Noble My Love - Episodes 17 to 18 (A SqueeCap)

Shuk:  Yay! We get Cute Cuddly times. Boo! We get Stupid Annoying Underfoot Relatives too. Did we have to do this? Chincha?
JoAnne:  Yes, we did.  It's a RULE, Shuk.
Jaehyus: Actually, it's a rule in real life too.  Very few people exist on their own.
Note: Our dear Quirkstine is swamped by RL, and unfortunately will miss the final #NobleMyAss recaps.

Episode 17 – Jealousy, The Most Honest Feeling

So here we have a tug-o-war between CEO Hotness and Little BroBrat. They are both staring daggers at each other as Dr Cha looks on with confusion.
Trotwood: BroBrat: a character who could've made more sense but didn't. On the one hand, he is a jerk to his brother (okay he's a typical spoiled brat younger brother). On the other hand, he actually started to warn Dr. Cha about their mother when he finds out that her parents just own an orchard, so he's not completely snobby. 
Yeah, he's just a brat, but he isn't evil. He does love his brother.
I don't find him good-looking enough to be on this show.
A short time later, BroBrat is loudly playing games on his cell phone. I wonder how long it took him to ask for the wi-fi password?  (It's probably Kang Mom's birthday.) Dr Cha and Kang Hoon are on the couch. Boss flashes a look of irritation and commands his younger brother to go to a hotel. But he can’t; his credit cards were confiscated. Plus, isn’t this his house too? Boss is ready to argue, but quells at a look to Dr Cha. Instead, he offers the ‘annex’, which I’m assuming is a separate part of the building. BratBro doesn’t want to, of course.
I don't have siblings, so people who do please explain this to me. I know people with siblings tell me that they or their siblings would just do stuff to annoy each other, which seems to be the case. But I never understood why. If I don't like someone, I just don't bother with them. I don't waste time going out of my way to annoy them. But it seems like this is what he is doing with his brother. Just annoying him to get his attention.
That's it exactly.  It's this primal need to fuck with them, when you're little.  You're tiny animals dependent on others for everything, and this other tiny animal is competition.
Although, here, they're old enough not to try annoying each other for the fun of it.
The tension between the two thickens, until Dr Cha clears her throat, and quietly mentions that the annex hasn’t been cleaned yet. BratBro pounces on that and prances out of the living room into the deeper parts of the house. Dr Cha flashes Kang Hoon an apologetic look.
Was she supposed to have cleaned the annex?
Why would it be dirty, if no one is using it?
Dust settles everywhere.

In his room, Kang Joon peeks through the desk drawers and pulls out a frame and looks at it. It's the two brothers with a smiling woman between them. BratBro smiles at the picture. Is he gloating?
They should've picked a better-looking actor. That said, I'm really annoyed by this kid, so he's doing the role well.
Back in the living room, Kang Hoon heaves a sigh before warning Dr Cha against the new interloper. She reasonably states he’s family; he unreasonably states that his brother is a man as well. Ooh, I’m guessing this hate thing between them must be over that woman. Anyway, Dr Cha laughs for a moment, but quickly sobers at Kang Hoon’s expression.
I wouldn't have laughed in the first place. He looks different here--different from the other times he was jealous or angry. Clearly, there is a story.
Come on, though. Who would choose that juvenile over Kang Swoon?
Not me. But then, this is SK, the land of aegyo-is-attractive.

He sits on the coffee table in front of her, their knees almost touching, and speaks in a deadly serious voice. The moment he wakes up, his eyes are on her; he demands that she keep her eyes on him as well. They both search each other faces for a moment.
It didn't seem a demand in the same way as the other demands to me here. He seemed to really be asking her (begging a bit even in his way) to see only him when he can see only her. I would've jumped his bones at the moment. Uncomfortable coffee table be damned.
Uncomfortable coffee table be destroyed, more like.
Next thing we see, BratBro is at an upstairs window, staring at our couple as they cozily head for the car. He wonders out loud what is happening to his brother.
Again. confusing character. Minimum amount of time needs to be used. Why do we see this shot? It's obvious what is happening to your brother. Why do we need you?
Go away, BratBro.
Showing his inexperience, this brat.

At the office, PA Kang informs his boss that his brother is not going to show up at the office, because he has a cut on his finger. Is it serious? No, but he went straight to see a doctor.........
I love how they show a close up of PA Kang's mouth as he says this. As if our Kang Hoon has to see this (literally read his lips) to believe it.
Tunnel vision. Rage will do that to you.
Cue Bach’s “Tocatta and Fugue in D Minor” as the CEO’s eyes grow wide. Also cue the brat’s wide-eyed noona plea at the animal hospital.
Why, though? Even if he wants to annoy his brother, why go for the same woman? Never mind, it just occurred to me there are people who love to cut others out from burgeoning relationships just for the thrill.

Dr Cha gives in and dabs antiseptic on this teeny hangnail-size cut. He tries to play it cute, then tries the sympathy route, then tries the sexy stare. All he gets out of it is a slip from Dr Cha regarding the location of his brother's stab wound. But she remembers CEO’s admonition, and decides to retreat to handle one of her furry patients.
Lock this kid in a cage. But first, give him horse pills. Preferably in suppository form.
One of those horse-size needles would be more amusing.
That immature jerk decides to follow her into her treatment area, acting the fool despite her request to leave. His antics cause her real patient to freak out and bite her.
Still thinking he is a waste of plot space. Just bring on the mom. 
Yeah, let's get it over with.
The mom is what's important.

Our man shows up at the hospital just in time to see the aftermath. Bro is remorseful, but it’s too late. Kang Hoon is pissed and it’s all directed at his brother. He grabs the younger man by the collar, and it takes Dr Cha to defuse the situation, warning the brothers not to upset her patients any further, and for both of them to leave.
They both look genuinely remorseful. Kang Hoon looks very worried--not just possessive but worried about her.
Well she did get bit. Bitten? Bit.
I say bitten.
 She’s at home, holding her bandaged arm, when Kang Hoon shows up. He tells her to take a few days off, and warns her that he won’t tolerate her getting injured. Hmm, this sounds like a familiar soundtrack. This time, though, she doesn’t put up a fight, and he gives in to a need to hug her.
I agree it sounds familiar--the words are the same, but it feels different. I think she notices it, too. He doesn't want her hurt because he can't stand it. He can't be with her all the time to make sure she isn't hurt. She is also really pretty in this scene from the lighting from the window. I'd want to hug her, too and feed her soup.
I know it's sacrilege but I'm tired of them both.
She can't take days off. She's got patients. And the business has only just got going. Anyway, I think they both just needed the hug.
 BratBro is mercifully missing while the two of them are reading periodicals. Dr Cha complains that the house is hot. Cue our hot CEO pulling her hair into a messy ponytail, then staring at the nape of her neck.
Such a tender moment when he goes all soft. I want more of this!
He's just lazing around the house with his girl. In a tie. I guess it's handy, though. You know, if they decide to play games later.
She's perfect, sigh.
The moment is broken when the doorbell rings. Kang Hoon smiles slightly, gives her hair a final caress, and heads for the front door. It’s Little Bro! Through the phone, Kang Hoon is explaining: the door combination has been changed and he is persona non grata in the house. Enjoy the annex, dongsaeng!

He does, however, eat breakfast with our couple the next morning, sneezing and complaining. When it’s time to get ready for work, Dr Cha’s eyes are all for her man as he straightens out his cuffs and smooths his power suit.
Please make a gif of this. I was watching and watching and watching, too. That man can wear a suit like nobody's business! (Did it just get hot in here?)
Just as I thought, dust in the annex.  Oh, yes, these two are a delight!
Little puppy barks up, asking for help with his tie. She doesn’t know how either, but she wants Big Bro to do it for his sibling. They both yell “no!”. She tries anyway, and Kang Joon gives a triumphant smile over his shoulder. Honestly, he really is a spiteful little prick.
And a waste of plot space. So little time in drama, why not go into the reason why they hate each other more if they are going to insist on making us spend time with this "I need to be punched in the face several times" brother.
I'm just here to stare at the pictures.
Agree with Trot.  

Dr Cha heads over to Kang Joon’s room, to pack up everything per Boss’ orders. It’s already a godawful mess – has it only been a day? Anyway, she finds the frame on the desk and thoughtfully looks at the photograph of the trio.
At the office, the boys tussle in the elevator. Kang Hoon demands he take off the tie knotted by his woman. BroBrat deliberately baits his older brother, mentioning that the woman we now know in the picture chose him over the CEO, and wondering why his hyung is a coward. He really is a useless ass.
Yup. But I can't blame him. This is where the narrative for this ep should've begun. This would've added weight to Kang Hoon's reaction to him and to him and Dr. Cha. It might have even made stupid brother more sympathetic.
I don't like bothersome people like this little bro. Someone shoot him.

Episode 18 – One Summer Night’s Dream – You Don’t Want To Wake Up

BratBro ends up slammed against the elevator wall, snarling at his older brother. He admits that he should be punished for seducing his hyung’s ex-girlfriend, but he shouldn’t be punished forever.
Here is one place where we could get more information. Flashback stuff (even without paying the extra actress for the girlfriend). Were they drunk? One night stand? Did he think he loved her but realized he was just jealous of what they had? Has he always just wanted whatever Kang Hoon had because he's a)older b)smarter c)favored d)sexier e)all of the above? Was it revenge that went wrong. Two more sentences rather than long staring no dialog space.
His attitude is puzzling.  He acknowledges he was wrong but seems mostly resentful of being punished longer than he deems appropriate. There doesn't seem to be any remorse for what obviously hurt his brother deeply.

Kang Hoon doesn’t say anything else, just pulls the Dr-Cha-tied-tie over his head and walks out the now-opened elevator doors.
The young sibling ends up sitting at an empty desk across from CEO Hotness, wondering aloud whether he deserves a title. You sure do, little boy, but I think it’s NSFW.
Tell everyone he prefers to go by his english-language name:  Dick Weed
That's the nicest title I could come up with.
(It's collasol)
Good title. :-)

Time moves slowly as Boss works through all the machinations of keeping a chaebol business afloat. The only thing Kang Joon is doing is staring at the walls and eating a hamburger. Kang Hoon, of course, is eating a much healthier bento.
More wasted time. To be honest, I'd watch Kang Hoon work silently all day. However, for narrative purposes we could have gotten more info. Kang Joon gets a IG from ex girlfriend. Why not get IG?texts from friends warning him about upcoming wedding or rubbing it in or something about his story? The time I watched him with head on desk or eating a hamburger (which looks really good, by the way), we could've been given some narrative/character backbone.

Then, surprise! Little Boy receives an IG from the Ho Before the Bro. It’s three days to her wedding and she’s posting a photo of her flashy diamond. In the meantime, our OTP is lovey-dovey phone chatting. CEO reminds his woman not to forget to eat. I think he wants to talk to Dr Cha longer, but he realizes that his dongsaeng can overheard the convo, and quickly wraps it up.
Not only that, but the little brother is giving him the stink eye.
What for? Is he not allowed to have someone new?
No, because that would mean someone else has a life.
Little Boy bitterly complains that his brother is happy and their mutual ex-girlfriend is happy, but why isn’t he happy? I feel another I-Don’t-Care field forming around this little whining baby. His tirade continues. Since he stole his brother’s girlfriend, no one is nice to him anymore.
If the world were just, this would be true more often. I can so see this scenario. Everyone liked the trio. Everyone liked the couple. Brother betrays. Friends will choose sides. No one is going to choose him. This could've been interesting. A story about brothers who fall out over the love of one woman brought back together by the love of another. Here? Everyone's boarding the I-don't-care bus.
Soooooooooooo don't care. But I'd watch Trot's drama. Can it be Weir in the good boy role?
Maybe if Dr Cha gets these two talking and friends again, Kang Mum will like her.
Yep, that IDC field is forming!!
Kang Hoon invites him to try the door on his way out, so he does. After Kang Joon leaves, though, Boss clenches his teeth and throws a few papers in frustration.

Ah, here is my favoritest scene in the entire series!
Hurray!! I was so glad to find there there is a subbed clip of just this scene floating around on the internet. Sometimes I watch when feeling down.

Kang Hoon makes it home, to find Dr. Cha making a snack. The words of his brother float into his mind. Is he happy? He sidles up behind the good doctor and rests his head on her shoulder. With both hands in his pockets.
Because we all know whats going on in his pants as soon as he sees her, right? Thank goodness for pockets, and thank goodness for well fitting suits!
I did love being snuggled that way, but they have to be careful, chins can poke.
She offers him a bite, which he takes from her fingers and declares it yummy. A moment later, she is lifted onto the kitchen island. Squee! He plants a hand on either side of her legs and looks straight into her eyes. He tries her name out loud, settling on "Yoon-seo-ah". The intimate pronunciation makes her smile.
*sighs* I hope Sung Swoon, as Sang Min in Five Children, gets to do this kind of thing with his Yeon Doo soon.  She's starting to miss him, you know.
I should get back to that show.
He commands her to always stay by his side. She is suddenly worried - did something happen? He just reiterates: Promise me you will stay no matter what. She pouts for a moment, then agrees.
 . . .and the warning bells start ringing in my head. Such a promise never bodes well in dramas. My only consolation is that this is a web drama so I am pretty sure she won't get run over by the white truck of doom, and there is no time for amnesia. Two of the things that often follow such a promise is drama world.
She kisses his forehead as he sighs on a big puff of air.
Such snuggly puppy babies.
They're so pretty!  I love this scene.
He looks into her eye and says it's hard. Suddenly he has an appetite, but not for dinner. She smiles happily.
I pass out.
Wow. I would have expected a more...err...enthusiastic response from you, Jo.

Meanwhile, the center of his own pathetic ego-world is drinking alone at a bar. I couldn't care less, as my sympathy wouldn't fill a thimble an Angstrom wide. (Que?)(0.1 nanometer) He starts to text HoB4Bro a "Good Luck" text but stops before sending it. Meanwhile, none of his credit cards work for his wine-spree. But, wait, didn't he know that when he shows up on Big Bro's doorstop??
That's what I thought, too. lazy writing or was he lying before? But once again, time wasted on texts when could've had more background on that bad history. Still, I love watching Kang Hoon and Cha on the sofa being snuggly.
He forgot, because he's a douche.
And he got drunk. But I would've expected he would've had some cash.  

So naturally, the young ass has to bother Kang Hoon, who is having some all-too-few cuddle times with Dr Cha. He ignores his little brother through both calls and texts, until finally the annoying prat threatens to use Kang Hoon's name for the bill.
Go for it. It saves him making the trip.
So CEO has to go rescue his useless sibling. He unceremoniously tosses him onto the couch, and throws his jacket onto Drunk Punk's face. We are right with you, Kang Hoon! Throw it harder!!
I thought, "Not the sofa! The floor! What if he throws up on that nice sofa? How are you going to get the smell out of that?"
Just leave him in the bathroom on the floor.
The kid turns his bleary eyes to Dr Cha and warns her that worse will await her if she stays with his hyung.
Plus another intriguing detail that is wasted. He says that he messed up and his hyung didn't look at him for five years.  He is such a waste here, but it would have been interesting if all this time he just wanted his brother to like him and he was more messed up by Kang Hoon's silence than the former ex leaving him. See, show. I gave you more in less than 30 seconds than you gave us about this wasted space of a character!
Honestly, how does that translate to Kang Hoon treating HER badly some day?
It doesn't translate at all.
BratBro isn't nearly this cute though.
Kang Hoon looks ready to pound him into pulp, but the good vet stops her man. She sits down next the kid, slaps him on the back, and punishes him for backtalking his brother / her boyfriend.
Loved her here. Kang Hoon does, too. See where his hands are now guys! It is a family show after all people.
He's a whiny jerk and they should have loud sex outside his bedroom door to punish him.

Kang Hoon's eyes widen at this public confession from Dr Cha. Wait, this is supposed to be a surprise? She was letting him play with her hair! She tosses him a quick look and blushes.
I don't think it is a surprise, but the level of her heated response to defend him is. I don't think it would occur to either that she'd respond instinctively like this and hasn't it also always been him coming in to "take care of" her. I get the feeling that no one has ever defended him like that.
Well, I don't want to defend him. I want to breach his ramparts. Storm his keep. Flood his basement. Tear up his lawn. Infest his attic with squirrels. No, wait, not that one.
Infest the child-bro's pants with lizards.

Then she bolts, leaving the two boys together. Kang Hoon hides his glee behind a stoic face as his dongsaeng grouses.
 Dr Cha decides it's time for some spring cleaning, both for the house and for the brothers, and decides to wash the sheets by foot. Well, for the siblings to do it. Kang Hoon gamely goes in without complaint, but Bro needs some persuasion. She turns it into a bit of a competition between them.
They were having fun there.
Once the sheets are hanging to dry, the whole process devolves into a mini Songkran Festival as they all start playing with the water hoses. All three are smiling, laughing, playing, and actually having fun (when was the last time you think that happened with these two?) when suddenly a well-dressed woman shows up. Uh-oh, it's Dragon Mom!!
I mentally check out of the story.
Getting the brothers talking is a good reason for Mum to like Dr Cha. 


Episode 18 had some of the best cute moments and some of the worst annoyances for this entire webdrama. I mean, come on, those two have enough to deal with, without throwing in the Annoying Relatives ploy.
Maybe the house burns down and in the confusion Kang Swoon and his lady love can disappear and live happily ever after.
Relatives are annoying, though, so you just have to get past this. They've got to be settled before a wedding, anyway. And since her family aren't going to have a problem with her marrying a rich guy who likes her, his need to be sorted out.
Thanks to the script, Little Boy is not much more than a caricature. I mean, he whines that nobody loves him for his past peccadillo, and yet, if Dr Cha had shown the least bit of attraction through his ham-handed attempts, he would have been happy to cuckold his big brother again. Clearly, neither his spots nor his behavior has changed. So are we supposed to feel sorry for him? Or happy that Dr Cha is helping the two brothers mend fences? It just doesn't make sense.
Nope. And I'm not accepting the fact that the eps are short. Short just means that you have to make every second count and these don't. They had time to flesh out this brother thing and chose not to. It's lazy writing. They know we'll keep watching as long as we get a scene like the one in the kitchen.
Yeah, the brother is a complete waste. With episodes this short, they still needed filler?
They could've brought in a stray dog or something.

80. Sibling past grief over a woman
81. Using that Bach piece as a scary music stinger
82. Alone at a bar getting drunk
83. Lifting the woman onto a flat surface for better access
84. Inadvertent love declaration
85. Washing sheets by feet
86. Water fight