed content to finally be with her again.
Oh but that would be too easy, wouldn't it. I make a motion that going forward, the only thing hard about this situation is, well, you know.
Back to the pants, which are even more interesting since Jaehyus mentioned that they have shrunk. Much tighter now.
I was happy to see our hero likeable again.  

The peaceful moment is shattered by a cellphone ring. Why aren’t they all on silent? I huff. He bolts up as she bolts and mumbles her standard phone greeting. (I thought this was funny, but also more proof for him about hard she has been working) A moment later she realizes she’s not alone.

Kang Hoon gruffly admonishes her for sleeping somewhere else without permission, but she just gives him a genuine, albeit tired, smile. There some nice honesty sizzling between them.  “It’s good to see you,” he says and her smile gets a bit wider. I loved this moment!  Kang Hoooooonnnn!!! They are staring at each other for a moment before he gives into an impulse. Cradling her head in his hand, he hovers over her lips for a moment before finally FINALLY they kiss.
Thank god. I couldn't enjoy it because I was so relieved. Then scared because they were completely frozen in this odd--I'm taking a picture in the 1800's kind of way. Please people. We could take a real kiss from these two. We all know what's going on in his pants!!!!!
OMG I just want them to DO IT.  PLEASE.
It was really romantic. And I felt like I worked hard - suffered much Kang Hoon bad attitude - to get to this place. 
Fuzz don’t care, but we sure do as the kiss freezes for a second (millions of seconds!), both of them locked together before they finally, slowly break away. He immediately points out that it wasn’t a mistake. Yay! He learned his lesson from the car fiasco! (encouraging applause all around) They both seem very comfortable together after that.
They should be. This was the barrier between them. Each was suspicious of the other's feelings and worried about revealing too much about what they want. 
Aww the fluffy babies like each other. Oddly, this makes them seem cuter to me, not sexier.
Because now it's time for some cuteness.
But his other hand is in his pants.
At the house, they walk together down the sidewalk.  He decides they both need a bit of fresh air, and end up sitting on the porch steps. She’s enjoying the night scenery; he’s just enjoying her face.
Oh those looks he gives her. And she will finally start seeing them, too.
How is he such a glorious being? I mean really. How does that happen? What do his parents look like? What do they sound like?
I want to know which one he takes after the most. The funny thing is, both parents could be ordinary, and just combine to make a handsome son.

She comments that the house is prettier because she hasn’t seen it for days. He comments that her face is prettier because of the same reason. Awww, you closet chaebol romantic you. (I squeed.) He starts leaning into her space, rubbing shoulder to shoulder. Wait! No physical contact in the house! Aha, but our little loophole lover points out that they are technically not IN the house, and gives her a forehead buss.
This was all so tender. (watched this over and over, too)
Snuggle times are the best.
So dweamy!
[Sigh] I guess they don’t get a chance to be a couple for long. (Sidebar: this is very realistic, family showing up just as something develops.) A kid in ragged-out jeans and a suitcase end up in front of the house. Who is he? He clearly knows the door code and his way around the house as he comments on the women’s moccasins at the door. He’s surprised to see Fuzzy stretched out comfortably on the living room furniture.  We get a close up of the family portrait above the cat. Ah, he must be the dongsaeng in the picture.
I found him a wart.

Just then, Dr Cha breezes into the house, announcing her arrival to Fuzzy. Little Bro sizes her up as pretty hot and makes an appreciative noise. Dr Cha spins around using produce for a weapon.  She demands to know who he is, but his only action is to toss his head towards the family photograph.
Do we really need this? NO.
No, he's an abrasive interruption.

At the office, PA Kang tells CEO Hotness that his younger brother as just arrived from America, to study business management. Clearly Kang Hoon isn’t buying it. Where is his lazy-butt brother? At a hotel? A club? His assistant nervously wipes his face and tells his boss that Brat went to his house. Oh crap!
I weep. I really do.
Of course, at home, the pair is peaceably cooking deokbukki together in matching cat aprons. Uh-oh, is Little Bro wearing Kang’s special pink one? He stirs the pot and casually asks how she seduced his hyung. I don't understand his character. I never do. It is the type of character that has potential to be interesting but is only NOT annoying if there is time to flesh him out more, which we do not have here. And also what hi-so (love the lakorn reference--it just slips in doesn't it? But then what would be the equivalent term in Korea?) food or pharmaceutical family she comes from. Dr Cha is her usual guileless self; her family grows apples and grapes. Little Bro is taken aback and warns her that his mother….
Oh of course, there's going to be a mother, too. Shit.
Since there are no Eiffel Towers, I'm going to keep an eye on his pockets.
Suddenly CEO Big Bro is there. No welcoming smile for his sibling, he just orders Dr Cha away from him. Little Brat Bro grabs her arm and needles Kang Hoon. A tug of war / staredown contest ensues. What’s with these two brothers?
We don't caaaaaaaaaaaaaare. Go back to snuggle times! Now!
Little Bro is not cute or charming enough for me to like him. Exit stage left, now!


It seems the cohabitation is/was chugging along nicely. Why bring in an annoying little brother, Show?? What did Kang Hoon ever do to you to deserve that? Especially with 15 minute episodes, a little kiss and tickle should be the plan of the day from here on out.
Praise Jesus.
And the wedding dress.

71. Making a 'guest' do housework
72. Laser-guided lip staring
73. The ever-popular Cohabitation Contract
74. Ex-boyfriend goodbye for overseas study
75. Touching your sleeping significant other's face
76. Rapid heartbeat and confusion over what that means
77. Extended separation of OTP
78. Shoulder sleep-cute
79. Freeze-kiss (not mentioned during The Very Public Kiss)
79. Sudden arrival of Annoying Sibling Cockblocker