Rants and Weekly Raves #91 (RAWR)

JoAnne: I may go buy a bunch of roses JUST so I can do this. I bet it felt good. I bet it smelled good, too.
kakashi: The Director/cinematographer are doing an amazing job for this drama. How many takes do you think they had to do for this?

Guess what!  One of our favorites, Bad Guys, is now available for streaming in USA, Canada, and QCs worldwide on Viki.  It's not quite ready - they're getting videos uploaded but subbing hasn't gotten very far - so if you can't wait, here's a link to our recaps from when it first aired: Bad Guys SqueeCaps And if you want to see it added for other countries, send Viki a request!


Oh Hae Young Again 

I would say that the fan has definitely been engaged, if you catch my drift. Everybody knows everything, by the end of Episode 11. 
You mean... they know they know that they all know? 
The fall out is suitably terrible for all concerned, but the episode did not make me cry (for the first time) because I think the over-riding emotions of the characters are either rage or numbness. I cannot wait to see what happens tomorrow.
I quite enjoyed this episode; if that's the right word. No, I didn't cry, but I felt for them .... for all of them. We discussed Do-Kyung's guilt last week (and in the comments of RAWR #90) and I stand by that, he did something terrible and all the attempts of the drama to make others just as culpable don't work on me. He took the decision to destroy somebody's life out of petty jealousy and in 11 episodes, he has not done anything to redeem himself.
I agree with you on both points, even after the twist which shows us that he didn't actually cause the destruction. (didn't you think that it was, well, a bit too convenient? I am not sure they have planned this from the start) To me, he was willing to do it, and that's what counts. That someone else got there first means nothing. And his actions since? All he could do was stand there in front of her like a lump and apologize abjectly. No personal growth; he's always been sorry, so what's new?
However, after watching all four of them struggle with the truth, I also think they're all really pitiable. What BAD luck. What fault is it of everyone that these two women have the same name? What fault is it of Pretty OHY that people love her? So they don't act rationally or morally - not at all. Plain OHY going to beat Pretty up... just no. And yet, somewhat understandable. Pretty OHY thinking she may have another chance after all and confessing her love ... relatable. Plain OHY commanding Do-Kyung to beg on his knees... yes, I understood that too. This woman is so deeply insecure and hurt, has low self-esteem after all that has happened to her, she is desperately trying to get a signal from this man that he has feelings for her, that she is worth a humiliation like that. 
His growth (and her healing) would only come from him understanding the truth in Rooftop Party's words about 'I love you' always being the right thing to say. But let's talk a little bit about Pretty Oh Hae Young, yes? That girl is and always has been a walking war wound. To expect her, as a young girl barely hanging on to herself, to see that our Oh Hae Young was suffering - when she probably never even saw half of it anyway - I don't think that's realistic. She wasn't mean, wasn't cruel, wasn't anything but thoughtless, or self-centered. But again: young, wounded, fighting hard to hold things together with self-esteem and abandonment issues of her own. I'm not going to blame her for that. And I'm not going to blame our Oh Hae Young for her feelings back then, either. She was in a tough spot and she suffered without ever having done anything wrong.
But both women are adults now. Our Oh Hae Young, at least, has given some indication of self-awareness, and while she may struggle with the issues, she is AWARE of them as issues. So her behavior, particularly her physical attack of the other Hae Young - I see this as a real transgression on her part. She DOES know better. This is the same type of behavior that Do Kyung displayed when he acted out, really. And the other Hae Young's response to learning what happened? My only thought is wow, you are one fucked up human. Not evil, not bad. Damaged. She is damaged. Her lack of empathy towards others is unsurprising, I guess. She's been taught that relationships are a commodity, after all. And to think that there's one person in the world who might love her, not just WANT something from her - then of course she would cling to that person, and her understanding of how that love is demonstrated would have to be twisted, too, in our eyes.
I even understand Do-Kyung and his emotional constipation. He, too, is deeply hurt and insecure, but rather than trying to get confirmation he is loved, he goes and hides in his invisible shell. He feels secure there because he thinks nobody can hurt him. People who tend to protect themselves too much tend to come across as arrogant or harsh - like him. It makes it very hard for other people to read them and to help them. He meant what he said: he is very, very sorry. For Do-Kyung, opening up that much is a lot. But OHY simply couldn't see it.
It hurt to watch that. His apology includes how much he loves her, but she can't feel that from him.  


So many tears - but closure, of a sort. (So much closure that one of our friends thought this drama was over :D) I love my Mangos so much by this point, I felt like I was right there with them, standing next to Ha Neul, while he endures the death of his brother all over again. I wish, though, since they do have this two-episode extension, that they had waited and done the competition as the final few scenes of the drama. They still have a few things to wrap up and it would have been even more satisfying to have that feeling of triumph and connection AFTER the KTop leader was completely ruined, and AFTER they've worked through whatever they need to with the Suk Ho-Geu Rin pairing. That way, the end would have been about Jo Ha Neul, connected to and defending his defenseless brother, while rising to the top of the entertainment world. Which he surely will. I'm sure they'll revisit the competition since we haven't seen the winner announced, but it will have lost a bit of impact by then.

God of Noodles 

Lots happening this week! Everyone knows where everyone is, more people know WHO everyone is, Dae Hae knows who killed her mom, Gramps is dead, and Tae Ha is love.  Pure love. Watching him reach past his natural reserve and try to connect with Dae Ha (who is the cutest sniffy puppy drunk ever) is so sweet.  I hope they make it.  I continue to wonder why that fourth friend is even in this...

Lucky Romance 

I like this more and more. Hwang Jung Eum is hitting it just right as the loving, desperate sister trying to save Bo Ra by any means necessary, even if she knows it's crazy. And she had a crying scene that wasn't screamy and loud! She should work with this director FOR.EVER. I love the moments when she and Su Ho just stand and look at each other. They have a wonderful way of expressing emotion with their eyes. His growing concern for her as he tries harder and harder to figure out what her secret is - it's so enjoyable to watch because he is so confused by these feelings, himself. Gary's puppy-hearted love for her is the sweetest thing, too - and I actually like the side plot of his heart-broken search for his dad. I don't even dislike Amy - she looks and sort of sounds like she should be a bitch, but she's not one, and I have faith that she had a reason for disappearing on Su Ho all those years ago.
Hwang Jung Eum is in too many things. I don't mean this in a mean way, but I find it somewhat ... monotonous.
Jaehyus: I don't mind, I really like her. I think she's one of the best actresses I've ever seen, and one of the most beautiful. 
Good for you! I have a very strong anti-reflex as soon as her name is mentioned

Five Children

Many parts of that kiss right there were very swoony: the part before it, when his voice got really husky as he realized she was trying to work up her nerve; the part during it, when he took her hand...I'm feeling a bit faint. Before I pass out, though: I think mother and mother-in-law need to get put on a raft and floated out to sea. I no longer give even the tiniest of shits about Ho Tae and his pregnant wife; they just seem dumb and kind of whiny even when they aren't, really. Yay for Tae Min and Jin Joo back together, and double, no, TRIPLE yay for Sang Tae and Mi Jung for both saying they want to get married. To each other. Not when the kids are all grown and out of the house, now. Well, soon. That is one wedding I really, really, really look forward to. What a lovely couple. They are both terrific people and they deserve to be happy.
I'm now in it for Sang Tae and Mi Jung's wedding and jolly Brady Bunch family. 
Also, nice bit of meta here: 

Refresh Man 

I feel like it has totally lost steam for me. Last episode I watched was 13, and I think I'm done with it.
That's too bad, because in 14 Noodle Wang was revealed as a skunk (but not to our OTP, not yet, although I suspect that Wen Kai DOES know, and has set a trap.) There was lots and lots of skinship and I remain convinced that Aaron would be the huggiest, touchiest boyfriend around. Let me live in my fantasy. Also, lots of great pants shots.

Vampire Detective 

What's going to happen now that San has his sweetie back? The finale aired this weekend but I won't get to see it until Tuesday, or possibly Monday night. No spoilers. (I know, I don't have to worry. No one is watching but me.)

Beautiful Gong Shim 

Well, Ahn Dan Tae knows who he is, now. I guess this will usher in the frustrating portion of the drama, where they pit him and Joon Soo against each other and we're treated to endless examples of how greedy and horrible Joon Soo's family is. Sigh. It's been so cute and sweet up to this point. I really hope I'm wrong.

Mirror of the Witch 

I think I have probably never seen a better supernatural Korean drama, and I am sort of thinking that I might not have seen anything comparable in my own language, either. The Shamaness reminds me visually of the Wicked Stepmother in Snow White, and the story definitely feels like a fairy tale - but longer, richer in imagery, a more detailed plot...I am so happy with this. I don't mind the length, and beyond that I can't find anything at all to wish different. This is going just how you'd want a fairy tale about a cursed princess to go. Exactly how. She has her resourceful commoner/vague love interest, her devoted and protective bodyguard at her side always, the 'brother' who isn't - and has always loved her, various side characters who come for a moment but always add something good - there's a comically stupid but vicious nobleman, the possessed King, the struggle between the Taoist monks and the Council of Shamens...it's all so good! We're about half way there...I'm knocking on wood for the second half.
What Jo said. Also, I know this is cruel, but I want that king killed off.

Dear My Friends 

I'm always THAT close to starting to watch again when people start talking about how much they cried and I go.... nope. Cannot deal with this.
It's sooooooo good! Each week I think this is it, I'm going to stop, and now I just want Choong Nam's revenge, and I was cheering for Jeong-A quietly and determinedly leaving that bullying husband of hers that won't even let her eat.
So APPARENTLY, it's business decision at DramaFever to post new episodes over the weekend without subs, and then add the subs on Monday.  No, sorry.  Do not pass go, do not collect 200 dollars.  I want what I paid for, which is shows on time (That's the same day, period. If volunteers can do it, so can you DramaFever) and with subs, ESPECIALLY if you are the only legal option in town.

The Sky Series - Jae Wayhu (Thailand)

This series is finally sufficiently subbed for me to take a chance on it, and so far I have dramathoned the first six episodes. The plot is basically three childhood friends who work together but belong to different parts of the military, One is a fighter jet pilot, one is a helicopter extraction pilot, and the third is a lieutenant for a dark ops team. The trio find love while fighting bad guys. Kinda sounds like Descendants of the Sun, eh? The plane and helo CGI is pretty laughable, but the story is good so far. And there is much more fighting than skinship, so a much better balance than DotS. The girls are all smart, independent, and beautiful: a doctor, a intelligence specialist, and a daughter of the commandant. And so far, no cosmetic PPL! And no Eiffel Towers. There is ballroom dancing in their spiffy uniforms, though, and who doesn't like that?


Game of Thrones 

No, I really don't even feel like writing anything about it. Talky-talky-talky, yaddayaddayadda. Yeah, yeah, some of the characters are still great, but my gawwwwwd, 80% is soooo booooooring. Somebody wrote that the story this season is meandering. That's an understatement. But we all know what the next episode will bring ... the Battle of the Bastards!


Not even all the way done with episode 2 and I am totally 100% completely in. Update: All the way done with episode 2, and I'm 120% in, and I love Preacher, I love Tulip, and I especially love Cassidy. Also, I'm quite curious about the Saint of Killers. And those two maybe-angels were hilarious.
Episode 3 is more quiet and I ask myself where they're taking this. We get some backstory for our "OTP", new alliances, plus some explanations for (some) things. You'll be happy, there's quite a bit of the (maybe-)angels. I didn't like this episode as much as I liked 1 and 2.

Orphan Black (Season 4)

So many episodes to catch up on! I didn't even try this weekend.

Hu Ge News

Hu Ge landed at Heathrow, London on Sunday 12 June. Apparently, to promote Shanghai at some event that nobody knows anything about. That's quite an accomplishment, if you think about it. Plus, I'm always amazed at how good some of these stars manage to look even after such a long plane ride.
They travel first class and have makeup help on the plane. Or have been told what to do themselves, they know they're getting photographed. 
I really doubt that would help in my case. Hi Hu Ge! *waves*. Sorry for the weather. It's been really bad in Europe. But at least, the air is good. Are you or are you not on your "hiatus"? If yes, come over to Switzerland. I know you've always wanted to visit!