Thumping Spike - Episode 5 (A Squeecap)

Trotwood: This is the episode where I started to question my feelings. Giant puppy is so cute, but would he help Se Ra grow? Rimbutt is super sexy, but is he going to be able to function with that loser chip on his shoulder? Se Ra's tendency for self blame continued to worry me, and she makes a decision by the end of ep that I’m hoping is good for everyone.
kakashi: I downloaded this in 360p, wow, the sound is bad... but this isn't about the sound really, is it. Also: I hope mouth-nose-jerk DIES. 
JoAnne: See? There's just something I don't like about his face. He's not ugly. I just don't like his face
You guys are a tough crowd.

Episode 5: Disciplinary Action

The episode opens with the same 3 minutes that ended the last episode.
As a recapper, I'm always glad when that happens.
As the watcher of a show that's only 20 minutes long ANYWAY, I find it lazy and irritating.
Important items get reviewed: the fact that Se Ra changed the line-up, Rae Woong accusing her of looking down on them, Se Ra defending herself and praising Woo Jin, and then the hard spike from which he saves her. We get her wide-eyed “oh my god Song Jae Rim is hugging me!” look. (Okay, she’s probably not thinking that, but I would be), and the slow-mo shot of him releasing her and then turning around in anger. He’s pissed.
As a reminder, he plays a 19 year old or something. They're always pissed. Makes sense. Also, he almost tells us why he's so upset with Woo Jin. 
I totally interpret that little look as 'Shit, this kid smells DELICIOUS and feels like YES.'
Everyone is silent as he slowly walks over to the group of players. We even get suspense drama music playing. He grabs at Eul Young’s jacket yelling at him that even if they are in last place (he reeeeeallly hates this), they should have some manners. He tells him to leave, and Eul Young says he was going to quit anyway. There is murmuring from the crowd—disappointment? Concern? What? But for some reason, this just makes Rae Woong angrier, and he still goes after him to fight.
What are they not telling us? These kids have issues!
HERE, they're economical. I guess they cut the scene that explains this in order to have room for that 3-minute recap. Yes, I'm bitter.
While the team tries to break up the fight, Representative Gi-joon is walking out of one of the school buildings with the principal and Secretary Kim. He’s called Se Ra and wants to know why there is so much noise where she is. Uh oh. They arrive in the gym just in time to see Rae Woong throw a punch. The principal, once again, yells at them like a toddler—stamping his feet and waving his arms (who is this guy? Don’t they have higher expectations than this in principal school?). Representative Gi-joon actually rushes up to Se Ra and does a wrist grab thingy to drag her out of building. The wrist grab made me wonder again about his feelings for her. It’s a drama sign.
That, and a universal jerk sign
Unreliable indicator. Even men we love employ the wrist grab.
When they get outside, she finally is able to jerk her hand away. She wants to go back in to explain to the principal that it isn’t really what it looks like.
It's exactly what it looks like, what is she talking about?
I like her intention, but we all know that it is exactly what it looks like. (Ha! I should have read ahead! Great minds think alike) He wants her to stay out of and away from trouble. She feels guilty, taking the blame because she changed the line-up. He’s incredulous that she thinks she is here to be a “real” coach (which really made me dislike him), tells Secretary Kim to take her home, and that he will take care of it. Whatever that means.
I haaaaaaate him! Hate! Hate! And that woman with the ugly glasses too, haaaaate!
I'm still impressed that they're able to make these characters a bit of a mystery to us and yet it doesn't look unintentional or like bad acting. Longer, better-funded, prime-time dramas can't manage that 3/4 of the time. Consistently I'm seeing webdramas that turn out better because the format forces economy.
Se Ra waits for him at the office on pins and needles wanting to find out what happened. When he arrives, he’s surprised that she is there, but all she wants to know is what happened at the school. When he tells her that they are getting rid of the volleyball team, she can’t stay and begins to rush out. He demands that she stay out of it and not go back to the school--to quit coaching even though her week isn’t even up. She’s incredulous that he wants her to run away when she blames herself for the fight.
Ugly mouth-nose-man GO AWAAAAY! 
I get his point though. This was a PR move. That she has invested herself is something he wouldn't have requested or expected, and he's a step behind in figuring it out - plus even if he does realize it, it's not in her best interests from a PR perspective, and his JOB is to protect her image and develop her career. Irrational but real hate aside, he's not doing anything wrong here. He's doing what he is paid to do. Plus there are those moments when we see that he might be feeling one way and acting another.
[I don’t agree that this is her fault at all. Coaches have every right to change people in and out of positions. Quality players understand this and suck it up. Eul Young has consistently been one of those players who is sitting around looking at his phone. He’d be out of my line up with that attitude even if he played like Kim Yeon Koung]
Of course it's not her fault!!! My god, drama characters, sometimes, you're so stupid.
Oh, well - yes, this part went without saying. She's an idiot to take on that guilt. They may be kids but they can certainly be held to at least this level of expectation.

Se Ra leaves, and Representative Gi-joon is completely indignant. I get the feeling that she might have gotten in trouble before but has never been openly defiant. He still is wearing that horrible lipstick color, too.
Look how ugly and stooooopid! 
I just keep repeating to myself that in real life this man seems quite nice and has actually had a particularly terrible few years recently and that having him here is a good sign. I didn't know that! Sorry, dude! Because otherwise my dislike of his face would boil over into the drama.
It’s early morning presumably the next day. (It’s a great shot of the school field in early morning fog). Se Ra doesn’t see anyone (what does that thing on her hat mean?!) and is clearly hoping that at least one of the players will be around for practice despite whatever the principal said. Of course Woo Jin shows up behind her (Let us all wave at the cute!) and with him are Yong Young, Han Sol, and Jin Ah. When she turns around, they all bow to her. Woo Jin, keeping up his cheerful and supportive disposition, tells her that they can’t practice all together because they are on probation, but that there should be others in the gym. Her face lights up at this. Maybe she hasn’t ruined everything after all.
They look sweaty already, especially Woo Jin. Why does Rimbutt (whose drama name I don't know at all) hate him so? Tell us, drama!
Yes, drama, tell us! because he is lovable in the extreme! Oooh, maybe he's the reason Rimmie's sister is sick.
But no, when she shows up in the gym, the only person there is sour-puss Rae Woong (who really is the person to blame here for rising to Eul Young’s bait). She tries to apologize to him, but he ignores her. At least until she reminds him of what he said at the amusement park about people facing you when you speaking. The others show up, looking around the gym in disappointment as well, but it turns out that Rae Woong isn’t alone; he had been doing passing drills with Han Song and Sang Gyun, who show up from another entrance right when he mentions them. We’ve got enough for a team now! I’m cheering.
I thought they're not allowed to train together? Also, isn't Rimbutt aka Rae Woong hitting his spikes way out of the field?! 
Sorry, can't think, Staring at all the cute.
But it’s like the tale of two cities. Woo Jin is all excited because they have enough players and the people Se Ra picked all showed up. He is all full of praise for the coach, amazed at her ability to pick the right people. On the other hand, Rae Woong is all “duh, of course we showed up; she picked us”—meaning who would show up if they didn’t get picked? (excellent point) He wants to know what the heck she has done for them but put them on probation. Woo Jin is upset that Rae Woong’s speaking so rudely to their coach. She doesn’t want them to argue again and again takes the blame, asking what she can do to earn his forgiveness.
To self: kakashi, remember, he's a teenager. Teenager are like this. Don't get annoyed
Cuuuuuuuuute overload. I forgot to listen.
Love her outfit
And I stop here. I love you SJR, but Rae Woong is so out of line here. Why does she need to earn his forgiveness? Why isn’t he taking any of the blame for the fight? Why are we not getting more close ups of our, now sad, puppy?
Too much of a jerk again, yes. Don't like. 
We have cute, though. Look! You and your insistance on believable behavior. It's 20 minutes! Just sit there and smile at the cute!
He says, to everyone’s dismay and disbelief, “help us win the president’s cup.” Cue the training Rocky music!
Why dismay? Wouldn't they want to win that? *reminds self of what she just said* *goes back to cute watch mode*
They are dismayed because it's a completely unrealistic expectation. No one goes from last place to winning the president's cup in one season unless they are in a sports movie or drama. Oh wait . . .

Oh but they don’t play the inspirational music. Instead, they have our puppy go on a tear talking about how they don’t need her to do that. (seriously, now he is starting to annoy me too!) All they need is for her to train them and help them develop and watch over them. He’s so cute, but his praise and his belief that her presence is good enough makes them all look at him like he’s a bit crazy.
Well, but he is.
Ironically, it’s his “I expect nothing but to bask in her warm glow” speech that makes her accept Rae Woong’s challenge. Now it’s her turn to get the looks. Rae Woong laughs out loud at her, and Jin Ah calls him on it not because of his attitude towards their coach but because he’s never seen Rae Woong laugh before.
Awww, poor hurt boy has boo-boo.
Man up, Pup.
The next scene we get is Se Ra coming into the teacher’s room (with more incredibly high heels—take care of that ankle!) and who is sitting in her chair but Soo Bin, the coach’s daughter (I apologize for getting her name wrong before—I think I used her real name). By the way, where is that coach? What is he doing? Did he get vacation while Se Ra is here? Also, how come students have such easy access to the teacher’s room in this school? We were never allowed in the teacher’s room unless summoned.
She says her nickname is "crazy dog". Uhm, what? She sure seems totally crazy.
People are proud of the stupidest things, and yes to all of the above. *cute watch attempted, but crazy ain't cute*
Anyway, Soo Bin introduces herself as Rae Woong’s girlfriend, proving it by sharing the selfie she took with the giant pink bear and RW. We all know the real situation in which that pic was took, but Se Ra doesn’t and it does look like the two were together. Soo Bin is here to ask if she can work for the team. It turns out that when Rae Woong found out she was the one who got all the students to come to the 3-on-3, he banned her from the gym. Se Ra is puzzled. One student can’t ban another from the gym. Who does he think he is? Instead of feeling supported by Se ra’s comments though, Soo Bin is upset that Se Ra would talk in that tone about her perfect Rae Woong.
Uhm, why would she feel the urge to tell this woman that this man is her boyfriend? Can she get together with the mouth-nose-jerk once she's an adult? I hate both of them about the same, so it seems a perfect match. 
Why would she feel the urge? Se Ra is a human female interacting with the boy she has chosen for her own, which, in the rules of Kdrama, means he must belong to her and never speak to another girl ever. That's why. And because we can often tell when another threatens our 'happiness' even if nothing is actually happening at that moment.
Representative Gi-Joon calls, and the next thing we see is Se Ra at the company with him giving her a schedule filled with commercial shoots and television interview shows. He is speaking to her like the day before, or at least as if their disagreement the night before, didn’t happen. When she refuses, he is genuinely surprised. He even thinks at first that the reason that she doesn’t want to do these is because she hasn’t had a facial in a long time. (ASSHOLE) He frustrates me because he clearly doesn’t know her. He has a created an image of the volleyball queen, and he seems to believe the image he has created.
He's one of those "I will force my vision of reality into being* people.
He doesn’t understand her when she says she wants to test herself by coaching this team even though she says she wants to play for a long time. He borderline taunts her about being traumatized because she didn’t get picked by any of the pro teams. He even says she is doing coaching as a last resort. Sigh. He is so NOT good at this manager thing. He tells her that she is good enough to play again and that coaching sounds boring. I know (hope) that he thinks he is giving her the ”Don’t Give up on your dream” speech, but he just sounds mean and disparaging here. Se Ra asks him if she has no purpose if she isn’t an athlete. She is also surprised and hurt because apparently he was always supportive of her trying different things before. He tells her things are different now because before she had nothing to lose; now she has everything to lose. He also doesn’t think she has what it takes to be a good coach (now you know I have to hate him) because she can’t even discipline “those kids.”
Okay, I think my level of hate reaches "must disfigure him on screencaps"-dimensions soon.
Oh we haven't done that in such a long long long time.
But Se Ra is also clearly not the same person she used to be either. She tells him that she knows her contract is almost up and she knows that she doesn’t have to do anything she doesn’t approve of in the last month of her contract. (YES!!!! TELL HIM HE CAN GO F*** HIMSELF!!!) She wants to give coaching a try, but all he hears is that she may want to leave his agency, so he assumes that someone else has been trying to lure her away. Geez. If you actually paid attention to her actual words, you’d know what was going on with her, Gi-Joon! Their conversation ends with him asking her if she thinks she can do it without him. The ep ends with her pulling her rolling suitcase and leaving her house to show up unannounced at the volleyball house. Poor Han Sol thinks it is the chicken delivery.
Why, was it his house, the one she leaves??! And I still don't get why high school students would live together. Is this a boarding school? Don't they live with their parents?!
They live in a team house, except for my giant puppy. I am thrilled she's moving in!


Once again I love the fact that this is a Se Ra centered show because I like her so much. I really want to be a different agency and steal her away. What she really needs answered right now is the question she asked her manager: does she have any purpose if she isn’t an athlete. Of course, the answer is "yes," but she needs to keep hearing that from someone else. It’s really the only way she will ever be able to play again. I get the feeling that he wants to keep her as is—dependent on him for everything. He doesn’t seem to even want to her try to be an adult and fix her own mistakes.
*prepares voodoo doll of JERKFACE*
*quietly pushes a packet of pins across the table*

As for the whole Rae Woong vs. Woo Jin thing, I think I thought at this point that RW just hates WJ because our puppy is the following: tall, cute, rich, talented, friendly, and the captain. He's got advantages that Rae Woong doesn't. He probably thinks Woo Jin's life is easy. I'm often annoyed by happy people when I'm unhappy.
That's actually a good point.