Thumping Spike - Episode 3 (a Squeecap)

Trotwood: So, here we are entrenched in story. I will try hard not to give things away and only write about them as they happen (I promise, Jo). We get more of Se Ra’s trauma here and a hint at maybe why Rimbutt (cough) I mean Jae Woong doesn’t like our giant puppy. Poor thing; he can’t help having a smarmy dad.
kakashi: I didn't get any hints. I don't like Rimbutt at all, he's unfriendly and up himself and I want him to leave Tree alone.
I want him to leave Tree alone, too. Really, he's the least offensive person in the entire show so far.
JoAnne: Look at the liddle baby face, so CUTE

Episode 3: Match

Show opens with a shot of what is presumably outside Se Ra’s house; however, this shot looks remarkable like where our Sang Swoon and his Dr. Cha sat together when they walked home after he told her how much he missed her. What do you guys think?
I haven't the faintest.
Hi, we clearly haven't met before. My name is JoAnne, and my hobbies include making people laugh and objectifying men. Sometimes both at the same time. (Seriously, you think I looked at HOUSES?)

Anyway, she is really hung over in the same clothes as last night. She only wakes up because her phone rings with Secretary Kim telling her to hightail it over to the school; coaches are also teachers. She is really trying to get herself to focus and fiddles with that scarf. I giggled as soon as she did that from the memory of her scarf battle.
We learn a few minutes later that it was Rim who put it on so tightly! He's a little bit mean!
Usually in those drunk scenes I'm mostly thinking about how awful they must feel or are about to feel, because I will go to ridiculous lengths to avoid throwing up - but her drunken attempts to fight her way out of that scarf the night before were pretty funny.
She heads over to the school and spends her time rubbing her aching head while the students are doing what we would call seatwork (work that you can do alone silently at your desk). Han Sol, one of the volleyball players, is watching her and wondering at her actions as she rubs her head and talks to herself. He thinks she might be schizophrenic. She is starting to remember Jae Woong arguing with her and tying the scarf around her neck tightly and throwing her shoe. She curses him. Another student tells her she is being too loud. Don’t mess with people who want to study (
So.... why does she have to be a teacher? I didn't get that.
I don't know about in Korea, but in the US, you aren't going to coach a sports team at a high school and not also be a teacher. It will be part of your job at school.
But she's only coaching for the week as a celebrity stunt. Even in Korea, I doubt they'd make her be a teacher. (We all turn expectantly toward Eleanor and other Korea-based commenters, because our commenters always come through for us.)
Maybe it's one of these "don't ask it's a drama" things.
She goes back into the teachers’ room like a zombie. She’s exhausted and probably still a bit hung over. (I love that dress though). Her desk neighbor goes and gets coffee for both of them. He has lines, but I can’t find him in any cast listing.
Look, I made a "someone gets coffee"-gif!
You're always brewing up something clever.
He brings back two cups of coffee but is cut off by Woo Jin, who is here to bring Se Ra her uniform. He offers it to her like it’s frankincense and myrrh.  She is asleep, so he has to poke her to wake her up. He is still so gleeful and excited that she is here and so clearly proud that she’ll be wearing their uniform. He walks off with a huge grin (hugs all around everybody!!). The teacher comes back with coffee, but she doesn’t drink coffee. She’s embarrassed; he’s embarrassed. He just starts drinking both (even though they are hot) as if they are ice tea and the best tasting thing on planet. Awkward and funny scene. Wish I knew his name, but then again, there are loads of people to remember.
Oh no, this was horrible! The poor teacher who looks like 12 and has the exact same age as everybody else in this drama!
Look at her little ears sticking out. She looks like a little fairy or something.
I make cooing noises. 
We switch to practice. Who are these people? There is the group that is being led by Woo Jin, but there is also the same lame ass group sitting around. Jae Woong is stretching all by himself with his handmaiden, Ha Seung Ri, holding a towel and water. It’s very prima donna-ish which seems unlike him.
Well, he hasn't exactly been nice so far. I don't like him at all at this point in time.
I meant from before with his co-workers and in ep 1 with coach. He's turned into typical male lead since he returned to high school.
He has paaaaaaaaaaaaaaain.
It also makes Se Ra furious, so she calls him out. She wants to know why he’s not following the captain’s (Woo Jin) lead and what makes him so great that he doesn’t have to. He says that the best player isn’t always the captain--with a snarky side-eye look at Woo Jin. Yong Young (or is it Won Young? Two subs; two dif names) tries to smooth things over by saying that the other guys weren’t practicing either, but both Se Ra and Jae Woong ignore him while the other guys saddle over. The argument gets heated; it ending with a 3-on-3 match to be played. If Woo Jin’s team wins, he will follow his rules as captain. If Woo Jin’s team loses, Se Ra has to leave.
How is that his call?!
(saddle over?) I'd like to know why the coach isn't, you know, doing any coaching. At all. Ever.
They pick teams (this always makes me nervous; it made me nervous in school, too). Jae Woong picks Jin Ah (he’s the old looking one—plays left receiver) and Hyung Sung (he is the one who was guessing Se Ra’s measurements out loud in ep 1—plays center). Woo Jin picks Han Sol (he likes Seung Ri—has a strong spike) and then . . . he picks Se Ra. This surprises everyone but me. He adores her because she is (or was) an excellent player.
Good way for us to learn the players' names!
Excellent work, Trot! Much obliged.
In the meantime, handmaiden I mean Seung Ri has, for some reason, run around to tell people about the big volleyball battle. Of course, this clears out the cafeteria and everyone goes running to the gym. I ask (like I do in every high school drama at least once), Where are the teachers? We would have run to the gym, too, but we would have been caught in about five minutes if there was such a crowd--This kind of thing needs to be carried out in a small size--Like when you help a friend sneak out to buy tickets to David Bowie and time the rotation of the security officer and her train with helping her sneak back in to take a test last period--not like I would know anything about that.
We once went all the way to Milano during school and stayed overnight. Well, to go to the opera, which was really very educational. We just said we were ill. Was it me and two guys? I'm not sure who else was there.
Spring of senior year, I left with the work study kids at 11 every day. I was not a work study kid. No one ever said a word.
While this is going on, Woo Jin's dad is talking to the principal. He seems to be a big wig at least to the principal, and the principal is proudly listing the sports teams he has cut. Woo Jin's dad asks him why he hasn't cut the volleyball team then. The principal is surprised he would ask that since his son is the captain. However, the dad wants the team to be cut because Woo Jin only studies after he is finished with volleyball practice.
Oh, wait... *checks number of episodes*. What will they do for the rest of the time?! Make out? 
Well, who is 'they', because there's a couple couples I wouldn't say no to.
They is everyone. Everyone
Cue dramatic sports theme music. Initially, Se Ra sort of wants to lose, so she can go home, but when she sees how hard they are playing and Woo Jin looks like such a sad puppy when she doesn’t play well, she starts feeling bad. And when he reminds her about how this will be a wound to  her pride, too, she has an unpleasant flashback to another game where her spike was blocked and she fell—not clear if this is the thing that caused injury or if this is where she reinjures it. What is clear is that her teammate blamed her.
Rim (must learn his name... Hwang Jae-woong) is clearly everybody's darling, they all shout his name. I wonder why? And ouch, Se-ra! That looked painful... does she have a loose ligament? The flashback really makes me wonder... why would she be blamed like this? It's not like she did something terrible.
For draaaaaaaaaaaaaama, of course.
She looks ill, and our love of a puppy asks her is she is okay and if she wants to stop the game. But Se Ra is getting her fighting spirit back. She asks herself when she became so weak. Hell no. Se Ra ain’t going down like this!
Nice. A turning point! Hwaiting, Se-ra! Get over your trauma or whatever it is! 
Go forth and be feisty! And make out with Rim, or Tree. Both, if you can. You know, because artistic integrity and fairness and all.
In the next game, she plays like she is on fire, and she does a good coaching job—really reading her players strengths and weaknesses and what they should do—to the point that Jin Ah thinks it is cheating, and Hyung Sung comments that she's guiding them through the game. It was here that I wondered if it wouldn’t be too bad for her to coach. Not all great players make great coaches, but she already shows promise of being a good coach here. All the while though, she is favoring her injured ankle. She knows this, but who else notices this? Jae Woong.
The "isn't this cheating?" comments was SOOOOOO STUUUUUPID. Seriously. 
Yep. Just don't say anything if you can only say something stupid. Unless it's stupid and funny. You were neither, show.
They come back to win. Right when they are about to celebrate, the principal walks in to see the crowd cheering. He yells at them all to leave (stamping his foot like a toddler - yeah... a great actor he is not). He yells at the players, too, but our Woo Jin and Han Sol can barely contain their joy until he leaves. Woo Jin and Han Sol grab Se Ra to do a celebratory jumping up and down ring-around-the-Rosie. They are so gleeful that Jin Ah and Hyung Sung join in. Well, until Sang Gyun (the guy with the glasses who covered Hyung Sung’s mouth when he was guessing Se Ra’s measurements) goes in to grab them to remind them that “they” didn’t win.
hahahahaaaa, that was funny. 
There's a lot in this show that's pretty humorous, isn't there!
They all just seem so happy because Se Ra’s spikes were awesome. Jae Woong comes up to them, too. Se Ra and Woo Jin eye him warily because he is completely hard to read here. All he does is walk up to her then kneel down in front of her, looking at her ankle. The episode closes on this scene.
I hope she kicks him
You are violent.


For all the male eye candy in this show, it really belongs to Se Ra. We know that both Jae Woong and, perhaps, Woo Jin have interesting back stories (we do?--Yes. Jae Woong's sister is in the hospital, and he's taken a year off from school to work presumably to help out at home; Jin Woo's dad and he clearly have conflict about volleyball. I was wondering from the beginning if Jae Woong thinks the only reason Woo Jin got to be captain is because his dad is rich, but ironically that same dad wants him out of volleyball)
My assumption is the same as yours re Jae Woong's dislike of Woo Jin, because there's just no other reason on Earth to dislike the guy.

In any case, we get the most about her and her struggle to remain important in her mind. It’s already been established that she is lonely and in desperate need of a confidante, and here we get more of her sense of failure and fear. She loves volleyball; it is clearly a place where she found joy and power and admiration, It is also clear that it has provided her with the most pain--emotionally  as well as physically. No one seems to really see her outside her role as the volleyball queen and now the failed volleyball queen. Thus, as much as Woo Jin is adorable, she really doesn’t need yet another person to worship her; she needs someone who is really going to see her. We get an indication of that here when Jae Woong notices her injury when nobody else does.
Yeah, yeah, okay. But... I still don't like him at all
What's going on here? He's far less offensive than most leads and he's RIM, for pete's sake. This antipathy is unexpected.
I can't help it, he rubs me all the wrong ways, but hey! I am sure that will change soon. Yes?